prison break challenge

30 Day Prison Break Challenge

Day 1 - Favorite member of the Fox River Eight? 

Day 2 - Favorite season? 

Day 3 - Moment that surprised you? 

Day 4 - Favorite relationship? 

Day 5 - Favorite episode of season 1? 

Day 6 - Favorite female character? 

Day 7 - Least favorite member of the fox river eight? 

Day 8 - How many times have you watched the show all the way through? 

Day 9 - Least favorite season? 

Day 10 - Character(s) you found a soft spot for by season 4? 

Day 11 - Favorite episode of season 2? 

Day 12 - Your opinion on T-bag? 

Day 13 - Was the ending good or bad? 

Day 14 - How many people have you got to watch the show? 

Day 15 - Most underrated character? 

Day 16 - Characters that overstayed their welcome? 

Day 17 - Mahone? Good or evil. 

Day 18 - Most suspenseful end to an episode?  

Day 19 - Most interesting plot twist? 

Day 20 - Most important moment? 

Day 21 - Favorite minority character? 

Day 22 - What life lessons did you learn from the show? 

Day 23 - Coolest part of Michael’s tattoo? 

Day 24 - Character(s) that died way too soon? 

Day 25 - Favorite episode of episode 3? 

Day 26 - Did you watch the show while it was on TV or on Netflix? 

Day 27 - Favorite episode of season 4? 

Day 28 - The most genius part of Michaels’ original plan? 

Day 29 - Lingering questions you still have which were never answered on the show? 

Day 30 - Would you break your brother out of prison if you knew he was innocent?

30 Day Prison Break Challenge ..

Day 13 - Was the ending good or bad? 

The ending wasn’t good or bad ……. it was devastating, heartbreaking, and depressing!
I was literally in tears when I found out Michael died, I wasn’t expecting that at all considering the General had that surgery done on him. But when Sara told their son let’s go see daddy and Sucre, Mahone, and Linc all meet up at a cemetary!! I cried. 

Prison Break writers …..

And then knowing he sacrificed his life for Sara and their baby. Which might I add really bugged me, I mean I know he was going to die eventually because of the tumor and all but, after all he went through, he never got to meet his child :(

Other than that, I liked where everyone’s story line went.  But needless to say I wasn’t to fond of  Michael dying …. had me feeling like 

Ok rant over. Lol