How to Master a Stellium

The key to master a stellium is to over-correct until you’re comfortable with expressing traits opposite of what comes to you naturally. 

If you’re terrified of being alone, you should spend as much time by yourself as possible. If you find it natural to put yourself first, you should try prioritizing other people as much as possible. If you hate leaving your house, you really should get out more. 

Think of a scale weighted heavily on one side. You have to consciously, painstakingly add mass to the other end- hypothetical mass equivalent to that of celestial bodies- to find some semblance of balance. 

1st house: focus on other people, develop relationships, practice selflessness and empathy, look at the world from someone else’s eyes, look at other people as you would look at yourself, try hiding your emotions and intentions

2nd house: dig deeper, practice spirituality, detach from the world and your possessions as much as possible, rebel against tradition, practice generosity, don’t indulge vanity

3rd house: hold your tongue, listen, speak as little as possible, treat your siblings well, objectively revise your writing, don’t place excessive importance on grades

4th house: leave home, break from your family, detach from your emotions, acknowledge and dismiss your paranoid insecurities, be as direct as possible

5th house: shine the spotlight on other people, do community service and volunteer work, find a group of friends, avoid casual dating/sex, manage your ego and desire for attention

6th house: focus on the spiritual and subconscious, break your routine, prioritize your soul over your body, break rules, try drugs, avoid judging people, be more impulsive, get your nerves under control

7th house: seek solitude, be as independent as possible, put yourself first, practice selfishness, ignore others’ opinions, embrace your flaws, befriend your enemies

8th house: approach life practically, practice fiscal responsibility, avoid passion/jealousy, control obsessive tendencies, be careful when dealing with the occult/supernatural

9th house: spend more time at home, avoid drinking, gambling, and superficial friendships, try to be more responsible, practice thinking logically instead of philosophically, be careful when dealing with religion

10th house: develop hobbies and friendships, spend more time with family, stop caring so much about your reputation, aim to please yourself and do what you want rather than trying to prove something to the world

11th house: develop individuality, don’t let tie your identity to groups, think for yourself, don’t do things just because “it’s the norm,” spend less time on social media, stop trying so hard to fit in

12th house: stay grounded, do menial chores, take care of your body, make a conscious effort to eat healthy, shower daily, and exercise, infuse logical observation with emotional intuition 

I'm about to go through all my clothes.

Any plus size trans girls/women would be interested in some gently used (some never worn) clothes? I got too chubby for some of my stuff and I would wanna prioritize plus sized trans women because I know it must be hard to actually find/buy things given the intersections of your identities. I’m thinking I’m going to find clothes between women’s sizes 14-18. Once I’m done, I’ll update this post with what I find. I just wanna gauge interest first.



Thank you so much for the past two weeks! Thank you for trusting me and supporting me through these horrible times. While all your requests were amazing and challenging and creative and have kept me sane, my situation is still not getting any better. I’m not sure if it will. I know I am trying very hard now to keep it together.

 As a result, I have decided to keep commissions open. However, I am forced now to price 18 USD/EURO per piece. The rules stay the same, whatever you request, you will get a full painting as I usual work. There are no different prices for different poses or multiple characters.

The payment shall be done only through PayPal and in segments. That way you can secure your slot and I can prioritize and the end product shall come as a result of our discussions so you’ll get exactly what you requested. However, I would kindly ask you to answer to my messages relatively quick whenever I contact you with WIPs so that we can work efficiently together.

Secondly, I will delete my Redbubble account. I have no need for it.


+ a little side note for those interested: I deeply apologize for not updating my fic One More Tomorrow in such a long time. I promise you I’ll give it the ending it deserves as soon as my situation improves. 

swanslake  asked:

i love the handwriting asks you're doing! what do you think the volturi guard's handwriting looks like? <3

[these are so much fun, ngl]

Heidi has nice, legible, bold handwriting. She writes a lot of notes to herself and others, so she prioritizes emphasis and efficiency. 

