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based on this trainwreck of a twitter thread.  Some baseless season 5 spec.

Bellamy strained against his bonds when the door opened and a guard shoved a small, bound form forward.  The Eligius crew had been keeping him in one of their– apparently many– prison cells on the ship, and he didn’t know if that meant the other cells were all full, or if they just didn’t give a shit about putting more than one prisoner together.

The door slammed shut and Bellamy squinted at the new prisoner.  She threw herself against the door and began hammering at it with her fists and shouting, demanding to be let out.  She was young, far younger than anyone he’d seen on the ship, and for a moment he wondered if she was a plant, there to trap him into something.  Into what, he couldn’t figure, since he was currently chained to a wall already, but the something about her clothes gave him pause.

They were colorful.  He hadn’t seen any colors other than black or grey on the miners, and all of their clothing bore the hallmarks of repurposed uniforms, either prisoner or guard.  But this girl was wearing things that had been scavenged.

She was a grounder.

That meant there were survivors.

“Hey,” he called, and she whirled around, seeing him for the first time.  “I won’t hurt you,” he said, and held up his chained hands.

She eyed him warily and stayed as far from him as humanly possible.  “Who are you?” she asked.

“Their prisoner.  And if you are too, then maybe we’re on the same side.”   This girl was too old to have been born after Praimfaya, he realized.  He fought against the tiny spark of hope in his chest.  Just because she survived doesn’t mean Clarke did.  She was probably sheltered from the blast; Clarke was caught out in it.  “I’m Bellamy.  What’s your name?”

Something like a smile flickered across her face. “Madi.  I’ve heard of you, you know.”

That familiar pang of guilt twanged in his stomach.  He’d never outrun what he did with Pike, even after the world burned to the ground. “Whatever you heard, I won’t hurt you,” he assured her.  “I’ve got people on the outside and they’ll be coming for me.  We just need to be ready.”

Her eyes flickered at the mention of the others, but Bellamy didn’t have time to ponder the meaning of that. He talked her through his plan and she nodded along, even offering to pretend to be injured so it would bring a guard running.  He just had to hope that Echo had rallied the others for a rescue attempt and sat back to wait and listen for the sounds of it.

He was about to ask Madi to tell him how she’d survived– he wanted to know who else they would be dealing with– but a loud explosion rocked the ship.  He motioned for Madi to be silent and when he could make out the sounds of fighting, he turned to her.  “It’s my people.  We need them to know where we are.”

She nodded and immediately started whacking her handcuffs against the door. Smart girl, he thought to himself and slammed his chains against the metal pipe.  He shouted, over and over again, and so did Madi, until someone outside yelled for them to back away from the door.  Madi ran to him and he just had enough time to throw his body over hers when the door blew open and Raven stepped in with a pleased grin on her face, half hidden by the helmet she was wearing.  “Miss me, Blake?”

“Cute,” he replied sardonically, picking himself and Madi up off the ground.  “Got anything for these?” he asked and held up his chains.

“Looks like you found a kid,” Raven observed and pulled out a portable blowtorch.  She had him free of his chains in seconds and Madi just a moment later.  “I’m Raven,” she said, and Madi rubbed her wrists gratefully.  Raven handed Bellamy another helmet and he put it on, bringing the blast shield down to cover his face.

“I know,” Madi said, but before Bellamy could wonder how she knew Raven, another explosion shook the ship.

“That’ll be Echo, and that’s our cue to go.  Murphy’s holding the corner.  Can you run, kid?”

“I can,” Madi said proudly.

“Then run like hell and don’t stop until you get to the woods.  The rest of our people are there.  They might be spooked by you, but they won’t hurt a kid, I promise.”

“I know,” Madi said again.  “She said–”

“Raven, now,” Murphy bellowed from down the hall. Bellamy grabbed Madi’s hand and started running, catching a gun Murphy tossed him as they sprinted past.

“Keep going!” he yelled at Madi and crouched down behind a pillar to lay down cover fire.  Madi ran, zig-zagging to make herself a more difficult target, and Bellamy waited until Raven and Murphy had passed him to pick up and start running again.

He made it to the woods just a second before Echo, and everyone started to sprint back to the rocket.  But after a quarter mile at a dead run, they were lagging– real gravity was more tiring than generated gravity– and Madi took a sharp left.  “This way!” she called over her shoulder.  “You’ll be safe over here.”

