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Favorite Hannibal Scenes
S02E06: Futamono

“The moment I convinced the Chief of Staff to put you in a cell next to me, you were stamped with an expiration date.”

Instead of having the Gleeful twins and the Pines twins always in competition, how about considering how well they’d do with one another
Imagine Mabel Pines braiding Mabel Gleeful’s hair because she’s never had a friend do her hair before and introducing her to a bedazzler
Imagine Mabel Gleeful getting physically angry over Mabel Pines’ past boyfriends and going on a boyhunt for ‘decent guys’ for her alternate
Imagine Dipper Gleeful being really standoffish and Dipper Pines being put off by it until one day Pines is about to be eaten by some monster and Gleeful snaps it’s neck
Imagine Dipper Gleeful having a collection of awful monster movies and an even worse grasp of humor and Dipper Pines is both thrilled and mildly terrified
Imagine Mabel Gleeful demanding Dipper Pines take her with him whenever he goes on adventures because she can’t even count how many times her brother has actually died and been brought back to life and she doesn’t want his soft-faced alternate to go through the same thing
Imagine Dipper Gleeful visiting the Gravity Falls prison to threaten Gideon Gleeful with bodily torture if he ever lays a hand on Mabel Pines again because he won’t stand for anyone getting handsy with a sister of his that actually smiles
Imagine the Gleeful twins putting on a show at the Mystery Shack to bring in extra revenue so Stanford will approve of them and let them stay (until they can get back to their universe)
Imagine the Pines twins sleeping in the Gleeful twin’s shared bed because they have to hide them from Stanford or else have them thrown to the wild

  • Toffee: (shows up halfway through the first season, breaks the wand, almost crushes marco but doesn't, blows up ludo's castle)
  • svtfoe fans: YESSSSS finally a villain that TAKES CONTROL! a MYSTERIOUS villain that delivers when it comes to evil!
  • Bill Cipher: (openly showcased as the main antagonist from early on, makes extremely dangerous deals with children, manipulates ford into a mind control deal and an open portal between dimensions, turns dipper into a living sock, shows up in numerous dreams with mysterious messages, requires rare unicorn hair as repellent, has his own code, rips hell open above gravity falls, throws mabel to the ground and basically almost kills her, still communicates with gideon in prison)
  • Me: Wow, it's been forever since we've seen Gideon. How's prison been treating him?
  • Gideon: I'm finally ready to make a deal!
  • Me: No, no, not like this I take it back!
  • Me: Well, we haven't seen Bill in a while. I wonder what he's up to?
  • Bill: T͠H̤̘̟̰͓̖̻͘Ẹ̜͓͖ ̩̰͖͟DA͚̦̠̭ͅY̫ ̢̮̞̳͇̺͚H̤͓̬̼̫̞̰A̘͔̪̳̝ͅŚ̖͈̗̼ ̡̮̟̻C҉̩̦͔͓͈̞O͓͇̩͈̖M̥̻͎̬̫Ḙ̕!̰͜ ͚̤̭̤̘T̤H̝̣̖̠̻̤͓E̗͓̳͖̬̦̳͘ ̼W̹̗̟̩͝O̱͈R͇̥̣̙̣͇ͅL̳͚̼̲͈̼D͞ ͍͉͚͙̞̩̫I̯̦̗͙̼̟̳S͚̲͚̬ͅ ͖͔̻͢F͖͚͖̭̕I̼̲͡N̰̗̰͞A̸̤L͉̖̘̩̙̘ͅL̵̦̪͉̹Y̮̜̞͞ ͉̤M̬͈I͉̻̜͕̹͔Ṋ̹͙̘E̤͉̳̦͓̜͠ͅ!̷ ͙͖
Survive Gravity Hiatus #1

Alex Hirsh’s words on Lil’ Gideon in prison:

“Gideon was furious about being sent to prison. As a town celebrity whose used to having rose petals thrown wherever he walks, he figured he could use his silver tongue and chubby cheeks win over the jury. Unfortunately, the jury included Manly Dan.

Since the town was founded by a mayor who was legally insane (Quentin Trembley the Third, Esquire) its arcane charter laws are equally insane. Woodpecker marriage is legal. The “Finders Keepers” law allows whoever holds a physical deed to own that property (created by Trembley as an experiment to create a new form of government called “GimmieOcracy”) and children can legally be sent to ADULT PRISON.

Luckily for Gideon, the prisoners of Gravity Falls love his psychic act, are more forgiving than the townsfolk, and have been looking for a leader…”


OK SO between seasons 1 and 2 of gravity falls, alex did this interview thing, acting as stan pines. It was one of those things that kinda gave a bunch of cool information and shit. 

Anyway, in the interview, he says that someone with snake tattoos all over his arms used to work at the mystery shack. 

Did anybody else notice the guy in prison with Gideon also had a bunch of snake tattoos. Then he vanished. Then he vanished. 

What happened to him. What made him disappear. Why would Alex mention some dude having snake tattoos in that interview, the same way he mentioned the snake symbols having to do with secret societies? What if that dude got wrapped up in some secret society stuff that we’re going to learn about later.  Also, it’s kind of weird that he has no pupils. I feel like he’s going to play a more important role in gravity falls, and his snake tattoos are a reference to the secret societies mentioned in the gravity fall shorts 

or maybe i’m just overthinking. But there’s no such thing as overthinking when it comes to gravity falls. 


Things Bill Knows: 

1. Something about a President? (Possibly Referring to Irrational Treasure)

2. UFOs

3. Dipper’s Journal

4. Moon Landing

5. The Plans to Stan’s Portal

6. The Creation/Hiding Places of the Journals

7. Stone Henge

8. Pyramids (Irony?)

9. Stan’s Hidden Basement

10. Bigfoot in the Opening Sequence

11. The Bill Cipher Wheel

12. Crop Circle

13. ???

14. The Northwest Lie

15. ???

16. The Controls in Stan’s Basement

17. The Fall of Gideon Bot

18. Prison…? (Possibly relating to Stan?)

19. Maya

I admit, Bill’s one of my favourite villains, not just in this show, but in general. He’s very funny and charming, but he can be cold and calculating as well. He can trick anyone into doing exactly what he wants, playing everyone for a foul. That’s what makes him a great villain.  

Not only that, Bill got his way. He has officially merged the two worlds together; that universe is coming to an end. How long this last is anyone’s guess, but the main heroes lost.

The same thing happened near the end of the last season with Gideon. They sent Gideon to prison at the end, sure, but for a while Dipper and Mabel lost. If things went down slightly differently, they would’ve been sent back home and Stanley would’ve never got his brother back.

Something I love about this show is that anyone can get back stabbed, manipulated, fall victim to their desires and flaws or lose for a short while. The fact someone is a “main character” means absolutely nothing since both Dipper and Mabel have been manipulated or hurt in some way. That is true to real life sometimes. People can get hurt, but that doesn’t mean you should never fight back because you can still overcome it. You can lose a battle, but not the war.