i’m so emo bcos honestly lexa probably n e v e r thought she’d be able to build their relationship up to a romantic one again–like did she want it? oh yeah i’m sure, but obviously she hurt clarke and I don’t think she would prioritize her feelings like that, or even set her heart on the possibility for fear of having it broken again, like i’m so………………. emo

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I have a few questions about Caleb's ability. Can he feel others when they're in pain and can he localize it to a certain area? And this one's a bit stupid, but does his ability only work on humans?

This is such a great question! The short answer is sometimes, yes, he can feel physical pain. But Caleb is not personally able to localize it at this time. If someone is in physical pain, Caleb will feel a general kind of pain. Rather than his body drawing attention to a specific area of his body that needs seeing to (like it would if he himself stubbed his toe), feeling the pain of others is his body drawing attention to that specific person in need. 

All the same rules apply though - proximity, strength of feeling, Caleb’s own mindset. And his empathy tends to prioritize emotional signals over physical ones. This is why he enjoys football. Because everyone, including himself, is physically exerting themselves, it all sort of evens out. His body can’t process every little twinge and ache in every player and instead he feels that kind of good burning soreness that you feel when you have a good workout. People getting seriously injured is a different story. 

Caleb’s ability works best on humans. The closer something’s neurology is to his own, the better it works. So, if Caleb spent a lot of time one-on-one with a chimpanzee or other primate, he could probably get it working pretty well. As for dogs and cats and other domestic animals, he is only slightly more in tune with them than their owners would be - he can tell when they’re happy and when they’re freaked, but it isn’t as much of a conscious things as it is with humans. Caleb could definitely be described as an animal person in the sense that he’s naturally very good with them. 

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You had once stated that there is not one good thing about nerd culture. Why do you think that?

Hi, sea lion! One reason I think that is because nerd culture, by prioritizing information acquisition over social cues (at the very kindest interpretation), encourages exactly this kind of long-after-the-fact litigation of an off-the-cuff remark made in the context of some gamergate shittery that anyone with a functioning moral compass would disavow.

Fuck feeling sorry for yourself and entitled to revenge because your consumption preferences temporarily made you feel less sexually attractive than people who had slightly different consumption preferences. Fuck “finding your community,” when that means finding people who encourage hair-splitting defensiveness about shitty misogynistic, racist, and homophobic attitudes because you all like similar corporate products. Fuck using consumer profiles as identity politics, and fuck using a surface grasp of identity politics as a rhetorical tool to position yourself as a perpetual victim, and therefore justified in participating in any campaign of rhetorical or actual violence against perceived enemies. Fuck not growing up.

“But that’s not nerd culture!” It is now. I don’t give a shit about the halcyon days of Trekkers and the Merry Marvel Marching Society and watching Monty Python after midnight on PBS and having to learn to call it anime instead of Japanimation. As a culture, it is past redemption and needs to be abandoned. The total destruction of every nerd-beloved cultural property (which, by the way, is not remotely on the table) would be worth it if it meant right-wing sociopaths stopped having a tribalistic pretext to harass women of color. Just for instance.

If it’s a war, I’m with the social justice warriors every time. And, real talk, I hate the fact that my own nerdy heroic-fantasy-devouring adolescence encouraged that particular metaphor – it’s not a war. It’s a symptom of broader cultural instability, and there is no idyllic harmony that will be restored if one side or the other “loses,” just a further entrenchment of neoliberal capitalist hegemonic power. So diminish, and go into the west.

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Hi, Alex! Thanks for answering questions. Do you have any advice for college students in regards to balancing school and writing? Thank you!

Ugh, I’m sorry, this is SO going to come across as do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, but, actually, one of my bigger regrets in life is not fully engaging with my last two years of college because I was so obsessed with being published. It’s a personal decision that you have to make for yourself, but my advice is always to prioritize friendships and school itself. I sold my debut (Brightly Woven) at the start of second semester senior year and people basically thought I had graduated early because I was going from class -> pick up food to go -> go to library to do homework -> pick up food to go -> go back to the library to work on edits -> sleep.

 I used to wake up around 6:30 every morning to edit or write until I had class at 10AM and that’s how I managed, because I discovered I liked writing in large chunks of dedicated time versus on and off.

