priority glass


The last streaming lights of burning gold faded into the distance allowing the night sky to fall into place. Lights began to twinkle one by one to life as if the city itself was the night sky. Dotted with stars.

Large black panels slid up revealing a beautiful panoramic view of the familiar yet so different city. 

Palms flat against cool glass, intense green eyes stared out at the scenery. The shade of them reminiscent of the needles on a pine tree. A deep breath slowly entered waiting lungs that almost screamed for breath. The scene took his breath away nearly each time he saw it. Mostly because he wished he could still see it the way it was. Sparkling and new. Brilliant in it’s luxury. 

Turning away, his bare back to the city as he trailed up a spiraling staircase that lead straight up into a master bedroom. There were other bedrooms but none of them were on the same floor. Privacy was a priority. An opaque glass door slid closed at the top of the hanging stairs each one of them glass with strong silver cables holding them up and together.

Bare feet touched soft grey carpet that spanned the entirety of the room stopping only at the doorway of the bathroom and the closet.

Trailing silently to the closet, he stepped onto flooring that looked like simple white tile that was in fact more than meets the eye. The moment his weight settled down on one large square all of them lit up illuminating the entire space. 

It didn’t take long before he emerged with a hanger in hand with a damp towel draped over one shoulder. 

The hanger quickly settled against a waiting hook in the vast bathroom. Delving into a black basket, a tin of pomade soon touched a marble counter top. It was popped open and the scented substance inside soon met air dried chocolate brown hair. 

Slicked back, the hair sat in proper place. Fingers smoothed over a freshly shaven face searching for imperfections. None were found. Aftershave met the smooth skin more for the adornment than anything else. 

The suit followed, a crisp white shirt pulled on over a tight white wife beater. Buttons were pushed and soon the garment was on the sleeves adjusted.Grey pants were next, belted to lean hips after a quick tuck of the neat dress shirt. 

Cuff-links came next, holding the cuffs of the long sleeved shirt closed. 

Completely dressed, and nearly ready for what seemed like a night on the town ended with another trip to the closet. Blades were pulled from velvet lined drawers that probably would’ve been intended for women’s jewelry. Each one tucked into place hidden on the gentleman’s person.

A few were tucked up inside the back of neat coat. Expensive just by the look of it. 

The necessary extras were lifted along with a large leather bag of spare clothes. Always a staple for him. He couldn’t go about dressed in something dirty. 

The night was just beginning and it would be a long one.