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スタジオ生出演、羽生に聞く by hana02015

Rudimentary Japanese translation of some interesting points from Yuzu’s recent interview because it’s quite comprehensive and I’m not sure if someone’s subbing it~~ (note: my Japanese is far from perfect so corrections are welcome- this is more of the ‘gist’ of the conversation and not word for word)

  • Said his season began with injury so he was essentially starting from behind the line, but also because of the hard times, he was able to grow
  • Re: Worlds - announcer praised his perfect FS and Yuzu said it was to the point where people were asking if he failed the short on purpose to trigger his fighting spirit lol but he admits that he probably wouldn’t have skated the FS with that sort of spirit if he had done well at the short so he needs to keep improving
  • Re: WTT Yuzu said doesn’t usually get the chance to watch other people’s performances from close by. Seeing the ladies skate so cleanly, he realised that the high level of this era of competition, where even the smallest mistake will cause you to drop in the rankings. In the Mens, it’s not simply that you have to jump quads, you also can’t miss. He said that was very instructive and he learned a lot
  • Re: New Quad Era’ and the 4A. Yuzu said he’s tried it during practice in the off-season but it’s difficult – says it’s a special jump (due to the entry method) with high risk and so he has to consider risk of injuries etc. when practising it
  • TV station made a hologram/projection of Yuzu landing a 4A. Yuzu: ‘whoaa this is cool, I want to jump with it’
  • They say he has to jump 17cm higher than for the 3A. Yuzu: ‘huh, it sounds quite high but it’s…kind of really just my hair isn’t it?’ He’d also need to land 1.1m further than 3A and rotate 10% faster. Yuzu fairly unfazed: ‘Looking at it now, I feel like I…can probably jump that?’ and thanks them because he feels like he can visualise it now, thanks to the hologram lol
  • Yuzu’s old (first?) skating teacher was all like: ‘I feel like conversation about quints is coming closer’ lololol
  • Yuzu doesn’t feel particularly unnerved/scared that the sQuad are younger than him. Said he knew Shoma since very young and though Shoma is a kouhai, after fighting through the competitions together, he also sees Shoma as a nakama ( ; u ; )
  • more discourse on quads: Yuzu says what helps you land the quads is not really young age/experience but ‘sense’ for the jumps
    • The next part was hard for me to understand since I didn’t pick up on all the words but I think the gist of it is that successful jumping comes down to each individual and if you have the instinct for it, a ‘challenger’ can come from anywhere
    • 最終的はそれぞれの個人の体((退学に合わせたもの)))??? idk guys soz lmao
  • They were like ‘can you…land the lutz in practice? should we put a circle or triangle?’ and yuzu laughed and was like ‘t-triangle….’, implying his Lutz isn’t perfect yet 
  • ‘It’s a hard jump but it’s fun! Since the season is finally over and we’re finally free from competitions, I wanted to try it.’
  • Says he’s not going to put the Lutz in the Olympic program - says having a lot of quad varieties does not mean you can win
  • they talked a bit about the 3/11 earthquake and Yuzu said bc he had the experience of losing his home-rink and still remembers the hard times that followed, he’s always quite happy and grateful to be able to practice in a rink
  • Has absolutely no plan for Pyeongchang at the moment LMAO
  • first plan for off season………wants to improve a lot of skating skills (#typical), esp 4Lz and the 3Lz because 3Lz went a bit weird (bc he’s practising 4Lz?) lmaooo
  • Goal for next season: ‘Towards perfection’ - 理想の先へ (literally: towards the ideal destination but he implies he means ‘beyond’ the ideal). He’d characterise this season (with the Loop) as a season of getting closer towards the ideal. Next season he wants to surpass the current ‘ideal’ he has. People say you shouldn’t have limits but Yuzu thinks it’s good to have limits, but if you set your own limits, you should set them higher than you’re able to achieve right now (I think? I’m not entirely confident I’m hearing it right)

Hey guys! This has nothing to do with PJO but a week ago, when I came back from running, I found this dying baby on the street without too much hopes, so I started to take care of it, take it to the vet and feed it.

Now, luckily, it’s better, and if everything goes well, on Monday it could go fly and be free.

So, can I ask you a favor? Can you wish for it recovery? It health is the only thing that occupies my mind now.


disneyismyescape’s mini disney movie challenge
→ day one: pick a movie - wreck-it ralph

i’m going through my various bundles to get rid of my extra keys so if you want any of these games lemme know

  • Surfingers
  • Fly O'Clock
  • Timberman
  • Cat on a Diet
  • Sinless
  • Millie
  • 2064: Read Only Memories
  • A Virus Named Tom
  • Beat Hazard Ultra
  • Door Kickers
  • Eventide: Slavic Fable
  • F.E.A.R.
  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
  • F.E.A.R. 3
  • FEZ
  • Girls Like Robots
  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  • Guardians of Middle-earth
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug’s Treasure DLC
  • MirrorMoon EP
  • Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine
  • Monster Loves You
  • Outlast
  • Psychonauts
  • Rocket Birds: Hardboiled Chicken
  • The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Super Hexagon
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
  • Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova
  • Waking Mars
Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 7]

mood board by the talented @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Chapter 7 of Too Right To Be Wrong

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Series Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

You let out a loud gasp as he tugged your panties off swiftly.

