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Designed by architect Josef Hohensinn in 2004, the Justice Centre Leoben is located in Styria, Austria and houses both a court and prison complex. Aimed at rehabilitating offenders, the huge building houses a maximum number of 205 inmates at a time and offers access to a range of facilities considered luxuries. To name a few, these include: private bathrooms and balconies attached to each cell, outdoor ping pong tables, televisions, a gym and a basketball court. Around the perimeters of the prison, there are inscriptions which translate to “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” as well as "All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect.” The ultimate aim of this system is to provide prisoners with an incentive to pursue good behaviour and productive lifestyles once released back into society.


Stateville Correctional Center (SCC) is a maximum security prison for men, located in Crest Hill, Illinois, about 38 miles from Chicago.  SCC was built in 1925 with an original inmate capacity of 1,506 inmates, and expanded over time to accommodate over 4,300. SCC is notable for its “F-house” cell block, which was designed after the panopticon concept. Also referred to as a “roundhouse”, the F-house cell block features four tiers of cells in a circle, with an armed tower in the center. Since the 1990s, F-house has been the only roundhouse cell block in the United States. In December of 2016, the Illinois Department of Corrections announced that F-house would be closed permanently, as part of an effort by Gov. Bruce Rauner to repair the Illinois prison system. Prison watch dog and advocacy groups have called for F-house to be shut down for years, amidst concerns for inmate safety and the long-term effects of the “cage-like, chaotic” nature of the cell block. All sounds were amplified by the high ceilings and cement, creating a “sensory nightmare”, and inmates were not able to determine if they were being watched by the guards in the tower or by other inmates at any time, so had to live as if they were always being watched. The structure will remain standing due to its historical significance, but will never house inmates again.

Notable inmates at Stateville have included:

Richard Speck – In 1966, Speck tortured, raped and murdered eight student nurses from the South Chicago Community hospital. His sentence of death was overturned and he was given eight consecutive life sentences instead. Speck died of a heart attack in 1991.

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb – Of the famed Leopold and Loeb, two wealthy University of Chicago students who kidnapped and murdered a 14 year old boy, because they believed their wealth and superiority allowed them to commit “the perfect crime.”

In 1994, serial killer John Wayne Gacy was executed at Stateville.


Idaho State Correctional Center is a penitentiary for men, located in Kuna, Idaho. The facility has a capacity for over 2,000 inmates, and has housing units for minimum, medium and maximum security. It is the largest prison in the state of Idaho, and was the first private prison in the state. ISCC opened in July of 2000 by the Corrections Corporation of America, a company based out of Nashville, Tennessee that owns and operates private prisons across the country. The prison perimeters are patrolled by guard dogs – mostly German Shepards, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and Boxers who freely roam the space between the inner and outer chain link fences that surround the prison grounds. These guard dogs are recruited from shelters, and have been deemed too violent to be considered for adoption. Instead of being euthanized, they are granted a reprieve in the form of acting as prison security. ISCC is the only prison in the United States to use  dogs as a major security measure. By 2014, ISCC had gained a reputation for being a “gladiator school”, which is a term that describes a prison that is overcrowded, understaffed, and plagued with violence and gang activity. Countless gang-related assaults, combined with total inaction by prison staff created a “kill or be killed” environment which applied to both inmates and staff. An investigation conducted by the FBI found that CCA knowingly falsified documents which exaggerated the amount of staff members they had on duty at any given time. Time sheets were doctored to show that correctional officers were on duty for 48 hour shifts when those staff members were not present or did not exist at all. Initially the Department of Corrections and the Governor denied the allegations in the report, but eventually promised to take over operations of the prison when the state’s contract with CCA expired.

The Daughter of Hades - rewrite // p3

hsummary: you thought your close friend and long time crush James Buchanan Barnes was going off to war, but it seems you would be the one to battle all types of war from being a weapon for a dangerous organization known as Hyrda, to fighting a war with your own mind

pairings: Bucky x female reader

warnings: angst, violence, death, meantions of blood and operations, swearing…i’m never good at remembering things there’s probably more sorryyy

thoughts are in italics

A/N: for this chapter i’m going to be switching between tenses, just so that the description and story telling is much easier. I’m not sure how to properly tell you the tenses has changed but i think you’ll know😊 enjoy!

part one   ¦   part two

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Zola circled Y/N as she stood from her crouched position on the floor; her legs were shaking as if this was the first time she had been standing in years when she was standing not only a few minutes ago. The guards were now in their previous spaces on the edges of the room, but their hands were eager to lift their weapons and fire at Y/N, as their cool demeanor were now ones of fear. 