Echo and Raven looked to him and he made a split second decision to trust this girl and whoever raised her.  He nodded and everyone fell into pace behind Madi, hurtling through the woods as the sounds of the Eligius pursuit faded away.  They slowed their pace slightly and the trees started clearing.  Madi looked back at him, a huge smile on her face.  “She’s going to be so excited to see you,” she said, and bolted across the meadow to a small, blue hut.  “Clarke!” she yelled, and Bellamy’s heart stopped.

His feet stopped too, and everyone behind him drew up short.  A compact blonde woman burst out of the hut barely two yards away, gun drawn.  She looked like the Clarke he remembered with small changes– shorter hair, leaner muscles– and Bellamy blinked rapidly.  She was dead.  She was dead, but she’s standing right there.  “It’s me, and look who I found,” Madi said, and Clarke lifted her gun to aim at the rest of them.  They were wearing helmets, he remembered through his shock, and she couldn’t see their faces.  

But Raven beat him to it and tossed her helmet aside.  Clarke stared at Raven’s face in disbelief.  “It’s us, Clarke,” Raven said, gently.

Clarke slowly lowered her gun and stepped forward. She touched Raven’s cheek like she was seeing if she was real, and Raven lowered her forehead to press against Clarke’s.  Clarke took a shaky breath and straightened, her eyes scanning the rest of the group only to stop on him.  “Bellamy?” she whispered, and he dropped his gun and pulled off his helmet.  A slow smile spread across her face at the sight of him, and it felt like seeing a sunrise for the first time.  

Bellamy didn’t remember moving and didn’t remember Clarke taking a step, but somehow she was in his arms.  She buried her face in his neck and he tucked his nose into her hair, squeezing her so tightly he was sure she couldn’t breathe but he couldn’t let go, not for anything.  He felt her heart thumping against his and his brain finally realized that this was real and not some cruel trick.  He blinked, not realizing he’d been crying, and Clarke pulled back just enough to look him in the eye.  She was crying too, her cheeks wet, and she wiped away a tear from his cheekbone with her thumb.  “Took you long enough,” she chided, half-laughing, half-crying.

“You know me, princess,” he said thickly.  “I like to make an entrance.”

  • me, but a post-leftist, to an incarcerated woman i advocated for last year: sorry Aroha i know that you've been beaten and raped by prison guards and you don't have any job prospect when you get out of prison, i know that there are and always will be organisations dedicated to ending the kinds of violence you've had to endure but i think the scale of the difficulty you're facing means that i would be a prison-industrial-complex-denialist if i didn't admit that there's nothing we can do to help, i'm going to go now
  • her: in real life committed struggle by emmy and the organisation she's part of actually did get me transferred to a prison where i was safe from sexual violence, had friends, and could wait out my time before coming out and now they're helping me to access services, but post-leftism gives up in the first instance at the first sign that the social problems we face as revolutionaries are immense. if we accept this framing of the situation, we make ourselves more helpless than structural domination ever could. it's an act of abnegation; a complete surrender before we have even entered the battle. this is the impulse to destroy our easter eggs before we've painted them in case mommy doesn't like our art amplified to a world-historic scale, and instead of consigning some coloured eggshell to the garbage, it discards the lives of the global working class. you have blood on your hands.

 the most underrated monster factory moment, in my opinion, was in the oblivion video when griffin kills a prison guard, changes the corpse’s name to “bookshelf”, and puts a book on top of him, without saying anything at all

