prison groupies

One of the best parts about shipping klamille and stanning Cami is watching hater's arguments go down w/ canon
  • Anti-Klamille: Cami's going to be so mad at Klaus for lying about Hope.
  • Cami: *agrees to having her memory wiped and is glad Hope's alive*
  • Anti-Klamille (pre-2x04): Cami's going to tag along with Klaus to the bayou! Why is she even going?
  • Klaus: *Goes to Cami and asks her to come along*
  • Anti-Klamille: Klaus telling Cami about Hope puts her in danger! She'll be the reason Finn finds out!
  • Finn: Kidnaps Marcel and figures out Hope's alive.
  • Anti-Klamille: Cami is a prison groupie obsessed with Klaus!
  • Cami: *has job and goes to school while Klaus shows up at her job and keeps seeking her company*
  • Anti-Klamille: Klamille is one sided! She's just his therapist!
  • Klaus: Constantly touches Cami's face, almost kisses her, tells her he'd want nothing more than to spend an afternoon alone with her.
  • Narducci: Klaus is inclined to embark on a relationship w/ Cami.
  • Anti-Klamille: Cami is horrible! She didnt talk to Klaus about Hayley in the finale!
  • Leah Pipes: *says Cami's going to talk to Klaus about Hayley in season 3*
  • Anti-Klamille: Cami's going to try to take Hayley's place as Hope's mother!
  • Narducci: Freya is Hope's mother figure at this point.

Watching this groupie Lynn talk about her relationship with Avery on Dr. Phil is somewhat depressing and pathetic. I am beyond speechless. She’s essentially calling him dumb and talks as if he’s a child who can’t understand certain things. When asked if she was attracted to him she calls him a “teddy bear”. This woman is basically saying he has a low IQ and won’t say she finds him physically attractive. Can someone explain to me what she thinks she’s doing? We understand Lynn, you think he’s innocent. But you don’t really talk about him like you’d talk about someone you were head over heels for. Just my two cents.
I guess she got her fifteen minutes of fame though, so all is well.👌🏻