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Almost no one is permitted to come to Caer Oswin. The last time I managed to see him, it was only because I bullied my way into the castle and insisted his strange new guards take me to him. And I say “strange new guards” for a reason: almost all the Oswin retainers have been sent away. These men didn’t wear Bann Loren’s colors, and they struck me more as prison wardens than as protectors. Loren himself was pale and almost delirious. I begged him to see a physic, and he promised he would, but I doubt he ever did.

Given Names

K rating, gen/pre-relationship

(Prequel to Code: Safeword and to the Safe If We Stand ‘verse.)

The warden and the prison doctor fill out the governmental paperwork for the blue infant, and discuss names. 


“How’s it going, Len?”

Dr. Kelley looked up and regarded Warden Wilson, who was standing in the doorway of his office, with a baleful glare.

“Just wonderful,” Dr. Kelley said with biting sarcasm, gesturing at the paperwork on his desk, “I’m only half through with all this and half of what I have put down is just guessing.”

The Warden frowned and moved closer.

“How do you mean?” he asked.

Dr. Kelley rolled his eyes and flipped to the very first page.

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For anyone watching Superjail! I would just like to point out the INSANELY fast-paced evolution of Stingray’s character design (and the shows aesthetic in general) in little over 20 episodes. One would say this is a downside of hand-drawn animation, but I think its fantastic, its kinda like a trial and error, something that flash (puppet) animation can’t really do. It may look inconsistent but its really a great progress to create a character that can be animated to its fullest potential. Not to mention it makes the show feel far more 3-dimensional, since there is an actual visual ‘growth’ in the aesthetics and design of the show.

Just thought I’d point that out as I rarely see anyone discuss the positives of inconsistency. 

parabatai discourse #2
  • Alec: You abandoned us.
  • Jace: I know, but get this. I'm not just a prisoner, I'm the warden.
  • Alec: We had to take two buses and walk a mile on the Pacific Coast Highway during rush hour.
  • Jace: But the good news is I hold the keys to my own freedom.
  • Alec: There's no sidewalk on the Pacific Coast highway.
  • Jace: Okay, okay, I hear you. You're angry and resentful. But what you need to understand is that resentment is the mortar that holds the bricks of loneliness together in a wall of alienation and despair. Chapter 3, "Knocking Down the Wall."
  • Alec: "Bite me." That's Chapter 1 in my forthcoming book entitled Bite Me. Chapter 2 is called, "Kiss My Pale White Ass."

I’ve been looking at the Galra symbols on the armour as a reference for another character in my multichapter fanfic. I noticed something interesting…

This is the symbol on the higher ranking soldiers and lieutenants’(although, Thace got promoted later on) armours on the show…

Granted, these soldiers hold pretty high positions in the military, since and that guy who captured Shiro and his team in episode 1 had the same symbol. If I had to guess, they are somewhere in the middle in the Galra military ranks.

This is the symbol of the Galra high commanding officers…

The high commanding officers seem to have two yellow dots in the centre of the torso…which almost look like cat eyes (fitting?).

This is the armour for a Galra drone, who is not a robot…

It’s grey armour (I think, it’s hard to tell with the lighting here) with a pink and purple symbol on the chest with a helmet to cover the eyes.  

This is the armour of that prison warden from when Shiro and the others break Slav out near the end of season 2…

Which also matches Ulaz’s symbol from when he was working as a Galra doctor…

This is the Weblum Galra…

The symbol on the chest doesn’t match anything we have seen so far!  The closet thing to it is maybe the lieutenant’s symbol  and the colours used are close to that prison warden’s, but that’s about it.  

Not only that, like I and others brought up before, the helmet is the same design as Allura’s, probably being common before she and Coran were put into the pods.  Most of the Galra do not wear face masks outside of the Blade of Marmora. Even then, the Weblum Galra’s face mask doesn’t match that either! So it makes me wonder all the more why a Galra in Zarkon’s ranks would have such a helmet when no one else does.

Also, they have Zarkon’s symbol on the armour, the same one from when Keith got the Red Lion…

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship, and even he does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well. 

It is a very odd and distinct design to say the least.  

