pristine waters

(west wind) celebrate the coming of spree
fourth or fifth my first supposed invitation
last lost May warm our backs and the air was based
(a long distance cyclist gasping human concern)
while we ran high-resolute into a new campaign
(the purity of mineral water, pristine till the flood
of stifling numbers) holism of hyacinths, books
cityscape with petrichor and daffodils (tumblr is full)

His skeletons

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A strong tailwind tugged at his shirt and mussed his hair, scattering it over his face. The world was an endless sea of blue, from the ocean to the sky and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Yet even as the waves lapped gently against the hull and the gulls cried in the skies, a faint black smudge marked the distant horizon like a scar. A lingering smell of oil permeated the air as small pools of the black gold polluted the otherwise pristine water. It was almost perfect.

“Days like this I don’t regret coming out here.” The soft whispers broke the silence as Theo looked towards the denounced noble. He was a man nearing the end of his prime, snow white locks tied back in a massive ponytail with a slightly gaunt face. Yet his eyes held the youth that Theo enjoyed and the wisdom that he would never know. Thaladrian the noble no more.

A sigh escaped him then, “nah it’s not too bad.” Theo replied, his hands gripping the wood railing as he leaned over the side, watching as their galleon sliced through the water. His thoughts turned to all the chaotic days he endured. The memories of death still lingered even out here where everything was so… so perfect. He knew that the peace never lasted long. There was always a fight to be fought or a life to be taken. That never changed, the only thing that changed was who and why.

A sudden flurry of commands washed over the deck as the sailors began to stir. Barrels of black powder were brought to the top deck as small shot was laid out near the rail guns. Below deck was even more chaotic as they brought cannonballs out from the lower hull along with larger casks of gunpowder. Several glaive throwers were also being prepped, each armed with specially designed blades for their task ahead.

“I guess it’s time.” Thaladrian grabbed Theo by the shoulder, squeezing with his hands just as a contingent of sailors rose from the depths of the ship, each dressed to mimic that of a Thalassian sailor. The duo brushed past the others as they went to prepare, strapping themselves into their gear. Boiled leather, reinforced with thin steel plates was Theo’s choice of armor while the former noble slipping into a mail hauberk, forsaking the thick plates he kept in storage.

The roar of engines overcame all the clamor from above as they sailed between two goblin juggernauts. Theo waited, his eyes watering from the smoke that slowly filtered in through the portholes. He could see the massive iron framed beasts that chugged slowly beside them. He stared down the barrels of the cannons and felt a slight sweat start to break upon his forehead. It was one thing to look down a barrel at someone else, completely different when you were on the business end of it.

The cannons fired simultaneously, the deafening explosions causing Theo to stagger as he reached for the support beams. As several explosions followed Theo ducked his head, dropping down to the floor as he half expected to be blasted to bits by an errant cannonball. Yet their ship remained unharmed. Instead, as Theo looked out of the porthole, he saw large gaping holes within the hulls of the ships. The glaives having punched through the armor before detonating, breaching their hull and igniting fires within.

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Rinsed off in the pristine waters of Canton Creek after the hot springs, one of my childhood favorite swimming holes. Natural rock slides, camping and small ledges for jumping made for some pretty dreamy little girl memories.
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The Dark Places

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Her thick lashes fluttered as Alysia opened her eyes. The heavens were a tapestry of soft, pastel hues; like watercolors bleeding together on a canvas. Pristine water stretched all the way out onto the horizon, until it blurred seamlessly with the sky.

Sea spray kissed her calves and she felt the waves roll over her bare feet. The breeze was warm, carrying on it a fine tune meant to lure unsuspecting maids into a dance. She could not deny the siren’s call as she felt the sweet melody seep into every cell of her being.

