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Can you make the boy's ways of cheering up MC when they are feeling down?

I desperately feel this after finishing W so sorry if it sounds self-insert-y



  • as the perfect gentleman he is, he holds you and plays with your hair, telling you how wonderful you make his life.
  • “Hey… You still look lovely when you cry, but I don’t like it when my princess is sad.”
  • if your still sad by nighttime he cradles you in his arms and sings you lullabies until you fall asleep


  • he makes sure to kiss every tear that falls from your eyes, and you begin to laugh at how he treats it like a game.
  • “Aw, missed one!”
  • he acts so silly that you stop crying altogether.
  • “I love you” “I love you too”


  • LOTS of snacks and cuddles
  • after letting you talk about what’s wrong, he kisses your forehead and drags you out to the nearest rental store

  • you rent old movies and buy a bunch of junk food, and the two of you spend the night watching old movies in each others arms.


  • she spoons you and listens to your problems while tracing circles on your arm
  • if it’s a problem you’re upset about, the two of you talk through the most logical way to solve it
  • she braids your hair and tells you embarrassing stories about her life once you feel a bit better (she surprisingly has a lot of them)
  • “…And that’s why I can’t go back to that cafe across from work!”


  • he takes the day off of work and spends all day in bed holding you until you tell him what’s bothering you
  • he reassures you with gentle kisses and caresses, and makes sure you eat by cooking you meals
  • he has a secret trick to cheer you up where he does impressions of the other RFA members, which has you gasping for air every time
  • by the time you’re cheered up, he buys you the prittiest ring/necklace/earrings and has it delivered with wine and dinner