You can make time for writing and accomplish A LOT in even an hour/day, or an hour every few days, believe me. Make a standing date for with yourself for nothing but writing time, and don’t cancel unless you absolutely have to. I started off by committing to NaNoWriMo my freshman year and experimenting with what worked best for me in terms of structuring my course work and writing time. Focus on shaping your voice and try to find other students who are interested in writing, too, that you could eventually share your work with. Like I said before, the best writing comes from living–meeting new people, experiencing that whole human range of emotion, and using that special free time you have in college to seek out new experiences. Once college is over, it’s over! And it goes by SO fast, believe me!

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I am really starting to find Maya insufferable. I understand comic relief moments, and I understand no friendship is perfect (there is usually quite a bit of sarcasm between good friends). What I don't understand is how Riley is constantly prioritizing Maya over everyone else, while Maya does not do the same for Riley. (Well, there was that one ep when Eric got called in and "fixed" Riley because she had the audacity to agree that Maya was short.) Maya is almost always Maya's priority.

With the exceptions of pushing Riley and Lucas together in the Pilot and First Date and staying by her side in High School, I can’t recall any situation where Maya was there for Riley that didn’t benefit Maya in some fashion, even if it was just her amusement.

// PSA: back from summer hiatus

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[ Before anything else, I AM TERRIBLY SORRY for disappearing. I tried keeping the blog alive while I was away from home but a series of unfortunate circumstances (lack of a good connection primarily) kept me away. Last week I didn’t even have the time to check for messages on phone, hence why I did not reply to @zumachaosreborn and @inventogation. Of course the end result was that I stopped replying to threads as well. Good news is, I’m finally back to the city and can get back to work on this blog. Little by little I’ll start to put this blog into motion again.

I will prioritize replying to older threads over opening new ones, even if I promised some. Please don’t take this as a lack of interest in new interactions. It is just that it’s easier for me to reply to older ones since I just have to go with the flow. Once I have started queueing some replies, I will get to starting new interactions. Hoepfully, it won’t take long, just a few days. I promise that on my part the interest is always there and strong as ever, but I simply need time to organize my activity again. Plus I have to work on my Incorrect PP Quotes blog, which has been laying neglected for too long. Please be patient with me for these first weeks, I promise I will do my best to get back on track as soon as possible! ]

(Hello, folks in the FW verse! Just a personal note to say that since last week I’ve been in grad school and any free time I have has been dedicated to that. I’ve fallen behind on some threads + reaction posts and while I’ll make sure to get to the threads in an orderly fashion, I’ll be prioritizing school over rp. Apologies for any trouble it may cause! [Since at times the events go super fast haha]

Threads I owe under the cut since it’ll be easier – let me know if you’re okay with continuing them! :D)

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sorry this isn't exactly just about avpd but could you explain what executive dysfunction means?..


“Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Just as an air traffic control system at a busy airport safely manages the arrivals and departures of many aircraft on multiple runways, the brain needs this skill set to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses.”(x

It is most commonly associated with Autism, ADHD, and depression. 

- Jay

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What are some of the biggest common no-nos in singing properly?

There will be different schools of thought on this, to be sure.  But in my technique, these are mine:

  • Squeezing in the abdominal cavity during breathing or singing. 
  • Collapsed soft palate/high larynx.
  • Smiley mouth position, flat mouth position, lazy mouth position.
  • Letting the head or mouth articulate the pitch.
  • Manipulated vibrato.  
  • Prioritizing what you hear in your voice over what you feel in your body.

People on waiting lists for subsidized housing can get priority for a few reasons, usually if they’re currently homeless or living somewhere dilapidated or without water or power. I’m not homeless, but I think that I might be able to swing into the prioritized section since my landlord’s office has resorted to harassing and threatening me.

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(the sw meme) 1, 4, 21, 22, 29, 30.

(1, 21, 29 answered)

4. Favorite soundtrack(s)
The Ahsoka Leaves theme is great and sad

22. Worst character(s)
Does that mean character I thought was terribly written or character I like the least? Because there exist both sorts. Palpatine is my absolute least favorite, no doubt about it. Krell is pretty up there. And Lux. Also Clovis. Please delete all of them, thank you

30. Unpopular opinion(s)
I kind of hate when Leia is referred to as a Skywalker. She’s an Organa, by nurture and by choice, and she wants nothing to do with Vader, whoever he might once have been. DNA is irrelevant. But of course it’s the relationship with Vader that people prioritize (both in and out of universe! Just look at Kylo Ren!), and I don’t like it

College life (8.27.16)

I’m finally starting to feel better about this semester. I got as organized as I could tonight with my classes… printing assignment calendars, putting important shortcuts to websites I need to log into every day on the opening page to force me to do so, recycling last year’s school supplies because I’m broke af and binders are expensive. Just having that little bit of organization gives me time to plan, prioritize, and then do my tasks. This semester is ALL about turning shit in, and time management is something I need to work on. For the past year I basically had no homework other than to study, so this is a huge change. I feel a lot more confident in my abilities now that things are sorted. Tomorrow I have to go spend another 20 or 30 dollars for more supplies that I just don’t have, but for how much it eases my anxiety it’s worth it for me.

