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Does NHI Grace dress up for Halloween?? Happy Halloween friend!

New Hope Indiana: Han, Leia, and baby Grace on Halloween?

Hi anons! Happy Halloween to you, too! Thanks so much for writing me. 

Here have some quick NHI Halloween thoughts before my doorbell starts

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These Touhou 4Kids posts are literally giving me cancer as I read them.

Now you listen and you listen here bub. Priscilla Harvey is a maverick for justice and freedom in America and she won’t have you besmirching her proud 4Kidsian Heritage. She’ll send you to the Shadow Realm like she did that one fortune teller.

(Jokes aside, ya do hafta admit that the posts’re kinda accurate)

NCT as doctors series: Ten
  • Ten would be a pediatrician.
  • A pediatrician is medical doctor who manages the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children from birth until age 21. 
  • He loves children and he treats them with lollipops and candy just like any other pediatrician. 
  • All his little girl patients have a crush on him.
  • He made a 13 years old faint when he kissed her cheek.
  • He gets many older patients because the definition above said that he can have patients till the age of 21.
  • Yes, a lot of nurses dreamed of him.
  • A nurse acted sick just to get a check up from him only but he told her to go away and rest lol
  • He treats the older patients like they’re his friends
  • “Andy, I want you to stop drinking.”
  • “Priscilla, please don’t eat too much sugar.”
  • “Johnny, you should get out of here, I’m at work.”
  • Johnny is a nurse at the hospital and he absolutely hates his job, there is only one thing he loves and it’s hanging out with Ten
  • Johnny scares Ten’s baby patients
  • Ten: you have a soar throat :(
  • Johnny: you also sound like a groaning whale
  • Child: WAAAYNNNN
  • Ten will be so proud of his job he’ll get a shirt with ‘I’m a pediatrician’ printed on it.
  • He’ll always be on time and be a sunshine.
  • During break, he would hang out with Johnny
  • He would exaggerate stuff and gossip with him
  • “So the other day, this kid fainted because I kissed her on the cheek and guess what’s worse? Her mom asked me out.”
  • She did not.
  • He listens to music when he’s free at work.
  • He always keeps chocolates in his lab coat.
  • He loves socializing with other doctors.
  • He is often found walking around the hospital and helping here and there.
  • He is a sunshine.
  • Summing it all up, Ten is a perfect doctor, every little girl’s dream prince and every nurse’s dream guy.

News Article:

Elvis Presley left Baptist Hospital at 1:55p.m. today with his wife Priscilla and their newborn daughter, Lisa Marie. Climbing into a long black Cadillac, Presley commented, “Oh, man, she’s too much,” when asked how he liked his daughter. He said he was “still a little shaky,” echoing his earlier comment when he brought his wife to the hospital Thursday. Mrs. Presley, dressed in a pink dress and with long, flowing hairdo, was pretty pleased with her daughter herself. “She’s perfect, she couldn’t be any better,” she told a reporter. The proud grandfather, Vernon Presley, said he liked his new role fine. “I think it’s going to be great,” he said. About 75 fans, including a number of Baptist Hospital student nurses, gathered outside the hospital entrance awaiting the singing star’s departure. Many more persons watched through hospital and nearby office building windows, including three construction workmen on the hospital roof. One hospital administrator said: “Today is the only day we’ve really had any trouble. I can’t keep my girls at work.”

Elvis and Priscilla Presley with Lisa Marie at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN, February 5, 1968.