brown boys are such fucking trash

abuse is ingrained in their system because that is the way they are brought up

in a society which prioritizes male agency 

brown boys are trash



i feel terribad so here’s some shippy bullshit i never finished and/or was too embarrassed to post

1: same sketch as i used for that other picture but it was originally going to be shippy instead. i like how he looks at his bf the same way he looks at food.

2: furries but with squishy dog face

3. look at him sucking his thumb in his sleep what the fuck

4. furries but what if size of the animal irl translated over into how big they were so big animals were big and rats were like 3 feet tall. what if that.

hey smolwombat and frogcommunism sorry I’m not sure when these replies were sent, I only noticed them when I got new notes on the post today

I really just don’t think it’s an all or nothing thing?

Like I completely understand and agree that it is important to address the inherent cissexism and bi-erasure (as well as the hundred other prejudiced assumptions) in statements like “only straight people can have babies”, but this post was addressing how many people only seem to respond by arguing that there are scenarios where non-straight people can get pregnant through piv with their partners? 

Looking at that statement and not actually addressing the cisheterosexism and completely arbitrary prioritization of ~natural~ children and families just makes it into a ‘gotcha’ logical argument. The people who make those statements are already homophobic and transmisogynistic bigots and aren’t gonna change their mind about the legitimacy of gay families because 3 dozen people tell them ‘but trans gay people exist too’. 

Like there has to be middle ground there. We can discuss the shitty erasive assumptions straight people make, and the shitty erasive assumptions cis lgb people make, without playing into the same arbitrary “not-straight people can have ~real~ kids so not-straight people have value" argument. That is the situation I was addressing and it is an argument that implicitly or explicitly occurs every time this topic arises. 

I also deliberately framed that post to touch on how all situationally or physically infertile lgbt people tend to face an extreme lack of sympathy and blame. Acting like all gay cis/trans couples can conceive seems to gloss over how many trans people are not in that position? Just from my experience with friends who experienced large amounts of backlash from friends/family when they underwent treatments which affected their fertility. 

Basically the post was born out of frustration that people try to ‘reason’ and ‘argue’ with cis straight people and do so in a way that throws many lgbt people under the bus - and that this can occur both by going along with it and acting like no lgb people can ‘naturally conceive’ with their partners as well as by going along with it and acting like our ability to conceive is somehow a valid measuring stick of our humanity

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I really think after hanging with the bears from Chloe's p.o.v she didn't want to write those mean things in her report about bears and she doesn't actually feel that the bears are like that but she had to do it for the sake of the grade.

that’s a possibility. I think she’s a very dedicated student and seems to prioritize her studies over everything else, so I kind of think she didn’t really think about how her report came off. She was being scientific and her report was accurate if not terribly kind (she likely wrote the report to be impartial, which would make it sound very harsh). She clearly liked the bears, though, and had positive opinions about them but “they’re really nice” isn’t that scientific

Plus there’s also the possibility that since she’s so young she overcompensates by being extremely serious and all-business so people will take her seriously. A report talking about how nice the bears are would probably just come off as “Awww, the little girl made animal friends, that’s so cute”

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No offense but I'm not the biggest Alex Morgan fan. She's by far the most injury prone player on the current squad, which given her age is kinda scary. Alex is an amazing player when she's 100%, which she obviously wasn't at the World Cup. If she comes into camp with another injury like she did for the WC I don't see why a heathly, 90 minute striker like Dunn or Press shouldn't be prioritized. I can't exactly see into the future though so I'm not putting my life down on this. Just a thought.

I 100% agree. Healthier players should be prioritized. There’s no point in playing her while she’s only 80% or so because we think we need to rely on her. There are plenty of young healthy strikers like Ohai or Huerta that could substitute her spot on the roster while she takes the time and goes through rehab. Plus I think playing her while she’s not 100% is causing more damage.

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do you think that if troye and connor ever adopt a family they'll have issues with religion and stuff since connor is catholic and troye is jewish?

Not really. I feel like Connor would let the kid’s follow jewish traditions because Con isn’t really a practicing Catholic aside from Christmas whereas Troye still has shabbat dinner with his family when he can and goes home to celebrate high holidays. Unless his elementary school left a larger impression on him than he lets on, it doesn’t seem that Connor prioritizes Catholicism in his life enough.

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why start a story when your going on a break? I hope that doesn't sound too rude but like why didn't you post it after you took your break so then it doesn't feel like your letting anyone down

Because I wanted to? And that’s my choice? And frankly, I don’t care if I’m letting anyone down (thanks for that nice little dig at the end there, that was the icing on top of this lovely little ask cake) because I need to prioritize myself and I don’t have any qualms about doing that right now.