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This is what I’m packing out to the Philippines and South Korea this winter. I will be in a rural area of the Philippines without access to running water so I made sure to pack lots of water purification methods. Not pictured are the Osprey Porter 46 and Osprey Daylite Daypack that I am bringing as luggage. This seems like a lot of stuff, but once it’s packed down into my Maxpedition, it’s nice and clean. I love the Maxpedition Organizer because it makes it easy to transfer everything from your backpack luggage to your daypack, and also to ditch and hide all your essentials quickly. Since you can’t bring knives abroad, I always travel with a tactical pen and pen flashlight to use as a kubaton. I always keep the flashlight in my pocket or hand whenever I am walking in public. Even in the safest of countries, a lady has got to keep her wits about her! Sometimes I will buy a knife in country, but it’s best to stay away from weapons as a tourist. Even if you are just carrying a knife for work or utility a grumpy cop will use it as a reason to put you in jail. Follow my adventures on Instagram @pacificnorthlost


Cenote Ik Kil

Location: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Ik Kil is one of the many cenotes located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Cenotes are natural swimming holes formed by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock, which has revealed a secret subterranean world of groundwater pools. Most cave cenotes have fresh water - meticulously filtered by the earth, making them so clear and pure that you can see straight through to small fish frolicking in the plant life below. 

The Mayans revered cenotes because they were a water source in dry times; the name cenote means ‘sacred well’. Mayans settled villages around these spiritual wells with the belief that they were a portal to speak with the gods. Today, you can still see why cenotes held the Mayans in awe. Swimming in the pristine waters feels like stepping into prehistory, where giant tropical trees and vines form wild cathedral walls leading up to shafts of sunlight.

Equivalent Exchange (an SWTOR story): Chapter Fifteen- Legacies

Equivalent Exchange by inyri

Fandom: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Characters: Female Imperial Agent (Cipher Nine)/Theron Shan
Rating: E
Summary: If one wishes to gain something, one must offer something of equal value. In spycraft, it’s easy. Applying it to a relationship is another matter entirely. F!Agent/Theron Shan. (Spoilers for Shadow of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire.)

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15 ATC. Rakata Prime.

If it was uninhabited, this would be a beautiful planet. The view from the landing zone, white sand beach and pristine water as far as she can see, makes her wish for a bathing suit and a drink with a little umbrella in it. The pieces of wreckage do rather spoil the scenery, though, and if her experience on Tatooine is anything to go by she’s guessing the natives aren’t friendly.

Still, Nine strips down to her undershirt while she waits to review the mission parameters, letting the sun shine on her shoulders. It’s hot, after all, the warmth a pleasant change from the chill breeze of Manaan; maybe she’ll even manage a hint of a tan. (Probably not. Probably sunburn and more damned freckles, but one can hope.)

She’s also pretty sure, as she bends to lay her jacket on the Nightshrike’s steps, that that ‘pub agent’s staring. When she looks back over her shoulder his sightline flicks upward about two degrees, settling on her back holster.

Definitely staring. Hm.

“My eyes are up here, Republic.”

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SouRin Week, Day 3: Splash Free!/Arabian AU

It’s been four years since Sousuke left his highness’s side. He promised upon his return he’d gift him with a ring around his finger. In the private oasis behind the palace, he found the redhead indulging in the pristine blue water. He thought Rin had long forgotten the promise he made. However, how could he forget the three words spoken by the person closest to his heart. “Marry me, Rin.”

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YUNA  –  ❜   for a second, he’s taken aback. as she grabs his hand and drags him across sand   &&   stone, he suddenly can’t help the chuckling that escapes him, nor the way he watches her pulling him ever still towards  wherever  with a gaze of adoration. in truth, she could have pulled him into the mouth of sin   &&   he would’ve found himself smiling nonetheless. she could have taken him anywhere, and he would have happily followed.   ❛ what is it ? ❜

  she’d been excited ever since they’d come to the moonflow , something about the shimmery sunlight upon the pristine waters that allures her like a moth to flame . ‘ trust me ! you’ll love it , ‘ the summoner assured with a summery cheer in her voice , a smile as radiant as the encroaching sunset dimming upon the ethereally lit waters . ever since she’d recalled the stories espoused over the breadth of her pilgrimage , she’d wanted to see the infamous scene more than anything . but , why alone ? why not with the person who meant so much to her so soon ? ‘ it’s on the banks , but we have to hurry or else we won’t make it ! ‘

Why is Coron, Palawan a perfect reading place? (Part 1)

Continuing my adventure which started in Baguio, I went island hopping in Coron in the southern Philippines and I was surprised by the beauty and tranquility that welcomed me. 