The only way this would make any sense is if the armour was custom made for that one Galra. Even the best of the best are not offered the  chance to have custom armour, which makes sense since Zarkon doesn’t seem like anything near Boss of the Year territory and this is still the military operation that uses uniforms.  Sure, there are some variation in the commander’s uniforms, but even then they are still very similar. Even then, the same can’t be said for anyone else outside of that.

To add on to the “This Galra Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb” sundae is the fact they seem to be operating on their own accord, like @radioactivesupersonic  mentioned in another meta, going off into a Weblum on their own without any backup and let Hunk and Keith go free after backstabbing them before hand. If this was your average Galra in the ranks, they would be terrified to report back they let not only two paladins free and operated on their own devices to get a single bag of Scaultrite like that, especially with Zarkon’s whole KO “destroy everything that opposes you” attitude.

If this was a Blade of Marmora member in disguise, I think they would recognise the paladin armour and not backstab them like that.

The only way all of this makes any sense to me is if the custom made armour was bestowed onto someone tied to Zarkon extremely personally, but still is not someone deemed worthy of super high honours in the military because Zarkon might have negative or mixed feelings towards them – someone like say, Zarkon’s son, Lotor.

With that said, this is still a guess. I am curious to see who this is in the next season.

Winter Shadow - chapter 7

They took her to a military base, she wasn’t sure there. She’d allowed herself to give up utterly in the van, had surprised herself by falling asleep. She’d slept deeply, better than she had for many years, because she’d finally given in.  There was no more James, or Winter Soldier, or Bucky, whoever he turned out to be. No mission, no commands. Pain, she could deal with, if that’s what they gave her, it wouldn’t matter. She dreamt of a quiet cell, of solitude, of being ignored and unwanted, unnecessary, and it felt beautiful.  With James gone, she’d finally given up hope, and found peace in the thought.

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I wonder if the Danvers felt more like prison wardens than a family at times. It's like all the 'no's' Diana heard before the No Man's Land scene but for 13 years.

Of course, Eliza and Jeremiah were very loving, and they were probably very right to have Kara keep her abilities and alien status a secret while she was so young, especially in retrospect with the possibility that she might have fallen into the hands of the likes of Cadmus to use toward nefarious ends.

But it’s an interesting comparison to make. Because in both scenarios, they people surrounding them are just trying to protect them. They know that they’re capable of great things, but that this would put them in danger.

And in both scenarios, the heroes just want to do good. To help people. Nothing more.

But the others that care for them assert that, because of the realities of the world, it cannot be done.

Of course, in Diana’s case, she’s an adult who knows her capabilities and who knows that she can save these people and survive.

But Kara was a kid, and the adults in her life made her decisions. Just as if Diana had been presented with human suffering at 13, the adults who cared for her would have prevented her from trying to save them.

And that’s probably why, starting out as an adult hero, Diana was more self assured than Kara. Because Kara hadn’t just been kept from helping people before this moment, she’d actively witnessed people being hurt for 13 years and had been unable to help them, even though she physically could have.

Another interesting comparison: The heroes and their view of humanity.

I think Diana is actually more cynical than Kara, with regard to human hearts. I think there was an innocence in Diana that was crushed, and while she chooses to save humanity because of her love for it, she no longer wholly believes it deserves her.

But for Kara, who, during her development, saw an entire planet die because of the failures of it’s people, there was no innocence to crush. She knows there is darkness in people’s hearts, but still constantly believes that their inner light will prevail, even after seeing it fail over and over.

For Diana, who started off believing that humans were all-good, suddenly seeing the great darkness within them was devastating.

But Kara, who knows that people are capable of incredible evil, who knows that people she loves have done terrible things, who keeps learning of more terrible things they have done that she couldn’t have imagined, simply chooses to see the best in people. She chooses to believe that they deserve to be saved.

Perhaps it has something to do with what they were told as they left their mother, their home, forever…

Interestingly, despite Kara’s departure from her mother being on much warmer conditions than Diana’s, comparing the two in this moment makes Alura kinda look like a jerk??? lmao

It seems these ideas stayed with them.

But I think it’s great, because some people will read this and go “Diana is right. We do not deserve to be saved. There is too much darkness in us for us to really deserve to be protected. But love is still worth protecting, and that’s why we should help each other.”

