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Doodlesphere - Portal To PrimordialTale

PrimordialTale is a world where monsters have an unique and dangerous power, an energy that can either conduct them to the absolute victory over the humans as well as their downfall. The power to unleash the primitive essence within and become primordial.

Now, after the end of the war between the races and with the primodial energy under apparent control, the Monster Empire is cracking, under the pressure of following their new ways of life of pacifism with the humans or use their full power on revenge. The situation doesn’t get better when they discover that some humans are sent Underground with vile intentions by other humans. And after years imprisoned under a blue human crystal prison that kept them weak, some monsters are specially eager to put their hands over the other special kind of crystal: the red monster crystal, and pay the humans with the same coin.

Will our heroes be able to prove to the human race that the monsters have their essence under control? Will they be able to finish this chain of hate and revenge over their fellow comrades? Will they be able to control their own essence?

About The Portal

  • The portal have oriental characteristics, commonly seen over the Monster Empire after Emperor Asgore decreed their new lifestyle, disciplining the monster essence.
  • Blue Crystals are favorable for the human magicians, and are as well the raw material of the Barrier. The humans also developed dangerous weapons with the Blue Crystals.
  • Red Crystals are favorable for monster Magic and Essence. Kept away of the Monster Empire when they were sealed inside the prison.
  • Plate with symbol in the Portal: The symbol means “Primordial”, but can also be understood as “Monster” or “Primitive” in the monster old culture.

This was really fun to create! I’ll do another with the current PrimordialTale art style later.

PrimordialTale (@primordialtale) by me, PatchedWays.

Tagging @underfellfangame, so Mania can see the portal.

The future is today,
And for future I’m gathering humans on my way,
We are strong together, we came apart,
But by your inner calm, thou must art
This is my Priority, my Prince, my Prior Prism,
My Primordial Principles, my Primaveral Prison
To keep watch, inside and outside, we must prevail,
In order to not succumb to temptations
Of our Primitive rages
And  so go on,
To the end of the Ages.