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Bec Winnel | on Tumblr (Australia)

Bec Winnel is an accomplished Australian illustrator and artist. Winnel’s portraiture combines the illustrative precision of a graphic artist with the sophistication and emotiveness of a painter. The ethereal quality of the her work is the result of carefully accreted layers of mixed medium including pastel, pencil, watercolour, metallic and paper cuts.

Winnel’s work is delicate and otherworldly, and seems to border on the immaterial. Her imagery emerges from the surface like a dream state: soft, plush, and seemingly on the brink of dissolving into thin air. The artist’s subject’s are beautiful, and explore the haunting of femininity, romanticism, nature and a tendency towards aesthetic nostalgia.

Her pieces are rendered in a palette of candy pastel hues, with a gossamer like delicacy. Hyperreal and uncannily executed, the seduction of the imagery is ultimately contemporary and odes to feminine beauty that combine nostalgia with timeliness, hyperrealism with stylistic license – hovering seductively in the realm of dream.

Winnel is represented by Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City US and Illustration Ltd, a member of PRISMA Artist Collective and an advocate with Element Eden. View working process here > © All images courtesy the artist

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