And others will say “Kara is right. I believe that all people are inherently good, underneath it all. That all people have light within them that deserves to be protected. All people deserve to be saved. And that’s why we should help each other.”

But either way you view the world, the message is clear.

Time to get to work.

You’re Not Evil

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Warnings: A very short, probably mediocre scenario featuring everyone’s favorite squish. Two mentions of drugs. Mafia AU maybe? 

Characters: Kyungsoo

Word Count: 1.7k

She had the same routine every Sunday. She would wake up at 9 a.m, make a small breakfast for herself, watch a few of the Sunday morning TV shows, and then she would get ready to go visit Kyungsoo.  She spent every Sunday for the past eight months doing this.

Kyungsoo had been arrested eight months prior. He and a few of his friends were caught up in a drug deal that had gone bad, and the police busted them. They all escaped, all except for Kyungsoo. After he was arrested, it took one month for them to sentence him to five years in prison. In the past eight months, he hasn’t spoken a word to her. He barely even looked at her, he just sat in the metal chair across from her and listened to her speak. He also couldn’t handle physical contact at all. Albeit before being arrested, he wasn’t a fan of skinship that much, but now even holding his hand wasn’t something that could be done.

She couldn’t begin to understand the mental war that was going on in Kyungsoo’s head. The people whom he thought were his best friends left him behind and let him take the blame for their doings. Kyungsoo was too sweet of a person to turn his friends in, so he took the fall. The only reason Kyungsoo was involved was because his family needed the money, he wouldn’t have ever messed around with things like drugs if it were not for his family.

When she entered the room where they met, she gasped at the bruises that lined Kyungsoo’s arms. Many bruises had shown up on him before, but every new one made her afraid for him. She knew prison was rough, and she knew that the other prisoners did hurt him on multiple occasions but what could she do? The prison warden wouldn’t do anything to fix it, it was as if he didn’t care what happened to his prisoners.

“Does it hurt?” She asked as she sat down across from Kyungsoo who once again had his head down and focused on his lap. It would be an understatement to say that him not speaking or even looking at her hurt her. Every failed attempt at communication chipped away at her heart, but despite that, she still came every Sunday. She could never handle not being able to see him so she would always come, even if he wouldn’t have any form of contact with her.

“Do you remember the night you asked me to be your girlfriend? When we were 17?” Kyungsoo still didn’t lift his head or show that he was listening, but she continued,”I do. I remember your mom saying you spent hours cooking the ‘perfect meal’ for me, and for a good half of the dinner you couldn’t look me in the eyes because you were so nervous.” She chuckled at the memory from when they were teenagers. He was such a shy boy in high school, she is still surprised that he managed to ask her out.

“I also remember two weeks later you said I should break up with you because I deserved to be with someone that complimented me better.” She and Kyungsoo had met in the library to study for their finals, and he randomly blurted out how she deserved to be with someone better than he and that he didn’t compliment her like a boyfriend should. It took her fifteen minutes to get him to stop arguing with her about what she did and didn’t deserve. “I remember telling you that I deserved someone who made my heart feel at peace and that someone was you. I deserved someone who would keep me grounded when I was losing touch with reality and someone who would float off into space with me when I became too serious about something. I deserved someone who could bring out the best of me and vice versa. I deserved someone who I could mean just as much to them as they did to me. I deserved someone who would make me feel like they had built the entire universe in their backyard, just for me. I deserved you, no one else. I didn’t and I still don’t want anyone else.

You were there for everything, no matter good or bad. I’ve had some of the best moments of my life with you. You have no idea how much I love you, Kyungsoo.”

She could tell that his facial expression faltered, he seemed to be thinking hard about something. This was the first change in his expression that she had seen since coming here, so she once again continued, “What I’m getting at Kyungsoo is, I’m dedicated to you. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone other than you, and I don’t plan on it. I will be here every Sunday until you’re released, and in five years and two months when you’re released, I will be standing there waiting for you. Nothing about this changes my feelings for you. I am still as hopelessly in love with you as I was before. I don’t know why you won’t speak to me or look at me, but I don’t care. As long as I get to see you I’m fine. I will keep coming here until you’re ready to speak to me.”

For the first time in eight months, Kyungsoo finally spoke.

