Things I didn’t like about the Prison Break finale:

Everything being rushed:

T-bag being reunited with his son Whip only for him to die:

No Sucre; in fact he was barely in this season:

Mike jr calling Ness his dad over the phone to Michael:

No emotional scenes between Michael & Lincoln:

No MiSa kiss or “I love you”s: 

No adorable moment between Michael & his son:

Michael not getting to kill Ness: 

Sheba sitting with Michael’s family at the end instead of him:


Canadian Promo - Prison Break Finale. 


Do I get to see my baby?
You’ll have 30 minutes before we take it away. I’ve seen this process a dozen times. After the mothers come back here, the depression’s almost unbearable. My advice? It’s a lot less messy if you just think of yourself as a surrogate.