so I just saw a ton of homophobic shit going down w. het partnered radfems so bc it’s no longer in my blog description I wanted to let my followers know that I am bi, I am het partnered and as such receive the mixed bag of privilege and erasure that comes w. that!!
I don’t talk about it a lot but that is my life in case you didn’t know

How to Make a Daily Prioritized Study List

FIRST: Create your Semester Assignment Spreadsheet.

SECOND: Go through your planner and write down all of your due dates for all of your classes.

THIRD: Use this system to create a color-coded timeline in your planner

FOURTH: Use different colors to prioritize upcoming assignments.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT: You will have every day’s study time planned out and will be ready to get started. You will open the planner and know exactly which assignments take top priority, what takes second priority, and what is in your “queue” for the next couple of weeks.

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apparently that's actually not a sony rep lol people are the worst with the spreading of fake twitter accounts in this fandom


I’m not actually joking, as it happens. The fact that the person who tweeted that may be a false account doesn’t actually change what that description means to me, in the same way that the fact that the Till the End signs  were actually from a WWA concert doesn’t change how that sentiment makes me feel about the four of them, which is why I’ve kept that phrase as my ot4 tag. This may sound a bit weird, given that in general this is not a pro-conspiracy blog, but the fact of the matter is that all of our sources in RPF fandoms are unreliable narrators, regardless of whether they’re real people or not. I was rereading a post I made the LAST time I was in a band fandom that exploded, and I’m going to c&p some of what I wrote then, because while the circumstances are different, my feelings are largely the same:

Our happy narrative of [relationships in other fandom] got taken away, but we don’t know why, and what’s worse, while this narrative is in many ways genuinely ours, it’s not primarily ours. It belongs to the people themselves. Even more importantly though, just as we are not an objective audience watching this with no attachment to the individuals involved, no one actually involved in this is a reliable narrator. None of us are, about our own lives. RPF is fundamentally about taking pieces of various unreliably told stories, and out of them crafting something larger than those individual stories, something that we feel is true (or meaningful, or important). And of course, there’s no one shared narrative that’s universally held and agreed upon across the fandom, either; even before this there have been so many factions over past events, and their meaning, and their significance.

And so now we’re all trying to take whichever version of this current story we believe (or want to believe, or hope to believe), and we have to figure out how to graft it onto the existing narrative. We can look at this and say, these events supplant all of my previously held beliefs about this person/this band; I was wrong, and now I know better. Some people will also start looking for evidence to support that this was there from the beginning, or come to believe that deep down, we had suspected this sort of thing was lurking there all along. Most people hate to be blindsided, and it can be reassuring to assert that we weren’t REALLY taken in. Not us. Or maybe some people actually were just waiting for this to happen. Who knows; I’m not in their brain.

All of this is just a long-winded and fairly self-indulgent way of saying that regardless of whether or not someone who actually knows the boys was the one who said that they’re stuck to each other like stamps to a letter, that’s how I think of them in my heart. That’s how I choose to see them. Is that the TRUTH???? I have no fucking idea, although in general real life is both more complicated and more mundane than anything I’ll create in my brain. But that’s the narrative that READS at truth to me, and always has to me about them, and that’s all I can ask for. 

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Hey there! I noticed you made a post about the 78 cent statistic. This statistic is literally comparing ANY WOMAN with ANY JOB to ANY MAN with ANY JOB. This means that is is directly comparing a male brain surgeon who works a 65 hour work week, to a female part time secretary who works 20 hours a week. And you use it to complain about women making less. The stat isn't about equal pay for equal work. Men prioritize work more than women on average, therefore they take higher paying jobs more often

oh dude, thank you so much for telling me this. all this time i thought women were being discriminated against, but no! they don’t “prioritize work.” silly women, that’s probs why i couldn’t grasp simple concepts like statistics. guess i shouldn’t have gotten that advanced degree then, eh? 

OK FEMINISTS we can all go home now, this anonymous dude helped me see the light. women it’s your fault that the system works against you. it’s certainly not systematic or societal, nope, you’re all just too stupid to take higher paying jobs. ps. i really hope you can see the sarcasm dripping from the page. 

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What kind of feminist are you The kill all men kind or more for equal rights?

The latter. I believe in good men, as well as fantastic and wonderful women. And despite the fact that for me it’s all about equal rights, I do prioritize focusing on supporting women, especially as a woman myself.

