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prisoner kookie seducing warden taetae

(or was it more than that ??? )

Note :: My first attempt for taekook fics, it wasnt that good but i tried. If you have time, please read this, thank you!!! Kudos & Comment highly appreciate :))

“You’re stuck here now, Scarf-Boy~”

((Felt like drawing Warden being a bit more WARDEN and The Once-ler being a bit more…. well, in Superjail. I wanted to draw a scene that gets back to the roots of what this blog was and the rivalry between the two. 


Illustrating gritty Superjail scenes has been a cool concept to me since I entered a hurt/comfort Superjail drawing contest when I was like 12 or some shit, but I’ve not really done it in a while. Everything just sorta got taken over by… gay romance. So yeah, gritty chains and prodding and patronising and “you’re-staying-here-for-a-long-time-buddy-welcome-to-hell-little-man”-ing. Sly Warden faces are a lot of fun.

SideNote- Alternatively, I know a large portion of you will take this out of context and personally prefer to see it as roleplay bondage. I mean, most of the people following this blog just ask me to draw porn anyway so WHATEVER, that’s up to you, enjoy non-intentional-nsfw if it does the job.))

We were watching the PLAY


I just re-watched tfp to overanalyse the utter shit this episode was and found something that made me a little suspicious:

This shot is one of the cameras in Eurus cell. It is one of the recorded videos that show her manipulating the prison warden, and it reads 18992201.Of couse they could be random numbers, but I thought hey, why not strip them down. The first idea was a date, 22.01.1899, but I couldn´t really find anything.

But what if we seperate them? There have been numerous rumours that we might get a fourth episode next sunday and someone even found out that yahoo has a fourth episode listed.

The date for that episode is the 22.01.

Now we´ve still got 1899 left. A little google search on Arhtur Conan Doyle was done and I found THIS:


Now, lets see what we got this episode:

Honor Kneafsey

the girl who not only played the girl on the plane, but also one of the sisters at the beginning in A Scandal in Belgravia. (Plus: everyone on the plane in tfp was “asleep”, just like the dead people in asib)

A Study in Pink

basically the whole ending of this episode was asip flashbacks. We´ve got shock blankets, 221b, even the flippin text Sherlock send (You know where to find me. SH) is the exact same text he send to Lestrade in the beginning of asip. Everything is back to the beginning.

There is so much more to this, but I really want to believe I´m on the right track here. They promised us a rug pull, but they had to give us a rug first. This is it.

The reason TFP was so bad was because it wasn´t the original story. It´s a PLAY. In fact, this is THE PLAY where one of Conan Doyles famous quotes regarding his characters comes from:

Doyle later recounted how he had received a cable from Gillette inquiring, “May I marry Holmes?”, to which Conan Doyle replied, “You may marry him, murder him, or do anything you like to him.

THAT IS WHAT THEY DID. They redid 1899 and made us believe we we´re watching the original story. But it´s not, and we will have to wait to the 22.01 to find out what really happened.

(sorry if this was rambly. I am neither a good writer nor is my english good enough to put all my thoughts into words. but my key message is: if you are still willing to hope, please do!)

joschimi  asked:

Nice theory! I have one thing to add to it: in the Betatraz ep we see that this purple quintessence is able to transform those who get in touch with it. The prison guard (whose name I forgot) gains size and power and his eyes turn purple. So I believe that the Galra use the raw quintessence to boost their bodies. They do harvest this, but we don't know yet WHY they do it.

Yes! I noticed that as well and it’s so interesting. We don’t know a lot about how the Galra use quintessence, but we know Zarkon gets zapped full of it by the Druids. And that prison warden also had the tubes on his back that injected him with quintessence and he got bigger and more powerful.

I really want to know more about how the quintessence works and especially how the Druids do their experiments. Clearly they love experimenting on people. I hope the show goes into more detail about it because I want to know how it all works!

anonymous asked:

If I have a double Major in Psychology and Criminology what can I do with them?

The most obvious thing is probably a criminal/forensic psychologist. Here’s a link with more info about the job - salary, training, location, etc.

It might be more beneficial to get a Master’s in one than to double major in both. You should look into graduate programs to see if it’s something you would be interested in. You would definitely make more money with an advanced degree.

