priscilla polley

Elle Muliarchyk is a photographer and multimedia artist who aims to reinvent the way we look at fashion and beauty images. She is known for injecting her work with a sense of humor, and a bit of magic. For this project, she teamed up with Art Director Vita Raykhman, and stylist Priscilla Polley to do some quick-change transformations with some of coolest models around from The Society Management. We then had the girls answer our version of a Proust Questionnaire, and it showed they are just as fun and inventive off camera as they are in front of it. 

Here’s 26 year old Korean model Ji Hye Park with a healthy dose of glam inspiration for the weekend. 

Yahoo Style: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Ji Hye Park:
 Actually, I don’t know what makes me happy! If I feel happy right now - I’m simply happy. But I do know that happiness doesn’t only come from grand gestures. Happiness also comes from the smallest aspects of love, health, friends, family, and experiences.

YS: What is your greatest extravagance?
 A healthy lifestyle; eating healthy food, exercising, etc.

YS: What’s your most treasured possession?
 The people around me.

YS: If you weren’t a model, what job would you most like to have?
 I’m a very energetic person, so I can’t do boring things. I think I could go to acting school or take up some serious cooking classes…or perhaps become an athlete? But that seems difficult at this point, haha.

YS: What is the last book you read?
 I just started reading 1Q84, written by Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami.

YS: Who is your hero in fiction (books/movies/etc)?
 Superman. His’ was the first superhero movie I saw, and I really enjoyed the idea behind his selflessness!

YS: What is your life motto?
 Be happy and enjoy life.

YS: Which word or phrase do you use the most?
 “Be Positive” or “I’m hungry (Or full).”

YS: Of the two personas on your transformation, which one do you relate to more and why?
 My life is very similar to this gif, actually. Before starting as a model, I was a very shy and timid girl, but inside my mind I wanted strongly to do something special with my life. So I found another girl inside me to transform into that very idea. It was a strong and brilliant persona that I hoped to express - and that really became me both inside and out in the end.