I didn’t plan to take a break. It wasn’t in my grand scheme to write four chapters and then say “alright, how much would it suck if I stopped writing right now. I’m gonna do that.” Obviously, I’m taking a break because I need one. And trying to make me feel guilty about it isn’t going to inspire me to write and post the story again any time soon.

The only reason I posted SC at the same time as RIL is because everyone was pressuring me about it, talking constantly about “that pediatrician Harry story” and completely ignoring my other story, and I felt obligated to post even though I hadn’t properly plotted or prewritten like I usually do. And now I’m feeling the repercussions of that.

So I’m going to take my sweet time figuring out this story and posting when I’m ready. And if I “let anyone down”, well, I guess that’s just too bad.

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I was just wondering, if you worship a deity, do you need to have a relationship with the deities closest to them? For instance, if you worship Hera, she's the goddess of marriage, so do you need to have a relationship with Zeus as well? I mean, ideally you're honoring all the deities in your pantheon at least somewhat, but do you need to prioritize the ones closest to the one you're closest to?

No, but I wouldn’t disrespect them either.

On a personal note, I don’t really worship Aphrodite, but I keep some shells and pearls on the shrine for her, just to remind me that she’s an important Person in the life of Someone I do worship.

In contrast to Hera, who I do worship, in a large part specifically because of her relationship to Ares.

Basically this is another place where it’s comparable to everyday life. You might not be best friends with your inlaws, but you should at least try to be civil because they’re your spouse’s family. People that are important to them should be important to you, if for no other reason than you want your spouse to be happy.

literally though @yoursocialconstructsareshowing has reblogged men nonchalantly using the slur b*tch at least twice (1, 2) in the like, two days, since she started writing her posts using the t-slur and how she is justified in doing so.  i just wanna ask how can you pretend to care about and prioritize the violent histories behind slurs (since you keep claiming the “lack” of a violent history behind the t-slur is one of the reasons why it’s okay for you to use it against trans women/the violent history behind misogynist slurs is why trans women are bad for using them against females) when you just…. obviously.. DON’T?  is this just you grabbing at any excuse you can come up with to try to defend your transphobia?  why are you reblogging men using a misogynist slur (with a violent history behind it, don’t forget!!!!!!!!!!) if you are supposedly so passionately against the usage of this slur by males?  do you only get mad when it’s being used by trans women?  what the fuck are you doing?

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It just annoys me how people get defensive and say that they appreciate all of them. Really???? All of them???? When people like Kevin, Kirstie and Avi don't receive at least half of the recognition that Scomiche does. They are all talented and honestly, PTX is just what it is because they all work together, and yet there are people who really believe that they appreciate all of them, when obviously they only care about Scomiche.

I agree with this. There are a lot of people who prioritize scomiche over the rest of the members to the point that they don’t know basic information. I’ve seen comments on their videos, by long term supporters, that consist of “Mitch, Scott, and the other ones.” It’s not about you playing favorites. It’s about appreciating everyone in the group.

The Problem with the Gun Debate in America

If you look at which demographic group has the highest gun ownership and which demographic group suffers the most from gun violence in this country (hint: they don’t overlap), it should come to no surprise why even stricter background check laws or harsher penalties for illegal interstate gun transfers aren’t happening. But I bet you dollars to donuts that if these numbers were reversed, there would be no legal gun shows anywhere in the US and nobody would call in to NPR and complain about gun free zones.

As long as the gun-owning majority in this country is largely unaffected by gun violence, nothing will change. As long as people like Joe the Plumber prioritize their recreational hobby over two dozen children shot in the face, nothing will change. As long as we allow these people to twist a law, designed over 200 years ago to arm citizens against an oppressive colonial power with front-loading muskets, to justify their misguided belief that they could defend themselves against a government equipped with drones and nuclear bombs, nothing will change.

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So what made you start shipping ShikaTema? I mean, I've been shipping it since forever since they always had great chemistry and considered each other equals (something which is lacking with some Naruto couples). Also, Temari has always been one of the coolest chicks in Naruto since she was the most ninja-like female who always prioritized missions and politics (had her own goals and duties) while Shikamaru is a genius with great flaws to even him out. They're just perfect : )

Ahaha, tbh I was a goner the moment he smiled back at her grin. I was kinda feeling some chemistry when she showed up to save him from Tayuya and their banter, but that smile-grin really sealed the deal lol. But yeah, I’ve always really love shikatema because their foundation comes from mutual respect for each other, and they’ve always just had this sort of…mood between them you know? Suspicious atmosphere, lol. I’m just addicted to how obvious and yet subtle they are I guess lol.

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Dawn has several traits similar to Misty's sisters, but do you think that they would get along? Also, I am kind of curious about something... is it canon that Misty’s sister's hairs are wigs and they actually have black hairs? I was kinda surprised because I always thought their hair was natural, and they just had weird genetics.