You couldn’t be mistaken that Y/N was a human, but the way she flinched at the drip of water or the quiet shuffling of feet, she appeared animalistic. Every sense she had had been heightened, even more so than when she was her normal self. Hearing, taste, sight, touch, smell. She was alerted of the smallest change in the atmosphere; and people’s minds.

The two people on the floor in front of Y/N were crying heavily. They were begging and calling out someone’s name, but the name was always muffled to her. She turned to face her whole body towards the two and approached them slowly; her back arched like a cat and she led the way with her nose, taking small wiffs of the surroundings every few seconds. 

When her face was a mere few centimeters away from them she was confused to find that neither of them spoke, they didn’t move their mouths nor breath irregularly. But their sobs still echoed through her head, as did the scoffs and snarky comments of the nearby guards which quickly averted her gaze from the man and woman before her.

“Y/N?” Zola placed a hand on her shoulder and she immediately stepped back into the corner. She was afraid but had the face of a murderer. “Y/N, are you there?”

Something in Y/N snapped; in a split second she had a fist clenched around Zola’s throat as she held him above her against the wall. Her eyes were filled with an obsidian black that had small flickers of bright blue in them, she gritted her teeth and growled lowly at Zola. “She’s not there anymore you son of a bitch!” 

Two guards came quickly to Zola’s aid and ripped Y/N from his frail figure, she struggled harshly against their grip and smiled devilishly at Zola. “Why do you smile at me?” He asked breathlessly.

“Scared?” Y/N taunted, “You shouldn’t be. You should be proud of yourself.”

“And why is that?”

“Why, you’re my priority…sweetie.” Y/N continued to smile at Zola with an added wink, then she started to struggle in the guards’ grip again.

Y/N’s struggling was more desperate this time, like her sudden urge to attack Zola was taking over her soul, when in fact she felt as sane as ever. To everyone’s amazement, Y/N’s arms and torso materialized, allowing her to slip through the grasp of the guards and lunge for Zola once more. However, the guard that helped Zola to his feet anticipated her attack, and Y/N was hit on the temple with the but of his rifle, knocking her out clean.

“Strap her down, but keep her in this room. She doesn’t leave.” Zola instructed as he, Celest and a few other guards left the room.

Y/N woke up strapped to a wooden chair by her wrists and ankles, and with a terrible pain to her right temple. I know who I’m killing next. She felt different once again, not quite Y/N, but not the same person/animal that wanted to so badly kill Zola. The room was the same as before, cold, dark and dirty and with the same two prisoners kneeling in the center. Not only did she remember the room and the two people before her, she remembered a woman with platinum blonde hair, her name was something that didn’t come to mind though.

As if on cue, the door directly behind Y/N opened and revealed four guards who walked into the room, they were followed by the Celest, who Y/N still didn’t remember, and Zola. I don’t think I’ll ever forget you.

Zola moved to the left of Y/N and nodded in greeting. “Y/N, good to see you.”

Y/N looked up at him stoically. “What do you want?”

“Back to normal I see?” Zola ignored the question and looked past Y/N. “Celest?” Oh that’s her name. “Can you do the honors?” Celest nodded as he gestured to Y/N.

Another thing Y/N suddenly remembered, was the pain. Celest shot a beam of white light at Y/N’s head; she writhed in agony under the restraints as she tried to get the light out of her. The pain that was slowly growing stronger, stopped increasing and leveled out. Zola saw the change and looked to Celest who was struggling to control her beam of light.

“I can’t reach her properly, she’d too strong!” Celest choked up as she continued to struggle.

Zola didn’t know what to do but just stand there baffled and watch the scene unravel. No one could withstand Celest’s power, and Y/N seemed too weak and tired to resist, but she was proving stronger than Zola thought. This both amazed, and scared him.

