Since princeofconjurers found the entire card pack, I have to put these all together in a masterpost for y’all.  These are from an online card game called Legend of the Cryptids, which has an expansion pack themed explicitly for the Phantom story.  As you can see, about half the cards are atmospheric and lovely, and half are hilarious and confusing.

1) The Phantom of the Opera / The Phantom Unmasked (special power: Vow of Devotion)
Lore: “The Phantom is a monster that should never have come in contact with humans. Yet he cannot help but talk to his beloved Christine in her dressing room. Though he cannot show her his face, he answers her cry for help while concealed in a mask. He hides her away to keep her safe during his death-defying battle with the demon master Gaston. He would risk his own life for his angel of music.”
“Having won the battle against the evil Gaston, the phantom steels himself to disappear once more and leave Christine to her performing. However, she stops him with just one word: “Erik”. He knows not how she discovered his true name, a name abandoned long ago when he first becasme a monster, but he knows that he will never be able to hide anything from her ever again.”

2) Christine of the Angels / Fearful Christine (special power: Sublime Voice)
Lore: “Christine has become the heading star of the opera house. She’s known far and wide for her skillful acting and captivating singing voice. However, there is a secrect to why her talents seem to have blossomed over the last few months. She has been given lessons from a mysterious voice in her dressing room. Taking courage from her “guardian angel” of music, she stands once more in the spotlight.”
“As Christine’s fame on the stage grows, so does her misfortune. The people around her find themselves having terrible accidents at the hands of some evil presence that envies her talents. She has no one left to turn to… no one but the nameless angel she has only ever heard in her dressing room.”

3) Raoul the Valorous / Purposeful Raoul (special power: Courageous Strike)
Lore: “Raoul yearned to help Christine fulfill her dream of the stage. He pledged to protect her on her slow path toward fame, until the Angel of Music appeared and ruined everything. It was her mysterious tutor, not him, that supported her, guided her, and eventual made off with her in the night. Raoul chased the scoundrel under the opera house in order to save his precious Christine.”
“The waterways beneath the opera house were truly like a maze to Raoul as he made his way through them to the monster-infested palace. If he could free Christine, he would find a way to escape from the crumbling cavern and get back to the surface. As long as she was safe, nothing else mattered. Despite this conviction, Raoul still wondered why the filthy angel would hide Christine down here and vanish.”

4) Prima Donna Carlotta / Anxious Carlotta (special power: Sonorous Voice)
Lore: “Carlotta is an up-and-coming actress at the opera house, sharing the spotlight with Christine. Her pristine singing reverberates throughout the auditorium and her dignified acting belies her young age. Whenever she take the stage, all eyes naturally gravitate toward her. Despite having natural talents, she continued to refine her qualities through strict self-discipline. She will not allow her efforts to falter until she becomes the one true star of the opera company.”
“Carlotta has finally accomplished her dream of becoming the star of the opera house. She always performs for a full house and leaves the stage to a wild standing ovation. However, no matter how much praise or adulation she receives, there remains a gaping hole in her heart. She was thrust into greatness only due to the sudden disappearance of her fellow actress, Christine. She prays for her safety as ceaseless tears fall from her cheeks.”

5) Daroga the Investigator / Sneaky Daroga (special power: Precise Infiltration)
Lore: “The Persian spy cares not about the details of her mission, merely the reward. She can infiltrate any building and steal the secrets within before anyone notices she’s been there. This time she was asked to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances at the old opera house. However, her instincts told her this mission would be dangerous the second she entered the building.”

Truly, an amazing set of choices.  Do I most love that the daroga is a strange, naked, sexy lady for some reason?  Or the fact that Raoul’s designs and costuming are obviously based on the 2004 film and Patrick Wilson’s amazing shirt?  Or that Carlotta is represented as a young, unsure girl who really loves and worries about Christine (actually yes, I DO love that)?

Or is it possibly the mention of “demon master Gaston”?…

Gaston, Chaos Master is possibly the best part of this amazing trainwreck.  His special power is “Prelude to Collapse” and his lore is fantastic:

“Gaston’s palace lies deep underground. Unwittingly, foolish people built their opera house directly on top of his lair. Though the destruction of a simple building would be nothing to such a monster, Gaston does nothing. After all, what better play thing for a demon master than a popular theater, full of the money and dreams of humans?”
“The chaos master nurtures the greedy hearts of those who come to his opera house seeking fame and fortune before consuming them. However, the one he truly desires is the shining jewel of the stage, Christine. Just as he is about to seize this rare chance, she disappears. In a fit of fury, he climbs to the surface, destroying anything that interrupts his search for the maiden.”

Imagine explaining to Leroux that he would one day be commemorated as a demon puppetmaster who is the true evil force who wants to kidnap and possess Christine, and that the Phantom would do battle with him to save Christine while Raoul in turn attempts to do battle with the Phantom in a sort of chain of Christine-rescuing.  Imagine it.


I’ve seen vice and paradise,

In this pair of eyes,

And I see both in you,

This skin won’t molt,

I’m your one man cult,

As I give my soul to you,

I mean no harm,

To kiss your tattooed arms,

I just want to know it’s you,

The Summer’s over,

And our Fall is closer,

But I can’t tell you what i’m going through,

You’re pristine,

Like my Christine, 

You only broke a bone or two.


I love it! So much.