I’m honestly just really grateful to be in school and studying things I love and to be challenged.

I do have a question for anyone that might be able to help. What would be the best type of planner for someone whose majority of homework and assignments are online? I hate online calendars and I’d really like to invest in something that will keep track of 15 credit hours. I color code everything in pens to match with the binder of the the subject (example: pink binder=pink pen to use for the titles and underlining in my notes, as well as the color I would use to write down assignments in my planner. nerdy, right?) so there has to be enough space. I’d prefer larger than smaller so I can write down small notes if I need to.

Recommendations on:
-Planners (again, with ample space to make color coded lists. It seems like I’ll have anywhere from 15-30 assignments per week each with different due dates and times, each requiring different time to study/do the work. I’m talking like, one assignment might take me 30 minutes, whereas another is projected to be about 6 hours)


-Any other necessities or things you’ve found helpful to have on hand (I’m a sucker for post-its if that helps.

THANK YOU guys for all your help and support!

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The only way I could see himself committing himself is if 1. He fell madly in love 2. Their social circle was very similar making it easy to see each other 3. She was fiercely independent and just as motivated as he, so she would prioritize his professional life as much as he would. She would have to be his biggest cheerleader and allow him to do whatever he needs to do to achieve all he wants to achieve. And it would be very hard work on both their parts.

Which is why I hope he doesn’t let himself get derailed.  

It’s not that there’s no possible way to ‘redeem’ Theo, whether by blaming his past actions on mind control, evil clones, whatever.

It’s that when you prioritize examining why Theo did what he did over how what he did affected his victims (mainly Scott, which lol, we know they won’t, given that they barely acknowledged his death all in 5B)….

well, let’s just say its those priorities I have a problem with.

Just a very important reminder that kpop isn’t that deep. With all the jokes and memes aside, please keep in mind that it’s just music and you shouldn’t let it dictate or overtake your life. There are soooooo many more important things to worry about and prioritize in your life, and kpop or your bias should absolutely not be one of them.

I’ve been looking through the leftbians tag and honestly it confirms my suspicions that a lot of people are being smug about the whole thing. Stop fucking talking about ~discourse~ for 2 seconds and try displaying some common human decency. Victims don’t need to see all your petty posts about how you knew she was bad ever since she made one post you disagreed with back in 2014.

What the signs aim to be

Aries: Aims to be honest like a Sagittarius and warm hearted like a Libra.

Taurus: Aims to be loving like a Pisces and prioritized like a Virgo.

Gemini: Aims to be intelligent like an Aquarius and live in the moment like a Sagittarius.

Cancer: Aims to be tough like a Capricorn and empathetic like a Pisces.

Leo: Aims to be kind like a Cancer and strong willed like a Scorpio.

Virgo: Aims to be on top like a Capricorn and learn everything like an Aquarius.

Libra: Aims to be as deep as a Scorpio and be selfless like a Pisces.

Scorpio: Aims to be strong like an Aries and determined like a Capricorn.

Sagittarius: Aims to be friendly like an Aquarius and comforting like a Cancer.

Capricorn: Aims to be powerful like a Taurus and be a leader like a Leo.

Aquarius: Aims to be free like a Sagittarius and be focused like a Taurus.

Pisces: Aims to be social like a Libra and flexible like a Gemini.

Standing in solidarity with Standing Rock and the struggle to stop the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

The DAPL is a proposed crude pipeline which crosses treaty territories, threatening the Missouri River, impacting immediately Cannonball, North Dakota of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. We have created this poster to amplify the message of the water protectors and land defenders. We are selling a limited number of posters so we can fundraise resources to buy more paper and ink to produce more posters for distribution in the Bay Area as well as sending hundreds of posters out to Standing Rock.

Please prioritize sending financial support the Sacred Stone Camp from the Standing Sioux Tribe. You can donate to the camp fund at 

There is also a legal fund they are asking for donations for

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