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For All Eternity

Request: Hi there! I loved your story The protective king. I was wondering if you could write a story about Fili x reader (human)? Something about his protective nature towards the reader.

A/N: So this is based on the request above and I do really like this one. Legolas is super mean in this though. Sorry about that! There will probably be a part 2 of this, because why end here. So enjoy and thank you all for the support!

Word count: 979

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малышка Part 5

Hello! Here’s the next part! Don’t hate me I’ll fix it, we get into some action soon! Also, to make it up to y’all I’m working on some seriously fluffy deleted scenes. If you would like to see anything more just send me an ask! :) Happy Thursday! 

Warnings for the overall series: Fluff, angst, violence, enemy death,

Summary: You worked at HYDRA under your father for most of your life. You met the Winter Soldier when you were young. This story takes place 17 years later.

малышка Masterlist

Word Count: 583

The next morning you flipped over on the tiny mattress expecting your hand to land on your human pillow. When it made contact with nothing but the bare mattress your eyes flew open in panic.

But before you could scream his name you heard his voice across the room.

“Dead man walkin’ has two bowls. And how many does the prisoner have?”

He crouched down to hand you your bowl and spoon before joining you.

“Ah, I see you splurged on the gormet Cheerios,” you said, spooning some into your mouth and shooting him a wicked grin.

His eyes narrowed and he elbowed you, causing some milk to splash out of your bowl.

“Hey, watch it!”

A satisfied chuckle escaped his full mouth, but the rest of the small meal was enjoyed in comfortable silence.

When you were both finished, you stood and grabbed his bowl from him and made your way over to the sink to wash them.

You felt his presence behind you and smiled. “I may only have one bowl but it’s a pretty bowl.”

He took the clean one from your hands and dried it with a towel. “My bowls aren’t pretty?”

You splashed him as your answer and he playfully whipped you with the towel. Before you could retaliate, a kiss landed on your forehead. You heard him sigh as he wrapped his arms around your body once again.

“I have so many questions and here we are fighting about cereal bowls.”

“I know you do” you breathed. “I’ll answer all of them when I get back.”

His body stiffened around you. “Where are you going?”

You pulled out of his embrace. “I’m just going to grab a few things. I’ll be back in an hour.”

“I’m coming with you.” His tone was suddenly dark and demanding, but you knew it was because he was afraid.

“No, that’s not a good idea. I’m just grabbing a few things-”

“You better grab all of your things. You’re staying here.” You tried not to smile at his protective side coming out.

“James, I just don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Hiding out together is safer than constantly walking across town to see each other.”

He had a point there. “Okay. I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Half hour” he challenged. He wasn’t joking.

“I’ll sprint there and back. Time me.” You laughed and his seriousness broke into the James you knew.

And he kissed you. It was quick, but he finally kissed you. You felt his warm and soft lips on yours for the first time in three years. It was like you could finally breathe again.

He pulled away and sent your mind spinning with his grin before you turned and walked out the door. Before you closed it behind you you heard him shout, “Don’t forget that pretty bowl!”

“Jackass” you mumbled. But you couldn’t shake the wide smile off your lips the whole walk home.

You shook your head, thinking about his teasing as you opened the door to your room. And the smile finally fell off your face.

Your room was completely ransacked. The few things you kept in there were completely ruined. Newspapers all over the floor, the stuffing ripped out of your sleeping bag and you recognized the blue bowl in pieces all over the floor.

But what made your stomach flip was right in front of you. A stool was placed right in the doorway with a note on it.

“We’ll find him.”



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Until the End, and Even Then

Notes: Request from anon.  Sabo takes a nice, scenic trip to Marineford.  (Not.  ANGST AHEAD!)  Also, casually refusing to rewatch Marineford to get the timeline right because ACE

Oh, and this is a long one.  Like, really long.

“Sabo!  Sabo, did you hear the news?”

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Solitary cont.


It had been three weeks since Ben had disappeared. Three weeks of first waiting for SHIELD to officially declare him MIA to then follow as many leads as he could dig up.

He was starting to get discouraged, if he was honest, because he kept getting false leads. But then, finally, there were actually prisoners at the place they tried, and it was enough to almost singlehandedly take out the guards. It was almost cathartic to just beat the crap out of them demanding answers, and finally he had them. It was ridiculously easy to get into Ben from the outside, he just had to press a button to have the door slide open. Clearly they’d never expected a raid to actually come.

His eyes adjusted quickly to the dark, and confirmed that he’d found the right one, leaving the SHIELD team to deal with getting the other prisoners out. He crouched down just at the door of the room and very quietly started talking. “Ben? It’s Clint. Can I come closer to you?” He’d grabbed one of the shock blankets from a kit, and a bottle of water, once all the opposition had been cleared, but startling someone who looked how Ben did? That wouldn’t be good for any of them.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: So did like Percival Graves as a person actually exist? Did Grindelwald use a polyjuice potion and kept the real Graves as prisoner like Barty Crouch Jr.? Or did Grindelwald completely make up the persona of Graves and use magic to make himself Madame President Picquery's right hand man? If it was the first, did Percival Graves even ever know Credence Barebone, or was Credence in the company of Grindelwald the entire time he knew "Graves"?