underrated Iconic™ six of crows/crooked kingdom moments
  • inej simultaneously choking tante heleen and stealing her priceless diamonds like a bamf
  • kaz’s ‘embarrassed teenage boy’ act in front of smeets (i was laughign so hard)
  • “pay someone to pay someone to pay someone to burn your kruge”
  • that time kaz and wylan chemically burned a hole in the ceiling and dropped into the middle of van eck’s dinner party
  • matthias grumbling “i. should. let. you. die.” while trying to restart kaz’s heart; nina giving kaz mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 
  • kaz staying conscious even though a prison guard shoved his bare fingers in his mouth (!!!)
  • Wyvil
  • inej breaking van eck’s nose SHE DID THAT
  • kaz complaining nonstop bc alys van eck Wont ShuT UP
  • nina f-bombing @ matthias
  • child kaz f-bombing @ the man who wont let him see mr. hertzoon
  • “you’re too broke to buy waffles” 
  • llewelyn
  • nina’s pregnant woman charade 
  • “i will turn your teeth inside out” “that’s physically impossible”
  • wylan “im not a thief” van eck: offended @ “you think like a lockpick”; one (1) book later wylan has a scheming face and a “very passable imitation of kaz’s glare”
  • “if you ever cared about me at all, don’t follow.” Kaz Why Are You Like This Kaz
  • damage

You are in prison, less and less guards are showing up, food isn’t being delivered anymore, once you finally escape it turns out a Zombie Apocalypse is going on.

16 May, Romani Day of Resistance.

Romani are usually excluded whenever the topic of the Holocaust/WW2 comes up, so it’s not all too surprising that the Romani Day of Resistance is very unknown to the majority. But it should be celebrated and embraced since it represents a change in the way Romani culture and identity appear in public space - where a history of resistance replaces a history of oppression:

  • On 15 May 1944, the underground resistance movement in the Auschwitz, Birkenau concentration camp BIIe warned the Roma that the SS guards were planning to round up the nearly 6,000 Roma and Sinti prisoners and send them to the gas chambers. 
  • On the morning of 16 May, the Romani prisoners did not show up for the usual morning roll call and ceased cooperating with the SS guards.
  • The Roma barricaded themselves into their shanties. They had broken into an equipment warehouse and armed themselves with hammers, pickaxes and shovels, taking apart the wooden sections of the bunks they slept on to make wooden stakes. 
  • When the SS guards approached the area, they were met with armed resistance from the inmates. 
  • The prisoners forced the guards into retreat, and though some prisoners were shot that night, the act of resistance allowed the Roma and Sinti prisoners to put off execution for several more months.
  • The SS were in shock because they had completely failed to anticipate this resistance. Concerned they might lose more men and that the uprising might spread to other parts of Auschwitz, they retreated from camp BIIe.
  • No Roma died in the gas chambers that day. The Nazis subsequently put the prisoners of BIIe on a starvation diet.
  • Later, on 23 May 1944 the Nazis moved 1,500 of the strongest Romani prisoners to Auschwitz I, many of whom were then sent to Buchenwald concentration camp.
  • On 25 May 1944, 82 Romani men were transported to the Flossenburg concentration camp and 144 young Romani women were sent to the Ravensbrück concentration camp.  
  • Less than 3,000 Romani prisoners remained in the family camp at BIIe, most of them children.
  • On 2 August 1944, the Nazis gassed all the remaining Romani prisoners to death in gas chamber V, although the Roma fought back on that dark night as well.

In Hungary the 2nd of August was designated in 2005 by the Parliament as “Roma and Sinti Genocide Remembrance Day”, yet most European countries make no or insufficient mention of the Roma victims in their official position regarding the Holocaust. 

Roma are still misrepresented by stereotypes that overshadow our culture and real identity and it should be needless to say that Europe should put some effort on making the Roma genocide widely known and recognized, to serve as a counter force to the increasingly violent rhetoric and action against the Roma because and through them. Yet it does not seem like anything like that will happen any time soon. 

& Yes, please reblog this to make at least some of our history known.

