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Thank you that helps a lot! But now I have few more questions, um I can't see the title of the links that I named them as and I also can't seem to find the music player??? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you with all these questions ;;

You have to enable the music player! Once the music player is enabled, it’ll create a circle that’ll have the music player gif inside of it once you upload it. The titles of the links appear when you hover over them for a second.

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1) Favorite fandom?

the Hannibal fandom  

2) Do you have a favorite ship that you will ship til you die?

i have a few gamtav from homestuck, will/hanable,and naruto/sasuke  

3) What kind of music is your favorite kind?

rock… all rock 

4) Last movie you saw?

return cat or somthing like that watched it on a live stream 

5) Do you have any pets?

yep yet none of them are mine but i take care of them so they might as well be 

6) Most creative thought you have ever had?

a steam punk dress with a clock work dragon that movedas you walked dubble headed one head was at the bustline the other at the tail of the dress  the head at the trail of the dress bloow steam from its mouth as you moved the dragon was axsented by drak flames made by shiny fabrick  

7) Have a tumblr crush right now?

yes .. 

8) Favorite character?

nepeta , itachi, seshomaru,castiel,Hannibal,… im in too meany fandomes and have to meany favorit charictures 

9) Last thing you bought?

it was eather redbull or a fan  cant remeber wich came first

10) Any plans this weekend?

making a music video with friends

11) What time is it now? 
12:59 am 

im not going to tag any one this time 

  • Is it bad I can see this happening soon now that school is so close by?
  • *back in school*
  • Teacher:Okay, so what exciting things did you guys do over summer break? *looks around classroom* Ah, Erica, why don't you start us out. What did you do this summer.
  • Me:*fishes thoughts through mind: Homestuck? No. Hetalia? No. Soul Eater? No. Attack on Titan? No. Digimon? No. Cosplay? No. Fanfics? No. Reader inserts? Hell no. Dating sims? Fuck no. Tumblr? No, although that is true. Free!? ...maybe...possibly...I could work that out somehow..hopefully....probably not...* Uh...I went...swimming...a lot?
  • Teacher:Swimming? Sounds like fun!
  • Me:*Nailed it.* :|