Demetri has rather… romantic handwriting. It looks emotive and sentimental and like it belongs on lovelorn letters. 

Of course Felix’s handwriting is badly-spaced and dramatic and heavy, as if he were mashing the pen into the paper with every stroke. Because he totally does that. (Also, this font is called Xtreem 2, and I feel like he’d approve??)

Renata has careful, delicate, loopy handwriting. Every letter is equally spaced and the same height, because she sometimes worries that she’ll hurt people’s feelings by writing them sloppy messages. 

Chelsea fights the urge to dot her is with tiny hearts every day. 

Jane has the kind of handwriting that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a young-adult vampire novel. She secretly loves it, and Aro and Sulpicia (who are all about The Aesthetic™) think it’s beautiful. 

Aro tried to teach Alec how to write in cursive. Alec put the nib of his pen into his mouth by accident, stained his teeth black, and then excused himself to show Felix his awesome new teeth. And that’s why his writing is, like, barely cursive, and more printing-connected-with-random-lines. 

Corin has shy, shaky writing with ink-splotches and crossed-out words all over the place. Putting words down on paper for other people to read is really scary, okay? 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Octavia made the list? Last season I would think that Bellamy would put her down as indisputable, but now I'm not so sure. They're clearly not as close anymore. He still loves her obvi but like idk if he'd prioritize her above 98 others. And Marie said Octavia wouldn't want to go back to space/be inclosed again, so...

yeah I’m sure her name is there. Bellamy might be “dead” to her, but he’d still do what he could to protect her. 16 years of “your sister, your responsibility” doesn’t go away just like that

anonymous asked:

I saw your snap where you bought 6 boxes of Lenny and larrys cookies.... how do you afford that?

I have a job and I enjoy them so I prioritize buying them!!

obvious niche in the Discourse that maybe I should pick up if no one else will: the precise things that many people complain about w/r/t SJWs/“the Regressive Left” that have to do with their prioritizing politics over aesthetics in expression, or being the agents of stifling conformism, and so on (as distinct from complaints that they are being ineffective by focusing too much on culture, or are wrong because feminism etc are evil) are good things, a needed corrective to a century or two of unrelenting modernism and hyperfocus on the individual artist, aesthetics and innovation for their own sake, etc. as before Traditions, coherent cultural value orientations, etc will be put in place; it’s just that they’ll be propping up an egalitarian social order rather than one based on ascriptive status

i have drifted from God. i have been consumed with school, training, and stress. it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything i want to/am supposed to do. but God gives us 24 hours and i haven’t used them wisely. its the little things that i’m slacking in: starting the morning off in prayer, ending in the same way, reflecting on God in the middle of the day, etc. it hurts me to admit it (but i guess this sort of embarrassed pain is a proper form of repentance) but I haven’t been prioritizing Jesus. and that is simply not how I am called to live (Deuteronomy 6:5). God calls us to dedicate our whole self, our whole life, to Him. Jesus isn’t someone I should be fitting into my schedule; my days should revolve around Him. I have been praying for forgiveness, and I am so thankful for God’s Grace. The passage in 1 Samuel 15:22-25 really resonates with me. I can identify with Saul’s feelings of shame and wishing he could return to the Lord after rebelling and falling out of His favor. Samuel is pretty harsh with Saul, but its just blunt honesty. but the thing that I keep holding on to is that God forgives and Jesus redeems (Isaiah 43:25-26; Joel 2:12-14; Ephesians 1:7; 1 John 1:9, the list goes on…). i know i am always welcomed back into the Father’s arms. so here i am. vulnerable, but unafraid. i love the whole section of Ephesians 4 titled “Living as Children of the Light” (4:17-32). it’s embarrassing and humbling how often i need reminders about where my identity truly comes from. i pray for strength to keep my studies and academics in perspective, reminders that i should do my best not for my own fulfillment, but to use God’s gifts and help others. 

this wonderful life is yours, God.  

