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My Favorite shows part 2


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Modern Family

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Mrs Brown Boys

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My Mad Fat Diary

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One day at a time

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Orange is the new black

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Prison Break

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Pure Genius

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Pushing Daisies

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Queer as Folk

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Ripper Street

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Santa Clarita Diet

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Scream Queens

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Sneaky Pete

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Sons of Anarchy

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Stargate Atlantis

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Teen Wolf

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Texas Rising

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The Big Bang Theory

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The Fall

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The Foster

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The Hollow Crown

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The Night Shift

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The Odd Couple

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The Pacific

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The Red Road

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The Vicar of Dibley

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The Walking Dead

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This is Us

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Tru Calling

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True Detective

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When we rise

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Will and Grace

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Beecher and Keller

I loved alcohol. I loved heroine. I had to put them both behind me because they were poison. Death. You are death. Let me live.

I can’t.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend series and movies set in prison?

Yes! I’ll make different posts for the movies so I can add the trailers, but here you go for the series:

Oz (1997-2003)

Wentworth (2013- )

Orange Is The New Black (2013- )

Prison Break (2005-2009) (2017)
It’s the least realistic show ever but the first season is okay and Wentworth Miller is very pleasant to look at… he reminds me of someone I like a lot 😄.

Bangkok Hilton (1989, mini-series)
It traumatised me as a kid 😧 - the episodes are on YouTube.

officialravendc  asked:

Cass Cain and 'Nobody dies tonight.'

“Nobody dies tonight.” It’s not a request, or a goal, but a statement. A fact that Cassandra is certain of.

“Died. Nobody died tonight. Past tense, Cassie,” Tim corrects her with a pained smile. He holds a hand to his ribs, which still ache from his time in Mr Oz’ prison. “But you’re right, thankfully. Nobody died. Not tonight, and not that night either.”

Cassandra hugs her adopted brother gently, so as to not hurt his ribs any more. “Good. Missed you,” she admits. “Was sad.” She takes a seat on the living room couch, sitting on her hands and looking at the carpet.

“I’m here now, at least,” Tim offers with a reassuring smile while sitting in the comfiest chair in the room. “And I can get to know my new sister. Heh, guess I know how Jason felt, huh? Dead one minute, then you come back and learn you have a new sibling. I’m glad Bruce adopted you though. Everyone deserves a family.”

“Thank you,” she responds, smiling gently.

Please fire me. I work in a correctional facility where most of the inmates haven’t washed their hands since they were booked into jail. I eat lunch at my desk (30 minute break) because it takes too long to go through the main gate to the parking lot, find fast food, and return to go through the metal detector (intrusive body search some days). There is no soap dispenser in our bathrooms.  We used to bring our own plastic bottles, but now the warden says we can’t bring soap in any more.  We might be concealing contraband.

Daily Doux: 10 Great Fantasy Novel Adaptations

10) The Hobbit Trilogy (2012-2014)

It’s too long and has more Legolas than is really necessary, but Peter Jackson’s second trip to Middle Earth is by no means as bad as many have made out to be. Martin Freeman’s Bilbo, alone, is worth the price of admission.

9) The Magicians (2016-present)

It is early days yet, but this Syfy adaptation of Lev Grossman’s books, about a young man who goes to a magical college where he discovers the Narnia-like books he loved as a child are real and not as innocent, is shaping up to be one of the best fantasy series on TV. 

8) Stardust (2007)

Matthew Vaughn takes Neil Gaiman’s charming little book, about a boy who falls in love with a star, and turns it into a Princess Bride for the 21st century.

7) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2014)

The third Potter book is the bet, as is the film adaptation by  Alfonso Cuarón, the only director who made Harry’s world feel, well, magical.

6) Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Hayao Miyazaki, the greatest maker of animated films there is or ever will be, takes Diana Wynne Jones’ novel and produces another masterpiece in a career filled with masterpieces. 

5) The Wizard of Oz (1939)

MGM’s msucal take on the classic book by L. Frank Baum is a delight from start to finish. 

4) Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (2015)

They said Susanna Clarke’s mammoth book, about rival magicians during the Napoleonic wars, was unfilmable. Writer Peter Harness and Toby Haynes proved them wrong and with style.

3) The Princess Bride (1985) 

William Goldman, with some help from Rob Reiner, turns his own delightful little book into the finest fairy tale romance ever put on screen. 

2) Game of Thrones (2011-present)

HBO‘s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s books is as epic in scale as Lord of the Rings, feature a cast of characters Tolstoy would find excessive, and have all the blood, treachery and debauchery of I, Claudius.

1) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

The fantasy adaptation to rule them all. 

here’s a snippet of the currently 106k-long fic ikeracity and I have been writing together for the past month. we’re not quite finished yet but here’s a snippet!

warnings for violence, threat of non-con, and mentions of genocide.


Charles can’t bear to look at the faces of the people surrounding him as the reality truly sinks in for them all. They’re trapped, millions of light years from home and with no hope of contacting anyone from the IF. They still have three months before the Serenity is due to show up at the prison in OZ-48; as long as Shaw can use the officers’ clearances to make the proper check ins, no one will realize that the Serenity has been compromised until then and by then, they’ll probably be so deep in space that no one will be able to trace them.

He’ll never see Raven again, Charles thinks numbly as sorrow wells up from somewhere deep in his chest. He’ll never get to meet his niece or nephew, he’ll never get to exchange gossip with Moira, or see his other friends. He’s not going home.

And his telepathy—Charles has to gulp in a huge breath of air to keep from descending into full-on panic—he’s going to live out the rest of his life, however short it may be, with an inhibitor collar on. Blocked from his power. The way Shaw is talking, maybe those crewmembers who cooperate and prove their newfound loyalty to Shaw will be accepted into the fold and allowed to have their inhibitors removed, but Charles knows he won’t. He can’t. He refuses to bow down to the likes of Shaw.

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“…Just send lots of books to prisons, will you? Just, just do it. Any books to be read, anything… Send books, because it’s not a bleeding heart that would have the argument to say, "You know, you gotta feel for these guys.” It’s not even that. It’s actually just… It’s self preservation for our culture and our society to understand that you have to, have to, have to believe in education. You have to believe in performing, you have to believe in people’s ability to get better, to heal, to transform themselves in some way, however small a shift, if for the simple reason… [that] it makes sense economically. It is more costly to put people away in overpopulated prisons. There is not the space for prisoners any more. If you want a healthier society or less criminality, then help the criminal to achieve that by understanding that, what, just sending them away and asking them to stare at a wall and think about that they’ve done for fifteen years, because that ain’t gonna do nothing other than breed resentment, or train them or will people to, you know, come out and commit more crime…

“It makes no sense–in the sort of brash accent, nonsense–it makes absolutely no sense, let alone having any kind of feeling about what art can do and what people are capable of. And that’s the secondary argument of mine, is that, you know, I think everyone to a degree deserves a second chance. And I’m generalising here, but I mean they at least deserve to be able to read in prison. I think it’s a basic, fundamental human right, and I just… If good things can come from that, then what is the bad? How is it punishment? It’s punishing society, it’s not punishing that individual. It’s not gonna make them repent what they’ve done and feel worse off because of their crime and now that they’re being punished. It’s only gonna punish us, only comes back on us as a law-abiding society, and that’s the short-sightedness of an attitude like that. That’s what makes me angry about it.”

- Benedict Cumberbatch on the ban on sending books to prisoners, Oz Comic Con Q&A Panel Day 2, Adelaide, Australia


Just when I thought that I could not love this man more… <3

Note: This is a direct transcription of what Benedict said in the panel. Please forgive any errors.

Justin Bieber Prison Fever

Justin Bieber

made me a belieber

in prison fan fiction erotica

told through tweets to fans,

tweens twiddling their tiny twats

over crushed Xanax-colored skin

the new orange, newest black

for high fashion V-neck jumpsuits

cinched at an elastic waist

felt up by an inmate’s

thick Latino hands,

tattooed and scared

from L.A. gang banging days

when mornings started with

silver Raider pride eye shadow

smeared on the lower stomach

by orally inclined Cholitas,

prayers and the sign of the cross

towards a superstitious mother’s

alter for Saint Cesar Chavez   

a pile of withering grapes

Christ candles burnt to their glass base

minority memories only a laser

can melt away—or the androgynous

body of an uncut Canadian

lesbian haircut trendsetter

separated at birth from Miley Cyrus

getting his chocolate pop-starfish

came in like a wrecking ball,

balls breaking rectal walls

never hit so hard with forced love

made desperate by circumstance—

letting in semen without protection

for protection celebrity can’t buy

but commissaries can,

Hot Cheetos for haircuts

Snickers for soap only on ropes

the wonderful prison wife of Oz

paid no attention behind the curtain

of a bottom cell bunk

power bottoming to parole

or a White House deportation

petitioned by suburban dads

whose wallets weep from iTunes

track remix purchases of a heartthrob

focusing on the throbbing husband

inside him whispering

in a once diamond-studded ear

“never say never.”