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Long before Atem defeated the Thief King and banished Zorc, he found a prisoner hidden within the tombs, sealed inside as a captive by the previous Pharaoh because unknown to the child, his Ka was bound to the spirit of the Winged Guardian of Ra. The tomb raider set the captive free, gave him the stolen Millennium Rod and persuaded him to stay and join his cause, not fully sure how to unlock his potential to use against the Pharaoh, but determined to do so. 

Torture in New Zealand Prisons: A Briefing

No Pride in Prisons is pleased to announce its new booklet, Torture in New Zealand Prisons: A Briefing. 

Check out the blurb: 

This booklet draws together the findings of reports made by the Office of the Ombudsman in its investigations of four New Zealand prisons. Using these reports, No Pride in Prisons researchers provide an account, in plain language, of the ongoing abuse and mistreatment of prisoners. Contextualising this information within historical trends, they also tell the stories of prisoners who have contacted No Pride in Prisons, reminding us how this treatment is a lived reality for far too many people. Together, these accounts demonstrate the disturbing but undeniable existence of widespread torture in New Zealand prisons.

Copies of the booklet can be found online for free here, and hard copies can be purchased for $5 by emailing 

Holy shit picture this: Evil queen Allura and her five cutthroat paladins who are willing to die for her at will

Imagine that galra are fuckin scared of Allura and her crew because of their lack of mercy and the fact that she takes no prisoners

They conquer planets within minutes and they don’t need any help from any quintessence or body modifications–her and her five soliders are superior fighters and nothing is really a challenge.
The last time Zarkon tried to face her head on, he lost almost 75% of his fleet and he’s been suffering suffering from that loss ever since.

Allura’s home planet was destroyed so now she will conquer every single planet in the universe to make up for the loss of Altea and she won’t stop until they are all hers

Marriage gets a lot better when you stop expecting it to be perfection. The moment you change your expectations of love your heart is now ready to mature into real love.

A love that comes packaged in a dunyah which is like a prisoner for the believer. Yes, we love in some form of temporary prison, and yet, within it’s limitations there is immense beauty and breathtaking moments to be experienced. The mercy of Allah is great, and His signs are everywhere.

Even in love. But His tests are there too. The ones to shape us, remind us of Who we need the most, of Who is going to save us. Of Whose love is the greatest.

Let go of seeking perfection and instead, embrace the journey of growing together in love and worship for the sake of Allah.

—  Via Wives of Jannah

Jeremy Meeks became an Internet sensation back in 2014, when his mugshot went viral and earned him the unofficial title of World’s Hottest Felon. His image was so popular that he signed with an agency while still serving time in federal prison, began modeling within 3 months of his release, and has since gained more than 740k followers on Instagram. Source Source 2

BREAKING NEWS: Cult Leader Charles Manson Ill, Requires Surgery.

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson, 82, is currently in an unstable condition in a Californian hospital after experiencing intenstinal bleeding earlier this week. Manson requires invasive surgery immediately, but his condition is currently ‘too weak’ for surgery to be performed safely.

Manson has been a prisoner within the Californian prison system for over forty years, and was the ringleader behind the horrific “Family Murders” that shocked Los Angeles in 1969. Manson has pursued a music career behind bars, and also participated in the FBI’s well-known serial murder study.


Request: Can you do one where Daryl x reader get into a big fight, and reader goes on a risky run to piss Daryl off and Daryl chases after her and the group she goes with and sees her get blindsided by a zombie and gets bit? You haven’t had a reader die yet. Maybe this can be a first? 

Song: I Found by Amber Run

A/N: I promise that the others will be up this week! Enjoy!!

     “Fuck you, Daryl,” you growled through gritted teeth, anger radiating from your body. Your eyes were full of flames, daring him to say another word and jump into that fire of yours.

     “Y/N, you’re too goddamn stubborn! Why do you have to be such a bitch?” Daryl yelled, not bothering to obscure his voice from the group within the prison. “You’re too weak to be goin’ on a damn run. You’re stayin’ and that’s final.”

     You let a scoff escape your throat. Just because you had a few cuts, you couldn’t leave? How wrong he was. “I’ll go if I fucking want to. You have no authority over me! You’re my boyfriend, not my father.” As you spit out those words, you walked out of the cell, not bothering to hear anything else. 

     Wordlessly, you grabbed your knives and joined the group of Glenn, Michonne, some of the new people and Rick by the cars. You could feel their stares on you, curious as to what you and your boyfriend were screaming about but you kept your eyes straight ahead. 

     The run was risky. Your group had scouted the grocery store, seeing that it hadn’t been looted yet. The need for basic things like soap and extra food outweighed the dangers of anything that awaited you.

