i’m not gonna name any names or @ any blogs but maybe one of the grossest things i’ve seen with regards to check please is

“why do you guys get so mad about people prioritizing these white side characters over these non-white side characters and don’t get mad about the fact that bitty and jack get the most attention and they’re white too”

okay but like. bitty is the Main Character and jack is the Love Interest and do i wish that they were maybe not white? absolutely. but am i mad that they get the most fandom attention when they’re the main characters? no not really.

listen. i love kent parson with my whole heart but i’m aware of the race problem in the check please fandom. y'all invented a boyfriend for him, shipped him with a character that obviously does not like him, and often take attributes from other characters and project them onto him.

the problem here isn’t “jack and bitty get more attention over characters of color and that’s racist” but “these minor white side characters get more attention than these major non-white side characters”

please bring some nuance to your social commentary

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Do you feel the education system generally puts mental health as a secondary or tertiary concern, after test scores and student performance? What can a student like myself do to address this?

We have no problems with screenings for hearing… so why aren’t we screening kids for mental health conditions? On the whole, our education system doesn’t prioritize brain health—but some schools are working to change that. As a student, you can encourage conversations about mental health with your peers. You can talk to your teachers and school administrators about efforts to promote mental wellbeing and resiliency in your classrooms and in the school at large. – Amy

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What about a guy that already has a programming background in web development? this guy has no university degree, just some superior degree on multiplatform development (2 years degree). He goes to the interview presenting a humble CV and a website containing his own works (maybe an android game or two, some game maker studio small games, nothing fancy though). This guy can demonstrate he has programming skills, no art skills at all and a lot of will. Can that guy get into the industry?

Once again… doing what? We’re not going to hire people who’s only qualification is wanting to be here. We need people who can do a job for us. You need to be honest with yourself about what it is you want to be doing. Web development? Gameplay programming? Combat design? Concept art? Production? QA? What sort of work do you want to go into the office and do each day? Unless you can answer that, I really don’t know how to answer you.

Do you want to be a programmer? If so, you should be knowledgeable on common algorithms and data structures. You should be able to come up with efficient code, and that includes knowing which data structure to solve the problem with great run time efficiency. You should understand terms like “Big O Notation” and “Object Oriented Programming”. If you want to get into AAA dev, you should probably know C++ very well, because it’s the go-to language for consoles and most PC development. You probably should also know your linear algebra - you should be able to demonstrate mastery of matrix math, vector operations, and how to represent objects in 3 dimensional space. You should understand what the word “virtual” means with respect to computer science. The term “cache” and “multithreaded” should hold special meaning for you.

Do you want to be a designer? Then be prepared to demonstrate your ability to craft experiences with the tools you’ve learned. You need to show that you understand how to represent complex processes and manipulate the awareness and feelings of the player. You need to show that you can build content and systems that are intuitive and require minimal amounts of hand holding, but are still engaging and fun for many types of players. The content the designer creates is what the players will directly be interacting with, so you should be able to demonstrate that you can construct engaging and interesting quests, conversations, lore, items, and/or systems.

Do you want to be a producer? If so, show us that you can manage tasks for a team of people working together. We need to understand that you can prioritize tasks for everyone, that you can communicate with people working on different parts of a project and keep everything coordinated and on schedule. Be prepared to talk about problems that your team encountered, and things you did to deal with those problems. Even better, tell us about how you empowered others on the team to solve those problems. 

I’ve been getting a number of these questions lately, but I can’t give a real answer unless I know exactly what sort of job it is you want. It can’t just be “I want to work in the industry” because there’s a lot of different roles in the industry, each with a skillset and knowledge base. The different roles exist because the work that they do needs specialists and experts, which means that anyone who is going to do them needs to be a specialist and/or expert. I’m not the sort of person who will pat you on the head and say “Keep dreaming big and one day you can do it too” because I don’t think it’s particularly helpful advice. If you want to work on games, you need to have a clear idea as to what it is you’ll be doing day in and day out to contribute to the project. If you don’t know what sort of jobs there are, I heavily suggest you read my past posts tagged with [roles in the game industry] to help figure it out. But you have to bring something useful to the table - some sort of skill that we need that you’re so good at that we’ll want to pay you for it. I’d be more than happy to tell you “You should know this, this, and this” if you ask “What do I need to know if I want to be a _______?” However, if what you’re looking for is reassurance that you might someday have a place here if you just keep dreaming, I’m the wrong person to ask. “Game developer” isn’t an actual job description, it’s a collective descriptor. If you want to work with us, you need to know what it is you’ll be doing.