Y/N’s screams came to a halt and the white beam slowly faded. Celest stood wearily at the side, she looked like she was about to collapse. Y/N started at Zola through her dark, tasseled hair and gave him that same devilish smile. She suddenly started screaming again, but this time more aggressively; and Zola new why once Y/N freed herself of the leather restraints, ripped the two off her ankles and stood up. However, that’s all she did. She stood motionless, staring down at the floor in front of her. 

There were nine people in the small dark room, including Y/N, and she heard all of them without them saying a word. The four guards each had their own comments to say about her; “scum”; “worthless bitch”; “feral”; “monster”. Celest, was still exhausted after her energy was drained, she stayed in the corner of the room and furthest away from Y/N, to scared to have any contact with her. The two prisoners were still knelt on the floor behind her; each asking questions about who was with them and what they were doing. 

The voice in someone’s head she focused on the most though was Zola’s. Not only did she hear what he had planned for her abilities, she saw what he imagined, she was inside his mind; literally.

The room was suddenly bright as multiple overhead lights were switched on, revealing a room similar to the one Y/N was in when she first arrived. Her vision gave her surroundings a slightly washed out effect, nothing was perfectly shaped giving the impression of looking through water. In the air around her, what looked like black ink floated around the room as if in water.

 As Y/N stood by the door to the white tiled room, Zola and other doctors surrounded a medical table in the middle. A light wind picked up in the room even though there were no windows or vents; paperwork and files started blowing around the room as light sobs could be heard.

Between the shoulders of two doctors, Y/N saw a woman laying on the table in just shorts and a sports bra. The table to her left had multiple utensils and medical tools which were covered in blood. Her own body and hands were smeared in blood as well, though Y/N was unsure who’s it was. The woman had single cuts trailing down her arms and legs. It seemed to be an operation, but the patient was awake. 

As Zola stepped up to the woman and the others doctors moved away, revealing Y/N herself on the table. As he neared, her sobs grew louder and she screamed for him to stop. 

Zola held up some sterilized equipment that was nothing familiar to a regular operation, he leaned in closer to Y/N as her tears continued to pool in her ears. “I told you. This is all for a good cause.”

Without bearing to witness what could possibly be her own death, Y/N concentrated her powers to return to the real world. The small streaks of floating ink grew larger and consumed her vision, plunging the blinding white room into darkness.

The black ink washed away from Y/N’s vision and she was welcomed with an all too familiar dark, damp room, with Zola directly in front of her.

“Do you plan to kill me doctor?” Y/N said unusually calm; looking at Zola through her lashes.

Zola was taken aback by this sudden question, curious as to what she meant. “I plan to use your newly acquired abilities to shape the future. Not to kill you.”

“You’re either lying to me, or you have some dark fantasies.”

Although, Y/N’s senses had recently been heightened to the extreme, she was too focused on Zola to notice that Celest had regained her energy while she was exploring Zola’s mind, and that she was now right behind her. Y/N, even in her predatory state, managed to see Zola’s eyes flicker behind her for a split second. Before she could turn around and attack, Celest had her hands pressed to Y/N’s temples.

The familiar pain was this time rushed through Y/N’s head, rather than a slow painful process. It took over so quickly she was forced to her knees and was left panting with her head hanging.

After Celest had let go and walked back into her respected corner, Y/N slowly stood and kept her eyes focused on the space in front of her. Her breathing was suddenly calmer and she didn’t move a muscle when Zola stepped closer. He was sure that she was in his control this time.

“The first step to shaping the future, is for me to get some information from these two people. And I can only do that with your help.” Zola turned Y/N to face the two kneeling prisoners.

Without any further commands she stepped closer to them and held out her hands as she closed her eyes. The room was too dark to see what she was doing, but a blue flame started flowing around her hands; her fingers suddenly twitched as if life was just brought into them, sending the blue flames towards the prisoners’ heads. 

They began struggling and grunting in pain as the flames slowly seeped into the sides of their heads. Y/N could hear multiple screams and begs, them telling someone to hide, run and look after something. She then started seeing things through their eyes. Red lights flashing in hallways, and alert going of, explosions, the wizz of bullets rushing past their heads, bloody walls and bodies, upturned drawers and disheveled papers scattered across the floor. 

Then she saw a child. The scene had changed and the atmosphere was much calmer, it seemed as if there was no atmosphere at all. The vision showed the child running blissfully towards her mother in a wheat field as the sun set. Loosing her concentration, Y/N’s slipped out of their minds, the blue flames fading into the air.

The final scene Y/N saw had somehow brought her mind back slightly. She turned to Zola. “Who are these people?”

Zola waved the guards towards her but she took no notice. “Oh, Y/N.” He sighed.

“Who are they!” She shouted as two guards took hold of her and the other two opened the door and lead Celest outside.

Y/N struggled vigorously against them as she regained her humanity by the second. It took them a few seconds to get her through the door, but after they did they had to drag her feet along the floor as the pulled her through the red-lit hallway. She would turn her head behind her to look Zola in the eye as he followed slowly behind the three.

Her shouts and grunts echoed off the walls as she continued to struggle, often slipping loose but not being quick enough to escape them. 

“Who are they?” She repeated. “They have a child!” She shouted louder than any other question or struggling comment.

“Call in the Asset.” Zola ignored her.

Y/N was quiet for the rest of the journey back to her cell. On the way she passed who she suspected was the Asset, surrounded on all four sides by guards. He was tall, was heavily built, had long dark hair, and a metal arm. Y/N was quite literally thrown into her cell with the bars immediately shut behind her. She quickly stood and held onto the cold bars as she pressed her face to them, locking eyes with Zola.

“They have a child.” She whispered.

“I know dear. But don’t worry, she is safe. We wouldn’t harm a child.” Zola replied before leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts.

What he said to Y/N wasn’t a lie. He would never harm a child. But he would wait until they were old enough, to do enough damage without killing them.

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Author’s Note: Wanted to get this up as my parents are coming to visit this weekend and I won’t have time to update. Also want to give my heartfelt thanks to all those who have read and supported this, both here and on AO3. It truly means so much <33 PS - I’ve fallen in love with this Yixing accidentally on purpose? Woops!

Song for this chapter: Love Some1 - Holy Other 

Genre: Vampire! Chanyeol; thriller; suspense; horror; eventual smut/romance

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Rating (this chapter): R

Warnings (this chapter): swearing; blood

Word count: 4,351

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11a | 11b

The goats seem content to lick the blood from your legs, their tongues sporadically forcing the shards of glass, still speckling the skin beneath your ripped pants, further into their wounds. You don’t mind the sting, you welcome it as a tether; it reminds you you’re still alive. The pigs, you find, keep to themselves as if they’re used to women invading their space and have long accepted the transience of humanity; they exist next to you, but not with you.

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The Federal Detention Center, SeaTac (FDC SeaTac) is a federal prison for men and women, located in SeaTac, King County Washington. Located between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, FDC SeaTac opened in 1997 and houses inmates sentenced to serve time for federal charges as well as individuals who are awaiting trial in Federal court in Western Washington, and immigration detainees. The facility was designed to hold 1000 inmates, but usually houses around 600-700. The facility housed Colton Harris-Moore, otherwise known as “The Barefoot Bandit” while he awaited trial, and crypto-anarchist Jim Bell.

anonymous asked:

honestly this is more of a quick ask than a meta ask but i saw somewhere that hoshi was also the shsl prisoner in addition to being the shsl tennis player. is this true? i know he had a second talent lab but i'm not sure about the actual title

I’m pretty sure it is, yes! It’s not something that really comes up in Ryouma’s trial as a point of contention, as I think the whole group at large would have been kind of uncomfortable trying to call the deceased a “prisoner” too many times—they probably felt like they were badmouthing him. But it’s definitely true that the “shower room” in Ryouma’s lab actually is called the SHSL Prisoner Laboratory (or Research Center, whichever translation you prefer).

Saihara does comment on this and notices the handcuffs and other specifics of the room when he and Momota investigate. And given Ryouma’s lifestyle, his guilt, the fact that he denies himself almost any pleasures at all and believes he needs to live his life out in misery and self-inflicted punishment…well, SHSL Prisoner would fit him quite well, and it’s true that it’s not a talent we’ve seen out of any other DR character before.

