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Since everyone else is having fun with it, I decided to give Prisma a try too! It’s pretty neat, though I find that my painted stuff works much better with it than the drawn stuff lol.

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China: A Prisma Tale

Visual experiment from District 7 combines timelapse shots taken in China and painstakingly processes each individual frame with style transfer photo app Prisma:

Each frame of the 1 minute and 20 second video had to be processed via the Prisma App which took almost 80 hours to complete. The processing/rendering was at the mercy of the servers. Most of the project had to be completed between 11pm and 4am EST because the app would freeze or shutdown due to overloaded serves or too many users on at the same time.

Thankfully the algorithm used to create the painting-like scene(s) was very consistent when it came to processing the images. The total video was approximately 2500 frames and took a bit of ingenuity to stitch together.

By the end of the project (which took around 5 days to produce) my fingers were numb and eyes bloodshot. The worst part was the constant repetition of taking the photo, processing the photo, moving 1 frame forward, and then saving the image. Sometimes I would forget to do a step and have to start over completely. It was mind-numbing work to say the least!  

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Highrollers doodles! The first Is of Elora in what I imagined her Feast dress to be like- I had lots of fun drawing it!

The second is Trellimar chilling with his little dragon buddy- who’s name I have forgotten. I am really happy with both of these and hope you enjoy my dears!

I don’t know if they are still doing fan art videos, but if you are- please feel free to put these into the stream Highrollers!

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I found Cleffy’s song