Things that I think some people forget are canon in the IDW universe, or think are just fanon
  • The usage of “frag”, “slag”, and “scrap” as cuss words
  • Lovers (conjunx endurae) being called “sparkmates”
  • Queer-platonic relationships (amica endurae)
  • While Megatron and Optimus are seen as very old, they are not. Megatron is five million years old, and OP stated that Megatron is a little older than him. Bots older than them include but are certainly not limited to: Rung, Whirl, Ironhide, Kup, Ratchet, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Rewind, Red Alert and Minimus Ambus/Ultra Magnus
  • Starscream was a representative in the Senate
  • Camiens laud those who have carried the Matrix as gods; they would view Rodimus just as they do Optimus
  • Young Cybertronians being called “sparklings”
  • Rodimus spent three days trying to program his holomatter avatar to have a sweatband
  • Before becoming Optimus Prime, Orion Pax was close friends with Megatron. He read and quoted Megatron’s Towards Peace and was even unsure if he was on “the right side”
  • Whirl likes French films
  • Rodimus is 4.2 million years old - only 800k years younger than Megatron
  • Mecha from Caminus have different spark frequencies than that of normal Cybertronians, causing their energon to be blue rather than pink
  • Megatron and Impactor worked together in the mines and were best friends
  • Cyclonus was on the Ark-1
  • Alcoholic beverages (engex)
  • Rodimus, Whirl, Skids, Swerve, Tailgate, and Ultra Magnus have all customized their holomatter avatars
  • Soundwave and Drift both grew up in the gutters of Rodion and were taken in by Megatron
  • There’s a mech on the Lost Light named Toaster, who turns into a toaster
  • Whirl was alt-mode exempt and a watchmaker of sorts. After the Empurata procedure, he changed his name (Whirl was not his original name), frame, and started hanging out in Rodion’s gutters, where Drift and Soundwave lived. He then became a prison guard and beat up Megatron, causing the latter to be pushed over the edge and start the war
  • Nautica is the exact picture of Pipes’ Dream Conjunx, but he died before getting the chance to meet her
  • Rodimus, formerly Hot Rod, grew up in the streets of Nyon and took care of other homeless people, and was approached directly by Megatron, who was hoping to recruit
  • Before becoming Rodimus, Hot Rod was about Rung’s size
  • Certain Decepticons in high standing with Megatron had special ceremonies performed by one of the Warriors Elite or Megatron himself in which the chosen Decepticon would have a piece of their spark casing removed and forged into their Badge
  • On both sides of the war, some mecha had real, physical badges, while others were simply painted on
  • Megatron is a forged spark in a cold-constructed body
  • Shockwave was a senator, and ran an academy for outliers (which Skids, Trailbreaker/Trailcutter, and Damus/Glitch, who would later become Tarn). He and Orion Pax (who was later to become Optimus Prime) were close friends
  • Mecha saying “I could hug you!”
  • Drift is filthy rich for a reason undisclosed
  • Rodimus and Swerve are both religious, just not obnoxiously so
  • Orion Pax had his insides rearranged by Shockwave’s techs to make a hole in his chassis - unbeknownst to him, Shockwave was doing this to MANY mechs to make it possible for them to carry the Matrix of Leadership. Had it not been for the hole created by Shockwave, Orion Pax would have never been able to become Optimus Prime
  • Even then, it hurt Orion Pax when the Matrix bonded with him and made him into Optimus Prime - when the Matrix bonded with Hot Rod and made him into Rodimus Prime, it felt good and right
  • Even by Cybertronian standards, Prowl is considered “heavy”
  • Chromedome was still able to lift him over his head and throw him off a cliff
  • Rodimus (Hot Rod at the time) broke into Styx, one of the most high-security Decepticon-owned prisons to ever exist, to break out Dealer, a former member of his unit (who then promptly betrayed him)
  • Chromedome and Brainstorm worked for The Institute, which was responsible for mind-wiping, Shadowplay, and Empurata
  • Drift joined the Decepticons at the very beginning of the war and only became an Autobot near the tail end of the war, less than a century before its close (He became an Autobot after meeting Wing, and then pretty quickly became a Wrecker and went to Earth in a time period likely to be the 80s or 90s). For nearly all of the 4 million years the war went on, he was Deadlock, amongst the most horrifying Decepticons out there, and was favored by Megatron enough that the warlord sent his most notorious bounty hunter out to go find him even after Deadlock had betrayed his superior officer’s orders and went rogue
  • Megatron never got an Autobot badge of his own; he still wears Bumblebee’s

Feel free to add your own!

I talked to a prison guard today and he told me that every time he has to put a pedophile in his cell the first time he gets there, after he’s locked him up he shouts, “Maybe time in here will make you learn not to sexually abuse children!” and all the inmates mutter and stuff. The pedophiles usually beat up the next day.


Can we talk about how Suki is the most badass character in the whole Avatar universe? Here she is, an unarmed non-bender, and here are hundreds of rioting prisoners and guards, plus four armored firebenders and the guy who runs the whole prison, and she just deals with them all while the (tough warrior) guys who are supposed to be helping her are still arguing about what they should do.

