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Protect Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Right to Speak

Trans Women in San Diego Prison Stage Hunger Strike

Filed By Tobi Hill-Meyer

Two trans women incarcerated in the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County have been on hunger strike for over a week in an attempt to be allowed to share a cell together. Because they are trans, prison officials refuse to take them off single-cell status. Presumably, they have both been restricted to being in single cells to prevent them from having to share a cell with a man, however, it’s clear that this is not for their own protection when there are two of them and they want to share a cell together.

According to a statement released yesterday, the hunger strike began on Friday September 21st and they are asking their supporters to call in and help:

Call Warden Paramo the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility: (619) 661-6500

Demand that Eva Contreraz (C-45857) and Catarine LaPre (K-67313) be take off single-cell status and be allowed to share a cell. Demand that an end to the discriminatory housing policy against trans women in the correctional facility.

Isolation has commonly been a discriminatory practice prison’s have used against trans prisoners, and many confine trans prisoners to solitary confinement in order to avoid having to place them with either men or women. Often, such solitary confinement ends up being over extended periods of time or even throughout the duration of incarceration, despite many indications that extended solitary confinement can cause lasting psychological damage and may be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Being restricted to a single cell appears to be a different practice than solitary confinement. Nonetheless, it is a discriminatory practice where trans prisoners are subjected to additional punishment that other prisoners do not have to deal with.

Earlier this year the Prison Rape Elimination Act regulations put out by the Obama administration acknowledged the increased risk trans prisoners are at and put in place regulations to deal with the problem. Enforcing isolation for all trans prisoners against their will is not a recommended practice for reducing violence.

Update: The original posting did not include mention that both women are a part of a trans self-defense prison organization, Gender Anarky. It has been suggested that their affiliation with this political party may be part of the reason for this mistreatment. This hunger strike is both about the immediate issue of discriminatory treatment and to protest prisons in general. For more information about Gender Anarky you can visit their webpage.


Leslie Feinberg declared she/ze was “not guilty” today (2/4/13) on a charge of 3rd degree gross misdemeanor (property damage) for spray painting “Free CeCe Now” on the walls and pillars of the courthouse/jail in Minneapolis.

Based on police reports of Leslie’s actions, which were not in dispute, the judge found Leslie “guilty,” and asked if she/ze had anything to say before sentencing.

Leslie said: “I am a revolutionary journalist and member of the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. I am not guilty of any wrongdoing. I delivered the people’s verdict on the jailhouse walls. The real crimes are going on behind the walls where CeCe McDonald is imprisoned.”

“By sentencing CeCe McDonald to prison, Minneapolis sent a green light to neo-fascists at a time of growing racist lynching and massacres in the U.S. CeCe was attacked and survived at a time when an increasing number of transwomen of color are being assaulted and murdered.

"Racist mass incarceration is the crime, as even a former Hennepin County prosecutor admitted in an article–that Minnesota has the greatest racist disparity in sentencing of any state in the U.S.

"The world is watching CeCe McDonald’s struggle. I’m proud to add my voice to the tens of thousands of people who demand: Free CeCe!”

The judge admitted that Leslie’s action was an act of “civil disobedience.”

Then the judge stayed the imposition of sentence for 2 years. During that time, Leslie is on informal probation. This means if Leslie is not convicted of any additional “property damage” for 24 months, the 3rd degree gross misdemeanor charge will be dismissed.

The prosecutor did not pursue court expenses or a fine. Leslie walked out of the courtroom without having to perform community service or report to a probation officer.

Leslie was ordered to pay more than $1300 for the erasure of the political demand she/ze wrote on the wall. Leslie stated after court, “I refuse to pay for the censorship of the political demand Free CeCe Now!

Local Free CeCe organizers were present in the courtroom. Many CeCe supporters in the U.S. and around the world sent tweets, e-mails, faxes, and made phone calls to help deliver the people’s verdict–Free CeCe!–to the Minneapolis mayor and prosecutor.

On April 3rd call, email, and fax Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and demand he drop the charges against CeCe. This time, we are extending the call-in to include Assistant Attorney Marlene Senechal, head of adult prosecution.


Please send us an email us at to let us know you called/emailed/faxed in!  

While Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald is being prosecuted for murder after being violently attacked for her race and gender, Freeman’s office recently declined to prosecute the killer of Darrell Evanovich, a black man who was shot dead by a white man after an alleged robbery. While no person should be thrown to the mercy of the soulless, so-called “justice” system, the fact that CeCe is on trial after being assaulted, while a white man who killed someone after chasing them down is touted as a “good Samaritan,” highlights the racist and transphobic nature of the prosecution of CeCe. Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and Marlene Senechal have the power to drop the charges against CeCe. So far, though, he has implicitly sided with CeCe’s white supremacist attackers by failing to acknowledge the racist, transphobic assault that she survived as a mitigating factor in the unintentional death of Dean Schmitz.

When: Tuesday, April 3rd, ALL DAY

Where: From home, work, wherever you find yourself!

What: Call Michael Freeman at 612-348-5540, fax at 612-348-2042, and email at

Call Marlene Senechal at 612-348-5561, fax at 612-348-3061, and email at

!!NEW!! Please CC on all your e-mails. Also please send us an e-mail with the time of your calls & faxes. 

Remember to remain polite but assertive. Some key points to mention in your calls, emails, and faxes are:

  • Identify yourself as a supporter, friend, family member, or community member calling about Ms. Chrishaun McDonald’s case.
  • Tell the County Attorney’s Office why you’re concerned: Ms. McDonald was the target of a hate crime, but she was singled out for aggressive prosecution after the attack.
  • County Attorney Freeman has declined to press charges in cases like this at least three times already this year. Remind him that he has the power to drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.
  • Tell Freeman and Senechal not to side with Ms. McDonald’s white supremacist attackers: drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.

Tell Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and Assistant Attorney Marlene Senechal to take a stand against hate, racism, and transphobia. Tell Freeman and Senechal to DROP THE CHARGES against Chrishaun McDonald!