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For the dine and dash discussion: I've always assumed that they put up anti-apparition wards around restaurants.

Maybe, but how far does it reach? And how do you rationalize that to your CEO?

“No one can come in unless they walk.”

“What if a wizard from Japan wants our food?” 

“They can’t come in.”

“So you’re telling me you prioritize a few loss prevention cases over worldwide accessibility?”


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It would be absolutely lovely to see some other works from you! Plus it gives you a break from any possible repetitive ideas.

It does! I’ll do it. :D I’m going to prioritize a chunk of the asks I’ve got in my box before I post anything that isn’t FFXV-related first, though! It’s really funny that I started thinking about this because earlier today, my brother told me that I should try writing a book. …So here I am. I guess it’s time to try. :P

Okay, i have been posting on here that I feel like many things are too much and I don’t have energy.
Well, I have accepted that I really do need to take a step back. I am going to log out on social media on my phone.
Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I love being able to talk on here with all you lovely people and I love talking to my friends but I do need to take a step back.
I am still online on my laptop but I really need to prioritize me and my mental health. Sooo.. See you later!
But less often because I need to be okay.

anonymous asked:

los angeles, milan

Los Angeles: What would you change about yourself?

• how I can’t prioritize well
• how I let people’s inaccurate judgments make me feel insecure and inferior

Milan: How do you think others describe you?

tall, slim, pretty (debatable)

those who don’t know me:
cold, detached, emotionless, unreactive, refined, elegant, mysterious, inaccessible, does her own thing, serious, straightforward with 0 bullshit

those who know me: level 1
nice, kind, friendly, easygoing, laughs too much for no reason, awkward, pretty straightforward, dislikes bad english, not necessarily serious

those who know me: level 2
crazy, weird, laughs too much, talks too much, a little emotional, sarcastic, humorous, despises bad english with my entire being

those who know me: level 3
select few
twisted, weird, deep, sarcastic, really emotional, pretty unstable, philosophical, clingy, unnaturally wise, cries too much over the smallest things

city asks!
an incomplete list of the batshit insane things hermione’s done

-prioritized her education over her life

-instantly became ride or die with harry after the troll incedent

-set snape on fire

-brewed an illegal potion for two months in the girls’ bathroom

-turned into a furry

-immediate thought upon encountering a giant murdersnake was ‘better make sure the others find this page on my helpless petrified body bc god knows they won’t figure it out themselves’

-wanted to take finals after like a month in a magical coma

-traveled through time to get even more homework

-figured out lupin was a werewolf and didn’t tell anyone because he was a relatively competent teacher compared to magic ryan seacrest and literal voldemort

-essentially snatched trelawney’s weave gotdamn

-slugged draco malfoy, terrified him and his hulking buddies into running, went back in time to watch it again

-confronted a werewolf and his alleged mass murderer friend because, again, ride or die

-broke time travel laws in order to jailbreak azkaban escapee and his pet hippogriff

-dated an international sports star

-put up with all the vile shit rita skeeter wrote about her

-joined secret order dedicated to fighting voldemort

-put up with harry’s shit

-imprisoned a woman in a jar for months, blackmailed her into doing what she wanted

-formed and organized secret defense class, peer pressured harry into leading it

-permanently disfigured the girl who ratted them out. snitches get stitches.

-manipulated the shit out of umbridge

-basically left her to rot in the forbidden forest

-went to fight death eaters with like six of her mates despite her misgivings (RIDE. OR. DIE.)

-immediately agreed to destroy the dark lord’s soul with her buddies despite not having any idea how (RIDE! OR! DIE!)

-mind wiped her parents and made them go to australia to keep them safe

-essentially singlehandedly kept harry and ron alive and functional for the majority of the deathly hallows

-wore the locket while still managing not to be a shithead

-got the shit tortured out of her by bellatrix lestrange. didn’t go insane.

-fought in the battle of hogwarts. didn’t die.