“Fuck!” you said under your breath. Never ever had anything made you so aroused in your life.

Mark teased you as his mouth ghosted over your aching core, his hot breath making you want to come undone right there.

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“Where is he, Q?” M asked tersely when Q answered the phone.

“I’m not sure. The tracker is offline, ma'am, I–”

“Well, I suggest you get it back on. And quickly.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

Q held in the sigh. This was not the first time that week the tracker had been offline - something that might have gotten Q in trouble if it weren’t for whom the tracker was attached to. Bond had apparently figured out how to deactivate it and had done so periodically throughout his mission. It was unsafe and negligent, not to mention it pissed Q off to no end.


“One moment, ma'am,” he said as his fingers flew over the keyboard.

He opened the program on his computer and went through the process of reactivating it manually, as he had done each time previously.

“Well, he appears to be on Earth,” Q said as the program came back online.

M did not respond and Q cleared his throat.

“England, specifically,” he said as the map zoomed in. “London, south of the Thames, along Oval Pl–”

Q clamped his mouth closed and pursed his lips.

“Q? What is it?”

“Sorry, ma'am,” he said, “I have to go to the loo.”

“The loo? Can’t that wai–”

He quickly pressed the button on the phone and ended the call. He was certain to catch bloody hell for that later, but not before he unleashed some of his own. After grabbing his jacket, he left the building and caught the afternoon bus, rode it to the juncture of Dorset and Meadow. Then he walked the few blocks to his apartment, stomped up the stairs to the door, and opened it to be greeted by Bond standing in his kitchen and making a sandwich.

“Welcome home, love. Would you like me to make you one?”

“What I would like is for you to stop turning off your tracker, and to report to M as soon as you get back from a mission.”

“I was on my way. Just needed a bite first.”

“In that case, I hope you’re ready to get your ass chewed out–”

“Oh? Are you offering?” Bond asked with a smirk.

It took Q a few moments to realize what Bond was getting at, but when he did he felt his face flush and he frowned. “I’m not one to reward bad behavior.”

“And if I was good?”

“That would be cause for celebration indeed.”

Bond hummed. “Then perhaps I should start with this.”

He came over and grabbed Q’s chin, tilted his head back and pressed their mouths together, ran his tongue over Q’s lips–

“Am I interrupting something?”

They split apart and turned towards the apartment door where M had just entered sporting a deep frown and a stern glare.


“I’m glad to see you’ve made it back to London, 007, but I think you’re priorities are a little off the mark. We have things to discuss.”

“In my defense he wasn’t supposed to fall off the roof.”

M ignored him and looked at Q. “You and I need to talk as well.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I have a car waiting outside. Let’s shove off.” She turned pointedly and walked out of Q’s apartment.

“I think that went well,” Bond said.

Q elbowed him in the side.

sad organa thought for the day: i headcanon that bail and breha knew about the deathstar going to alderaan a couple hours before the planet was destroyed and had the choice to leave, seeing as they were the royal family they would be priority to get off planet. however, they had heard that leia had been captured by the empire and that she was going to be executed so they thought she was dead. so instead of leaving alderaan they decided to stay and die with their people because they thought their daughter was dead so they had no desire nor any need to keep on living without her.

I quick drawing of Lia and Azali I found in my art folder (been super inactive, I know bleh)

this couple is extra cute to me bc when I was working on the comic it was never intended for them to end up together. I just slowly began to ship these two subconsciously lol

favorite things about the cullen romance:

  • how he quickly shuts the door behind some of his troops in a frantic attempt to let you both have the tower to yourselves
  • how he takes you to his childhood town and is oh-so careful about it
  • leather gloves
  • how meticulously he picks his words, trying to make them right
  • who doesn’t want to kiss a man in uniform
  • (that they actually address his lyrium addiction praise be)
  • when you knock something off of his desk and when you go to apologize he throws every priority off of his desk in one sweep so the only thing on it will be you and him. nothing else.
  • he throws everything off his desk
  • he throws eveRYTHING OFF HIS DESK

im so torn abt my english homework bc on one end i really don’t think i can do it but on the other i don’t rlly wanna explain my current situation to my teacher bc he tends to be an asshole abt these kinds of things so like.. I’m just suffering

“Sick” Spencer Reid

The days that you found yourself curled up in a ball on your bed were numerous. There were so many days like this that you had lost count. They were the days where you simply felt as if the entire world around you was going to come tumbling down at any second, or at least the days that the feeling was so overwhelming that you felt like you couldn’t even move. Today was another one of those days.

