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Memer Shiro is my favorite thing ever, so please consider Shiro sharing memes with the other prisoners while he was captured, and learning all their inside jokes.

  • Every time he utterly wastes an opponent in the ring, a chorus of “Mmm Whatcha Say” can be heard from the prisoners down by the ring. Eventually it spreads to the spectators, and it comes to a head when Shiro stabs an enemy and backflips off them and the stands burst into “Mmm Whatcha Say.” You have not lived until you’ve heard an entire stadium filled with Galrans singing “Mmm Watcha Say” with bloodthirsty fervor.
  • Shiro dabs after every win. It’s become his calling sign. Whenever he enters the ring hordes of people in the stands dab for his victory. After he escaped speaking his name was forbidden, so they dabbed instead to refer to him. The first time the gang learns about this is from some prisoners they freed; upon seeing Shiro all of them dabbed. Everyone lost it. Lance still hasn’t stopped screaming.
  • Every time a guard passes through there’s a chorus of “Oh shit it’s dat boi!” “Oh shit waddup!”
  • Shiro is basically Space Chuck Norris.
    • “I heard he swung his fist and 50 ships exploded!”
    • “I heard he had a staring contest with Zarkon and Zarkon blinked first.”
    • “He can bench press 1,000 Galra soldiers!”
  • Every time someone asks for Shiro:
    • Guard: “Where is the Champion?”
    • Some random prisoner: “Do you mean the ChamPPTHSHTHSTTHHHION!?”
    • Like 50 other prisoners: “The ChamPTHHTHTHSIHTSPPHION!!”
    • Guard: “Oh my god I am not paid enough for this.”
  • Referring to other prisoners with increasingly long, fake prisoner call signs. “Have you seen prisoner 02349712935123401238401273591231481023 today?”
  • Trying to bribe the guards with ridiculous items:
    • Prisoner: “If you let me go I’ll give you this pretty rock I found.”
    • Guard: “Ma’am, that’s an eyeball.”
    • Prisoner: “An eyeball then.”
    • Guard: “No.”

The other prisoners wonder how he can be so bright, and its because if Shiro laughs harder, if he laughs louder, maybe he can drown out the screaming.

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Hi! how was your day? (thats good/awe have a hug) anyway... i was wondering if you could link me to a cite or multiple cites the depict the meaning of Russian prisoner ring tattoos. you talking about it and my own need for it for my own story made me go look it up. but i cant find anything on Russian ring tattoos. i as wondering if you knew where to look?

Hey! My day was good, I just got woken up by my friend shrieking about the YOI movie so I’m super shoooook but ty dear

I don’t have any websites or anything, I’m an old binch and I just use books - my encylopedia on russian criminal tattoos, but here’s two photos of the written blurb on ring tattoos specficially:

Looking at the post with Shiro’s smile, it made me think about how he hasn’t really had much of an on-screen chance to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t a prisoner anymore.

He’s free. He’s free. These are his people and they love him and yes, he’s still fighting, but he’s fighting for what he believes in now.

I just started imagining him starting to cry at some point. He’s smiling, he’s just watching everyone, and he starts to cry. He doesn’t even realise he is until someone - say, Coran - notices and asks him if he’s okay.

“Yeah,” he says. “I am. That’s- that’s it, I guess. I haven’t been okay in - space, so long.”

And Coran gets it. He really does. They smile, and watch as everyone mucks about, and every single one of these people are smiling too. 

They’ve lost so much. In a sense, they’ve lost parts of who they are - Coran’s lost his home and family just like Allura, and Shiro knows that he’d probably be unrecognisable to his friends and family back home if - when, he reminds himself, when he goes back home - but as dark as things can get, there’s light and there’s hope and they’re living in it. Right here. Right now.

(It isn’t the first time Shiro’s cried over this, either - the first time was in the first few days after he’d crashed, they’d found the castle, and formed Voltron. After it’s sunk in that he isn’t going back to the prisons and the gladiator’s ring and the operating table.

No one came to ask him if there was anything wrong that time, because he was in his room, crying into his hands that it’s over, it’s over, oh thank the gods it’s all over. He’s left thinking about how well these kids have been doing - all of them - and how even when he falters, they’re there to support him and pick him back up, and he’s just left breathing it in, as though it’s the first air he’s had since escaping.

He still looks and feels a little raw when he next goes out in ‘public’, but he’s feeling a little more put together inside.)

Don’t think about the fact that the Garrison were absolutely going to keep Shiro a prisoner in their base. bc they already told the world the Kerberos craft crashed because of a piloting error and no one survived. They can absolutely not just announce the pilot is alive and back on Earth. 

Don’t think about the fact that Shiro would have escaped the prison and gladiator ring of the Galra. Escaped being their toy and experiment only to be imprisoned and undoubtedly tested on, to be treated just as alien as the tech fused to his body, by his own people and home planet. 

Don’t think about the fact that Shiro fled to earth hoping to be free, to see his family and friends again and to forget the horrors he faced. Only to hear that they all thought he was dead and had probably mourned and moved on. To hear that he can’t see them ever again. 

Do not think about what little hope Shiro have being crushed by the people he once trusted and served. Because when their ship was attacked and their crew abducted, the Garrison threw him under the bus and covered everything up. Because the Garrison is a shady organization and Shiro is coming to realize they treat their people no better than the Galra did. 
Don’t think of Shiro wasting away in a tiny room, a hollowed out version of what he used to be and withering away. Not receiving the emotional support or care he’d need for a healthy recovery and dealing with his conflicting emotions and thoughts about himself and his arm and everything he has to slowly remember on his own.

