prison privitization

my fellow americans

what the fuck
happened to us?

we are a nation
not built on
the ten fucking

we were
punk rock
before Converse

we were
an all inclusive
vip room

fucking rode a horse
like Wallace

was the greatest smartass
that ever lived

tried his best to absolve
our sins until the father
of all trump supporters

we have a dark history
I won’t argue that
for a nation built on
freedom, equality

we’ve committed genocide
we’ve not equally separated
we’ve privitized prisons

but God Damn
is this us?

Is this really us?

I am a Patriot
in every fucking
sense of the word

but I am not our

do you see
what’s happening here?

We’ve sent children
into muddy chattering
machine gun beaches
to stop the type of
people in command
of our ship

what the fuck happened?

I’ll tell you
We let fear
beat freedom
we let faith
beat reason
we let just-us
beat the scales

we don’t have to take this
this isn’t their land
it’s our land
we, the PEOPLE
Not the fucking suits who
don’t give two shits about

rush the fucking harbor
dump the Miller, Coors,
and Budweiser
bullshit rhetoric they
ran the tab up with

don’t buy into the fear
the hate the division
they blind us with
fanning flames of
old fires we can piss on
put out for the last time

fold the flag around
the eyes of our lady again
wipe her delicate cheeks
it’s not
like she could stop these
assholes from unfolding
her cloth, she couldn’t
drop the scales
she couldn’t stand
to watch

It’s time for us to
reclaim our independence

what the fuck happened to us?
I’m not entirely sure
but I know we can find out

so we don’t repeat it
really be great again


michelle alexander: locked out of the american dream. michelle alexander discusses mass incarceration, mass deportation, the racist drug war, and the privitization of prisons, as well as the growing movement to abolish these systems over the past few years