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The BK anon fan in your message doesn't know what she is talking about. The Bonkai fandom believes they deserved their otp to be canon even though there was no build up let alone change in their dynamic. They think Bamon doesn't deserve to be canon because Kai is the only person who supposedly put Bonnie first when that was all Damon's doing.

Guess that they say that Kai put Bonnie first because he had no love interests.  And always use the Elena factor against Damon.  Kai may not have been in love with anyone else. But, damage was done to Bonnie still because besides the short merge period, Kai was always willing to put himself/his well being/ and what he wanted above Bonnie. by hurting and abusing her for his own needs and feelings.

If he really put her first, then he wouldn’t have done all the things that he did to her in 1994 to preserve his well being and to escape the prison world.  Would have worked to gain her trust and respect by being nice and kind to her, instead of using violence and aggression for his own interest. 

A man willing to hurt and abuse a woman for his own self interests/wants is no better than one who is put down for having another love interest. 

You know what I think is fascinating:

There are people who tend to criticize the Star Wars franchise on a whole, as being very black and white.  But I think the current Star Wars movies have done something really interesting with that:

We see a man, raised from infancy as a Stormtrooper, brainwashed and with no other external moral compass, who is ordered to take part in a massacre, but chooses not to.  Later, he seizes the opportunity to rescue a tortured prisoner and escape with him.

We see a scientist ordered to build a death weapon, still manage to leak out information to the people who can stop it, and build in weaknesses that can be exploited.

We see a career Imperial choose to defect rather than continue to work for a corrupt regime.

The new movies have given us a number of stories about people who on the wrong side, by choice or by force, but still choose to do what’s right in the end.

And that’s why I get so frustrated by fans who insist that Kylo Ren MUST have a redemption arc, because Star Wars is “about redemption.”

Because they’re right and they’re wrong.  Star Wars is about CHOICE.  It’s about people who choose to do the right thing, even when it’s hard, even when it’s painful, and even when they might have started on the wrong side.  It’s about abandoning the darkness, and choosing light..

Vader didn’t have a “redemption arc.”  He had a moment of choice, and despite all of his past evil, when it came down to it, he chose to save his son.  

Kylo Ren chose to leave the Light.  He chose to betray Luke.  He chose to join the First Order.  He chose to massacre villagers.  He chose to torture helpless prisoners.  He chose to aid in a genocide.  And when face to face with the same choice that saved Vader, he chose to murder his father.

We do not need this mass murdering patricidal monster to represent the Star Wars theme of choosing light over darkness.  We have Finn, we have Galen Erso, we have Bodhi Rook.  

That’s where you’ll find themes of the Star Wars Universe alive and well.  Not Kylo Ren.

  • Police Officer: How high are you?
  • Saeyoung: No Officer it's 'Hi How are you?' lolololol
  • Saeran: Please lock him up and if not, take me with you.

Ted Bundy being escorted into police custody after being captured following an escape.

His most notorious escape came about as Bundy was acting as his own defense, and he would spend the majority of his jail time studying Law in the library for hours on end. Sure enough, he took the opportunity to plan an escape. As soon as he was left unsupervised, he jumped out of a second-story window and escaped, breaking his ankle in the process.

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Five names - Ted Bundy, Dylann Roof, Ian Brady, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Chase

Fuck - Ted Bundy 😂 , Marry - Dylann Roof ,Kiss - Richard Chase ,Be Lawyer of- Ian Brady ,Escape from prison with- John ; hahah thank youuuu !!!!

Don’t you dare pity her
She traded a suffering soul for a throne of bones
She exchanged watchful eyes for a court of her own
The seasons of the earth depended on the very breath she took
She had death wrapped around her fingers and spring at her beck and call and the ruler of the heavens tasked with finding her
She turned the world upside down to find freedom
The daughter of flowers escaped her prison made out of roots and thorns and became the queen of death and forged her new home out of shadows and power
—  Persephone was the real winner
12 SHOCKING Photos of Anakin Skywalker!

So I’ve noticed this “trend” of electricity being highly attracted to Anakin. 

And I have to ask, how did this guy manage to have kids, let alone twins

Well… I looked it up. Luckily for him, it only causes temporary infertility, but still… this guy’s been fried so many times… lol  

I figure with the coming holiday season and all, Anakin all lit up was a highly appropriate post to make. :P

In 1987, Richard McNair killed one man and shot another during a robbery. He was shortly arrested and while handcuffed to a chair, he managed to lubricate his hands with lip balm and slip his hands from the handcuff and escape. He was caught soon afterwards. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder he had committed, but in 1992, he managed to escape through an air vent in the prison ceiling. McNair remained a free man and evaded capture for ten months. Taking another chance at escape in 2006, McNair hid in a large box while carrying out his prison duties in the manufacturing area of the prison. He literally mailed himself out of the prison. He managed to evade capture for a year and a half before being apprehended.

The best thing about Harry Potter is that the books would totally work if you take the magic out of them.

Philosopher’s Stone: Harry moves to a mysterious secluded boarding school, there he hears about a dangerous item being hidden on the school grounds. Turns out one of the teachers is the terrorist that killed Harry’s parents.