“Do you think I’m evil?” He kept his head down, but the fact that he spoke was a breakthrough.

“Are you serious?” She scoffed, unbeknownst to her he thought his worst fear was coming to life, “Kyungsoo, you are the farthest thing from evil. Do you know why you’re in here? You’re in here because you would do anything it takes to help and save your family. You’re also here because you didn’t turn your friends in when the police asked. You’re a noble man, if anything you’re a little too noble. You are so considerate of others, you neglect yourself in the process.”

Once again, for the first time in eight months, Kyungsoo finally looked at her. He raised his eyes to meet hers, an unreadable expression on his face. He had thought that she saw him as evil and that she wouldn’t want someone as evil as he is. Yet, she said he wasn’t evil. She said he was… Noble.

“I’m afraid that I will become evil after staying in here… The things that happen in here, the things I see and the people I meet are living nightmares. I don’t know if I can come out of here in six years and still be the same. I-I-I’m,” He faltered, “I’m scared.”

“Kyungsoo,” She whispered. He wasn’t normally one to show such vulnerability like that. He had such a petrified look on his face, it made her scared herself. He was so scared about prison changing him, it was heart-wrenching. “No matter what happens, I will always be right beside you. You’re a strong person and you have a true heart, you won’t get swept away so easily by the atrocities that are in this place. Yes, you may be impacted slightly because of it, but even so, I will never leave you. I promise you that.”

She stood up from her seat and went around the table to him. She pulled him to a standing position and wrapped her arms firmly around his shoulders. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and snaked his arms around her waist. “I don’t know what I would do without you,” He admitted.

She ran her fingers through his hair, letting her fingernails gently brush across his scalp. “I should be saying that instead,” She then kissed the top of his head, “Even at the unstable place your life is in right now, you can count on me to be the one stable thing through it all.”

She cradled his head in her arms, he murmured her name and how much he loved her. She didn’t know if it was the lack of contact for eight months or if his mental state just so happened to fall to a low point, but no matter what the reason was behind his actions, she was just happy to have him back again.

“Will you still love me when I get out even if I have bruises and scars like this?” 

She lifted his arms up and peppered kisses along the bruises, “You’re still the most handsome man in the world to me, no matter what changes about your looks.” She even kissed a faint scar on his neck that he had gotten within the first two months of being there. 

“You make my soul feel so… Complete.” He couldn’t think of what he did to deserve such an amazing girlfriend in his life. She was going to be what kept him going through this whole experience. But what of the future? His mind wandered back to thinking about what he will witness between now and his release, doubt began seeping back into his mind. Would he really be able to stay sane in a place like this? It’s only been eight months and he already felt as if he was losing it.

“Soo, stop thinking so hard, please.”

“But what if-”

“You are not and will never be evil, my sweet little prince. I love you.”

His nickname made the tips of his ears redden. She hadn’t called him that since before he was sentenced, but hearing it once more settled the fire he could feel in his heart. It gave him a sense of hope, and it made him doubt the thoughts he was having only moments before. If she believed in him, then he should believe in himself as well. “Say it again, please.”

“My sweet prince,” She grabbed each side of his head with her hands, “You,” She kissed this forehead, “Are,” Then his nose, “Not,” And finally his lips, “Evil.”

“And I never will be.”

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“You’re stuck here now, Scarf-Boy~”

((Felt like drawing Warden being a bit more WARDEN and The Once-ler being a bit more…. well, in Superjail. I wanted to draw a scene that gets back to the roots of what this blog was and the rivalry between the two. 


Illustrating gritty Superjail scenes has been a cool concept to me since I entered a hurt/comfort Superjail drawing contest when I was like 12 or some shit, but I’ve not really done it in a while. Everything just sorta got taken over by… gay romance. So yeah, gritty chains and prodding and patronising and “you’re-staying-here-for-a-long-time-buddy-welcome-to-hell-little-man”-ing. Sly Warden faces are a lot of fun.

SideNote- Alternatively, I know a large portion of you will take this out of context and personally prefer to see it as roleplay bondage. I mean, most of the people following this blog just ask me to draw porn anyway so WHATEVER, that’s up to you, enjoy non-intentional-nsfw if it does the job.))

So I was watching the Mummy and saw this:

but all I could think of was this: