prism building

New summary for XY&Z39. Translation by Adamant.

Aug 25th: XY&Z039 - Team Flare Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!

Lumiose City gets attacked by mysterious plants and Ash gets abducted by Team Flare!?

What are the ambitions Lysandre unleashes on the world!?

As Lumiose City is in a state of excitement over the Kalos League finals, the attack of mysterious plants that suddenly appeared turn it completely into shambles. This extreme incident causes Ash and the others head to the Prism Tower to try finding out the truth behind it. But on their way, they are met by a surprise attack from Team Flare, and Ash ends up captured. Meanwhile, the businessman Lysandre, who has been conducting research on Mega Evolution energy, unleashed his ambition on the entire world.

*Lumiose City is attacked by mysterious plants that suddenly appear, and gets completely covered in them. While this is going on, a mysterious Pokémon can be seen on the Prism Tower, the building in the heart of the city.
*Ash and Alan, who fought a fierce fight against each other in the Kalos League finals, join forces in this time of crisis for Lumiose City. However, Ash ends up captured by Team Flare.