Here are a few other options:


Can we talk about how Suki is the most badass character in the whole Avatar universe? Here she is, an unarmed non-bender, and here are hundreds of rioting prisoners and guards, plus four armored firebenders and the guy who runs the whole prison, and she just deals with them all while the (tough warrior) guys who are supposed to be helping her are still arguing about what they should do.

The Signs in Prison:

Aries: the warden

Taurus: gets ripped

Gemini: always getting sent to solitary

Cancer: Scorpio’s bitch

Leo: gang leader

Virgo: reads in their bunk all day

Libra: smuggles in contraband

Scorpio: runs the place

Sag: starts feuds

Capricorn: always getting Gemini sent to solitary

Aquarius: runs the kitchen

Pisces: cries the whole time

the jail au
  • so everyone’s chilling at ow prison
  • they’re all in a gang
  • s76 is the prison warden, but somehow he got pulled into the squad
  • reaper and widow are ‘agents’ of the other prison gang
  • reaper got caught for a homicide and dragged widow down with him
  • junkrat and roadhog are in for… blowing things up. or at least that’s what junkrat says when anyone asks him.
  • mccree’s in for drunk driving cuz his car flipped over twice on a public road. and also because the judge thought he was annoying
  • (hanzo was the judge)
  • zarya and mei are in bc mei enlisted zarya when she wanted to destroy the headquarters of a major oil company cuz mei is really into environmentalist stuff
  • lucio’s in for helping hack netflix and download all of their content
  • symmetra… nobody knows what she’s in for. who knows if she’s even supposed to be in jail. but she brings the harry potter movies so it’s cool
  • tracer’s probably in for peddling sunglasses tbh
  • pharah and mercy are the tired overworked prison guards who don’t deserve half the shit they go through
  • like that one time someone (coughs: tracer) decided to hook up her roller skates with a whipped cream can on the end of each one, and went sailing through the halls like an idiot
  • and the other time a certain cowboy spray-painted an impressively good picture of hanzo on the brand-new wall (junkrat blew the old one up but somehow no one bothered to escape) (actually tracer went out and bought rocky road but she came back) but if you looked at it from a different angle it looked like male genitalia
  • genji comes sailing in one day
  • literally
  • through the ceiling
  • “hey,” he says, then turns around and walks out the door.
  • no explanation.
  • lucio and somehow got their paws on a laptop (read: they bribed tracer to go ‘buy’ one) and hacked the prison database and renamed all the inmates to their ‘proper codenames’
  • with the exception of tracer, who they renamed ‘widow’s hoe’
  • which widow laughed about and tracer sulked about for days
  • she denies it
  • nobody believes her
  • but they occasionally get their shit together long enough to have a turf war
  • somehow they get their hands on real guns
  • pharah and mercy don’t deserve this
  • tracer stays on widow the whole time
  • (literally like she just jumps onto widow’s back and clings. she’s basically a bright orange barnacle)
  • also no one knows where they get the suits
  • except tracer
  • who will not tell a soul unless it’s widow and she bribes her
  • anyways one day hanzo comes in with genji and he pauses by mccree’s cell.
  • “mr. jesse mccree.”
  • “han-han! it’s been too long, buttercup! your ass still sore?”
  • hanzo very discreetly flips him off, but gestures to pharah to open his cell door.
  • as soon as he’s out of the cell, he stretches dramatically (the cell is actually bigger than the hallway but mccree’s a hoe) and then flings his arms around hanzo and starts blubbering
  • “oh, han-han, it was so scary in prison while you were away i missed you my precious han-han-”
  • “lock him up again.”
  • pharah salutes
  • ok so widow and tracer have a weird thing going
  • pharmercy are married
  • hanzo and mccree banged like once and mccree’s in love and hanzo’s secretly fond annoyed
  • zarya and mei are dating
  • they were high school sweethearts and they won homecoming queens
  • reaper76 is… complicated and angsty
  • ok so like they met in high school and decided they wanted to make a three-person band with ana
  • and it was cool and gabriel wore a beanie and he was really cute
  • and jack had a HUGE crush on him and finally he walked up to gabriel one day and he just sort of blurted out ‘i’m in love with you’ and then started stammering incoherently and then gabriel gave him that trademark cute little smile and slid one hand to jack’s neck, fingers tangling in his (long cuz he’s a nerd) blonde hair, and kissed him, and whispered ‘me too’ and jack died.
  • but they dated through college until they graduated and moved in together in new jersey and jack had a little black box in his pocket, with a diamond ring inside
  • and then gabriel got involved with some bad people
  • a ruthless head of a drug cartel who always hated jack’s father, and therefore jack as well
  • he blackmailed gabriel into having sex with him and jack walked in on them
  • he blinked twice and then reached into his pocket, pulled out the black box, and tossed it on the floor.
  • then he turned around and walked away.
  • he started drinking. heavily.
  • they had sort of lost touch with ana, but when she heard, she showed up at jack’s door and talked to him for an entire night.
  • gabriel was in an even worse place. he started doing drugs, cocaine and heroin and meth. he met widow on the new york streets and eventually, he shot a man and ended up in prison. he went through rehab.
  • but when jack saw him for the first time, he felt like he’d been stabbed
  • gabriel was as beautiful as ever, dark skin and dark hair and dark eyes and a lovely smile
  • and jack was old and tired and he had cut his hair because it reminded him of how gabriel loved to run his hands through it
  • but gabriel looked right at him with wide eyes and said in an awed whisper ‘you’re so beautiful’
  • and one day they sat down and talked
  • and talked
  • and then, ten months later, gabriel leans down very slowly, looks in jack’s eyes, and gently kisses him
  • and tracer ruins the moment by sprinting in with flowers and throwing them
  • but gabriel laughs and dips him
  • and everything is good again