Got a burning question you want answered?

I’m just trying to be better to all the people in my life that’s my main goal going forward I don’t want to be consumed with accomplishing things all the time and hitting these arbitrary milestones that just become unnecessary pressure

I’m just going to spend the limited time we all have genuinely appreciating what I already have because I have so much and I’m so grateful for all the friends and family in my life and that I’m healthy

None of it is worth it if I cannot share it and appreciate it with myself or others so that’s what I’ve prioritized now

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Hi hi hi hi~ if you can spare your time to entertain my request, how would seventeen react if one of the members doesn't like their gf for some reason? Thanks <3

Ooh this is interesting! And heartbreaking </3! It would certainly affect some more than others. Assuming it’s a fairly new relationship here and not, like, fallen in love already, we’ll try to be realistic about the outcomes. Here you go:


  • as the leader he would feel guilty and miserable if someone didn’t like his s/o, but he would try his best to find out why by sitting them down for a chat
  • if they didn’t budge on the issue, he might get very frustrated with them or even angry, but i think in the end his love for them might make him want to prioritize their happiness over his own, wanting them to always feel comfortable
  • so maybe he would break up with his s/o in this scenario? for the sake of the team and his sense of responsibility (they do after all say not to date someone who your kids don’t get on with, and svt are pretty much a real family) but also for his s/o, so they aren’t in an awkward situation


  • would be astounded because he knows he’s a good judge of character and how could they have it so wrong? it would totally stress him out
  • like cheol, he’s taken on a parent role, so he’d also talk with the member to try and find out why and explain his own perspective
  • and let’s be honest, jeonghan would be very good and very convincing (lol). he would probably effectively talk them around to giving his s/o a 2nd chance without too much hassle 


  • this quiet soul would be bewildered and feel personally attacked if this happened because he thought that his members would support his happiness like he tries to support them
  • i doubt he’d know what to do. might even withdraw from both parties involved: starting to ignore the members and his s/o while he tries to sort through his feelings alone
  • but will need a lot of advice on what to do next before making then actual decision, and i’m not too sure what decision he would reach


  • he would be astounded that the boys who have become his family would ever stand against something that makes him so happy
  • i think despite his seeming confidence, his sweet nature deep down would make him second guess himself a lot. probably spends a lot of time by himself just crying
  • probably breaks up with his s/o and is mopey and not the same for weeks… possibly to the point where the member who didn’t like his s/o would beg him to bring them back (depends which member it is though) because they can’t bare seeing him that way


  • i can just picture his face falling when he finds out and it’s so sad to think about. i doubt he’d know what to do. probably cries right there
  • he doesn’t let his s/o know because he doesn’t want to hurt them and for a time he would try to balance both sides of his life and act like nothing is going wrong
  • finally he would have to confront the member about how it’s hurting him despite his cheerful outside! either talks them round to his side or he ends up understanding their perspective and dumping his s/o as a result


  • he digs in his stubborn heels and refuses to let anyone hate the person he’s dating
  • you know how he sticks to his opinions once he’s formed them. often slips into conversation all these logical little facts about how great his s/o is, making sure the member knows what he loves about them and how happy they make him
  • eventually the member who dislikes his s/o probably gets over it by the two of them complaining about wonwoo’s tendency to be stubborn together and them realizing how well the s/o knows to put up with him


  • it depends hugely on who it is for woozi. if it’s someone like seungcheol he reevaluates his whole position and tries to talk to the member about it
  • if it’s one of the younger ones he probably gets more defensive and even tells them off. like “how dare you!!!???” ready to fight!!!
  • but either way it hits him harder than he admits. if their dislike continues despite his efforts, he would find himself slowly withdrawing from his s/o in favor of his svt family


  • again, like with hoshi, imagine his beaming smile falling as someone tells him they dislike his s/o… heartbeaking.
  • so innocent and sweet he just can’t understand and he makes them explain every possible reason why until he gets it from their point of view
  • i think he would break things off with the s/o. probably cries a lot about it. he wouldn’t be able to handle the conflict if they stayed together, and he would feel like he’s making things hard for them for selfish reasons


