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Imagine that during his punishment on Earth, Loki met you in the Stark tower glass prison, where he was once held. Curious as to why you were held there, Loki visits you on a fairly regular basis, trying to manipulate an answer out of you and yet, in the end, he realises that the end of each of his visit that he was the one who was manipulated into giving out information about himself to you. Intrigued, he keeps on playing this game with you, where you both try to get information out of each other, becoming good friends as time passes.

Later on, due to special circumstance, Loki and you were both sent on an assassination mission with a surveillance group to keep tabs on both of you. Loki thought that the mission had too big of a team for such a simple mission, making it odd, but he was much more excited to be able to do this mission with you, putting any oddities the mission had at the back of his mind. But you on the other hand, was much more aloof than usual, giving weird, spontaneous comments about certain things. One night, on the way to the designated area where the mission’s target was at, you had slipped under the radar and sneaked into Loki’s room, giving him a diary you kept along with instructions to only read it after the mission was over. Even though he found it weird, Loki just brushed it off, attributing it to the fact that you were locked up for quite some time and were not used to the change in environment.

It was only when the group had arrived at the designated area that he made sense of everything that you had said and the oddities that he had overlooked. By the time he realised the truth behind the mission, it was already too late. You were already on your last breathe and the last thing you had said to him while he held you in his arms was to read the diary you left him.

Devastated by your death, Loki became much more sombre while alone and mourning the loss of a friend, only keeping up with his pretence that everything was fine in front of an audience.  It was only when he started reading your entries did he have some semblance of hope in gaining back his friend. The diary held many different types of entries, some personal, a few were facts about you and others were warnings and notes written to him, explaining why he was given this diary.

The thing that held his attention the most was the story of your origin. It explained to him why things turned out the way they did and what would likely to happen in the future after your death - your return as a brand new person with no memories of your previous life, though most likely would be hunted down again by S.H.E.I.L.D to be held captive, bringing about a repeat of what had happen.

This gave Loki hope to be able to see you again, returning to the times where you were his friend. Afraid of a repeat in history and also by your request, Loki started looking for you, using your diary as a guide to find you and of solutions to remedy your situations along the way, despite you telling him not to do the latter as you found it hopeless. Day after day, Loki read every entry you had written, taking note of certain wishes you’ve had, hoping to help you fulfil them under your new lease in life.

It was only much later on when Loki had found you due to some mishaps on the way. Despite longing for this reunion of friends for a long time, when attempting to reconnect with you, he was at a loss of what to do. You, having no memories of your previous life, was filled with a sense of familiarity when you first glance at Loki. However, his awkward attempt at reconnecting with you had you wary of him and actively avoiding him afterwards. Stumped by your distant behaviour, Loki enrolled at your school and manipulated the system to ensure that he had at least a few classes with you on every school day. He then use his status as the ‘new kid in town’ to stick close to you and work his way into becoming a part of your life again. This lead to many hilarious situations and also aided Loki in secretly helping you to fulfil all your previous, unachieved wishes along the way.

Despite the rocky start, you and Loki had started another unlikely friendship, this one proving to be more intimate that the last, progressing into the path of being something more. Loki, still pretending to be a human, became your best friend, and both of you became that ‘unofficial couple of the school’.

 As Loki had been actively hiding you from S.H.E.I.L.D.’s radar, both of you had enjoyed each other’s companionship without much trouble coming your way these few years. Yet that was changed in one night, when a series of freak accidents lead you right into S.H.E.I.L.D.’s arms, putting both you and Loki in danger

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Rich said he had acted under the assumption that Gabriel had a vessel or avatar or whatever stolen from or fashioned after Loki. And that he sealed Loki away in order to convincingly masquerade as him amongst the gods. Whatcha think of that? I had always thought of them being "same deity/different culture." Kind of like how Romans renamed the Greek pantheon.

this is actually something that i put in God’n’Gabe III! it’s my favorite portion. since it’s been out a while, i’ll show it now:

THIS is my favorite portion of the entire book. probably some of my absolute favorite comic work that i’ve ever done, too. i thought rich’s idea was brilliant, but i did take and twist it some. i made loki a prisoner in his own vessel, more or less. i like the idea that gabriel tricked the trickster when he was at his most vulnerable.