I’ve had quite a few asks to see some more Yogs and show off how they would look like in LabBuddies, here’s a couple of them.

Xephos - Wanted to have a go at his alternate outfit again. Also I’ve made him a little bit shorter, not noticeable since he’s been sitting in all the pages thus far.

Honeydew - Can’t draw dwarves to safe my life. He’s meant to contrast Xeph’s sharpness with his pudgy soft features. Originally his cape was meant to be a wolf’s pelt but it looked all spikey so I fluffed it up and..well at least it’s soft looking.

Strife - His design already fit into LabBuddies like a glove. All i had to do was a few colour changes.

Sips - He’s a prison warden, but I wanted to go with the more shady gangster feel considering… well, I don’t think he’s much better at obeying the law then the ones he keeps locked away in Summer Slam.

Sir Sjin - Yes he’s been knighted, no I don’t know why he’s been knighted when Xeph and Honey have literally saved the world before and they don’t have the title. He was literally the hardest one to make a design for thus far and it isn’t even that impressive. His medieval ascetic was really weird to see, especially in the time LabBuddies is set in and the fact he is actually mayor/ruler of Sjinterfel. So I tried to blend his working clothes with something a bit more civil… he looks like an architect now so that’s good enough for me!

Edit: that top line in the teal-green is the height of the tallest character’s height compared to everyone else. (That’s Rythian btw

end stage capitalism is a market coalition of western countries with a united pseudomilitary police force that serves primarily to protect the shipment of high-end goods meant for the uberwealthy heads of state from the factories where poor unpaid workers are forced to manufacture them; in western countries, one either voluntarily enlists in this paramilitary police force or is thrust into an underclass that relies on urban subsistence farming and is subject to the destruction of what little property they manage to collect by police raids for minor laws; in end stage capitalism, nearly everything will be illegal and punishable by extended periods of prison time during which many die, either from exhaustion or the factory machinery, or at the hands of the abusive prison wardens; the middle class will serve as a bureacracy and police force in service of dynastic lineages of a handful of trillionaire politicians, possibly bringing the divine right of kings back into popularity as a concept

and liberals will still be talking about how violence wont change anything, and if the enslaved just pray really hard and vote with their company StoreBuxx then over the course of millenia things will go back to normal

au ideas
  • sky high au
  • gattaca au
  • 1984 au
  • titanic au
  • inception au
  • fight club au
  • outsiders au
  • great gatsby au
  • pride & preju au
  • fox & hound au
  • in time au
  • timer au
  • meeting at an amusement park
  • hot carpenter working on my roof
  • almost ran you over with my car
  • ot3: royalty + bodyguard + tutor
  • prison au — guards, warden, etc
  • war nurse saves opposing soldier
  • accidentally fished up a mermaid
  • “"hitmen”“ hired to kill each other
  • ot3: person + angel + grim reaper
  • never actually meeting each other
  • infiltrating the government together
  • childhood friends turn hero/villain
  • roadtrip with no specific destination
  • romeo + juliet au with rival gangs

Escape Plan - Warden Hobbes Part 3

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