On this day but 48 years ago Elvis Presley get married with Priscilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas.

Elvis and Priscilla were married on May 1, 1967 in Milton Prell’s suite at the Aladdin Hotel in the small second-floor suite of the Colonel’s friend in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Their civil ceremony was performed by Nevada Supreme Court Justice David Zenoff. The maid of honor was Michelle Beaulieu and best men were Marty Lacker and Joe Esposito.
A press conference was held immediately afterward, followed by a breakfast reception for 100 guests, including many members of the press.

Elvis met Priscilla Beaulieu on the evening of Sunday, September 13, 1959 while he was in the Army, stationed in Germany. He was hosting a party at his house when the pair were introduced. He was 24 and she was 14.
Despite Priscilla’s parents being angered by her late return home during that first meeting and insisting that she would never meet Elvis again, his eagerness for another meeting, and his promise never to bring her home late again led them to relent. They were allowed to meet again, and were frequently together until Elvis left Germany in March 1960.
After Elvis’ return to America, the couple stayed in contact over the phone, though they would not see each other again until the summer of 1962, when Priscilla’s parents agreed to let her visit for two weeks. After another visit at Christmas, Priscilla’s parents finally let her move to America for good in March 1963. Part of the agreement was that she would attend an all-girls’ Catholic school, the Immaculate Conception High School, and live with Elvis’ father and his stepmother in a separate house on the Graceland estate until she graduated from high school. However, after a few weeks she was moved into Graceland to be with Elvis.
Shortly before Christmas 1966, Elvis proposed to Priscilla.

The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Palm Springs, and after a couple of days they returned to Memphis where, on May 29, they climbed back into their wedding attire and threw a reception at Graceland for all of their relatives, friends and employees who could not make it to Las Vegas for their wedding as well as a few lucky fans.