(if this looks familiar, it was original done in a video format, which i reworked to work in the book’s format!)

Return (Pt.3)

Pairing: Loki/ Reader

Summary:  (Loki Imagine: Imagine Thanos targeting Loki’s lover to punish him for his failure to get the Tesseract.) Taken from tumblr. Thor finds you during an intense mission with the Avengers. After disobeying Steve’s orders and saving you, Thor is cornered. Who are you? What were you doing there? How did Thor know you? Knowing he has to answer all of these questions, Thor explains everything.

Words: 1629

Tag: @newtycuty

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She stared at Thor only for a second until the sting of the IVs hit her. She looked at herself more. She saw an IV hooked up to her left hand. Her right hand looked perfectly fine, and her body was covered in blankets upon blankets. Looking around, she saw the bright light above her shining down on her like a spotlight. Besides the bed, there was only one chair and it was scooted all the way up next to her. She had a visitor. Did Thor stay with her all this time?

She looked through the glass. Thor and the person he was talking to did not notice her yet. (Y/N) tried yelling at the glass, but no luck. She tried waving her arms around still no luck. She thought of a way, but it would be slightly painful. She tugged at the IVs and winced.

‘No, I have had worse pain than this. I can do this. It’s just a tug,’ she thought. She closed her eyes, and tugged harder. The needles came out of her skin and the machine beeped loudly enough for Thor and his conversation partner to notice. Thor saw (Y/N) awake and rushed to her. (Y/N) giggled a little bit and smiled to herself. Thor was always being dramatic.

“(Y/N)! You’re awake! How are you feeling? Are you still cold?” Thor asked all at once. (Y/N) let out her laughter and held out her arms for him. Thor joined her in a hug. Thor was about to crush her when he heard a wince. Thor let go and looked at (Y/N). She was so much warmer now and more color returned to her cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” (Y/N) said. “I think I’m still sore.”

“You are,” said Thor’s conversation partner. He was tall, blond, and very handsome. (Y/N) never saw a Midgardian look so Asgardian in beauty. Her mouth opened a little bit at him, but she shook her head. The blond held out his hand. “I’m Steve, Steve Rogers.”

“(Y/N). Where am I?” (Y/N) asked both of them, but she directed the questions towards Thor.


“I know that. I’ve been here for a while,” (Y/N)’s brows knitted together. She played with her fingers as she looked down.

“How long have you been here?” Steve asked her. He crossed his arms and looked more serious. (Y/N) suddenly didn’t feel so welcome in the warm bed she was in.

“I’m not exactly sure,” (Y/N)’s eyes could not meet Steve’s.

“(Y/N), tell us what you remember. Captain is not here to hurt you. No one is,” Thor sat down in the chair beside her. (Y/N) was more comfortable with Thor around, but still hesitant to say what happened to her. She bit her lip trying to find the right words to start.

“You remember me when I was at my lowest, brother,” she told Thor. “After you left, I felt numb. Sif did not want to leave my side. She had thought I was going to…” (Y/N) trailed off. Wanting to get off the depressing subject, Thor pried more.

“What do you remember about Thanos?” Thor asked. (Y/N) cringed at the sound of his name.

“I met him. I came face to face with him many times. He told me what Loki did. What Loki tried to do. How Loki failed him, and how it was my fault.” (Y/N) held back a sob. She did not want to cry now. Thor reached out to her and took her hand.

“None of what happened is your fault. You know this. You had nothing to do with Loki’s actions.”

“But why was I punished? I do not understand!”

“Thanos was using you to punish Loki,” Steve cut in. “We are gathering as much intel as we can about him. He is still very new to us. Anything you can tell us would be extremely helpful right now. Do you think you can tell us more right now?” Steve looked at (Y/N)’s hands. They were shaking.

“Captain, do you mind giving us some time? I think we’re done for today,” Thor answered for (Y/N). Steve nodded.

“By the way, (Y/N), Thor was right. You are very graceful; it reminds me of someone I care about very much,” Steve smiled at her and left. (Y/N) smiled back at Captain Steve, maybe she was wrong about him after all.

“We are in Avengers Headquarters, in New York. You have been here for a few days. You were unconscious for all of it. How are you feeling?” Thor sat on the side of her bed.