     Your mind kept drifting back to your’s and Daryl’s fight. It was one of the few times large amounts of anger were aimed at you. You loved him so unbelievably much, it hurt to think of being with anyone else, even if you did fight. The fight had started because he cared about your wellbeing, too much sometimes, if you admitted it. It hurt that he called you weak, but you knew that he was on the defense, ready to break down every emotional stability that stood inside you. And today, he made them topple over. Tears pricked at your eyes as you attempted to steer your mind from the fight. 

     It wasn’t long before you were met with the large structure of the store. The cars halted and everyone started to retreat from them. It was go time.

     Daryl knew that he was out of line. He knew that you were very capable of handling yourself. But that didn’t stop his strong urges to protect you from every danger that was outside the fence. He would wrap himself around you like a blanket, if it meant you would be safe from every sorrow, every threat, every walker. 

     After pacing in your shared cell, his love for you drew him to his bike, set on finding his girl, safe and sound. 

     The ride was excruciating, his worry swelling every time he thought about you getting harmed. You were his absolute everything. He relied on you, you saved him in so many ways. Daryl felt like your love could heal his broken down self as soon as your eyes met.

      As soon as he arrived, he shut off his engine and sprinted to the building. He could hear the stabbing of the walkers, the blood splattering on the ground. He saw the group fighting for their lives, all surrounded by the undead, killing them one at a time. 

      And then he saw you.

     You were alone, fighting off the walkers, lodging your knife into their skulls. But what you couldn’t see was that a walker had crept up behind you.

     Daryl felt himself scream your name, he could feel himself running towards you, stabbing every walker in the way. 

     In all his years, Daryl had been abused, had seen the worst things, had to kill his own brother. But absolutely nothing could have prepared him for that moment. A walker sank it’s teeth into your shoulder as you took down the last walker. A scream fell from your lips as Daryl killed the creature that bit the only reason he was alive.  He saw you fall to the ground and caught you in his arms before you had a chance to hit the floor.

     Tears were pouring from his eyes as he cradled you close to him. 

     “We can amputate your arm,” he said shakily, “you’ll be fine, you’ll be okay. You’re not gonna die on-”

     “Daryl.” You said the word so softly, he almost didn’t hear it. Your beautiful eyes were swimming in saltwater. “Daryl, I’m going to die.”

 Daryl shook his head, about to refuse when you continued speaking. “Please let me go,” you sobbed, “I need you to move on and live for me. You were the best thing I’ve ever had in my life, thank you.” Tears were falling steadily from the eyes of both the hunter and his dying girlfriend. Daryl was sobbing, cries of pure sorrow escaped his unsteady body. He couldn’t lose you, not after all he’d been through.

     “I love you, Daryl Dixon,” you whispered. A last exhale left your body and you fell limp in his arms.

     “Y/N,” Daryl cried, “No, no, no! Wake up! Please just come back.” He sobbed out the last words quietly, clutching your body against his beating heart. Daryl felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. The light of his life, his Y/N, was dead, gone. Memories of you and him flashed through his mind, not leaving one untouched as saltwater fell from his eyes like rivers. You couldn’t be dead, this was just another nightmare. He’d wake up to you sleeping peacefully in his arms, a light sigh escaping you as your eyes began to flutter. He’d wake up and you’d be there to kiss him and mumble a good morning. He’d wake up and you’d be alive.

     But deep down, he knew that he’d never see you again. He’d never kiss you again. He’d never see your smile again. He’d never be happy again. Anything good in his life faded in that moment. His joy left with that last breath of air you took. He knew that nothing would ever be the same.

     Tremors ran through his body and sorrow fell from his eyes to his cheek as he whispered, “I love you too, Y/N.”


Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time 7 tomes as paintings.

“But sometimes illumination comes to our rescue at the very moment when all seems lost; we have knocked at every door and they open on nothing until, at last, we stumble unconsciously against the only one through which we can enter the kingdom we have sought in vain a hundred years - and it opens.”

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: how does the justice system of the harry potter world function? are there jails besides azkaban for smaller crimes, or does one have to deal with crushing terror for peeing on a bush? why was barty crouch allowed to be involved in his own son's trial? is there any form of ethical training that goes into the ministry? also, how does azkaban work? are there human guards as well as dementors, or can dementors function well enough to feed prisoners or take them to visitation areas? if there are wizards or aurors who work within the prison system do they have to deal with constant feeling of dread from their coworker dementor jim just hanging out? what is the fugitive protocol? why were there no clear visible figures trying to find sirius, just dementors around hogwarts? can dementors function the same as u.s. marshals? is that what they're a metaphor for as well as depression? how did the law enforcement of the wizarding world close a case after finding only a man's finger, how did--
Conformity to social roles

Social roles are the behaviours we expect of certain people in society as they occupy certain positions. 