That he was granted a second lab at all has to mean that his second talent was, to some degree, legitimate, or else it wouldn’t have counted and he’d have been stuck with just the tennis court. Since he had it, and since there were items like handcuffs and “cells” in the room, then we can assume he did actually count as having “two” talents, and him being granted the title of SHSL Prisoner was likely due to his own determination to throw away the life he had before as the SHSL Tennis Player. If he hadn’t been that determined that he “didn’t deserve it,” I don’t think Monokuma would’ve decided two labs were okay.

Ryouma is fascinating as a character, really, and I’d have loved to see him survive longer than Chapter 2 or even make it all the way to the end as a survivor. Having a character who is a literal SHSL Prisoner and trapped even within their own emotions and guilt and need to atone for things would have been absolutely incredible, and there would have been so many possibilities for him kind of figuring out who he is or eventually struggling for freedom.

SHSL Prisoner is such an interesting talent because of the things that it implies, and because being “trapped” within the confines of society and things other people have pressed upon you is such a common theme in ndrv3.

I hope this helps, anon! Ryouma is an excellent character and I love him, and he’s one of the few characters we’ve seen besides Kamukura with multiple talents, which is incredibly interesting.

Katniss and Love

The heart is a weapon the size of a fist - Palestinian Proverb

papofglencoe’s edit Katniss and the Four Types of Love got me thinking about love and the Hunger Games, specifically with respect to Katniss. 

If you are any fan worth your salt, you know that Katniss is moved by love, even when she is unaware of it.   However, Katniss does not love the same way all the time. Her circle of concern begins small until her love is great enough to encompass an entire nation. 

Love in Panem is an act of rebellion, as seen by the way the Reaping and the Games themselves are designed to actively break the bonds of family, friendship and community.  Katniss’ greatest acts of rebellion are her continued willingness to put others before herself, in direct defiance to a system that encourages loyalty only to the state, at the expense of all other human ties.

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bucky-sempai  asked:

Pls write a Reaper scenario Where Sombra knows that Reaper has a huge crush on a OW agent and one day Sombra slides a envelope across the table to him and it's filled with cute and sexy pics of his crush and she winks at him and Reaper blushes?

okay i love love LOVE this idea! i took it a step ahead and made i a bit more of a story but in general i hope u like this! i had a quick ten minutes to write today so forgive any mistakes aha

NSFW-ISH !! Under the cut.

“Hey boss!,” she quipped. “Boss. Hey, Gabe. Big man in black. I’ve got a gift for you.” She knew he hated when she called him ‘boss’ and all that fluff, which is exactly why she did it. She’d thought at first that he would like being treated like the leader he’d once been, but she’d been wrong. He hated being called ‘boss’, especially by her, and hated it even more when she tried to act professional. Bad memories, she sensed, but didn’t ever push it. For once, Sombra had been wrong about something, and it’d upset him to weeks, a little at a time. She just kept pushing his buttons.That’s why she’d brought him this gift, as an olive branch to keep the rage inside him sated.

It might even please him… if she’d been right again.

“What is this nonsense?” he snarled back, voice almost disassociated from his body. He’d been heading out to feed, and hated being interrupted. The way smoke billowed through his eyeholes and mouthpiece signaled how unstable Reaper was, how short his temper could be. At her insistence, Talon guards let her bug him for a private moment. 

She pulled up the holo-screen, and from it an envelope full of files. She’d already transferred it to his private, personal devices, but she hadn’t alerted him to it. She’d signed the attachment with her sugar skull insignia, but after further thought, found it fitting to present it to him herself. If he’d been in a better mood he would’ve at least feigned interest, but he only pushed her hands aside, dissolving and collapsing the projection. He started for the hoverplane off to the prison containment center, where he usually got easy ‘meals’ for free. “Show it to me later,” he snapped. The Talon guards around the hoverplane gulped in hearing how metallic he sounded- really, how had he not killed this hacker yet? She was persistent as hell, and the last time anyone even tried to step in his way, they’d been a stain on the floor in seconds. She should’ve been dead five times by now!

