in which amanda figures out the connection between michael and max (duh) and continues to have notquite phone sex with ari

Things I wanna draw right now but can’t coz PRIORITIES I HAVE THEM:

@stuffedart covered in letters whimpering “requests are closed”

Catty going blep (tongues poking out)

Sans in a pile of dust

A sneezing baby fellSans because Emerald WHO I CANT TAG FOR SOME REASON wrote an adorable fic.

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Hi, I have two .2 kairi and wanted to know if they should be guilted or kept separate to use and have 2x the benefits?

Hi! NA KHUX player here! it’s worth having 2 separate 0.2 kairi? or its better to guilt them?

HI there! NA KHUX player here. I pulled 4x from the 0.2 Kairi banner before seeing your posts this morning, and I ended up with 2 copies of her w/ 3-dots each. I know you said guilting her isn’t a priority, but since I have them should I still keep them separate? I also have iKairi 2 [M] w/ a defense boost skill already. Thank you for all your help and advice!

Hi Anons!

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it one last time:

  • It is not worth it to guilt KH 0.2 Kairi [S] Either using M&Bs or an extra copy, it is not worth it to have KH 0.2 Kairi [S] guilted. This is because KH 0.2 Kairi [S] will eventually only deal one damage per hit, even if KH 0.2 Kairi [S] is guilted, when you fight against high level enemies in Coliseum. M&Bs are better spent on another premium.
  • One copy of KH 0.2 Kairi [S] is enough You don’t really need multiple copies of KH 0.2 Kairi [S]. Do not make an additional 5 draws for a second copy! But for those of you that was able to pull multiple copies of KH 0.2 Kairi [S], continue reading the next bullet point.
  • Keep at least 2 copies of KH 0.2 Kairi [S] if you have multiple copies For those of you that have obtain multiple copies of KH 0.2 Kairi [S], keep them separate. Give one guard boost 4 skill, and the other second chance 2. If you have a third copy, you can give this one triple threat, but this skill is rather useless since enemies become more resistant to status effects the higher level they are, and the cap damage from poison is 40,000. (Supposedly, poison will deal more damage the higher level the enemies are.)
  • The best skill for KH 0.2 Kairi [S] is Second chance 2 If your KH 2 Kairi Illustration [M] doesn’t have second chance 2 yet, give your KH 0.2 Kairi [S] second chance 2. If your KH 2 Kairi Illustration [M] has second chance 2, give KH 0.2 Kairi [S] defense boost 4. While it doesn’t usually matter which Kairi gets second chance 2 or defense boost in most situation, it does when you fight in Coliseum. For enemies where they attack first, defense boost skills will not be enough to keep you alive after a while the deeper you go into coliseum. When you give up a medal to obtain more buffs, GAU is much more important in Coliseum than SP recovery. Thus, KH 0.2 Kairi [S] is more important than KH 2 Kairi Illustration [M] in coliseum.
  • Do NOT give KH 0.2 Kairi Defense Boost 3 Defense Boost 3 will be outdated thanks to defense boost 4. If you fine with overwriting defense boost 3, go and give KH 0.2 Kairi [S] defense boost 3. Otherwise, defense boost 1 or 2 are good temporary skills until you obtain second chance 2 or defense boost 4, depending on which skill your KH 2 Kairi Illustration [M] has.
  • Double Attack is NOT a good trait to get on KH 0.2 Kairi [S] I know in the announcement, Square mentions to get double activation on KH 0.2 Kairi [S]. Whatever you do, do NOT get double activation on KH 0.2 Kairi [S]!! Double activation is usually a good trait to have, but it is a terrible trait if you use KH 0.2 Kairi [S] as a buffing medal for damage challenges, such as the one NA KHUX has right now for the Cernabog [P]. This is because the enemies in damage challenges have set amount of medals you can use on the enemy. Double activation counts as two medals, and you’ll lose potential damage, thus score, when you use a double activation medal. KH 0.2 Kairi [S] is better off getting any other trait except double activation. 
  • There is a commemorative medal for having KH 0.2 Kairi traited in JP KHUX and that medal is not worth getting The commemorative medal for having KH 0.2 Kairi [S] traited in JP KHUX was Shirtless Mickey [M]. I’ll be honest and tell you guys that Shirtless Mickey [M] is not a medal worth getting, so do not trait your KH 0.2 Kairi [S]! You could also get Shirtless Mickey [M] by getting KH 0.2 Sora [M] or KH 0.2 Riku [P] traited as well.

~ Lucky ★彡

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for me, sometimes its healthy to be upset, even bitter, over something important. don't let anyone stop you from how your feeling. because those feelings are valid, whether others find them negative or not.

yeah that’s definitely true! i think in general negative emotions have this weird kind of …. stigma, where it’s like the only valid thing is to be positive and focus on the bright side, or focus on getting rid of the negative emotions, it’s just (im gonna get all #im14andthisisdeep here for a sec) okay to not be okay you know 

but lol personally im never upset about important things lol my literal life would be crumbling down around me (as it frequently is) and i dont bat an eyelash or lift a finger but oh do i pick fights with strangers on the internet about fictional characters