Avoid people who mess with your head. Avoid people who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you. Avoid people who expect you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you. Avoid people who can’t and won’t apologize sincerely. Avoid. Avoid.
—  Unknown

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j4zr3k1x  asked:

School has hit me like a wrecking ball. Do you have any advice on managing time?

I use post-its for everything. If it’s important or needs done it goes on a post-it. A also use a planner so that I know when things are due.

When I first get home I start with my homework first so I don’t have the opportunity to be distracted. Prioritizing is important, but taking breaks helps too, because if you work for too long you can’t focus. I have a folder specifically for things that are due so that I can look at the folder and know what I need to do. 

Always look over assignments when they’re handed out so that you know what you’ve gotten yourself into early, rather than the night before/morning that it’s due. 

I also set limits for myself so that I’m not spending too much time texting with friends or on tumblr, lol. 

I’m the literal worst at procrastinating and it’s gotten worse as time has gone on, but I’m managing, even if the stress levels are sky-high (or higher sometimes). Know yourself, and know what works best. I have a friend who color-coordinates everything. So when she makes lists, things due imminently are red, within the next week are blue and past a week its listed in green.

I’ve found that by knowing what i have to do, and when it’s due, I do better at getting motivated to get it done. Block out time every evening/day to work on homework or other school related things.

Not all of these are time-management things, but i’ve found that good time-management starts with good organization. 

anonymous asked:

so, chances are i'm bipolar w severe psychosis or schizoaffective bipolar type. BUT, i'm 16, so i can't get either diagnosis. because i'm emotionally flat, and not the most social, combined w the fact that i'm p smart, my psych is determined to screen me for autism. i completely flipped at her for this, about how that shouldn't be her priority when i spend my life hallucinating and wanting to die, when i have no other autism traits, but she wasn't having it. am i in the wrong? :(

No, you’re not in the wrong for wanting her to prioritize your mental illness/what’s causing you most trouble at the moment. That being said, maybe you should let her test you for autism if she’s so sure that it’s relevant. I was in a similar situation once - my doctor insisted that they tested me for a thyroid condition and I wouldn’t have it at all. I was completely sure I didn’t have that, that it was irrelevant and a waste of time. When I ended up humoring her and letting her do the tests, it turned out that I did in fact have an untreated thyroid condition which I am now in medical treatment for. I’m not saying that you’re autistic, I’m just saying that you might be and that being autistic might not mean what you think it means and that if I were you, I’d consent to being screened for autism even though it seems like a waste of time and resources.

I actually do have a legitimate problem with a lot of Cobra fics because they always seem to downplay his relationship with Kinana. Like it doesn’t have to be romantic but he was literally ready to burn the world to the ground for her like??? Stop having them as like casual friends where he prioritizes literally anyone over her.


We’ve still got plenty of time ofc but now that we know it’s expected for Fall ‘17, we can start trying to make more solid plans :D

We’ve got 50 episodes to watch (24 from s1, 12 from fumoffu, 13+OVA from TSR)

I’m thinking maybe 2 days a week, 2 episodes a day? That’d take 12.5 weeks, which we could do during the summer maybe? Does that sound good? :O I’ve never even participated in a group watch of a series, let alone set one up, so I’m completely guessing here at a schedule that might work lol

Also: When I brought it up last time, overwhelmingly people asked for sub, so that’s definitely what I’ll prioritize. But I also don’t mind organizing dub watches like I said before, and @mikakuruyame may be able to host it instead. Depends on her schedule at the time. I’m pretty stable though and I don’t work, so I can host both if she’s unable to.


I wouldn’t even mind the idea of setting up multiple rewatches between now and then lol. For people whose schedule is better now, and for people whose is better later *shrug* The joys of being a disabled SAHM, lol, my schedule is pretty damn empty and flexible.

I’ve accumulated so much makeup lately I only try to get what I need. Prioritizing I guess???
Laura gellar bronzer - $31
Essence brow/ lash clear mascara 2.99

Total - $34.00 :)

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“I loved your post on the rabbit hole of thinking about whether or not…”

Why would the Kingsguard fight to death to protect a woman who, to them, would have been no better than a whore? Or a bastard?

Because that was Rhaegar’s last order to them. Because they were intensely loyal to him to the point of prioritizing his orders above their duty to protect their king who was at war. Because there is a possibility that at least Arthur knew of the prophecy. Because two of them were present when Rhaegar spirited Lyanna away and do they really have a moral high ground to judge her when they, two grown adults, helped another adult carry off and isolate the hell out of a teenager, even if said teenager initially agreed to running away with him? Do they have any room for judgment when their duty probably included keeping Lyanna from leaving the Tower of Joy? They were fighting to keep her own brother from her while she labored and screamed for him.

And because there might have been a marriage but that doesn’t mean it was either valid or legal and it’s not the fault of a 15 year old that she did not recognize the difficulty of getting it recognized. Because the Kingsguard were Rhaegar stans and that bastard was his prized third head of the dragon and his only surviving child. Because Lyanna is not to blame for Rhaegar’s fuck ups.


BokuAka Week
Day 3: College
(Based on a true story where I have to painstakingly wake up at 6 to attend an 8 am lecture, but my friend who does a completely different course attends the same lecture just to visit his bae)

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