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Why I Feel SanSan is Canon

I’ve always felt that Sansa didn’t recognize her attraction to Sandor while in KL in part due to her age, her circumstances as a prisoner, and the extreme mistreatment she suffered in KL. Subconsciously though she gravitated towards Sandor. She felt safe with him because even though his actions and words were frequently frightening, he had shown her a side of himself on multiple occasions which was caring, even tender, towards her.

Sandor also gravitated towards Sansa. I feel Sandor was attracted to her in KL and he didn’t know how to deal with it. Or, he too might not even have realized he was experiencing an attraction. He has major anger and self-esteem issues, he likely suffers from a form of PTSD, and is struggling with alcoholism. Not the ideal scenario to deal to begin with and then throw in an attraction to his King’s betrothed and he’s on overload emotionally. Deflect and deny.

What screams SanSan to me is the way they both think of and/or speak about the other post-BotB. Sansa has matured and her thoughts on Sandor come in the form of wishing he were with her, wondering what happened to him, having his image come to mind instead of Tyrion’s when she is dreaming about her wedding night, thinks about how Lothor Brune reminds her of Sandor, and finally, she kept Sandor’s cloak. Keeping the cloak is huge to me. For one thing, its risky if someone were to find it so there had better be a really good reason to keep it. Such as a romantic attraction.

On the other side, Sandor talks about Sansa to Arya, tells her of how he rescued her from the mob, he talked about pledging to Robb after returning Arya (before the red wedding), and finally the fact that he took care of Arya despite finding out there would be no gold forthcoming to him to ransom her. Should he ever meet up with Sansa again, he would look a hero in her eyes for helping her sister.

If SanSan isn’t canon, I don’t know what is. Please GRRM, make this happen!



“I’m Michael Stipe and I support human rights for all people. As an American patriot, it is my duty to stand with Chelsea Manning. After years of mistreatment in prison, she tragically attempted to take her own life. Instead of giving her the treatment that she needs, the government is now threatening her with indefinite solitary confinement. This is unjustifiable, it is unfair, and it needs to be stopped. You can help me stop it now.  Sign the petition at Spread the word across all platforms.  Thank you very much.”

Michael Stipe Posts Video in Support of Chelsea Manning

Homeworld AU Steven and Greg Headcanons

Steven’s not a bad kid, per say. He isn’t fond of seriously hurting others, nor is he keen on wiping out other planets or anything of the sorts.

He is still Greg’s son, though in this AU Greg is a mistreated prisoner taken specifically because they don’t know much ‘bout humans, and was chosen to be forced to procreate with Yellow Diamond, then after Steven was born and all, had to care for him for most of his life due to the three homeworld gems not knowing shit 'bout human babies.

Steven is still very musical, something Lapis likes a lot. Though currently, he plays no instruments.

He has pyrokinesis, like his mother, but can’t really control it and since it showed up, it’s been mostly triggered by his emotions. It’s not a good combination and leads to a lot of… accidents.

Though he isn’t fond of making innocent people suffer, he does have bad traits of his mother. Manipulative, vengeful, kind of demanding.

Also, even if he has those bad traits, he’s still, like I said, mostly nice, especially considering his environment. He apologizes to those he’s wronged, tries to talk the gems out of executing or punishing some other gems, tends to be rather helpful and friendly when he can, and those traits are the things that the gems are trying to stamp out. They don’t exactly make for a good ruthless dictator-like leader.

Greg secretly encourages him to be kind daily.

Not only because he wants his son to be a good kid, but somewhat out of spite. “'Kill them with kindness.” Given his circumstances, 'spitefulness’ is all he really has. (He’s not very good at spite.)

So Steven is less of a bad kid and more of a troublesome kid. When I want to draw comparisons, I think of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch or Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.

A San Francisco jail allegedly forced inmates into gladiatorial games for officer amusement.

Yep, you read that right. San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi said Thursday that city sheriff deputies forced the inmates of the local County Jail No. 4 into “Game of Thrones” style combat since at least the beginning of March, NBC Bay Area reports. But wait, it gets worse.
Thousands of Turkey coup prisoners 'raped, starved and hogtied'
Amnesty International says it has ‘credible evidence’ Turkish police are holding detainees, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture.
By Chris Hughes

Turkish troops imprisoned after the failed military coup are being raped, starved and left without water for days, it is claimed.

Many of the 10,000 detainees are locked up in horses’ stables and sports halls - some hogtied in horrific stress positions, according to human rights campaigners.

Amnesty International has called for immediate access to prisoners after the coup a week ago which sparked a brutal crackdown and a three-month state of emergency.

More than 200 died in the uprising which aimed to topple dictatorial President Recep Erdogan - and 1,500 were injured.

Amnesty says it has ‘credible evidence’ Turkish police are holding detainees in stress positions for up to 48 hours, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture, including rape.

Further proof that Erdogan is nothing more than a tyrant. 

  • OITNB writers: This show depicts very real issues regarding prisoners and the mistreatment of prisoners
  • OITNB writers: Oh no...Poussey...kid don't even know he's hurting :/ What a terrible accident :(
  • OITNB writers: It was made to depict very real deaths via police brutality against people of color.

So i just finished oitnb, tears dripping down my face.

There was a lot of fucked up things going on and there were a lot of fucked up characters this season.

Am i upset about P’s death? Yes
Am i outraged? No

Allll over the tumblrsphere people are calling foul play another woc-lgbtq dead. And after this years televisom season i understand.

But people are saying that the writer’s are trying to make us feel sympathtic to the straight white male and make him seem like the victim.

But they must have been watching a different episode because it was OBVIOUS that was not the case.

There was obvious outrage from the prisoners about they’re mistreatment and they way P’s death was handled.

Even Baxter himself felt like shit.
Do i feel bad for him? Yes
He did not intentionally murder her. He shouldnt be painted as a villian for mistake. (also what the mcc pr team did to set him up is what happens to young black men killed in the streets everyday)
But he should defintley be punished for his actions there are women in litchfield for lesser crimes for an insane amount of time.

The whole situation was fucked from the start.

This season hsd sooo much going on tbh

I think the point was to put on blast how the government gets away with the belittlement of black lives and the mistreatment of its prisoners that we need put and end to it.

Thats my two cents…✌