Since Sandra Bland’s death July 13, 2015 over 810 people have died in Jail. That’s not including inmates who died in prison, and not including numbers from jails who keep data private. Last July five Black women were found dead in jails

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Police have killed 629 people this year, the last person was killed yesterday. 

Winston Churchill left an apology letter on his bed before escaping a prison that read:

 "I have the honour to inform you that as I do not consider that your Government have any right to detain me as a military prisoner, I have decided to escape from your custody. I have every confidence in the arrangements I have made with my friends outside, and I do not therefore expect to have another opportunity of seeing you.“ 

He went on:

“I therefore take this occasion to observe that I consider your treatment of prisoners is correct and humane, and that I see no grounds for complaint. When U return to the British lines I will make a public statement to this effect. I have also to thank you personally for your civility to me, and to express the hope that we may meet again at Pretoria before very long, and under different circumstances. Regretting that I am unable to bid you a more ceremonious or a personal farewell,

I have the honour, to be, Sir,

Your most obedient servant,

Winston Churchill.

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Why This Jailed Trans Woman of Color Hasn't Eaten for 37 Days
San Francisco County Sheriff's Department officials have promised changes in how the jail houses trans people, but they have been slow in coming.

A transgender woman of color incarcerated in San Francisco County Jail has refused to eat for 37 days — and plans to continue her hunger strike until she is housed with women. Athena Cadence, 29, a trans woman of color and a U.S. combat veteran, was arrested last November for misdemeanor assault, according to S.F. Weekly. She is currently being held in a private cell away from other inmates — and has not eaten since June 1.

Transgender Law Center staff attorney Shawn Meerkamper is in regular contact with Cadence and is helping to monitor her general well-being.

“[She is] remarkably strong and clear-headed, given how long she’s gone without food,” Meerkamper, who uses the gender-neutral pronouns they/them, told The Advocate.

Former Black Panther Runs An Urban Farm to Give Ex-Prisoners a Fresh Start
A good way to describe it would be as part prisoner re-entry program, part small business startup incubator, and part community hub.

As a former chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, Elaine Brown is no stranger to radical ideas. The 72-year-old has been an advocate on behalf of prisoners for many years. And now she’s determined to transform a vacant lot in West Oakland, California into a thriving urban farm business that employs former offenders.


Prison Strike in America Phone Zap

Alright Comrades.

As you might have heard the largest prison strike in America has been taking place against modern day slavery for three weeks without a peep in the mainstream news. Even if you’re on the outside, you can help the prisoners… The IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is organizating a phone zap system to keep tabs on the prison wardens and keep them in the hot seat, and mainly to let them know that people on the outside are watching them. If you have a phone and a spare moment you can help our organizers and prisoners and show solidarity with their demands out by calling the numbers on this phone, reading the scripts and writing your name at the end to show that you called.

…even if you can’t call for whatever reason, you can still spread this message to those who can and help out our fellow workers behind bars..
Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons
Sweeping new rules also curb isolation for adult inmates, limit time for first offense to 60 days, rather than 365.

President Obama on Monday announced a ban on solitary confinement for juvenile offenders in the federal prison system, saying the practice is overused and has the potential for devastating psychological consequences.