Zimbardo carried out the Stanford Prison Experiment to investigate how readily individuals will conform to the social roles they are given die to the extremes of police brutality in America:

  • A mock prison was set up in the basement of the Stanford university
  • Adverts were put out to gather participants for the study, which was planned to last for two weeks
  • Of the volunteers, the 24 most stable were selected and randomly allocated the role of guard or prisoner
    • Prisoners were arrested from their homes, given a smock and an Identity number which they were referred to as rather than their actual names
    • Guards were given uniforms, whistles and reflective sunglasses which dehumanised the prisoners
  • Within just a few days, the guards became tyrannical, degrading the prisoners
  • At the same time, the prisoners became increasingly passive in their role
    • The participants became so involved that they appeared to forget they were in an experiment, for example, asking for parole instead of asking if they could leave the study
    • 5 were given early release due to extreme behaviours such as anger and de[ression
    • One prisoner had to be released after only 36 hours due to his extreme reaction to the setting
  • After only 6 days, the study had to be ended due to the major ethical isues and harm to participants
    • Zimbardos wife had to point out how badly the experiment was impacting participants, as Zimbardo could not see this, as he had become too involved, taking on an active role in the experiment
  • This study then suggests that is situational factors rather than dispositional factors which lead to police brutality

In 2006, a BBC prison study took place, similar to that of Zimbardos in 1973:

Reicher and Haslam:

  • Men were randomly assigned the role of guard or prisoner
  • 15 participants, split into 5 groups of 3 closely matched on personality variables
    • one given role of guard, two given role of prisoner
    • study lasted for 8 days
      • Participants did not automatically conform to roles
      • Prisoners worked together to go against guards and challenge authority
      • Guards were reluctant to impose their authority
        • Due to this, a shift of power occurred, and the prison system collapsed
Evaluation: conformity to social roles
  • Zimbardo thought that guards would naturally drift into sadistic roles, however: 
    • SPE: some guards were fully sadistic, some were good guards, helping prisoners rather than harassing them
    • Haslam and Reicher: therefore, rather than bling conformity, guards choose exactly how they are going to behave
      • Disposition>Situation

  • Banuazizi and Movahedi: demand characteristics could have been influential in the SPE, with participants responding to study rather than situation, as people who knew nothing about the study were able to predict the aim and findings when given information about the procedure

  • While there was no deception and Zimbardo had fully informed consent from participants, the ethics of the study have been called into question:

    • Right to withdraw clouded by how intense the study was
    • Zimbardo should have stopped the study sooner as a response to the distress
      • He did debrief participants and offered significant counselling
    • Haslam and Reicher took all of this into account when setting up the BBC prison study to ensure there ws more care for participants

  • Real world applicaction of Zimbardos study: Abu Ghraib:

    • Iraq military prison where prisoners were tortured and abused
    • Guards may have been victims of situational factors such as no training, boredom and lack of authoritative figure
    • These factors then lead to the mistreatment of prisoners, as shown in SPE and now here

  • Zimbardo’s study taught us thet people descend into tyranny due to mindless conformity in a situation, so the brutality of guards is a natural response to the situation. Situational factors> Dispositional factors
    • However, Reicher and Haslam reject this, arguing that there is not mindless conformity, but the guards in the study choose to behave in the ways in which they did, with behaviours depending on norms and values of an individual. Dispositional factors? Situational factors

True Strength.

I can no longer feel anything.

I am stuck in a void that I can no longer escape. My screams are silent, they fall upon deaf ears. All I can do is watch, terrified and helpless as she fell from my grasp. Down and down she went until she hit the unforgiving ground. Her body mangled, her life slipping away while I was too far away to help.

At this moment, at the crossroads of destiny. I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that I loved her. I could still feel the tendons being ripped from my shoulder as she dangled precariously over the edge I tried to hold her back from.

Is this some kind of sick metaphor? I’ll never know.

I don’t think I want to know.

I am trapped now within a prison of my own making, a prison that I cannot escape from, at least for now. It is the price that I had to pay to make sure she could leave. If death would claim one of us, let it be me. Light knows the things I’ve done, the lives I’ve taken in the name of honor and glory, to die bloody and thrashing on a battlefield was the death she pulled me from, not with a hand, but with a smile and a few comforting words.

That maybe there was someone worth living for.

And that there was someone worth fighting for.

Dying for.

It sounds cliche, but when you’re in the moment, and everything is relying on you to make the hard decisions, that’s what needs to be done. It’s what had to be done.