Do not think about what would have happened if Shiro had not of been rescued by Keith and the others. 


Alexis Neiers on Drugs, Prison, the Bling Ring, and Redemption: Profiles by VICE

A Star Wars Rec List

So it is just coming up on a year since I really got back into Star Wars (thanks to TFA), and with a whole new wave of fans coming in from Rogue One-  I thought I would make a Rec list of things I have read/watched this year that might give you guys a starting ground for really diving into Star Wars!

I really liked Rogue one! What should I do next?

You have a couple options! If you haven’t seen A New Hope, you might start there. It picks right up where Rogue One ends. 

You should also read Catalyst, it is the prequel novel to Rogue One. You learn a lot about Galen, Lyra and Krennic. 

Another novel you should consider is Tarkin, also set before the events of Rogue One. As the title suggests, this book is about Grand Moff Tarkin, how he got his title, his relationship with Vader and Emperor, as well as his part in the construction of the Death Star.      

And finally, Star Wars Rebels. This is the animated televisions, also set before the events of Rogue One. In recently confirmed news, Saw Gerrera will be appearing on the show in the second half of season 3, creating a direct tie in with Rogue One. 

And speaking of Saw, if you want a further look into his back story, Star Wars the Clone Wars has your answers. Season 5, episodes 2-5 contain his arch if you’re interested in seeing how he got started.  

I really liked The Force Awakens! What should I do!

There are a couple of answers for this! If you haven’t watched A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of The Jedi, I would suggest starting there. The original trilogy will get you acquainted with Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia.

I would strongly recommend you read Bloodline. Confused about The First Order? What exactly starkiller base blew up? Who the Resistance are? Bloodline takes you through the beginning of the New Republic and Leia’s eventual break from it to start the Resistance. 

You might also consider Lost Stars, this book spans all the way through the original trilogy and ends with the battle above Jakku and that crashed star destroyer we see in TFA.

Now I haven’t read either of the following, but tie in material for TFA also include- The Aftermath Trilogy and The Poe Dameron comics. Also, I believe the video game Star Wars Battlefront: Battle for Jakku ties in a little.   

I really like the Prequels! What should I do?

If you liked the prequels- but were left feeling very confused about some of what happened here are some recs to clear that up.

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the 3D animated television show/movie are a great place to start. Set between The Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, The Clone Wars details the prolonged conflict between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance. We get more on cool characters like General Grievous and Count Dooku, get a more in depth look at why The Confederacy of Independent Systems was started. We also get to see Anakin and Padme married and in love, as well as a much longer and slower progression of Anakin’s fall to darkness.  

For a more complex look at the events leading up to The Phantom Menace, I would strongly suggest reading Darth Plagueis, this book is currently Legends Status (not canon) But! Very little of it conflicts with established canon, and I think we can assume that most of the information in this book is still correct. Set directly before and overlapping slightly with TPM we learn about Darth Sidious and his master Darth Plagueis, and there very long game for taking over the galaxy. 

Set between TMP and AotC, the Obi-Wan and Anakin comic is also very good. Short and details some of Anakin’s training as a padawan. 

I really like Star Wars Villains! What should I do?        

Star Wars has some amazing villains, let’s start with the obvious guy, Darth Vader. The Darth Vader Comics have been great so far. I think these are set between A new Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Also consider Lords of the Sith, Vader and Sidious crash and get stuck planetside. 

For Darth Maul, he has several great arcs in both The Clone Wars and Rebels that I strongly recommend you watch. Set between those two is the comics series Son of Dathomir. And no longer canon, but still a fun read, Maul Lockdown (Maul goes undercover in a high security prison/fight ring!)

The Dark Disciple is a tie in novel to The Clone Wars and details some of Asajj Ventress’s life as well as Quinlan Vos’s fall to darkness.

The Darth Bane Trilogy is another great read. No longer canon, but set a thousand years before the events of TPM there is nothing to say these events didn’t happen. Some really great info on the Force, the early sith and the rule of two.  

You might also consider playing The Force Unleashed, a somewhat glitchy game where you play as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice Starkiller. 

And as previously mentioned on this list Tarkin and Darth Plagueis are great villainous books.       

I just really want some Order 66 Angst

I have three solid recommendations for that my friend!

Ahsoka is a great tie in for TCW and SWR fans, it takes you right through night of 66 and into Ahsoka’s life afterwards.

A must for Rebels fans is Kanan The Last Padawan comic, a wonderful angst filled story of Kanan and his survival of 66. 

Want to know more about Kanan’s sad life after 66? Read A New Dawn, where alcoholic Kanan spends his days hauling explosives.   

Class Ring

“We found your class ring at the scene of the crime. You’re under arrest!”
“Impossible. I never graduated!”
“Likely story, bud. Hands behind your back!”
“No, really! I dropped out after 10th grade.”
“Oh, yeah? We can see if that’s true easily enough. Hey Sam, radio dispatch and have them access the high school’s network. Then have them look up a question from any 11th or 12th grade test. If this dirt bag can’t answer it, clearly he’s telling the truth and we’ll let him go.”
“I’m telling you, I’m gonna answer incorrectly!”
“We’ll see about that, jerk! What’s that, Sam? Great! A circle of center (-3,-2) passes through the points (0,-6) and (a,0). Find a.
“Uh, a equals 1.58 or -7.58. OH FUCK! I mean I don’t know-”
“Enough out of you! Have fun in jail.”
“Do people ever have fun in jail?”
“Ya know, I’ve never asked.”