Huh, I never thought of that. Depending on how/when they met, despite having similar traits and interests I think she might find them (Lily and Violet especially) a bit too mean spirited and shallow at least as a first impression. I don’t think she would be okay with teasing someone for their looks like they do with Misty. I also don’t think she’d be okay with someone prioritizing their looks over things like the safety of their pokémon, as much as she cares about that too (I’m thinking about the scene in “The Water Flowers of Cerulean City” when Team Rocket attacks the gym with the giant vacuum thing they stole and Violet’s reaction to Misty pointing out that they need to protect their pokémon is “what about my hair?”).

If she took the time to get to know better though she’d probably figure out that they aren’t quite as uncaring as they first appear. I still don’t really see her being besties with them, but maybe they could have some fun together.

The wigs thing is… semi-canon? Or whatever you consider Shudo’s novelizations to be, since it comes from there (this post has that tidbit amongst others). I think the series might have chosen to ignore/retcon that, though, since they’re shown with the same hair colors when they were younger.

(I mean, they could be wearing wigs there as well, but it seems a little unlikely for girls of “playing with dolls” age. Also the novelizations claim that they wear them for their shows.)

Here’s my final schedule for this coming first semester! :) I got only 10 units from CRS, but thanks to petition lists, I was able to get ES 12, ES 13, and CE 21 (talk about luck huhuhu). I had to cancel CE 21 though because it was in conflict with my Trese sched and I had to prioritize the latter, so I’m just going to take it next semester (and hopefully pass it or else I’ll be delayed).

I now have 17 units plus NSTP, and I have decided not to take any more subject to maximize the number of units this sem (I could still add one minor, but meh I don’t want to enlist a 7am class). I have always maximized my number of units every semester and even overloaded last midyear, so I guess it’s time to give myself a break. Also, I’m still a bit traumatized after almost failing ES 11, and I think that having only 17 units will help me focus more on ES 12 and ES 13, which they say are a lot harder than Onse.

So yeah, most of the time I’ll be in Engg because all my subjects are majors. I’m just glad to have Physics lab (last physics subject then bye bye Physics building na ughhh can’t wait), meaning that I won’t be forever stuck in this hell hole (joke). Can’t wait for this semester to start yayyyy pero joke lang talaga hahaha wow


Winx Club Dream Cast  | King Erendor - Sean Bean

Origin: Eraklyon

Power: -

Relationship:  Queen Samara

King Erendor is the previous king of Eraklyon and Sky’s father. He is the husband of Samara, the queen of Eraklyon

Erendor is an extremely strict, uptight, no nonsense man, placing duty above all else. It is his great sense of duty that can, at times, cause problems in relationships however, he reminds those who are involved that it is their duty. But, he can and will give praise when it is appropriate to do so. He is protective of his own family and his people as shown when he got angry at Brandon during the Exhibition at Red Fountain for endangering his son as well as prioritizing his citizens’ safety during Tritannus’ rampage in the magic dimension. This protective side causes him to be stubborn and forgetful towards the importance of cooperation but given enough time he is able to see through these flaws and work through them.

not so friendly reminder that:

  • some women don’t want children
  • some women don’t want to get married
  • some women really really like sex
  • some women prioritize their jobs over anything else 
  • some women don’t want a family

and if you’re not one of these women, good for you. but don’t shame women who do have these values and not yours.  (◕‿◕✿)

Guide to Academic Success

work accomplished = time spent x intensity of focus

time management:

- requires no more than 5-10 minutes effort

- doesn’t force an unchangeable minute-by-minute schedule on your day

- helps you remember, plan, and complete important tasks

take smart notes:

- all notes should be dated and organized in a proper folder

- nontech courses: identify big ideas, question, evidence, conclusions, insights

- tech courses: record samples problems, bring textbook to class

- prioritize notes: 1st record problem statement, 2nd question the confusing, 3rd record steps, 4th annote steps

demote your assignments:

- don’t do all assigned readings. always read favored sources

- read arguments, context that address specific topics of lecture

marshall your resources:

- build a study guide, compile mega problem sheet, flash cards, question, explanations

conquer the material:

- quiz-and-recall method: review concept and explain it aloud in your own words

invest in “academic disaster insurance”:

- ask questions, go to office hours, go to exam review questions

provide A+ answers:

- review first, answer later: look at questions, don’t do in chronological order

- time-allotted - 10 minutes/ number of questions, check your answers, outline essays

track your pomodoros:

- each pomodoro is 25 minutes, 5 minute break (short)

- after 4 pomodoros, take a 15 minute break (long)

what not to do:

- review daily, do not cram. do not wait long after lecture is over to review

- do not reread textbook, do not highlight

- do not study in bed or in an area full of distractions

your health matters:

- sleep eight hours, take melatonin, take multivitamins, eat healthy, birth control can alleviate PMS symptoms