Chamber of Secrets: A series of mysterious incidents happen in the school, where students get hospitalized due to near-fatal snake bites. It’s all connected to a mysterious chamber in the castle, and a series of similar murders that happened 50 years ago.

Prisoner of Azkaban: An accomplice to Harry’s parent’s murder escapes from prison, and Harry must learn the truth about the connection between the escaped prisoner, his father, and the new teacher at school, as well as the identity of the real accomplice.

Goblet of Fire: An international tournament between several schools becomes a dangerous game as the terrorist plans his return by infiltrating the school with one of his followers pretending to be somebody else.

Order of Phoenix: The government cracks down on the school, denying everybody who dare say anything about the terrorist’s return. Harry and his friends must create an underground group to train to fight the terrorists.

Half-Blood Prince: Harry learns more about his teacher’s troubled history, as well as principle Dumbledore’s history with the terrorist back when he was a student. Harry and Dumbledore travel to find one piece of the terrorist’s secret plan, only in the end for Dumbledore to die at the hands of Harry’s teacher.

Deathly Hallows: The terrorists have taken over the school. Harry and his friends travel across the country to find the rest of the pieces of the terrorist’s plan in order to stop him. They found out the terrorist is obsessed with an old legend known as the Deathly Hallows. The story ends with an all out battle between the terrorists and the school staff for the fate of the country.

Albus is an old man now, and finally ready to move on. He dies peacefully in his sleep, unafraid because his father’s always told him that there’s no reason to fear death.

When he opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is a face. He’s seen it in pictures before, young and smiling amidst his three best friends, laughing at Albus’s grandparents’ wedding, newspaper clippings showing him as an escaped prisoner. He recognizes this man to be his dad’s godfather, the brave man that Harry’s said grew up in a horrible house and would’ve given his life to keep his best friends safe without a second thought, who lived twelve years with dementors, escaped and was forced to live quietly in his old, dark house, who died so unexpectedly at the hand of his own cousin. He knows that this man is brave and valiant and bold.

In the moment it take him to recognize this, the handsome face cracks into a smug smile. Sirius Black opens his mouth, and Albus is ready, sure he’s going to say something simple and beautiful and wise; and then Sirius says, “Albus Snivellus Potter.

i keep remembering random things from this series that had totally slipped my mind and i’m always astonished at how iconic it was… may i remind you:

- there was a salmon themed restaurant and all the food was salmon, all of it, frozen salmon chunk ice cubes
- the baudelaires escaped prison with a bench, a loaf of bread, and a jug of water. also it was klaus’ birthday
- the tagliatelle grande
- esme chased the orphans in a hospital records room, wearing stiletto knife heels and pushing fileing cabinets on them
- olaf was gunna cut off violets head in front of an audience, klaus and sunny saved her with alphabet soup
- cakesniffers deer god. cakesniffers
- the snow gnats that like?? ate people’s skin??
- violet and klaus pretended to be a two headed person. sunny pretended to be a half-wolf child
- sunny climbed up an elevator shaft with her teeth
- the snow scouts and their alphabet pledge
- esme’s lettuce bikini. also a dude flipped over sunbathers with a giant spatula
- vfd left each other secret messages in jelly what LEVEL of extrà
- the ENTIRE 13th book… the sheep on the island. they only drank fermented coconut milk and everyone was stoned all the time. kit arrived on a giant raft of books with the snake and the baudelaires helped her give birth. the library under the apple tree and violet thought “lemony” was such an ugly name

The scroll of Un-knowledge

It was my first time DMing, only after i played mere two sessions, but i was still however, the most experienced person on the group,we were trying to to a classic prison escape and the party members were:, a monk dragonborn, a rogue doppelganger, a half drow half high elf alchemist and a human mage(needless to say, he wasn’t as creative as the others). They all got stuck in a secret library with an ogre on the next room, and everyone decided to look around for useful things.

(Dragonborn):I look around to see if there any, i dunno, magic scroll i guess?

(Me):Fine i guess

(Dragonborn):(Rolls 9)

(Me): Hidden in the bookshelf you find mesmerizing scroll, with all the magic thingys floating around it, however, it is Ancient(thinking no one knows Ancient because i’m one of those DM’s)


(Me):Wait, you do?(in my head: dang it, i haven’t thought of anything to put on it)

(Me):Uh, well, roll the d20 to see what you get

(Mage)[OoC]:Yuss, i’m finally gonna have one of those fancy spells, i can finally stop spamming magic arrows!

(Mage)[OoC]:*rolls dice* uh, you know what, i don’t think i wanna read it anymore.

(Me):why is that?*looks to see the dice, it is a nat 1*

(Me):*Grins evilly*

(Me): While you read the ancient text, the symbols begin to shamble around you, your eyes gaze through the ancient script, and when you get to the end of the page, you’ve become significantly dumber. You lose 1 Intelligence and 1 Wisdom point.

(Mage):*silently swears at me*

(Everyone else):*Laughs uncontrollably*

On the end of the session after that he decides he didnt like playing a mage and wants to make a new character, so the excuse i give is that he became so dumb that he lied on the floor sucking his thumb while everyone else exited the prison.