  • he most likely believes it’s a joke at first and totally brushes it off, but when the dislike continues he has to genuinely ask a second time and be told outright that they don’t like his s/o
  • this kid can be stubborn! look at him when he fights with the8! if his s/o looked like they could put up with it, he would try to make it work and try to talk the other member around with time
  • but if it showed any signs of hurting the one he loves you can bet this romantic would break up for the greater good or whatever despite his own feelings


  • initially he’s offended, angry, annoyed. probably very blunt about how stupid he thinks the member is for not liking you
  • later when he cools down his soft heart kicks in and he worries they might have a good reason. so he’d certainly talk to them about it and try his best to understand everything they explain.
  • either he would make completely sure he had reached a compromise where everyone could co exist or he would heavy-heartedly say goodbye to his s/o because he loves his members too much


  • i hope the members would never put him in this position! oh no, he would be so upset! instantly crying probably!!!
  • would feel like he finally found what he was looking for and it’s all come crashing down. again depends who hates his s/o but with most people he would try to talk them round to his perspective tho if it was vernon who hated them he would never be able to continue a relationship with the person
  • if they kept hating his s/o i doubt he would be able to stay together even if it broke his heart, because his loves family too much for that


  •  vernon is very independent and sure of what he thinks and believes and he always says he likes people for who they truly are inside, so i think he’d be certain the member had misunderstood who his s/o truly was
  • if he talked to them and thought their reasons for their dislike didn’t make any sense, he would tell them so and keep dating his s/o even though he’d be upset
  • but if he thought their reasons were pretty well founded, i think he would break up with his s/o, because the relationship would feel unsteady to him after that and he would lose trust in his knowledge of them


  • this goes one of two ways! either dino won’t let anyone dictate his life just because he’s the youngest and so he keeps up the relationship stubbornly no matter what
  • or he is really affected by it, trusts their advice too much to ignore, and after a lot of thinking, breaks things off
  • either way he walks around pouting and very surprisingly short tempered for a long while before making a decision

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I saw that you are learning a lot of languages just like me and i want to know how can u actually do it??!! I speak fluently br portuguese(1st), english(study it since i was 6), french and spanish and bc of that i can understand others... the thing is that i have 2 months to learn Dutch bc i am moving there and i am also learning German bc of my family and idk how i can do it... do you have any advice or system that u think it might be useful??

Hi! This is how I manage my target languages:

  • I am on different levels in each of my target languages and I won’t start learning another one until I’m at least somewhat proficient in my weakest language
  • I avoid studying similar languages at the same time to not to mix them up (in my case, Swedish and German)
  • I prioritize my target languages and study them accordingly - the higher the language is on my list the more time I spend on studying it
  • I accept the fact that I won’t make as fast progress as I would if I was studying only one language at the time

That’s it basically. If I were you I might drop German or put it on hiatus for the time being and concentrate on Dutch because learning it is more urgent and because I would be afraid of mixing the two languages up as they are very similar.

However, if you really want to keep studying both, it’s definitely possible. Perhaps you could make a schedule and decide when you learn Dutch and when German (and when other languages if you are studying them too). For example Dutch in the morning and German in the evening, or Dutch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and German in Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I myself am really bad at sticking to schedules but perhaps it works for you.  

I hope my answer wasn’t completely useless. Good luck with your studies!!

I’m annoyed because any Muslim-related events was never showed last night. My friend started to fast last night but Sana wasn’t shown actually portraying one of the most important events in a Muslim’s life. Like, you gave us a 10-minute clip on Sana studying in Evak’s household yet the story is so fucking slow. The pace is just ????

I apologize for the Muslims here because they’re never being prioritized and portrayed realistically along with your culture and celebrations.

To all the people in the Voltron fandom who:
-Realized this shit was bigger than their ship wars;
-Prioritized the lives and livelihoods of real people over an imaginary relationship;
-Deleted posts when they found out other people would face consequences for things outside of their control;
-Honored the requests of the original poster and took shit down;
-Reblogged heartfelt requests to mitigate the damage;
-Unliked posts and took down reblogs; and,
-Recognized that being an asshole is not the same as being an activist:

You all are good folks and thank you. Keep being awesome.

