Things I didn’t like about the Prison Break finale:

Everything being rushed:

T-bag being reunited with his son Whip only for him to die:

No Sucre; in fact he was barely in this season:

Mike jr calling Ness his dad over the phone to Michael:

No emotional scenes between Michael & Lincoln:

No MiSa kiss or “I love you”s: 

No adorable moment between Michael & his son:

Michael not getting to kill Ness: 

Sheba sitting with Michael’s family at the end instead of him:


Canadian Promo - Prison Break Finale. 

Flight Pt 1

Season 1 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,090

Warning: Language

   You all ducked down in the grass to wait as cars sped away and bulls came out in search for you.

   “Shouldn’t we be running?” you whispered next to Michael.

   “Not yet. We’re gunna wait right here and let them get ahead of us.” His voice was husky with adrenaline. Come to think of it, his voice was always kind of husky. Kind of like that ‘just woke up’ sound.

   “I don’t know if we’re gunna get a chance, papi,” Sucre said, nodding towards the dogs now exiting the building. The high grass you were in was dry and made you itch, but you tried stay still.

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Do I get to see my baby?
You’ll have 30 minutes before we take it away. I’ve seen this process a dozen times. After the mothers come back here, the depression’s almost unbearable. My advice? It’s a lot less messy if you just think of yourself as a surrogate.