• Is it bad I can see this happening soon now that school is so close by?
  • *back in school*
  • Teacher:Okay, so what exciting things did you guys do over summer break? *looks around classroom* Ah, Erica, why don't you start us out. What did you do this summer.
  • Me:*fishes thoughts through mind: Homestuck? No. Hetalia? No. Soul Eater? No. Attack on Titan? No. Digimon? No. Cosplay? No. Fanfics? No. Reader inserts? Hell no. Dating sims? Fuck no. Tumblr? No, although that is true. Free!? ...maybe...possibly...I could work that out somehow..hopefully....probably not...* Uh...I went...swimming...a lot?
  • Teacher:Swimming? Sounds like fun!
  • Me:*Nailed it.* :|