in which amanda figures out the connection between michael and max (duh) and continues to have notquite phone sex with ari

Things I wanna draw right now but can’t coz PRIORITIES I HAVE THEM:

@stuffedart covered in letters whimpering “requests are closed”

Catty going blep (tongues poking out)

Sans in a pile of dust

A sneezing baby fellSans because Emerald WHO I CANT TAG FOR SOME REASON wrote an adorable fic.


 im busy with summer hw atm but these are what ill be working on when i have the chance!!

- soulmate series: baejin (highly requested everyone loves baejin fndjifv), jisung, daniel 

- demigod au’s: daniel, seongwoo

- florist au: sungwoon, sunghyuk

- highschool au w kenta

- reverse idol au - wanna one x reader

- musician au - jaehwan 

- college au - daniel 

and any others in my drafts lol

these are all that im working on atm!! i do have more but these are my top priorities since i have them written out but unfinished!! sorry for the wait,,and thank you for 900+ followers?? like thank u wth,,,even though i don’t post much, im really thankful for you guys!! <3

will edit as time goes on!! 


Evacuating my pets and family out of the path of Hurricane Irma tonight.

You know that old philosophical question: if your house is burning, what do you grab?

My Chiagoo knitting needles and my autographed 1st edition Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.

Priorities. I have them.