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Aye I’ve been working on this “regular ol’ kid” Gideon post-finale sketchdump on and off over the last month. (tagging @lilolgf in this because she asked for some Giddy Fresh content awhile ago.) 

I really like the idea of Ghost-eyes staying in Gideon’s life, and kind of being his big brother-type figure. He’d be all protective and attentive of Gideon, and you don’t know how much i need that in my life. (also he’d totally be the one who takes care of Gideon after skateboarding accidents, 100% canon.) I just, like, want all the prisoners to help raise Gideon, and they all become better people together. 


[edit: i forgot the prisoners’ legs, whoops]

I need a pre-Weirdmageddon showdown between Ford and Gideon in an au where Stan and Ford already reconciled so he can be righteously angry at Gideon not just for his treatment of Dipper and Mabel, but also at stealing the shack and summoning Bill into his brother’s dreamscape.

Idk like.. Ford showing up and hiding his face and all that, busting Gideon out of prison for one night, revealing slowly his 6 fingers, letting Gideon feel the awe and admiration that the Author of the Journal rescued him! The Author of the Journal is here!

And then when Gideon is bursting with excitement and the ways Ford’s journal has helped him gain power, he asks for his name. And Ford slowly reveals himself by drawing off his portal hood and face wear, revealing the image of Gideons worst enemy, speaking his name, “ Stanford Pines.”

Gideon doesn’t believe it “No!” He shouts, backing away, bumping into a wall. “No, you’re not Stan Pines, it cannot be. I don’t believe you!”

And Ford just scares the hell out of Gideon for hurting his family. For not treating Mabel right, for attempting to kill Dipper, for summoning Bill and for coming after Stanley, from stealing from him.

Gideons blubbering and trying to make sense of it all, but Ford cuts him off and leaves him with a final warning to leave his family alone, or he’ll use the full knowledge of the three journals against him, and not even Bill (he says in a manner that makes Bill sound like a joke) could help him out of.

He steals Gideon back into prison and goes home. Gideon is scared straight, his idol having set him on a different path. Ford gets home in the early morning and Stan asks what he’s been doing all night, did you even sleep a wink?

Ford answers he was taking care of some family business and leaves it at that. Smug smile on his face.

Idk also maybe Ford asked Gideon how he found his journal before scaring him? Having a normal ish chat first? Idk. Just something that sounds interesting.


Hannifashion September Challenge: 30 days of Alana Bloom

Day 12: Entrée - “Well, I’m glad I was helpful”


Alana visits Gideon in prison, wearing a simple short black dress, and a white cardigan printed with black chains.

Usually, chain prints on clothing are dainty, nonthreatening chains like necklaces, belts, or nonrepresentative abstract prints. This print clearly makes the statement that Alana is Gideon’s jailer.

Black and white outfits, with no red in them (unless you count lipstick), are more characteristic of S3 Alana than S1 Alana.

Alana nearly always wears clothing that fits too short (more than 2 inches above the knee when standing) and/or too tight for a professional situation. At first, I thought that’s just how things have to fit on television, but then I realized Bedelia’s clothes don’t fit this way. It’s particularly jarring in this prison visit scene.

Alana’s dress: black shift dress, unknown brand.

$$ My dress: black cap-sleeved jersey shift dress, Tu via eBay.

$$$ Alana’s cardigan: black on white chain-print cardigan, Diane von Furstenberg.

$$$ My cardigan: exact match via TheRealReal.

Everything else, as before, except that I am also wearing Circumnuclear Torus highlighter by @aromaleigh​.

See also The Suits Are People version.

Running total Alana outfits: 12

of which unique outfits: 10

garments worn more than once: 2

of which, worn more than twice: 1

Running total wrap bodices: 9

of which dresses: 4

Wrap bodice percentage so far: 75%

of which dresses: 44%

wrap dresses as percentage of total: 33%

(I’ve given up on the bulleted list because Tumblr throws away half the list items each time)

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Precipice Chapter 4:  If you sang along

Chapter 4, here we go! 

Ouch.  Just, just ouch guys.

Chapter 3      Chapter 5

Enjoy the pain!

Ford was flipping through channels on the rooms t.v., and had just found a news station he was looking for when the hospital rooms door open behind him.  He turned and saw his niblings and Stan’s employee’s filing into the room.  A brief flash of embarrassment filled Ford as he remembered what he was wearing.

“Hi Grunkle Ford!”  Mabel squealed happily.  Ford stood to greet her, and he stumbled backward as she launched herself at him, wrapping her good arm tightly around his waist.  A backpack was slung over her good shoulder, and Stan’s fez was still perched on her head.  “Did you miss me?”

Ford chuckled as he hugged her back “Mabel, I saw you less than nine hours ago!”  The embarrassment faded under Mabel’s enthusiastic onslaught.

“Then we both agree that that is way too long to not see your favorite niece!”  Mabel gave Ford a brace-filled grin, one that felt more genuine than the one she had worn that morning.

“Well, I guess that is true.”  Ford said as the pair sepperated.  Dipper was standing not too far from his sister.  He was still wearing the suit he had had on earlier in the day, but the gel had been partially combed out of his hair, making his bangs stick out in funny clumps.  Surprisingly, Wendy’s hat was on his head, pushing his clumpy bangs down over his forehead.  “How are you doing Dipper?”  Ford asked, remembering his nephews reticence earlier that day.