She’ll hate me for what I did to her, why I left her behind with my daughter. She’ll scream. Her eyes will sting with tears, tears that I’ll never know. But all I did, I did for her and that thought I hope would comfort her through the sleepless nights alone.

I should have never thought of using that spell, but I was desperate. It was the only spell I knew that would bring her back, even if I’m not there to join her.

But I’ve not left her behind, I’ve left behind a daughter, who’s smile reminds me of hers, who’s eyes remind me of mine. I’m so grateful to have met you, to have hold you and love you.

This was the only way I knew how.

Forgive me.

Working on my next Jerome smut on my lunch break. Warning- Daddy Kink. A teaser....

“Here kitty kitty kitty” the unmistakable low hypnotic tone of Jerome’s seductive voiced stirred you from your sleep. You wondered how he had managed to gain access to your cell, but those thoughts soon passed, without care of the technical workings of his intrusion of your room, you focused on how you ached for him. Your individual treatments in Arkham had meant you were seperated for the past few days and your longing for the ginger maniac grew stronger by the second “Daddy?” You asked in the darkness “Yes” he breathed, a soft giggled escaped his lips “I hear you’ve been a bad girl lately” his voice drew nearer “I….” You paused, having to admit your promiscuity levels had blown through the roof since Jerome wasn’t around, having to use your own seductive womanly ways to gain what you needed within the prison “Sorry Daddy” you shuddered, his fingers caressing your legs slowly “I understand if you need to punish me” “Oh Kitten” Jerome replied with a long sigh, another quick laugh from his throat “I’ll do more than that”

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If Poussey Washington’s death broke your heart the way it broke mine, then the writers did something right. They spent this entire season setting that shit up. She was happy. She was in a healthy relationship. She made connections. She had a career lined up. She had plans after she got out of prison and she was going to have a life after prison. Within minutes, it was completely taken away. The writers showed us how happy she was and they ripped that shit away from us. It was supposed to hurt. It was supposed to be unfair.

Poussey Washington was unarmed. Poussey Washington was not trying to attack or hurt anyone. Poussey Washington was not a thug. Poussey Washington saw Suzanne was in trouble and was just trying to help her friend. An officer restrained her and stood on her back until she suffocated, like Eric Garner. Officials waited to move her body, like Michael Brown. No one said her name when announcing the accident, like Sandra Bland. MCC put off notifying the authorities and went out of their way to find something incriminating so blame could be placed on a victim.

Regardless of whether or not it was an accident, you should be angry that this happened to Poussey and that this regularly happens every day in America. Last year 1,200 people were killed by US cops. Of that list, 72% were POC. It’s statistically proven that a black person is two and a half times more likely to be killed by the police than a white person. This is not okay.

Poussey Washington is symbolic of everything wrong with our justice system. If you’re angrier with the writers than you are with America, then I wholeheartedly believe your anger is misplaced. An unqualified correctional officer, who’s job is to oversee the safety and wellbeing of inmates, was insufficiently trained and someone died. This CO, ‘Caputo’ and 'MCC’ are responsible and Poussey, someone who honestly shouldn’t have even been in prison in the first place, is dead because of them. Her blood is on their hands. Just like the blood of those who are unrightfully executed every day.

What happens to Poussey happens every day. That’s why her death was so heartbreaking. It wasn’t nonsensical. It wasn’t far fetched. It was real. Even though she’s “just a character”, this intricately beautiful part of my favorite show is gone. She was a good person with a bright future and she was happy. Poussey deserved better.

Wakandan Justice

The Wakandan justice system is guided only by unwritten customary laws and traditions that are shared primarily through tribal elders by example and oral teachings. In Wakandan legal texts, it is represented as being a circle of justice – on the continuum of the circle, every Wakandan citizen is connected and involved in whatever conflict or problem that might arise, and each person’s responsibility is to contribute to the resolving of said conflict in order to maintain peace and harmony in the community. Due to this, there exists no central policing force – justice is achieved through a process of restoration and reparation that is guided by the citizens of the tribe that produced both the offender and the victim.

In Wakanda, crime is viewed as a natural human error that requires corrective intervention by tribal members rather than enforced isolation, and therefore no prison system exists within Wakanda – the path to achieving justice is made through a process of forgiveness. In this system, it is essential for the offender to make amends through apologising and engaging in acts that demonstrate a sincere desire to right past wrongs. Thus, criminal offenders continue to remain members of the community, playing an important role in defining the boundaries of what is considered to be appropriate and inappropriate behaviour within the tribe. This system has been successfully maintained for well over ten thousand years, and is applied equally to both violent and nonviolent offenders.