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Rich said he had acted under the assumption that Gabriel had a vessel or avatar or whatever stolen from or fashioned after Loki. And that he sealed Loki away in order to convincingly masquerade as him amongst the gods. Whatcha think of that? I had always thought of them being "same deity/different culture." Kind of like how Romans renamed the Greek pantheon.

this is actually something that i put in God’n’Gabe III! it’s my favorite portion. since it’s been out a while, i’ll show it now:

THIS is my favorite portion of the entire book. probably some of my absolute favorite comic work that i’ve ever done, too. i thought rich’s idea was brilliant, but i did take and twist it some. i made loki a prisoner in his own vessel, more or less. i like the idea that gabriel tricked the trickster when he was at his most vulnerable.

(if this looks familiar, it was original done in a video format, which i reworked to work in the book’s format!)

Since we’re probably all waiting for the Ragnarok trailer, today let’s pick our favourite Loki hairstyle.

1. Is it the fairly short hair of the still rather innocent Loki from Thor?

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2. Loki The Avengers villain aka way too much hair product?

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3. Or maybe Loki the dishevlled prisoner?

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4. Loki in Svartalfheim aka L'Oreal (Because you’re worth it!)?

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5. Or is it the hair of Ragnarok!Loki, also known as Gucci!Loki?

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I’m choosing TDW Loki, though I still can’t decide which version, #3 or #4. ;)

Anyway I hope Jake Gyllenhaal wins best actor in a leading role tonight for his phenomenal performance as Detective Loki in Prisoners (2013) directed by Denis Villeneuve. Truly an outstanding performance he really deserves it


For anon and @capitanostella (via comments)…a part 2 to this imagine. Enjoy! (Reader is still a Stark)

Y/N rolled her eyes as she hopped out of the car. Her dad was babbling about how she should stay here. She smiled slightly.

“Dad, I’ll be fine,” she reassured him.
“Are you sure? You’ve never been to Asgard.”
“Which is why Thor will make sure I don’t do anything stupid,” she replied softly.
“Of course not, you’re a Stark,” he countered.
“I promise, I will watch over Lady Y/N,” Thor’s voice boomed.
“See?” she suggested hopefully, “Besides, think of all the technology I’ll get to study! Just think of it as me going abroad.”

Tony let out a sigh. Y/N felt slightly guilty at using his love of technology to be allowed to go to Asgard. She wasn’t completely lying, but she wasn’t completely telling the truth either. Ever since Loki had surprised her in the Tower, she couldn’t get the guy out of her head. It was also the reason she was avoiding his muzzled gaze the entire time. Gently, she gripped her father’s hand.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” she cooed.
But will I? she thought quietly, not fully understanding herself.
Tony smirked. “Alright, kid. Promise me you’ll be safe and kick anybody’s ass if they bug you. Thor is going to be your personal body guard.”
She gave her father a hug. “Of course, dad.”

Bruce, Steve, and the others were quick to give their goodbyes to Y/N. Clint, of course, felt the need to tell her to slap Loki right where it counts for him. She chuckled before Nat asked her to do the same for extra measure. Steve gave the longest hug, considering he was last.

“Lady Y/N,” Thor called.
She started backing away from the others. “Bye guys…don’t destroy anything while I’m gone.”
“Be safe, kid,” Tony called, “Love you.”
“Love you too, dad.”

Y/N turned to Thor. A brief moment of eye contact with Loki caused her jaw to tighten. She forced a smile and slung her arms around Thor’s bicep. Due to the muzzle, she couldn’t see the grimace that Loki sported at the action. Instead, he grabbed the handle of the tesseract that his brother was holding out to him. Within moments, the trio was gone.

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Plot: You and Loki have been together for years. Despite the things he has done, you have stuck with him. This time, it was his turn to stick with you. You were imprisoned in Asgard for a crime you didn’t commit after he “dies” and Loki ends up storming the place to release you.

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A/N: I need some hardcore, badass, gentle Loki in my life. Asgardian lady!reader, as suggested.

Warnings: Reader has been tortured for information, a fighting scene with guards as you are escaping

Word Count Total: 1681

Long Imagine #14

Title: Jailbreak

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