To Fords surprise however, Dipper wraps his arms tightly around Ford’s waist.  “I’m fine, Great-Uncle Ford.”  Dipper murmured.  After a moment, Ford returns the hug, a small smile on his face. 

Dipper stepped back, heading over to the side of Stan’s bed where Mabel was standing and talking quietly to Stan.  Soos was standing on Stanley’s other side.  Ford started a little as Wendy quietly appeared next to him.  She held a foil-wrapped burger out to Ford that Ford was positive she hadn’t been holding when she walked into the room.  “Here.  Mrs. Ramirez told me to bring you something.”

“Er, thank you.”  Ford took the burger and set it in the empty chair, before turning his attention back to Mabel as she started to rummage through her backpack with a little help from Dipper.

“I knit you something Grunkle Stan.  In fact, I knit you two somethings!”  Mabels voice was brimming with pride as she spoke.

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The many flavours of Hannibal’s kills

Hannibal Classic

Hannibal’s classic MO is to mutilate his victim while still alive, to kill them, eat part of them, then display their body in an artistic tableau.  Examples of this are Jeremy Olmstead (the wound man), and presumably the couple posed as Botticelli’s Primavera.  The precise manner of the mutilation, the killing or the tableau may serve an additional purpose.  For example, Hannibal killed Dr. Nahn in the same way that Abel Gideon was killing his former psychiatrists – with the additional cannibalistic twist – as a way of reclaiming his identity as the Chesapeake Ripper from Gideon.

The victim’s death may serve the purpose of sending a message, and that may even be what prompts a particular murder.  But, at the same time, it doesn’t affect Hannibal’s basic MO.  He enjoys the power he feels mutilating and killing his victims.  He enjoys dining on their flesh.  And then he uses their body to create a work of art or to send a message.  Using their death for a more practical purpose (usually to send a message to Will, or to the FBI in general) adds a garnish to his enjoyment of committing the murder.

But there’s more to Hannibal’s violence than that Chesapeake Ripper persona.

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Instead of having the Gleeful twins and the Pines twins always in competition, how about considering how well they’d do with one another
Imagine Mabel Pines braiding Mabel Gleeful’s hair because she’s never had a friend do her hair before and introducing her to a bedazzler
Imagine Mabel Gleeful getting physically angry over Mabel Pines’ past boyfriends and going on a boyhunt for ‘decent guys’ for her alternate
Imagine Dipper Gleeful being really standoffish and Dipper Pines being put off by it until one day Pines is about to be eaten by some monster and Gleeful snaps it’s neck
Imagine Dipper Gleeful having a collection of awful monster movies and an even worse grasp of humor and Dipper Pines is both thrilled and mildly terrified
Imagine Mabel Gleeful demanding Dipper Pines take her with him whenever he goes on adventures because she can’t even count how many times her brother has actually died and been brought back to life and she doesn’t want his soft-faced alternate to go through the same thing
Imagine Dipper Gleeful visiting the Gravity Falls prison to threaten Gideon Gleeful with bodily torture if he ever lays a hand on Mabel Pines again because he won’t stand for anyone getting handsy with a sister of his that actually smiles
Imagine the Gleeful twins putting on a show at the Mystery Shack to bring in extra revenue so Stanford will approve of them and let them stay (until they can get back to their universe)
Imagine the Pines twins sleeping in the Gleeful twin’s shared bed because they have to hide them from Stanford or else have them thrown to the wild

  • Me: Wow, it's been forever since we've seen Gideon. How's prison been treating him?
  • Gideon: I'm finally ready to make a deal!
  • Me: No, no, not like this I take it back!
  • Me: Well, we haven't seen Bill in a while. I wonder what he's up to?
  • Bill: T͠H̤̘̟̰͓̖̻͘Ẹ̜͓͖ ̩̰͖͟DA͚̦̠̭ͅY̫ ̢̮̞̳͇̺͚H̤͓̬̼̫̞̰A̘͔̪̳̝ͅŚ̖͈̗̼ ̡̮̟̻C҉̩̦͔͓͈̞O͓͇̩͈̖M̥̻͎̬̫Ḙ̕!̰͜ ͚̤̭̤̘T̤H̝̣̖̠̻̤͓E̗͓̳͖̬̦̳͘ ̼W̹̗̟̩͝O̱͈R͇̥̣̙̣͇ͅL̳͚̼̲͈̼D͞ ͍͉͚͙̞̩̫I̯̦̗͙̼̟̳S͚̲͚̬ͅ ͖͔̻͢F͖͚͖̭̕I̼̲͡N̰̗̰͞A̸̤L͉̖̘̩̙̘ͅL̵̦̪͉̹Y̮̜̞͞ ͉̤M̬͈I͉̻̜͕̹͔Ṋ̹͙̘E̤͉̳̦͓̜͠ͅ!̷ ͙͖
  • Toffee: (shows up halfway through the first season, breaks the wand, almost crushes marco but doesn't, blows up ludo's castle)
  • svtfoe fans: YESSSSS finally a villain that TAKES CONTROL! a MYSTERIOUS villain that delivers when it comes to evil!
  • Bill Cipher: (openly showcased as the main antagonist from early on, makes extremely dangerous deals with children, manipulates ford into a mind control deal and an open portal between dimensions, turns dipper into a living sock, shows up in numerous dreams with mysterious messages, requires rare unicorn hair as repellent, has his own code, rips hell open above gravity falls, throws mabel to the ground and basically almost kills her, still communicates with gideon in prison)