Sombra groaned, but as soon as he turned, she clicked on her camouflage. The Talon guards rolled their eyes as the gate closed, trapping Reaper with her. They expected the ship to return painted red with her intestines. It wasn’t anything excessive of him either, to do that. Reaper was always dramatic. 

“I can smell you, pendeja.” She clicked herself into view and laughed, settling herself into the seat across from him while the plane autopiloted to the prison. The table before the two was buzzing with information, and she quickly hacked into it’s bloodred displays. Fuschia files and symbols lit up the ship, and showed the Reaper and the Hacker against each other in an almost comical setting. “Really, Gabe? That hungry?” She jested, scrolling around for the envelope gft again. “If you say another word, I will order this ship to crash into the ground and let you die in it, puta. I’ll take pleasure in seeing you splatter on the ground.” He didn’t move an inch, but she heard the roughness of his tone and knew he wasn’t lying. “I disabled the voice command, so that won’t be happening,” she said politely. Sombra heard the click of his shotgun and pretended to flinch as she pulled up the file and quite literally slid it across the table to him. It opened as it reached his vicinity, displaying row upon row of carefully selected photos.

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¡PRESENTE! The Young Lords in New York
On view July 22, 2015 – October 17, 2015

¡PRESENTE! The Young Lords in New York explores the legacy of the Young Lords in East Harlem, the Bronx and the Lower East Side, focusing on specific political events that the Young Lords organized in these locations.

El Museo’s exhibition draws from works in the museum’s own collection including copies of the Young Lords weekly newspaper, Palante. It also explores the legacy of the Young Lords and the relationship between art and activism. Images by photographer Hiram Maristany that feature the Young Lords’ Garbage Offensive, their take over of the First Spanish Methodist Church of East Harlem (later renamed by the Young Lords as The People’s Church), their free morning breakfast program, the rerouting of a TB-testing truck and the funeral of Julio Roldán will all be highlighted in the exhibition.
Paintings and political prints (Antonio Martorell, Domingo García, and Marcos Dimas) from El Museo’s permanent collection will be on display. Works commissioned specifically for this exhibition by Coco Lopez, JC lenochan, Miguel Luciano, and Shellyne Rodriguez are also featured.

¡Presente! The Young Lords in New York will be exhibited at The Bronx Museum of the Arts (July 2 – October 15, 2015), El Museo del Barrio (July 22-October 17, 2015), and Loisaida Inc. (July 30 – October 10, 2015). The exhibition is co-organized by all three institutions. 

At El Museo del Barrio the exhibition is made possible with Public Support from Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the New York City Council.

These States are Still Putting You in Jail for HIV

Between 2008 and 2013, there were 180 prosecutions of people accused of spreading HIV under antiquated laws passed long before we understood the disease, according to the Center for HIV Law and Policy. These laws can put an HIV-positive person in jail for biting someone, spitting at someone, or even just having consensual sex (regardless of whether protection is used). We know now that you can’t get HIV from biting or spit, of course, but 32 states still have those laws on the books, and people are still being sent to prison for violating them.

Project Fusion (Story of Lonely's muse): Captives Part 1

I couldn’t sleep after that unfaithful day. I prayed to Arceus all night for forgiveness for killing a child’s mother. (He tears up) Everyday, every night, I was to execute pokemon and human alike for failing to do their job or disobeying. I felt my sane side slip away but in return, my murderous side became calmer and more obedient to my master’s orders. (He cries) One day though, I had two jobs. One to escort a pokemon that was caught and the second one that made me lose control…

Task Master: (Approaches Excalibur within a prison containment center) D.F.P. #1000, report to the front gate and await further instructions.

Excalibur (safe side): (His voice merged with his murderous side since both sides are equal in emotion. Making his voice sound, deep and angry like by default) Yes sir. May I ask why I’m needed?

Take Master: (He begins to walk away but he tells Excalibur as he walks away) An unruly Absol that attacked our patrol in LittleRoot town and a trainer named Kyle.

Excalibur: (He turned around almost instantly and looked in worry and begins to think) Kyle? Why is he a prisoner?

Excalibur (Calm murderous side): I don’t know who this Kyle is but he must’ve done something wrong. Let’s go.

