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Here’s collaboration effort number 2 with @dutchorca-art J37, Hy'Shqa
They sketched and lined, I coloured. Had to improvise a backup plan when watercolours decided they didn’t like the paper, so this is colours with Tombow dual brush pens (which I’ve never used to colour!) and prismacolor premier. Not what I had planned but it turned out better than I expected for something kind of experimental on my end.

casually-screams-into-the-abyss  asked:

Hey doll! I am sorry I keep asking you things, but you're so kind and helpful! I hope you are having a great day! Anyways, I was wondering about the calligraphy (fancy handwriting) how do you learn to do that? Are there any resources for it? Thanks doll! *hugs*

Hello! I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply to you! I got so busy all of a sudden with review classes and all (thus the lack of original content haha). I’m so glad that you’re asking me questions, so don’t apologize! Here’s a masterpost of several resources that I’ve found online and also a collection of my own tips and techniques! Hope you enjoy reading! I’ll try including some of my own pics, but alas my lighting is terrible. Disclaimer: I AM NO EXPERT!

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Got new organizational closet furniture for my study downstairs, so I’m going through the piles of untouched things in there and finding a large amount of art & craft supplies that I bought and have never used. Kinda like how I spent $600 on copics last summer and did a total of 4 drawings in which I used them.

Some time this week I will take pics of stuff I won’t use. If you followers are interested in them just inbox me. I’ll send them to you free probably, because I’m going to Goodwill with all this stuff otherwise.

In other news, so far I also found 5 calculators, Magic: the gathering card wrappers, 4 tape measures, about 200 movie/concert stubs, a yoga mat, 15 canvases for paintings I’ll never do, 3 mouse pads (two still sealed in their wrap), and a tower of blank CD-Rs that I’ve probably carried around since 2005. Like what are these ancient relics??


July 25, 2016.

Spent some time glazing some pottery pieces to give to friends and family. Also got some very, very, very excellent stationery this week.

Haul Includes: Copic Markers, Faber-Castellated Brush Pens, Prismacolor Artist Dual-Tip Pens, and a handful of Zebra Mildliners!!!

~Angry smol bean, Yurio Plisetsky~
Did this for his birthday in March! Done with micron pen size .01, micron brush pen, Prismacolor coloured pencils, and Sakura gelly roll in white and silver. *reference used*

Hey y'all! Two things:
1) To those of you who have recently purchased originals and/or prints, thank you so much and your orders will be shipped on Friday! Harley darling is so lucky (she’s going to her new home in Spain ❤️)

2) To those of you who have been asking me about the materials I use for #inktober, it’s nothing too fancy really. A bit of gouache (usually Talens or Winsor & Newton), a black Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil, brushes number 0 and 4 and sometimes a brush pen! Oh, and more paper than it’s normally used during Inktober because…you know :)