The rhetoric of the tech press, which has come to dominate music-business coverage because of its sheer bulk and almost gluttonous willingness to swallow any PR handed to it, belies a distrust for those artists who don’t explicitly align themselves with business’ interests—which is to say, those artists who don’t release their music for free by default. This strange strain of the Protestant ethic has warped the current tech economy into something that prioritizes conduits over the material passing through them; the high valuation of Uber, which would be less useful without its army of half-employed drivers, brings to mind the rhetoric surrounding failed digital music services that claimed they would take over the world despite their inability to ink deals with major labels. And even now, Spotify, the company viewed as a streaming-music success, still has a long way to go before the tech world’s desired outcome of world domination; not only are its payouts low, but according to Billboard, Spotify has 60 million subscribers, with only 25% of them paying the $9.99 a month to bypass ads.

And it’s hard to ingrain new habits and direct people toward new formats, particularly when it comes to online music services, which benefit from behind-the-scenes machinations that users never see. A minor row ensued when Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify, but no digital shop is immune from these baits and switches—late last fall, the subscription-download service eMusic decided to “[renew] its commitment to independent music” by abruptly ditching the major-label offerings it began selling in 2009. Users are paying for access to a catalog that ideally is similar to the long-storied “celestial jukebox,” but the reality is much more checkered; think about albums that were long ago deleted from majors’ catalogs and have no hope for reissue, or 7”s released on tiny labels that ran through their lone pressing.

A me non dà fastidio non arrivare al 1.55 di altezza. Così come non voglio nemmeno diventare un’assistente di volo. Però mi dà fastidio non poter accedere a delle possibilità (in aggiunta a tutte le altre che vabbé non ne parliamo), anche quando esse se non rientrano tra le mie priorità di vita, solo per uno sputo di centimetri.

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What do you do when you're stressed out to the max and everything is coming at you all at once? ):

- Take a deep breath 
- Remember that your track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that’s pretty damn awesome.
- Make lists and prioritize said things because visual representation , even if it’s a lot, gives clarity and makes things seem less overwhelming
- Don’t get worked up. Do what you can to the best of your ability and you are golden. <3

Our thoughts and love go out to everyone in the Brown community today. Please do not be afraid to ask for help during this difficult time and prioritize self care above all else. Check your email for important updates and information on where to find the resources you need to keep yourself and others safe. If you’re having trouble finding any of those resources, please message us.

Lots of love,



From the Office of Campus Life:

Dear Brown Community Members,

Graduate and medical students in all programs are invited to gather with the Chaplains, the deans of the Graduate School, and colleagues from the Counseling and Psychological Services team for support and conversation in Room 411 of J. Walter Wilson (Brown and Waterman Streets) at 7:30 pm.

For undergraduate students, 3 residentially-based community meetings will be held simultaneously at 7:30 pm in Arnold Lounge (Keeney Quad), the Fireside Lounge (Morriss-Champlin), and the Graduate Center in Tower E, 1st floor.  These gatherings will include the residential peer leaders, community directors, representatives from Counseling and Psychological Services, and any and all students who would like to attend.

For all students, peer support is available at the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center (26 Benevolent Street) this afternoon until midnight tonight.

For faculty and staff, confidential counseling and support services are available through the Faculty/Staff Assistance Plan.

In terms of on-going and crisis support, we want to remind you of some of the resources that are available.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services is available on-call and in the office for appointments or consultation at (401) 863-3476.  CAPS offers emergency support 24/7 if needed through (401) 863-3476 or by calling the Department of Public Safety at (401) 863-3322 and asking for CAPS on call.
  • The Chaplains Office is on the 4th floor of J. Walter Wilson and can be reached at (401) 863-2344.
  • The Office of Student Life has student support deans who are available for appointments or consultation at (401) 863-3800 and after hours through the administrator-on-call at (401) 863-3322.
  • The Deans of the College will be offering some extra open hours for undergraduate students on Wednesday on the second floor of University Hall.
  • The Samaritans of Rhode Island, a suicide prevention resource center, has a hotline at (401) 753-7936.
  • For students, faculty, and staff with questions or concerns regarding how to assist others in distress, on-line resources and information can be found here.    

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Mi frequento con un ragazzo da circa tre mesi ed è una testa dura. È più grande di me di quattro anni ed ha altre priorità. All'inizio era tutto un “chi se ne frega” ed era antipatico, ora mi coccola sempre. L'altro giorno mi ha fatto una sorpresa: un mazzo di fiori e mi ha portato al mare e dai suoi amici. io mi sto innamorando.