“For the first time in a while, I feel safe. I feel warm,” (Y/N) shook her head. “You would not believe what I went through, Thor. It was–I felt so. I can’t possibly explain it.” Tears started to come to her eyes. Thor took her hands.

“You are safe now. I promise you from this day forward I will not lose you again,” Thor kissed the top of her forehead. (Y/N) smiled and the frowned. “What is it, (Y/N)? Tell me.”

“I saw the hair pulled up next to me. Did you stay here with me all this time?” (Y/N) asked.

“No, I did not,” Thor admitted. “For the last few days, I was in constant meetings with Captain and the Man of Iron. Your constant visitor was Loki.” (Y/N)’s heart dropped when she heard his name. Loki? Here? What happened to him? Could he still care about her? More importantly, where was he now? Thor laughed a little bit. (Y/N) snapped back into reality.

“What? What is it?” (Y/N) said feeling a little frustrated.

“I know you, sister,” Thor started. “You may be cleverer than I am, but I know you. You’re in your head thinking of all of the questions in the world, and you’re going to try to make this harder than what it really is.”

“Where is he? Why isn’t he here now?”

“He’s a prisoner. He is being punished for his crimes against Midgard. He was allowed to see you for some time, but he still needs permission to get out of his cell. That’s why he isn’t here now.” Thor explained. (Y/N) felt a tightness in her chest. The love of her life was a criminal. Not just any criminal, but criminal in two realms.

“I want to see him. Take me to him,” (Y/N) said. Thor smiled.

“Now you sound more like yourself. I don’t think I can take you to him now, but I will go and ask—

“No. He needs me. I want to see him now,” (Y/N) demanded. Thor knew his almost sister well. He helped her up, and both started towards Loki’s cell. Thor knew (Y/N) to not tell her no when it came to Loki. They past guards and agents who tried to tell the God of Thunder no, but they were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Loki sulked in his cell. Guilty thoughts went through his head. The dream he had had affected him greatly. What if (Y/N) no longer cared for him? What if she woke up and she would not be forgiving? When he had attacked New York, he did not think of (Y/N). In fact, he’s not so sure if he thought at all. He may have broken her heart that day, and seeing her again broken would only hurt him more.

Loki heard people walking around franticly, but he paid no mind. He wanted to shut off the world. Not to ignore the world, but to punish himself. He did not feel the gravity of his crimes, but he felt the gravity of guilt for (Y/N). He had failed her so greatly. He sat against the glass wall and looked up at the bright lighting. He thought maybe if he stared into the brightness of the lights long enough it would blind him. He thought he deserved that much.

Then there was a tap.

Loki kept staring at the lights. Surely, it was just some noise he heard outside of the cell.

Then another tap.

Loki took his eyes away from the bright, white lights of the cell. He looked behind him. He eyes adjusted to the darker room outside the cell. That’s when he saw her. (Y/N) had one hand on the glass, and the other holding a blanket around her like a shawl. Her eyes filled with tears, but she had a sad smile on her face. Loki put both hands on the glass, and his pupils dilated.
“(Y/N)!” Loki shouted. “You’re-you’re awake! You’re alive!” Loki heard a hissing sound from the cell and stood up and stood back. The cell was opening, and he couldn’t wait for it to open all the way. As soon as he could fit through, his arms reached for her and held her there. His hands tangled in her hair and he pressed his nose against her. Taking in every smell he could.
“(Y/N), my dove, my pretty dove, I’m so sorry,” Loki whispered into her ear. “I’m so sorry.” (Y/N) grabbed onto him and refused to let go. She started to kiss his face. Loki chuckled and returned her kisses.

“You’ve returned to me,” Loki said quietly.

After the reunion between the two lovers, Thor had petitioned for Loki’s release upon one condition: Loki and (Y/N) work with the Avengers gathering and providing intel on Thanos. After a good argument from Thor, Steve, and even Natasha, Nick Fury couldn’t deny the idea. Having Loki and (Y/N) providing intelligence on the bigger enemy would prove to be helpful in the future. Loki and (Y/N) were given a place to themselves away from Avengers Tower. They were both to remain on Midgard until further notice, but for now they both needed time to heal.