Excalibur (safe side): Right. (He walks to the exit of the prison facility as captured pokémon moved away from their cell doors as he passes by and he thinks) I killed so many that even the worst fear me. (He sighs as he travels to the front gate) Kyle… I’m coming to see you…

I was hoping that Kyle was mistaken for someone. (He wipes his tears as he tries to stop crying again) I thought they were just joking about this and actually we’re going to be nice to me for once and allow me to see my old trainer. I couldn’t feel or showing happiness though or I might get in trouble so I acted to be my ‘dead’ self…

Excalibur: (Arrives at the front of the gate after going through many others like it) D.F.P. #1000 reporting for assignment warden. (He salutes the warden with one of his ribbons)

Warden: (He looks at Excalibur and smiles) There you are. How is the Euclid sector Excalibur? They still scared of you? (Guards behind the warden brought out the absol in electronic restraints and muzzled from an APC. Kyle came out trying to fight the guard taking him out of another APC and was shocked for trying to resist.)

Excalibur: Same as usual sir. (He looked at the two but stared at Kyle in disbelief)

Warden: (He sighs and puts his hands on his sides) Well we got one needed for imprisonment and one for execution. I’ll tell you which one later on today.

Excalibur: (thinks) Probably the Absol is going to be executed and Kyle will be imprisoned in my sector. (Talks but in his new voice) Warden. Where do you want me to take these two?

Warden: (He whistles at the guards to push them to Excalibur) Put these two in your sector. Then wait for further instructions.

Excalibur: (He wraps the two up in his ribbons and tight and Kyle tried to struggle out of his restraints) Yes sir. (He begins to walk back to his prisoner containment center and once they entered his sector he puts them in and closes the cell doors)

After some time I talked to Kyle (he stops crying instantly and smiles) I hoped he would talk to me as well. (He looks down at the ground upset) What he did to me made my heart hurt deeply. What was to come after we talked (he clenches his teeth angrily and trying to talk) w-was a lot w-worst. What I had to do to h-him, made me lose all control…

Excalibur: Kyle? (He smiles and a tear goes down his cheek) I missed you.

Kyle: (Stops trying to break his restraints and gives an angry look to Excalibur) Who the fuck are you and how do you know me?

Excalibur: (he smiles as he steps closer to the cell door) It’s me Excalibur. I missed you.

Kyle: (He thinks before smiling) Excalibur? I missed you! Hey can you help me and release me from these restraints

Excalibur: Don’t worry they should unlock by now. (He smiles as he loves to hear that his old Master missed him)

Kyle: (His restraints beep and fall off of his wrists and feet and goes to the jail door) Come here and let me pet you.

Excalibur: (He goes to Kyle and smiles with tears) Yes Master.

Kyle: (He wraps his arms around Excalibur’s neck once they got past the cell door and start to choke him) Stupid piece of shit. You think I missed you? Hmmm?! How dare you live after I abandoned you. Die!

Excalibur: (Cries as he is being choked and tries to use his ribbons to break free from the choke hold) K-Kyle…(he gasps for air) please!

Warden: (Runs to Excalibur and shocks Kyle) Excalibur! You alright? Good thing this one is being executed. (He looks at Kyle with a enraged face)

Kyle: (He looks in shock) What did I do wrong?!

Warden: (He stares at him and speaks to him) One you harmed my most trusted devastation personnel. Two, you killed your pokemon and stole. Finally, you work for our enemy, Team Rocket…

Not long after I regained my composure, I forgot that Kyle was to be executed. (He lays down and sighs as he grips his paws and shakes) I watched them take him to the chambers but I thought it was a simple transfer until every screen showed him being thrown in and I heard me being summoned…

Siren on intercom: D.F.P #1000, report to the execution chambers immediately.

Excalibur: (Shakes his head in refusal but his murderous side takes over)

Excalibur (Murderous side): (He shakes in anger and then charges to the chambers) Open the door! (The doors open as he looks at Kyle looking in horror as blood came from Excalibur’s eyes, his ribbons turning into mouths again and his teeth become razor sharp) You will pay for trying to hurt me! (He says as his voice is completely distorted but able to be understood)

Siren on Intercom: You are clear to execute.