The Forgotten American Hero Of The Great War

Meet Alvin C. York, one of the most decorated American soldiers during the First World War. He received the Medal of Honor for one spectacular attack during the Battle of the Argonne. He was put in a group of 17 Americans soldiers who were ordered to infiltrate the German lines and take out one machine gun position. They were able to capture a number of German soldiers, but then small arms fire killed six and wounded three. Suddenly, York was the highest ranking remaining soldier.

He took command, and immediately ordered his men to guard the prisoners while he – by himself– went to attack that one machine gun position they had been ordered to take out. He attacked the German machine gun nest – again, by himself! – with just his rifle and his pistol. That’s right: he took a rifle to a machine gun fight. York ended up taking 35 machine guns, killing at least 25 enemy soldiers, and capturing 132 enemy soldiers.

York was lionized for decades, although he has largely been forgotten by newer generations. A 1941 film about him, Sergeant York, was that year’s highest-grossing film. And the man who played York, Gary Cooper, won the Academy Award for Best Actor that year.

Super Long AU Compilation

Here’s a really long list of a ton of the more simple/generic AU’s I’ve seen floating around. I made this list for personal reference and figured having so many all in one place might be helpful to others, too. I tried my best to alphabetize but I can’t promise it’s entirely correct. Hope you enjoy!


-1920’s con artist
-1940’s noir
-3DS friends
-6 weeks to live


-A Walk to Remember
-Accidentally falls asleep on stranger
-Accidentally hugging stranger thinking they’re someone else
-Accidentally read their journal
-Accidentally swapped items and have to return it
-Accidentally take each other’s bags
-Action hero
-Airport bar
Alice in Wonderland
-Alternate history
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient mediterraneans
-Ancient orientals
-Ancient slavs
-Android and human
-Antique shop
-Around the world
-Arranged marriage
-Arthurian era
-Author and fan


-Back in time
-Bank robbers
-Battle of the bands
-Beauty and the Beast
-Childhood friends reunited
-Big Brother
-Blind date
-Boarding school
-Bonnie and Clyde
-Book club
-Borrow payphone money
-Both cosplay same character at con
-Both stood up for blind dates
-Break up
-Bride Wars
-Bucket list


-Camp counselors
-Catfish uncoverer
-Childhood companions
-Civil war (American or otherwise)
-Civilian and agent
-College roommates
-Comic artist and assistant
-Costars in a movie
-Craigslist meetup
-Crashed their car
-Crime spree
-Criminals on the run
-Cruel Intentions
-Cruise ship
-Cyber date


-Death race
-Demon and angel
-Deserted island
-Destructive relationship
-Disneyworld cosplayers
-Doctor and patient
-Doctor Who
-Dog walker
-Drug smugglers
-Drunk calling the wrong person
-Drunk texting a stranger
-During war


-Edwardian era
-Elements (earth, water, fire, air)
-Elizabethan era
-English class
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Eternal winter
-Explorers (any time period)


-Fake family
-Faking It
-Family doctor
-Famous and fan
-Fight Club
-First time
-Flower Shop
-Forbidden romance
-Foreign exchange program
-Fortune cookie
-Fortune teller and customer
-Found their dog
-Found their phone number in a library book
-Friends with benefits
-Futuristic resistance


-Game of life and death
-Game of Thrones
-Game show
-Gay for pay
-Gets into a cab to find someone already in it
-Gets lost at airport
-Girl/guy next door
-Ghibli movie
-Ghost Adventures
-Ghosts in love
-Go to the same support group
-Government spy
-Greek God and Roman counterpart


-Hair stylist/makeup artist and actor/model
-Halloween party
-Haunted house
-Have to take pictures for photography project
-Heaven vs. Hell
-Help moving
-Hidden talents
-High class thieves
-High School
-High School reunion
-High School teachers
-Horseback riding
-Host/hostess and customer
-Hotel staff and guest
-Hotel workers
-Huge blizzard and only one hotel room left
-Hunger Games
-Hush Hush


-Ice cream shop
-Identity theft
-Imaginary friend becomes real
-Immortal and non-immortal
-In Hell
-Indentured servant
-Internet friends