-was unfailingly loyal and did everything she could to keep harry safe for seven years, even when he was quite frankly being a jackass


BokuAka Week
Day 3: College
(Based on a true story where I have to painstakingly wake up at 6 to attend an 8 am lecture, but my friend who does a completely different course attends the same lecture just to visit his bae)

4 tips for getting ahead after falling behind

So ‘it’ happened. You got sick, you scheduled too much at once, you had a bad day (or week). We’ve all been there and it sucks. And now you’re behind and you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few tips I have for getting back on track (and hopefully ahead) after falling behind.

  • If you are behind on homework it’s time to prioritize. You’re at a point where it might be worth it to let the tiny assignments that aren’t worth very much sit on the back burner until you’ve dealt with the important stuff. So what are your priorities?
    • Do you have work in a class that you’re doing really well in and you feel like you can set it aside and hand it in late, or you can afford to miss the assignment without screwing up your final grade? Great, set it aside and leave that stress for later.
    • Do you have work in a class you’re terrified of failing? Okay, focus in on that. If you don’t eliminate the chief point of stress first you’re going to find it very hard to focus on anything else.
  • Do you have exams coming up that you haven’t studied for? This is rough but you need to decide whether sleep or studying is better for you. There’s no wrong choice here; it’s different for everyone. I am a ‘needs sleep’ person but my roommate is a ‘stay up and get shit done’ person. If you know you can’t function without a decent amount of sleep then ixnay the idea of an all night all together.
    •  Now that you’ve figured that out it’s time to focus; what topics are you doing the worst in? Get started on figuring out what it is you don’t know. 
    • Also make sure to write down what you do know and keep looking over that constantly so you don’t lose the knowledge you already have. 
    • Now figure out what methods you actually have time for; if you’re in a crunch you may not have time for flashcards. I find that when it a crunch it’s helpful to essentially begin compiling a cheat sheet.
    • Write down everything you could possibly need for the exam as though you were going to be able to take it into the exam. Make it clear! Make it easy to glance at! Don’t waist time on making it look pretty!
    • As you go through creating the sheet make sure that you would know what kind of problem or topic that the concept/formula would go with and how you would use it to solve a problem.
    • The above means that you aren’t just copying over formulas, dates, quotes, etc.; You are committing the CONTEXT to your memory and if need be to your sheet.
  •  Is the problem reading? Heaven knows that’s been mine this week! First thing first: READ for the NEXT class. Don’t start with what you should’ve read last week; playing catch up is stressful and means that you may do a ton of work and still not be prepared for the next class.
    •  If you come across parts that don’t make sense because you haven’t read the earlier stuff skip back and skim those bits. 
    • Once you’ve read for the next class you can decide what the best option is for continuing. 
    • Either start at the back end of what you’re behind on or work your way backwards.
  • Is it an essay? Is it more than one? Okie doke. Break those kiddos down into the sections you think you need; intro, para 1, para 2, etc, conclusion. 
    • Alright, now give those sections titles and maybe like a brief summary. 
    • Okay now you’re ready; pick one section from one of your papers to start on. It doesn’t have to be the intro you just need to get started. I like to start with ones that require a bit of research on my part so that I can really get the ball rolling and start collecting articles. 
    • Then you should either set a timer for about thirty minutes and switch off every time the timer goes off, or (my preferred method) write until you finish the section before deciding which one to work on next. 
    • The real key is making sure that you change sections when you find yourself losing steam even if it’s in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes I start a sentence and then forget where I was going with it and it throws off the whole game so by changing sections you allow yourself to refresh and come back with new eyes.

That’s what I’ve got for now, I hope that some of this helps. I also want to remind you that you are not a bad person for getting behind whatever the reason was. Sometimes it happens even when you’re paying attention so try not to worry too much about it! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and way too stressed out remember to let yourself breath and walk away for a few minutes. I wish you the best of luck and my ask/messenger is always open if you need anything.