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Today is "Hug Your Fanartists Day"

Because it is, don’t question why, just go hug a fan artist.

Here in the DoctorxRose community, we’re lucky to have some of the BEST fanartists ever!!

So I’m bringing up an old discussion point to poll our beloved artists: fic authors created the “ficandchips” tag to pull all the doctor/rose stories together in one place. There was talk a while back about creating a tag for doctor/rose fan art, too! How about it?

Interview: Katy Perry talks Super Bowl halftime show

Katy Perry is among the bigger names in pop. But when Beyonce played the Super Bowl two years ago?

“I was like a 9-year-old girl,” Perry says, with a laugh, “crouched in front of the TV. I didn’t even sit on the couch. I got right into the TV and sat with my legs folded and was just watching it. I didn’t want to skip a beat.”

And she was taking notes, Perry says, without actually knowing if she would ever get her shot at doing music’s biggest televised event, which last year drew 115.3 million viewers for Bruno Mars.

“But I did have the thought,” she continues, “ ‘When would that phone call come?’ Or 'When would I be able to do that?’ And I guess that’s now.”

Or if not now, then Sunday, Feb. 1, when Perry hits the stage at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

The singer checked in from Los Angeles to talk about the halftime show and share her childhood memories of the years she spent in Arizona, giving a shout-out to her first-grade teacher at Paradise Valley Christian School. 

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Katy B’s Little Red: An Album That Shows the ‘Album’ Isn’t Dead Yet

The album as we know it is dead. So argued Variety’s controversy-courting Bob Lefsetz last November when Katy Perry’s spiritual journey of pop record, Prism, sold an unimpressive 287,000 copies in its first week. “Everybody’s interested in the single, and no one’s got time to sit and hear your hour-plus statement,” he wrote. The successful artists aren’t the ones crafting a cohesive body of work, they’re the ones outrunning unforgiving hype cycles by cranking out hit after hit.

If there’s any Katy out there who could prove Lefsetz wrong, it’s not going to be Perry—it’ll be London’s Katy B. In the four years since she raced onto the UK charts with “Katy on a Mission,” 24-year-old Kathleen Brien has evolved from “dubstep princess” to the high priestess of house music, and her latest release demonstrates that, sometimes, great pop music succeeds when it’s not steadily chipped off into pieces.

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