The AGV-Hellstrike AI bomb is a sub-orbital free-fall weapon system devised during the war with cost and efficacy in mind. These bombs are more autonomous drones than actual bombs, they are capable of analyzing and prioritizing targets with great accuracy all the while adjusting its own trajectory. The Hellstrike is essentially a MIRV vehicle, it carries racks of self-propelled bomblets that are slaved to the AI of the main bomb. In essence the Hellstrike is a highly sophisticated cluster bomb that can blanket wide areas with highly precise and destructive ordnance. One of these bombs is capable of effectively wiping out an armored column by itself and since it carries no heat signature it makes it very difficult to intercept.

Money: the right way!

Anonymous asked: How do you balance “not hoarding money you don’t need and prioritizing helping others instead” with “having enough savings to be self-sufficient”? Because I’m very worried about something bad happening to me, and I know nobody would support me so I’d be on my own. You never know! If your car gets totaled, that’s at least a thousand to buy a junker that’ll break down again in a week. But I don’t wanna hoard my money! That’s unchristian, right?

Unka Glen answered: Well, Jesus did actually say, “do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth” (Mat. 6:19). But, ya know, what is a “treasure” anyway? That’s, like, what pirates have. And then they bury it. And there’s a map. And since you don’t have anything like that, it’s all cool, right?

Nope. The language of the verse is clear, right down to the Greek. Storing up money just for the sake of having it is a direct violation of a Biblical command. …But let’s pull the focus back and look at this from a much wider perspective.

Most of the problem I see with Christians and money comes from thinking backwards. If you let God shape your goals, the right actions are clear, and then all of your brain power goes into meeting that goal. But if you start by asking what the right actions are, all your brain power goes into whether or not you can actually pull off goals that were never clearly defined anyway.

If an angel appears to you and tells you to give half of your bank account to a friend in need, then all of your brain power goes into figuring out how to adjust and survive with less. If you tell yourself that Christians are supposed to be generous, your brain is working overtime to figure out: how generous is too generous? How much is not enough? 

Goals first, then actions.

The real question is: what is your money supposed to do for you? Most people never really answer that, and the few that do will say, “it’s supposed to make me happy”. Well, happiness is an emotion, it’s fleeting, and it’s also a choice. You can be happy for free. Some might say “money is for buying things to make me feel good about myself”. I mean, c’mon.

In your case, you want your money to make you feel secure. And you’ve already worked out what’s wrong with that. There are no guarantees in life, we don’t know what the future holds, and money does not have the power to make us secure. Either we are secure in the Lord, or we are victims of random swirling chaos.

If you accept that your security is in God, then you can develop basic preparations for the more predictable ups and downs of life. That might be something simple like asking yourself: “if I lost my job, how long might it take me to find another?” If you say three months, then put three months worth of salary in the bank.

If you have insurance, look at the deductible, and put that much into savings so you can cover whatever insurance doesn’t, and so on. You can set up a car budget for ongoing expenses or saving towards a new one. This much is simple enough, and worth doing, but then it’s time to THINK BIG.

Take something that excites you and moves you, and go for it. Say you love the work of a missionary, and you want to help him build a church. Well, you don’t have anything like this kind of money, but you can use what you do have to create a fundraising event, and start asking individuals to help support the effort, and organize people from your church to do some basic construction.

It’s not about how much is enough, it’s about how many amazing opportunities await you!

oh wow, a ton of you are interested in my proposed D&D game. I’m genuinely flattered. Did you miss the part where I have never GMed before and probably only partially know what I’m doing? okay. Anyway, you should stop replying to the post because [*reality show judge voice*} the party is full. And, this being my first time, I kind of ruthlessly prioritized people I know irl or have played D&D with before, to increase the number of variables I understand in advance. To everyone else: maybe some other time!

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lol gender critical trans people calling out gender essentialism and amab prioritization in our community aren't terfs you wingbat

Gender critical is a term used frequently by TERFs which is why it was listed. Also don’t come into my inbox talking about “amab prioritization” what the fuck

I understand how “women and femmes” caught on, because there was a desire to describe a group of people associated through the general lens of womanhood/misogyny/lesbianism when some of those people are non-binary or otherwise not strictly identified as women

But the thing is:

1) this usage distances the word femme from it’s specifically lesbian connotation and history

2) and it alienates butch and gnc women by the implicit association of womanhood and femininity (this, when the phrase is not explicitly used in an argument that ‘masculine people’ exert power over ‘feminine people’)

and like… ultimately it’s an incredibly lazy, vague shorthand that does not really represent a cohesive group of people yet somehow still manages to throw a ton of women and nb woman-aligned people under the bus because they don’t fall under some bullshit umbrella of feminity