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My friend was stalked and restraining orders did squat shit. The law does little next to nothing with stalkers here until someone gets hurt. The only way to stop a stalkers is A violence B sending them to prision for a long time or C making them feel how you feel i.e what Ashley did. It wasnt until my friends new bf beat the shit out of her stalker he stopped. I do not fault Ashley. This sick person has chosen this behavior FOR YEARS. There are consequences to actions.


 favorite fanfics → the princess and the prisioner by chrmdpoet (x)

Young Princess Emma grew up on tales of the Evil Queen. When she, as a child, discovers Regina is captive in her Castle’s dungeon, she begins visiting her in secret. Regina indulges Emma’s curiosity and grows to love the child immensely, a love which grows and evolves as Emma ages, eventually developing into a romance, which could finally grant her freedom from her magical prison.

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Heyy I have a question and I love your answers so here it goes haha do you think Lexa was right when she told Clarke: "What you would've done, save my people." outside of Mount Weather? Like do you think she would've taken the offer if Emerson had spoken to her, and save the Arkers, leaving the Grounder prisioners behind? Thanks for your time :D

Thank you for liking my answers to things! :D Sorry for the wait with this response, but the length of it might give you an idea why… 

Well, the two situations can’t be compared like that, there are many things that you would have to take into account. I do believe that if Mount Weather offered Clarke this deal – they would release the 44 and leave the Grounders – she wouldn’t have taken it. Why? Well let me first point out that Mount Weather would have never offered Clarke this deal. They needed the Arker’s bone marrow in order to survive. Remember, the Mount Weather facility was starting to leak radiation and the Grounder’s blood treatments weren’t going to be a viable option pretty soon. Jason said that the Mountain Men tried to use grounder bone marrow, but it never worked. Therefore, only the Arker’s bone marrow would cure them. This was there only choice, if they wanted to survive. They NEEDED the bone marrow. 

Now, if Dante was still the President (I am pro Dante btw), he could have made a deal with Clarke, possibly setting up a bone marrow donation plan. However, Cage only saw the Sky People as a means to an end, he wanted to use them. Time and time again, Dante tried to protect the kids in Mount Weather. He was going to let the kids go back home, then Cage took control and locked the kids inside the dorm and imprisoned Dante. If you re watch the show you will see that Dante was one of the good guys – a guy that actually helped Bellamy and the kids inside Mount Weather. It wasn’t until Clarke cut the power that he told Cage to make a deal with Lexa. Dante had no idea that Clarke was just cutting the power as a distraction, and wasn’t actually going to kill everyone. But, ultimately her plan would have killed everyone, ”Tell me something Clarke, if we release both your people and theirs what would have happened to mine?” The Plan was flawed from the beginning the innocent would have died along with the guilty.  

Getting back to the point, if Clarke took this deal (the one to release her people and leave the grounders) she would have to deal with the Grounders retaliation for the betrayal. Not even Lexa’s love for Clarke would have been enough to stop the Grounders from seeking ‘blood must have blood’ against the Sky People. Lexa wouldn’t have a valid reason to stop her people’s desires for revenge. She couldn’t. She would be seen as merciful and weak and killed along with the Sky People. The Sky People had been given SO many breaks by Lexa, if they betrayed the alliance that would be the ultimate last straw. 

That is why Clarke wouldn’t have taken the deal. If she did it would make things worse with the Grounders, who they need on their side. They lived in Grounder territory. The only way that Clarke would have taken the deal is if they released the Grounder prisoners too. Lexa taking the deal assumed that the Arkers would all die and that would take care of the ‘revenge’ the Arkers would want to have against the Grounders. The Grounders also out numbered the Sky People by the thousands, there would be no way for them to win against them. 

The only way I could see Clarke taking a deal, is if the Mountain Men allowed them to live in the Mountain and offered them protection from the Grounders. Otherwise, they would all be likely killed for betraying the Grounders. Lexa was in a position to take the deal because she had the numbers. Plus, even though she was leaving her allies to die (this might actually come back to bite her and used to persuade other clans that Lexa isn’t to be trusted), the Sky People were still seen as an enemy just like Mount Weather. Gustus: These Sky People are different, they’re more like the Mountain Men than us. Quint @ Clarke: You are the enemy. Lincoln:  Forming an alliance with you was a risk, especially after what Finn did to this village. There are multiple other instances where the Sky People are seen as ‘less than’ or as the enemy. The Sky People were only allies with the Grounders for 2 weeks. Before that, they were enemies and there is a lot of bad blood between them and not enough time has past to help mend those wounds. 

If Clarke was in Lexa’s shoes, if she was the Commander of the Grounders, I DO believe that she would have taken the deal and saved her people. However, Clarke isn’t the leader of the Grounders, she didn’t have the upper hand on the ground, the Sky People needed the alliance more than the Grounders did.

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It's Okay, It's Brotherhood
  • Prison: Okay, Jaebeom. You're free. Don't murder anyone.
  • Jaebeom: -tries to murder Jaeyeol-
  • Prison: Yo, not cool, bro. You need to go back to jail and think about what you did.
  • [3 years later]
  • Doctors: Jaebeom, you can come out for a little bit. But seriously, don't try to kill Jaeyeol this time, you silly rascal!
  • Jaebeom: -tries to kill Jaeyeol-
  • Doctors: Jeez, that sure was surprising!
  • [Later]
  • Prision: Okay, it's time for you to be free again, Jaebeom. For real though. No hurting Jaeyeol. He's already in the mental ward.
  • Jaebeom: Can I see Jaeyeol?
  • Doctors: Well... you've already tried to kill him twice, so.... I'm sure it will be fine.
  • Jaebeom: -beats up Jaeyeol-
  • Everyone: Well, I think that went well.
Na na na

After hours and hours of questions and more questions, and after days and days of judgements and ore judgements, Matt was putted in prison. Great. He would understand it if it was for something he had actually done. But, the fun and at the same time sad part was that he didn’t even knew what the hell he was acused of. But, of course, he had been alone the days the murders were commited, so now he would have to rot in a prision for a pretty long time. He sighed. Damn.
After the policeman made shure he didn’t had any guns, drugs or I don’t know what elese, he was driven to his caell. Fucking perfect. Try to survive in a cell, in a prision…withought cigarettes or videogames….aght this is just fucking perfect.