September 9, 2016 was the start of the largest prison strike in U.S. history. Over 72,000 incarcerated workers in 22 states refused to provide their labor to profit the prison industrial complex.
California forces 5,588 incarcerated workers to labor in exchange for little or no compensation. Another 4,000 earn $2 a day fighting Californian wildfires with inadequate training and equipment.

The prison system in California reaped $207 million in revenue and $58 million in profit from forced labor in 2014-15. Each incarcerated worker in California generates $41,549 annually in revenue for the prison system, or $10,238 in profit.
The financial losses to the California prison system were as much as $636,068 in revenue, or $156,736 in profit, for every day of the prison strike.

Comrade Michael Kimble is also being held captive by the state of alabama in holman prison, where a second uprising has taken control of general population (although there is zero proof that he has anything to do with the revolts, officer).

You can read his writing, which has been published in zines like Wildfire and covers topics ranging from queer liberation to revolutionary strategy, and find out how to support him and his organizing efforts with the Free Alabama Movement at his website “Anarchy Live.”

From his bio:
“My name is Michael Kimble and I’m a 49 yr old, black, gay anarchist serving a life sentence 4 the murder of a white, homophobic, racist bigot.

I’m being held kaptive in the alabama prison system at holman maximum security correctional facility. The prison where legalized murder (capital punishment) by the state is taking place…

Being in prison is hell and especially hard for those of us who identify themselves as gay, queer, or gender non-conformist. Prison is fascism up close in 3-D. It’s also a super-macho environment where everyone is wearing a mask 2 survive. Fear, apathy, despair, depression, and violence reign supreme. Much like society.”

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Help Niara get her name change!

Niara is a black trans woman imprisoned in Pennsylvania. Currently, she is struggling to get the money together so she can afford the legal fees associated with changing her name to match her gender identity.

PLEASE, if you can spare ever a few dollars, send her some money to help with these costs!

1. Go to
2. Type state and inmate ID: Pennsylvania, KU1265
3. Click the name of the prisoner: Herman Burton
4. Register an account
5. Send money

I’m seeing a lot of Australians say stuff like, “thank god I’m in Australia!” when they talk about the shooting of Michael Brown… As if police brutality and complete misconduct is not rampant here? 

Australia is not a peaceful country where police abide by the law. Around 26% of the nation’s total prison/jail populations are Indigenous (some recent reports are saying that figure has risen to 30% in 2014). The same figure for the Northern Territory is 86%, and 40% for Western Australia. Us Blackfellas are 14.8 times more likely to be arrested than non-Indigenous persons. Ever heard of the Redfern riots? Ever heard of Black Deaths In Custody? They will arrest us and lock us up for trivial offences like swearing, but no way would the same treatment be given to a white person who swears at the police. It’s selective and absolutely racially motivated. Indigenous youth are a major target for the police, also. 

What the community of Ferguson needs right now is solidarity, support and justice. You are not helping by talking about how bad the U.S. treats Black folks but seemingly praising Australia. The police harass, assault and kill us for being Black. Don’t turn a blind eye to that. 

I do not want to see anymore posts that praise Australia for its apparent lack of police brutality. Please.

January 26, 1944: Birthday of Comrade Angela Yvonne Davis, former political prisoner, Marxist-feminist theorist and prison abolition activist.

I wish Angela Davis a great birthday. She has been a major inspiration in my life and has done incredible work on so many issues. I still hope she will say something about the way her good name was exploited by Mayor Bill de Blasio, killer cop Bill Bratton and the New York Democratic establishment at last week’s Martin Luther King Day event in Brooklyn:


May 19 2016 - AAGU (Anarchist Anti-deportation Group Utrecht) blockaded the entrance of the ministry of justice and security to protest the construction of a “family prison”.

This is a prison that is supposed to house asylum seeker families with children that the Dutch state is trying to deport. Many of these children have grown up here and have spent years and years in the Netherlands and have never known any other country. 

The government describes this prison as a “child-friendly facility” in its’ press releases, deciding to ignore to mention the fact that it is surrounded by 5-meter high fences topped with barbed wire and completed covered by surveillance cameras. Just the type of place the owners of construction company De Vries en Verburg of Stolwijk would love to see their own children stay, I bet. You can ask them at this phone number, or this email address.

Also, these are the people in charge of the company that is building this prison for children:

Jan Boer

Henk Aantjes

Marco Dekker

As always, apart from the politicians making these decisions, the people who are instrumental in the creation of the suffering of these families and these children, and who are actually profiting from it, are actual physical people with names, faces and addresses. Maybe an important thing to realise. [video]


Solidarity with the #NoDAPL struggle and the US #PrisonStrike from the occupied territory known as Sydney, Australia.

From Sydney to Standing Rock, no pipelines, no prisons!

Transgender warrior CeCe McDonald is FREE!

PhotoMcDonald with trans activist and Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox, who has created a documentary about McDonald’s story, moments after her release, January 13, 2014.

After 19 Months In Men’s Prison, CeCe McDonald Released

CeCe McDonald, a Minnesota transgender woman who was sentenced to 41 months in a men’s prison for fatally stabbing a man who attacked her during a hate crime, was released Monday, a Minnesota prison official confirmed with BuzzFeed.

McDonald will continue to be under the supervision of the Minnesota Department of Corrections until the completion of her 41-month sentence, according to Michael Friedman, executive director of the Legal Rights Center, which represented McDonald in court last year.

She was released from the Minnesota Correctional Facility–St. Cloud around 8:30 a.m. CT, an official at the prison said.

McDonald, who identifies as female, was sentenced to 41 months in a men’s prison facility last spring for the stabbing death of Dean Schmitz. McDonald and a group of friends were walking near a grocery story late on the night of June 5, 2011, when they were allegedly accosted by a group of people shouting racist and transphobic comments at them. According to McDonald’s testimony, a fight broke out in which a bottle was smashed on her face and, ultimately, she stabbed Schmitz with scissors in what she said was an act of self-defense.

She was charged with two counts of second-degree murder and in May 2012, accepted a plea bargain with reduced charges of second-degree manslaughter. Throughout the case, supporters around the world rallied behind McDonald, calling her incarceration unjust and her placement in a men’s facility discriminatory.

McDonald plans to issue a public statement concerning her release, and has asked her supporters to allow her to spend her first days “in privacy with people she feels close to,” according to her blog.

More to come.