By boat, heading at the beaches of the islands from the main Coron town took us one and a half hour, but it was an overwhelming sight to see! Really perfect for leisure.

This is Banol Beach. I love the natural mix of the sharp brown minerals, the greens, white sand, and the pristine waters. This is just a small island you can walk around in just 10-15minutes. There’s a lot of stingrays in this side of the beach. The other side (not in the photo) is solely dedicated for swimming and snorkeling activities. You can see me waving happily on the side of the rocks.

Peaceful Banana Island is perfect for reflecting. Maybe it’s over an hour from Coron Town, but it’s simply tranquil and beautiful. You may also do camping here overnight!

Just by looking at the waters ebbing the shore, you can hear your heart beating with the ocean.

Next stop will be the other side of Coron, which is full of turquoise-colored waters and just breath-taking views of nature. I will be posting more soon! 

Hemingway also kept me busy along the way. Reading in the quiet islands is just perfect!

“I can’t stand it to think my life is going so fast and I’m not really living it.” – Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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Oooo wat if in th Alien!ty au Ty an Blur r swimmin in th pool an Joshie comes out back an sees thm havin fun an takes a vid an is so hppy to ave Ty an Blur😛-jj🌷

tyler’s squealing and splashing around. he would swim in the lakes and pools on his planet all the time so it’s one of the few things on earth he takes easily to.

he swims laps around blurry as josh videos them coming together, tyler’s legs wrapping around blurry’s waist as they kiss wetly, pristine blue water bobbing around them.

tyler spies him by the edge of the pool and grins, waving and spraying water everywhere. and josh loves him and blurry so so much wow


Searching For The Spot | Raja Ampat, Indonesia

A hidden paradise not many knows exists, in the west end of enormous Indonesia I find a remote tropical archipelago known for it’s tremendous variety of animal species above and under water. Pristine white deserted beaches is being stroked by crystal clear water unrevealing colorful coral reefs with some of the oceans biggest creatures, wow..

This area called Raja Ampat is a big nature reservation protected from illegal fishing and things are being made to keep nature as it is. The best way to explore this area is definitely by boat. Most of the islands doesn’t have road or are even inhabited by humans. I’ve spend a fair amount of time on a boat called Mikumba Ratu Laut that charters 10 days scuba diving trips to the best places in this area. With a good experience & knowledge of the area and the life of the ocean it’s been one of the most amazing experience for me join this crew to explore this place. If you want to stay at one of the islands here you have to take a ferry from Sorong to a town called Wai Sai in the middle of the area and from there it can be arranged transportations to any of the homestays on the islands. Usually it’s very basic accommodation on the islands and the only thing you can do is basically snorkel, dive and chill with a book by the beach, a very laidback life with other words. Personally I’m a superactive person that always have to do something so a liveaboard is definitely the best option for me.

On Mikumba we do 3 dives a day and eat amazing food in-between, that’s basically the life on a diving boat and I love it! I’ll made a few stunning videos from the trips I’ve been on and as soon as I got decent internet I’ll upload one to show you what I’m talking about.

It’s easy to praise this place but there are drawbacks here and potential factors that has preserved this area from the plague called tourism. It’s hard to get to this place with the closest airport a couple of hours boat from Raja Ampat, and note that this is only a domestic airport. This also affects the prices on everything because everything has to be shipped here. Beer and alcohol is also hard to get in this muslim part of the world. Sorong, the city you’ll fly into is also not a town where you can do much. You can really feel that it’s of the beaten track which also is pretty interesting to see. Corruption is also part of the everyday life here, not really anything tourists will note but running a business here you will note it.

Anyway, I’ve realized I never been this remote before and it’s really something new which is really exciting! I will spend some more time here and hopefully collect even more amazing memories before I leave this place.