-Jane Austen story
-Jurassic Park
-Just keep running into each other everywhere


-Kindergarten teacher
-Kiss bet


-Lab partners
-Law firm
-Life guard
-Little mermaid/merman
-Looking for Alaska
-Lose virginity bet
-Lost at sea
-Love triangle


-Mailman and person who receives a lot of mail
-Marriage contract
-Med school
-Meet in diner at 2am
-Mental hospital
-Met at Comicon
-Met on Tumblr
-Met through online rpg
-Military school
-Mirror world
-Mistaken identity
-Missed the same flight
-Modern royalty
-Modern Tangled
-Monster hunters
-Mortal Instruments
-Movie rental shop
-Movie star
-Movie theater job
-Murder mystery
-Music bar
-Music conservatory
-Music teacher
-Musician and fan


-New guy/girl
-New Orleans
-New neighbors
-Nightmare on Elm Street
Nuclear apocalypse
-Nurse and patient
Nursing home


-Once Upon a Time
-One’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice
-On of them is turned into a child
-On opposite sides of a war - POW or spying
-Orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer
-Out walking their dog who starts chasing another person’s dog


-Pacific Rim
-Paired together during an ice breaker
-Pandemic apocalypse
-Partners in crime (literally)
-Partners in dance class
-Past lives
-Patients in mental hospital
-Patients in same hospital ward
-Pen pals
-Personal trainer
-Peter Pan
-Pet runs away and other person finds it
-Phantom of the Opera
-Phone sex worker
-Photographer and model
-Pirate and mermaid
-Poetry class
-Porn star
-Poses nude for art students
-Pretty Little Liars
-Prisoner and guard
-Prisoners/escaped prisoners
-Private detective and client
-Private investigator
-Prohibition era
-Project partners
-Protester and police
-Public demonstrations
-Punk rock



-Reality TV show
-Rebels against the government
-Rich family and servants
-Riding the same bus
-Riding the same bus multiple times
-Roadtrip, serial killer
-Roller derby
-Royalty and servant
-Runaway royalty and confused commoner
-Running late for the same flight


-Sailor and mercreature
-Scavenger hunt
-Screenwriter and director
-Serial killer
-Sex pact
-Sex shop
-Sex shop owner
-Sex tape
-Sex worker
-Seven deadly sins
-Shakespeare play
-Share same layover
-Sharing an umbrella
-Siblings best friend
-Sits next to each other at an orchestra
-Sits next to each other in theater
-Sits next to each other on turbulent flight
-Sitting by same wall plug
-Skipping school
-Sleepwalker in college dorm
-Small town
-Snowball fight, hits passerby
-Snowhite and the Huntsman
-Soldiers on opposing sides
-‘Sorry about stealing your wallet last year, no I wasn’t drunk’
-Soul mates
-Space pirates
-Space travel
-Spartacus -gladiators or freed slaves against the Roman army
-Specialty shop
-Spin the bottle
-Spring break
-Stage magician and audience participant
-Strip club
-Struggling artists
-Student and teacher
-Study abroad
-Stuffed animal becomes a person
-Sucked into a video game
-Suddenly become disabled/handicap
-Suddenly caught in the rain
-Summer job
-Summer school
-Supernatural hunters


-Tailor and customer
-Taken hostage at bank robbery
-Tattoos and piercings
-Tattoo parlor
-Teacher and student
-Ten Inch Hero
-Terminal illness
-The Breakfast Club
-The Labyrinth
-The one that got away
-The Princess Diaries
-The Vow
-Theme park
-Theme park mascots
-Theme park workers
-Therapist and patient
-Therapist and patient in mental institution
-Thieves on the run
-Time traveler
-Train ride
-Trapped in an elevator
-Trapped on a deserted island together
-Treasure hunting
-Tutor and student
-TV host


-Undercover lovers
-Undercover stripper
-Underwear model
-Underworld -vampires vs lycans
-Use someone’s charger
-Use someone’s hotspot


-Veronica Mars
-Virtual world


-Wake up together in Vegas
-What Happens in Vegas
-White House
-Wild West
-Witch trials
-Wizard AU where one accidentally apparates into the wrong house
-World War II
-Writer and editor
-Wrong bag




-Yoga class
-Younger siblings are best friends


-Zombie apocalypse