Che cosa dolce.


also, if I hear one more person talk about how universities shouldn’t prioritize student safety and self-care (among other things) because the “real world” won’t cater to overly-sensitive people I swear I’m going to scream 

the line from this episode that i fucking hate is when sean is like “you’re using other people’s problems to avoid your own” like yes fuckass she’s talking about her recently diagnosed bipolar little brother of whom she’s the legal guardian and who was just put in fucking military prison and you are so right she should forget about that and go back to prioritizing the fucking love triangle she’s in it’s not like she’s been doing that for months now anyway she really has to worry about her Own Problems, which are not problems that her family is experiencing. Her siblings’ problems, the siblings of whom she is the legal guardian, are not her problems!!!!! when she focuses on those, she’s just using them to ignore her love life. thank you so much, randy, for pointing out this unhealthy habit that fiona has taken to. if ian is going to jail for 5 years, he can worry about on his own damn time! if it destroys his relationships, that’s his problem! fiona’s got BOYS to choose from. take her back home!!!!

David Dayen writes about something Barney Frank disclosed in his new autobiography: Namely, that Barack Obama is the real reason why the financial crisis has gone on so long, mostly because he prioritized the banks and ignored the needs of foreclosed homeowners. Moral hazard, amirite? And look how well that turned out for rich people! Via Salon:

TARP was doled out in two tranches of $350 billion each. The Bush administration, still in charge during TARP’s passage in October 2008, used none of the first tranche on mortgage relief, nor did Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson use any leverage over firms receiving the money to persuade them to lower mortgage balances and prevent foreclosures. Frank made his anger clear over this ignoring of Congress’ intentions at a hearing with Paulson that November. Paulson argued in his defense, “the imminent threat of financial collapse required him to focus single-mindedly on the immediate survival of financial institutions, no matter how worthy other goals were.”

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sometimes i get the impression that aro & ace lgbpq folks prioritize hetero aro/ace ppl as a means to seem more appealing to them but hate to break it to you, they still hate us. they still have straight privilege. maybe give more of a fuck about lbpq women who are aro/ace

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Top 5 TV characters?

1. Sam Winchester
Basically for all of the reasons that I already listed [here]. Sam is the absolute best of anyone ever, okay? He has been dealt the shittiest hand in life, and somehow just manages to become a better person with each thing that happens to him. He’s also driven, self-sacrificing, and so amazingly kind. How many times has he been dying and still prioritized other people? Someone could be the reason he’s dying in the hospital, and he’d still forgive them because that’s just who he is. And his areas of gray morality are equally as fascinating to me.
I wish I could be even a tenth as great a person as Sam.

2. Annie Edison
My TV twin! If there was a TV character that was the perfect representation of my personality, it would be Annie.
More than that, though, I really adore the nuances in her personality. This is a character who is, at her heart, a great person. She wants to help people, she’s kind, and she’s loving. But she’s also a downright awful person when she wants to be - she has happily sabotaged friends, can’t readily accept not being the very best at everything ever, and has a tendency to manipulate others. And that’s one of the great things about her as a character.

3. Ben Wyatt
He’s such a geek. This is the guy who quits his job, and decides to spend his free time building a gigantic board game.
He is so much more mellow (usually) than Leslie, but he never tries to discourage her or knock her down, and I adore that. He’s the guy who sees everyone else’s enthusiasm and just goes along with it. Also, did I mention he’s a geek? He role plays Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and writes Star Trek fanfiction. He’s kind, and down to earth. He’s the geek we needed on television.

4. Abed Nadir
“Abed. You’re a god.” I could write essays about Abed and the importance of his existence as a character. The aneurotypical person of color who connects with people through what he knows from media, who struggles with social cues and connecting his actions to consequences, but still does every damn thing he can to help his friends just because he’s a good person.
So many representations of aneurotypicality are, well, horribly distressing in pop culture. Abed is the exception.

5. Chuck Bartowski
I just really really love Chuck. I had a raging teenage crush on Zachary Levi that will probably never disappear because of Chuck. The geek who accidentally becomes a super spy, has the most ridiculous group of friends ever, and falls in love with a girl more talented and amazing than he is.

[Ask me my Top 5 anything!]