Kyle: (Cries) Please don’t Exc… (He feels his hands and arms grabbed by Excalibur’s ribbons as they bite and break his arms) Ahhhhh! Please stop!

Excalibur (Murderous side): (He walks up to Kyle as he holds his arms and legs wide apart and licks his neck) No. You deserve to… Die! (He begins to pull Kyle apart and bites into his neck slowly and painfully)

Kyle: (Screams in pain and cries as blood feels his lungs) No! Nooooo! Stop! Please! St… (He stops screaming as his body is ripped into pieces and his blood is all over Excalibur)

Excalibur (Murderous side): (He laughs as he slowly starts to cry while he goes back to his sane side and those who were watching, pokemon, guard and even Siren stared in horror and awe) I’m sorry.

Warden: (Comes in chamber as chucks or organs and meat of Kyle was everywhere and so was his blood) Come on Excalibur. Let’s take you back to your sector. You can clean yourself after your shift.

Excalibur: (He listens and walks with the Warden back to his prisoner containment center with blood dripping off his body and no emotions or life)

Once I got back I was in no mood to think. I just did what I was supposed to do but someone talked to me. (He gets up and looks at you) I remember their name too. She was one of the many people that helped me feel better. One of the many…

Excalibur: (Sat alone in his post as he waited for his time to leave)

Female Absol: E-excuse me.

Excalibur: (He looks at her as he sees that her restraints were removed as well) What is it?

Female Absol: Are you okay? (She looks at him with a look of worry) What you did in the exe…

Excalibur: Shut up! (He begins to tear up) I don’t want to remember…

Female Absol: Hey come here. (She said with a motherly tone)

Excalibur: No. (He looks at her angrily) You will do what Kyle did to me and I won’t be tricked this time.

Female Absol: (She goes to the cell door) Trust me. If I do try to hurt you, it wouldn’t matter since there is security listening to our conversation anyways. Just come in here okay?

Excalibur: (He goes to her cell and opens it and ready to fight her) Don’t try anything st…

Female Absol: (She jumps at him and pulls him into a hug) It’s okay. I know how you feel.

Excalibur: (His ribbons drop as he begins to cry and hug her back and the Warden enters but decides to let him have his time with the absol) Why? Why did he do this to me?

Female Absol: (She smiles and let’s him go) Don’t worry. Just try and forget about it okay? For now leave and I’ll talk to you when you are back on your shift.

Excalibur: (He nods as he leaves her cell and closes it and a security guard comes to take his place) Sleep well uhhhh?

Night Light (Female Absol): (she giggles) Night Light. Good night Excalibur and see you soon.

Excalibur: (He smiles) See you soon Night Light…

I couldn’t believe I immediately trusted her. (He smiles as he thinks of her) This was someone that was a prisoner, someone that could’ve harmed me and escaped if she was lucky. She wasn’t like that at all. She was the exact opposite, she was… a friend…

(Hey guys sorry for the long wait! I hope you enjoy this part of Excalibur’s backstory and I’ll be using more captives soon! Like or comment for more and see you soon!)


At Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington, inmates participate in a program called Freedom Tails, which partners them with dogs who have been labeled as “unadoptable” and might otherwise be euthanized. Stafford Creek was the first prison in state of Washington to implement a dog training program, and the project was such a huge success that nearly every prison in the state now has a similar program. The inmates who participate in Freedom Tails go through a screening and interview process, and must not have a history of domestic violence, child abuse, or animal abuse, and they must be infraction-free. Inmates are not paid to be in the program, as their participation is on a volunteer basis. There is a very long waiting list to get in.

The dogs that come into the program are often traumatized by abuse or neglect from their former owners, and are not socialized to interact with humans. The inmates work with the dogs to overcome these obstacles and build trust with their handlers. They then learn basic obedience, potty training, and recognizing verbal and hand-signal commands. Some dogs that show a special proclivity for learning and working with humans are trained to be service dogs for the disabled. On occasion, Freedom Tails brings in dogs who already have a home, but need to be trained for specialized commands specific to their owner. For example, a wheelchair-bound woman needed her dog to be able to open doors, retrieve her medicine bag, or help her up if she fell out of her chair. The dog learned all of these skills at Freedom Tails and earned an International Therapy Dog certification.