Animethon 2015, where I did not pull out my actual camera all weekend and had to rely on low quality phone pics!

Hello Loki working in the green room before the cosplay contest Saturday. Prison Loki loitering in front of Denny’s Sunday. And I really liked how the weird square light frame around the hotel bathroom mirror made my eyes look like crazy magic.

Friendly reminder that Loki was probably in prison for a year before the events in Thor 2. We know a year passed between Thor and Avengers, and implied that another year passed between Avengers and Thor 2.

So how long did it take for Frigga to wear down Odin to allow her to see him? How long did Loki wear REAL prison clothes before Frigga conspired to bring him comfortable velvets fit for a prince? Did she sneak them in? Bribe the guards? Or just give an executive Queen order and calmly took Odin’s fury until he just gave up and let her do as she wanted? She said she did everything she could to make Loki comfortable, how long did it take her?

Let’s take a moment and pause for a mother’s relentless and unconditional love that was the only comfort Loki had in his year of solitude.

Prompt: lokilaufeysonthefrostgiant: What was going through Loki’s mind after finding out his mother died up to the point Thor came to see him.

Loki read and reread the same line on the page, the words the guard has spoken, “The All Mother was killed during battle.” The last words he said to his mother, “You’re not.” And the stupid, stupid words he said to the criminal, “Take the stairs to the left.”  Thrummed over and over in his mind to the beat of his pulse in his ear drums.

“AAAHH!” He yells, magic burst throw the room, one more. He started pacing his cell, not noticing when his bare feet crunched over shattered glass.

He felt so hollow and helpless. Why out of everyone did it have to be her? She would have known too, she would have gone into that room knowing she would die and she would know it was his fault they got in, in the first place.

A couple of more times Loki shot off his magic around the room scattering things around the room.

He sat, curled into himself and cried.

Body arching as he screamed in anger.

Finally his anger settled in a quiet deadly rage and that’s when he felt it, his brothers presence just beyond the door.