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1. the valentine’s day card

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                                         JUNGKOOK x READER

                               PROMPT: jungkook, the anti romantic,                                                            wants a card for valentine’s day

RATING: PG-13                                                                   COUNT: 1,321


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

It’s Valentine’s Day,

Jungkook smells like poo.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Being a Chubby Girl and Dating Jerome

By: @weeniehut-jerome

Requested by:  @jaycecobb9

Could you do some Jerome headcanons of him dating a chubby girl? I love your writing and thank you! :)

A/N: Holy shit did I enjoy writing the ending! Hope you enjoy and feedback is always great, since it helps me improve these head canons for you all, so hopefully I can include imagines for requests. Two more new headcanon requests will uploaded very soon! By the way, hope you catch those 2 DC comic book references 😏😏😏

  • Whenever you and Jerome are out, he always makes it his top priority to show you off and make you feel beautiful
  • “Who’s this young lady here Jerome? “
  • “Well if you’d use your eyes, then you’d see that this gorgeous angel, is none other than my beautiful queen. Honestly Penguin, need me to get you a monocle or something so you can see?! “
  • “No… that’s stupid….. why would I need that for-ED! JEROME IS BEING MEAN TO ME! “
  • Ed just sighing cause he’ll probably end up murdering the two idiots for not letting him do his work, and he really doesn’t want to have to traumatize such a pretty girl
  • Jerome loves hugging you from behind, wrapping his arms around your body, that to him, is the body of a goddess
  • This usually ends in him starting a tickle war, and he’s ruthless
  • “Jerome! Haahahaa stOP IT! Ahhahaha!”
  • “Nope, I just love that pretty laugh of yours doll. Not to mention how much I love touching every part of your beautiful body.“
  • What you call your “chubby stomach”, he calls his baby’s little tum-tum
  • You always feel like Jerome deserves someone who is actually pretty, someone that just isn’t as- big as you
  • However he thinks that he’s the one who doesn’t deserve you, someone as beautiful and kind like you, and just accepts him for who he is
  • “NO ONE, will EVER, compare to you in any way possible doll. “
  • Whenever you see someone who’s just drop dead gorgeous just come up to the two of you and start flirting with Jerome, you just look down and avoid eye contact, because you’re always scared Jerome might look in their direction and flirt back
  • Funny thing is, he never even takes his eyes off of you. He’ll just roughly push the person away and hold your hand ever so tightly
  • “Hey puddin’! Why don’t you and me leave this joint and-”
  • Le push onto the hard cold floor
  • “Not interested.”
  • If anyone ever dares to make snide comments about you or make you feel uncomfortable, well then-
  • *click-click BOOM!*
  • You would look at yourself in nothing but your undergarments, and just stare with hate and despair at the places in your body that made you feel so insecure
  • So you grabbed a black marker, and just started drawing lines on your body, lines that drew what you thought was the perfect body
  • When Jerome saw you drawing these lines, and saw the tears that slowly danced their way down your cheek, he was just heartbroken
  • He got a damp towel and wiped off all the lines, before moving on to wiping your ongoing tears
  • Next thing you know, Jerome is going through your makeup, pulling out a dark red shade of lipstick and messily applying it all over his plump lips
  • “Jerome…*sniff* …what are you doing?”
  • He then lifted you up from the cold floor, leading you to the bed you both share, and gently laying you down, as if you were a priceless jewel that would shatter at the softest touch
  • He’d take off his shirt, lipstick still in hand, and lean towards your tum-tum, a warm feeling as his breath hit you, before his soft lips kissed the surface of your skin, and leaving a single mark on your skin before leaving more all over your exposed body as he’d whisper sweet nothings into your ear
  • He’d then take the cap off the lipstick, and draws one single word on your body, before placing his smeared ruby lips on yours, and showing you that you truly were

anonymous asked:

I'm 4500 in credit card debt, how do I pay it off and still save money on minimum wage?

Your number one priority should be paying off that debt. Savings are great, but they mean nothing if you have debt to negate them. If you really want to do both at the same time, start by making monthly payments on that debt. If you want to actually pay it off, pay more than the minimum. Then set aside a little bit in savings every month. Do your monthly budget and figure out how much you can set aside to both your debt and your savings and really go all in right away and get that nonsense out of the way so you can really start saving.

reaction compilation #59

The last of the best reactions to page 27!

Frisk has NO idea where they are going. Their only goal is to put as much space between themself and Chara as possible.


Everything we learned, we learned from anime.

Thank you! As we established, Frisk will hold their own hand.

Too bad Chara doesn’t feel the same way!

I’m sure Chara wouldn’t mind the help.

That was an… oversight.

Run anywhere– as long as it’s the opposite way of the person with the knife!

Oh my GOD– AHAHAHA~ I can imagine it!

Ohh, I’ve heard many puns, but haven’t heard those one before! :D

Chara is having some trouble with just ONE kid. How embarrassing!

Is it actually happy, or… foreboding? Much of the bonus art includes foreshadowing.

But that “Best Caretaker” award is all theirs!

This guy has their priorities straight.

We’re off to a pretty rough start.

my ass is supposed to be studying but what am i doing? customizing my theme

today in the name of being productive I made my housemate drag me to the hardware store and looked at things for rearranging my room and possibly even found a thing, so tomorrow is going to be for shuffling things and making my hidden computer corner even more encompassing, and that will be fun

and I also went grocery shopping for the first time in literal months, and man oh man it feels weird to actually be doing these things, to be taking care of myself. it’s still knocking me out a lot, but I am slowly getting back on top of life, and that is nice.

  • Someone: *deeply hurts me*
  • Me, five minutes later: ah well we're all just human forgive and forget ahaha :)
  • Bioware: *makes Cassandra Pentaghast straight*
  • Me, three years later: you all deserve to rot in h e l l

lookforanewangle said: Hmm, Harley Quinn Arkham Knight style maybe?? Or maybe Suicide Squad version. Your pick. :)

I gotta say that I prefer the SS outfit over the Arkham Knight outfit. Especially the taint of pink and blue instead or red and black