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Rivalry More Like Sexual Tension, or The Jalph Essay

I wrote this mess for my English class and turned it in enjoy

The concept of human relationships has existed for thousands of years, yet still continues to fascinate people in real life and in literature. There are several types of relationships but all vary in form and habitually appear in unexpected places. In William Golding’s 1954 novel, Lord of the Flies, a group of boys crash land on a remote island and are forced to form their own society while waiting for rescue. Throughout the book, two of the main characters, Jack and Ralph, share an unusual connection constantly ranging from more than friendly liking to sexual tension to unrequited feelings. Their relationship culminates in a bitter power struggle ultimately causing the downfall of an attachment which could have evolved far beyond its final destination. Jack and Ralph are an ill-fated young couple who illustrate the effects of a certain aspect of human nature- the survival instinct- on interpersonal relationships.

Jack and Ralph originally have an amount of chemistry going beyond what is considered “friendly.” When they first meet, they look at each other with “a shy liking” (23). Both boys, specifically Ralph, prove themselves completely comfortable around others, yet once they interact with each other, they suddenly become shy. Although most of their association bases on emotional rather than physical attraction, Ralph briefly demonstrates how impressed he is by Jack during their first meeting; “[Jack’s] grey shorts were sticking to him with sweat. Ralph glanced at them admiringly,” (23). Jack and Ralph have outgoing, commanding personalities, and from the beginning they seem evenly matched, with plenty of potential for evolution. For the first few weeks, they tend to fumble, blush, and stutter their way through conversations with each other. Eventually, they establish a cooperative bond which consists of Jack leading the hunters and serving as a confidence booster for Ralph, while Ralph leads the government and keeps Jack in check to the best of his ability. The connection between the boys continues to develop as they spend more time together. Although their ideologies differ, the situation has not yet become dire. They mostly have the same goal of keeping the rules intact, and Jack still respects Ralph, as stated by Piggy. “You’re all right- he respects you” (93). For his part, Ralph holds Jack in high esteem, even thinking Jack Merridew the person is equal to the high status of chief (93). Part of Ralph’s character includes valuing people over power, which leaves him confused and shattered after Jack, motivated by a thirst for power, finally breaks off to start his own tribe.

The departure of Jack from the main tribe and the formation of a new dictatorship drastically alters the bond between Jack and Ralph and stretches their relationship past the breaking point. Immediately following Jack’s split from the group, Ralph is devastated. He sits in the same spot the rest of the day, ignores people when they talk to him, and repeats “He’ll come back. When the sun goes down, he’ll come,” (128). Ralph, always the optimistic one on the topic of rescue, says to Piggy, “There’s no help, Piggy. Nothing to be done” (128). Only when offered food and comforted by his friends does he perk up, and eventually Ralph becomes more reliant on Piggy the way he was on Jack. Although the closer friendship with Piggy helps Ralph, the dynamic has shifted. Piggy never becomes a true replacement for Jack, and Ralph’s feelings for Piggy remain platonic. More interesting still is Ralph’s excusing of Simon’s murder and Piggy’s stolen glasses.When the four boys go to Castle Rock in an attempt to recover the glasses, Ralph’s priority is on possibly talking it out rather than going by force. While fighting, he holds back for a time, and after Samneric’s capture, he still tries to appeal to Jack’s “better side,” despite its uselessness. “Ralph cried out hopelessly against the black and green mask, ‘Jack!’” (179) It takes Piggy’s death and Jack stabbing Ralph with a spear for Ralph to finally realize there is no hope of bringing Jack back to the rational side. Though a logical person, Ralph is not immune to the effects of emotion blindsiding him, and his continued feelings toward Jack allow him to hold on to the idea Jack might be above killing him, even after the events of Castle Rock. Ralph never quite abandons his side of the “indefinable connection between himself and Jack” (184). Like before, Ralph mostly appears confused over what he did to agitate Jack so greatly. He says to Samneric: “What have I done? I liked him-and I wanted us to be rescued” (188) after they tell him of Jack’s plan to hunt and kill. Jack and Ralph had a connection deeper than a mere power struggle or usual friendship, but their relationship follows the same downwards path as human nature throughout the novel.

