prisoner means


You see boys, Vincenzo continued, finally addressing his prisoners. Soulmates in life means soulmates in death. I’d allow you to marry & spend eternity together. All would be peaceful, so long as you followed the rules. Yet you both are partners in another way, aren’t you? You’ve worked together, committing misdeeds & breaking laws in life. The skill set each of you bring with you could be quite useful to myself & the commander. Mr. Lancaster is good with his hands, building explosives & causing destruction merely for the thrill of it. Or should I say, Dr. Lancaster? And Mr. Durant, an expert at computers & security systems, hacking into them to asses the situation & work out the details. You are both so magnificent with your planning while proving you have little regard for others.

That’s not… Matheu started before Lord Fiore turned on his heel to face the younger vampire. 

Decisions, decisions, he chuckled. Commander Reyes, any thoughts?

Korey shrugged, a wicked grin pulling at the corners of his full lips. What good is love? I think I can make them loyal & obedient soldiers, Lord. Once I’m done with them, they will make wonderful additions to the militia. 

Vincenzo nodded, stepping closer to Korey. Then they are all yours. The king laid an assuring hand on the vampire’s strong shoulder. Leaning in, his voice was much lower. Keep an eye on them, commander. I believe that after your training, they would both be prime candidates as officers. But be mindful. They have a deep & unbreakable bond. While I don’t plan on it being broken, we need to be sure that they are just as loyal to us as they are to each other. Understood?

Yes, my lord. 

The 100 season 5 theory

According to what Clarke says about the bunker in the time jump (no way to open it, no contact) and after reading Jason’s words about Octavia 5 years later (well… 6 years and 7 days) I’m thinking that a group of people took the lead in the bunker and don’t want people to try to get out? I’m thinking that Octavia at least (maybe Skaikru?) is being hold hostage or is a slave or a prisoner or something. 
I mean she’s the leader, she’s Heda, they look up to her. Everything is “fine” for her in the bunker life. But Jason says it will be “WTF” and we will wonder “how she got there”. So it can only be bad? Unless she became this huge dictator that worth not more than Jaha and I would be very disappointed. 

I guess it can only go two ways :
- they’ll show she wasn’t a good leader and failed at leading and it’s like chaos in that bunker controlled by a group of grounders 

- she will still lead but will be an awful dictator and that would also make her decrease a lot after her whole storyline in season 4… 

Either way I’m probably going to dislike it. I’m fed up with them using Octavia to be the bad girl, while other characters are always seen as the heroes… Why can’t they change that a bit… 

And well Clarke found a nightblood so you know she won’t stay Heda for long if she’s still Heda. 

Welcome to more of Octavia’s massacre. 2k18. 

it’s literally considered inhumane to deny our worst criminals food and shelter but y’all wanna figure out if our homeless and impoverished population “deserves” it like 

child molesters are gettin’ three hots and a cot on your tax dollars and that’s fine but the starving single mother and her children down the street should just work harder bc god forbid your taxes go to them?

fuck y’all seriously

The Signs as 2004 Films
  • Aries: Shrek 2
  • Taurus: A Cinderella Story
  • Gemini: Spider-Man 2
  • Cancer: Shark Tale
  • Leo: 13 Going on 30
  • Virgo: The Incredibles
  • Libra: Ella Enchanted
  • Scorpio: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Sagittarius: Anchorman
  • Capricorn: The Notebook
  • Aquarius: Saw
  • Pisces: Mean Girls

Maybe after we wrap this up we can stop off and get you a burrito on the way back to Pope’s house. Scofield, I don’t know what you’re used to, but anything short of a filet mignon is not gonna cut it with me.

It’s a date.

What if Lotor was just super petty

Lotor: *Knocks down glasses and Spills wine red over the white carpet*

Lotor: *Disorganises books to no longer be in alphabetical order*

Lotor: *Eats the last cake in the fridge*

Lotor: *Paints over all the paints in the watercolouring set with black*


Little things from 2x19 that I notice as I rewatch: 

  • when alex is being extra and just rips her fire alarm off the wall she uses a stepping stool and i’m 100% sure she bought that for maggie after she started sleeping over and alex realised she couldn’t reach anything in the apartment 
  • they’re domesticity has leveled up a notch i mean “don’t wait up for me” directly implies that maggie comes and goes as she pleases and probably regularly stays over at alex’s as she waits for her to come back from deo missions etc because she needs to know alex made it home safe, she needs to be there if things go sideways on a mission and most of all being surrounded by alex’s things (by their things) she feels warmer and safer than she ever could in her own apartment (they’re so moving in together at the end of the season)
  • maggie has now referred to alex as ‘sweetie’ and ‘babe’ and i personally headcanon that she loves to use those and other little pet names a lot but only when they’re in private 
  • maggie has extensively thought about a future with alex including but not limited to more valentine’s days together, vacationing together, fighting over dishwashers and having a dog (who will NOT be named gertrude if maggie has anything to say about it!) 
  • maggie definitely uses deo tech to break that guy out of prison which means she has access somehow and i for one would like to believe that she didn’t sign an access forms, nope,  everyone knows that she’s badass agent alex danvers girlfriend and normally maggie doesn’t really like breaking rules unless its necessary but a grenade is definitely considered necessary, so she threatens the guards all “well alex gave me permission, i mean you can ask her but i hear she can do some pretty mean things with her fingers if you piss her off ya know” and next thing ya know she’s walking out of the tech room with like 6 different gadgets hidden in her jacket looking like a kid on christmas day 
  • when they save alex and kara says “you held on” and alex says “i held on” right after if you listen carefully you can hear maggie whisper back “you held on” in a tone of disbelief because she was really starting to believe that they might not get to alex in time and she would have lost the most important person in her entire world  
  • i’m also relatively sure floriana was standing on a box in that last scene with kara where they hug because from the angle she looks almost head to head with kara but we know melissa is even taller than chyler so that’s just not realistic 

what really happened


Lucy and Her Half-Siblings

A couple things about the 12.19 promo video:

We have a definitive timeline of the cumulative elapsed time since 12.08 now: FOUR MONTHS. It’s been four months since Sam and Dean were arrested and thrown in prison. Which means it’s been just over two months since they escaped. Which means everything between 12.10 and the present moment has taken place within about two months…(including that two week span where Sam and Dean were on a hunting spree for the MoL, at the tail end of which Dean last heard from Cas before he went to heaven).

Sam sounds pleased to see Cas, but Dean sounds grumpy. And heck what’s with that “our phone calls” thing, Dean? Was Sam calling Cas too? I don’t think so. We saw YOU calling him over and over again for the last month (or however long it’s been, but at least a few weeks), while Sam kept trying to be reassuring that Cas would be okay, because he’s always okay.

Cas: Where I was, the reception was… um, poor.
Dean: No bars. (turning to Sam, incredulous) No bars. That’s his excuse. (turns back to Cas) Wow.

And really, Dean’s turning to Sam for backup here, and Sam’s got this face like, don’t you drag me into this, Dean. This is all you, dude.

And after that shot, Dean’s reaction as he turns to Sam there, that’s the last time we see Sam in this clip. The rest is close-up shots of Dean and Cas, making this scene ABOUT THEM.

I mean… they’re not being subtle about this.