prison mugshots

Jeremy Meeks became an Internet sensation back in 2014, when his mugshot went viral and earned him the unofficial title of World’s Hottest Felon. His image was so popular that he signed with an agency while still serving time in federal prison, began modeling within 3 months of his release, and has since gained more than 740k followers on Instagram. Source Source 2

These are the mugshots of William West and William West, and they are not related. They were both sent to Leavenworth Prison at the same time, in 1903, and after some confusion, the staff understood they had two different prisoners with the exact same name, who looked exactly alike. They are part of the reason fingerprints are now used as identification. (source)


Name: Ryan Laches

Crime: In 2012 he sold LSD to a teen who died of overdose. In addition, mother of a 14 year-old girl accused Ryan of having sex with her daughter. In 2014 Ryan was arrested for drug possession. In 2016 he was arrested again for drug (this time MJ) possession.