Despite their potential, Jack and Ralph’s relationship falls apart due to a key part of human nature and the survival instinct. The factors composing the instinct include brutal selfishness which allows the person to eliminate any obstacle to survival. These obstacles include, but not limited to, pain, moral values, or even people and objects the survivor once considered valuable. The survival instinct served a critical role in destroying Jack and Ralph’s conceivable relationship. As displayed through his behavior and attitude, Jack’s instinct kicked in much earlier than Ralph’s. While Ralph manages to stay rational and calm for the majority of the time on the island, Jack falls prey to inner brutality and greed. Their ideas of what defines survival differ as well. Jack’s definition is being chief, ruling with complete power, and staying on the island. As a result of his power desire, Jack stops seeing Ralph as a person; instead, he views him as an opponent on his course to survival. From the point on, the survival instinct takes control and negates most attraction he has toward Ralph in favor of overthrowing the latter’s chiefship. Not all feeling vanishes immediately, as Jack doesn’t try to eliminate Ralph despite given opportunities, such as the late night raid on Ralph’s camp and the fight at Castle Rock. But once Ralph’s resources are completely nullified, Jack sees his chance and goes in for the final kill, effectively ending any remaining sentiment he had for Ralph.  Ralph’s definition of survival, on the other hand, is a cooperative relationship and rescue. His more rational outlook keep the more primal part of the survival instinct from factoring into his decision making, therefore harboring affection toward Jack for longer. He continues to see Jack as a reasonable person for the majority of the novel; however, the instinct finally takes effect in the last chapter and shreds most feelings to ribbons. After Ralph, on the run from the tribe, has lost everything, he stops seeing “the savages,” as he calls his former tribe mates, as humans and does not hesitate to hurt them as they become his greatest survival obstacles (195). Interestingly enough, he continues to refer to Jack by name, and does not address him as “the chief” as everyone else does, as if making one last effort to convince himself Jack is somehow still human. Only once the arrival of the naval ship guarantees Ralph safety does he stop calling him by name, instead identifying him as “a little boy” (201). While it could be argued the rescue officially ends whatever last shreds of connection remain between Jack and Ralph, “boy” is a distinctly human classification, signifying Ralph still sees Jack as human to some extent; therefore, the bond may not have completely died. Even so, distancing himself from Jack and never seeing him again once they return home would be the rational choice. Ralph has proved a logical thinker, and human and good are not synonymous. However, an experience such as the one they have both gone through leaves lasting scars, and it proves nearly impossible to imagine Ralph ever fully leaving behind Jack Merridew.

While the survival instinct is not inherently dark or light, it can tear apart or neutralize any potential compatibility, as previously discussed. From their initial meeting, Jack and Ralph created a connection plausibly crossing from friendship into a romantic relationship. Yet, once the survival instinct takes hold, the relationship swiftly deteriorates to a one-sided attachment and ends with next to nothing. The descending spiral between Jack and Ralph depicts the ramifications of a part of human nature and the disastrous result on personal relationships.


“The last time this happened, you felt taller.”

Ahroun have a good sense of what’s reasonable to do if someone drinks the last soda, or whatever happened here…

Split that infinitive, Martin (belongs to xhakhal)
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Is It Too Late To Remind You How We Were

Author: natashaalianov (Marvels on ao3) 

Pairing: Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski

Words: 1967

Genre: Hurt/ Comfort


There were a lot of reasons that Stiles loved Lydia Martin.

She had this light, floral perfume that she wore every day, and over the course of their time as friends in high school, it had developed its own allure. When she would spend an evening studying sprawled across his bed, the scent would linger long after she had gone. Stiles had grown to feel that her scent was more necessary to a good night’s sleep than the bed itself. The smell was tinged with the scent of copper and viscera and why is there so much blood-

It can’t be her. She can’t be hurt.

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The last streaming lights of burning gold faded into the distance allowing the night sky to fall into place. Lights began to twinkle one by one to life as if the city itself was the night sky. Dotted with stars.

Large black panels slid up revealing a beautiful panoramic view of the familiar yet so different city. 

Palms flat against cool glass, intense green eyes stared out at the scenery. The shade of them reminiscent of the needles on a pine tree. A deep breath slowly entered waiting lungs that almost screamed for breath. The scene took his breath away nearly each time he saw it. Mostly because he wished he could still see it the way it was. Sparkling and new. Brilliant in it’s luxury. 

Turning away, his bare back to the city as he trailed up a spiraling staircase that lead straight up into a master bedroom. There were other bedrooms but none of them were on the same floor. Privacy was a priority. An opaque glass door slid closed at the top of the hanging stairs each one of them glass with strong silver cables holding them up and together.

Bare feet touched soft grey carpet that spanned the entirety of the room stopping only at the doorway of the bathroom and the closet.

Trailing silently to the closet, he stepped onto flooring that looked like simple white tile that was in fact more than meets the eye. The moment his weight settled down on one large square all of them lit up illuminating the entire space. 

It didn’t take long before he emerged with a hanger in hand with a damp towel draped over one shoulder. 

The hanger quickly settled against a waiting hook in the vast bathroom. Delving into a black basket, a tin of pomade soon touched a marble counter top. It was popped open and the scented substance inside soon met air dried chocolate brown hair. 

Slicked back, the hair sat in proper place. Fingers smoothed over a freshly shaven face searching for imperfections. None were found. Aftershave met the smooth skin more for the adornment than anything else. 

The suit followed, a crisp white shirt pulled on over a tight white wife beater. Buttons were pushed and soon the garment was on the sleeves adjusted.Grey pants were next, belted to lean hips after a quick tuck of the neat dress shirt. 

Cuff-links came next, holding the cuffs of the long sleeved shirt closed. 

Completely dressed, and nearly ready for what seemed like a night on the town ended with another trip to the closet. Blades were pulled from velvet lined drawers that probably would’ve been intended for women’s jewelry. Each one tucked into place hidden on the gentleman’s person.

A few were tucked up inside the back of neat coat. Expensive just by the look of it. 

The necessary extras were lifted along with a large leather bag of spare clothes. Always a staple for him. He couldn’t go about dressed in something dirty. 

The night was just beginning and it would be a long one. 

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