You curled up in a ball on your bed and wrapped your blanket tight around your body. The blinds and curtains in your bedroom were drawn so that no light could seep through. You felt like you couldn’t move, like you shouldn’t move. The thoughts that were entrapped inside of your mind were torturous and painful. You hated the treachery of your own mind.

Earlier in the morning you had called into work and informed your boss that you were too sick to go to work that day. You threw in a weak cough to make it seem like you had a cold or something and enforce the idea of your illness. In reality, you actually were sick, but it wasn’t the most accepted of illnesses and you just did not want to risk the chance of having to actually go to work. You didn’t think that you would be able to do so anyway.

You spent the day laying inert in your dark bedroom, surrounded by your warm bed. You did not want to talk to anybody, people had tried in the past, but all that it ever did was make you doubt yourself and that only added to your already miserable feeling.

Your cell phone rang numerous times throughout the day, but you didn’t even glance at the caller ID. You just let it go to voicemail, expecting it to be a “concerned” coworker who noticed your absence at work today. Little did you know, the person on the other end was actually concerned for you. It was Spencer.

Since you had started working at the BAU, you and Spencer had fallen into a wordless dance. Your connection was deep and real and you had a lot in common. But your insecurities shielded you from all possibilities of a relationship with the genius. Though, you were aware of your very real feelings for him, you were blind to his reciprocated feelings. He liked you just as much as you liked him. You just did not know it.

You did not expect anybody to be genuinely concerned for your well-being, especially not a coworker. You never did. Ever since you were young, you had learned to not expect people to be concerned of somebody that has been diagnosed with both General Anxiety Disorder and depression. You just weren’t a priority. They shook you off as if you were nothing, excusing themselves by giving up and simply saying, “Well, what would I do to help? Nothing.”

That’s why you were incredibly surprised when you heard the vague ding of your doorbell.

“I’m in here.” You shouted, not capable of having the energy to actually  rise from your comfy spot on your bed to greet your unexpected guest.

Within minutes, your best friend and coworker, Spencer Reid, cautiously creaked the door to your bedroom open just a crack and poked his head through.

“Y/n?” He asked quietly, “May I come in?”

“Sure.” You mumble in reply

He stepped into your bedroom, hauling two full bags behind him. You looked at the objects in his hand curiously from your perch on your bed.

“What do ya’ got there, Spence?” You asked

“Stuff to make you feel better.” He replied matter-of-factly as if it was obvious and you should have known.

He stepped forward and gently took a seat on the corner of your bed, placing the large bags on either side of himself. He looked up at you, his wide eyes and soft smile radiating the sympathy that he felt for you.

“Do you want to talk about why you are always missing work, y/n? Is everything alright?”

You gave him an unconvincing smile. “I’m fine, Spence.” He arced an eyebrow in disbelief, “Okay, you got me I’m not fine.” You relented, “But, I’m dealing with it. I have been diagnosed with GAD and depression for as long as I can remember.”

You were surprisingly  snappy with him. You were never snappy with Spencer. He was too kind, too generous, too caring, to be angry with. So, he knew that something was definitely wrong.

He wrapped a hesitant arm around you, “Shhh. You know you don’t have to be fine, y/n? It’s alright to not be alright for once.”

You looked up at him, hope and sadness and confusion flooding every fiber of your being. Everything just flowed out of you accompanied by the sad tears that had been threatening to pool in your eyes. Large, hot tears flowed down your cheeks and you leaned into Spencer’s chest.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” You choked out between raspy sobs

“It’s okay, y/n. It’s okay.” He whispered comfortingly to you, rubbing soft circles into your shoulders with his hand.

“It’s just so tiring. I constantly feel so worthless and it’s so overwhelming. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

The two of you sat like that for a very long time, entrapped in the darkness of your warm bedroom. The tears continued to fall from your eyes until they dried up and you felt as if you could not cry again in a million years. He held you for just a little bit longer, the words that you spoke still stinging through your minds.

“Y/n,” He spoke up, “You don’t have to do it alone any longer.”

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anonymous asked:

RFA +V and Unknown comforting a bi MC who came out to her friends but was shunned. This just happened to me and I am currently...... well I guess not in my right mind. These boys (and girl) have gotten me through a lot and I kinda hope they can help with this. Sorry if this isn't a good request or is too heavy a subject. Thanks if you do it, and I understand if you don't.

I’ve been avoiding writing for a month now but I just saw this and wanted to do it. I’m so sorry you’ve had this experience, that’s fucking awful. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. It’s not much but I hope this helps. ♥


  • Yoosung would be mad. Like, super mad. He seems all sweet and cuddly, but when it comes to you? Nope, consider his Yandere Mode™ activated.
  • He just won’t understand how anyone could shun you for something that should be so easy to accept.
  • You’re his absolute world and the thought of anyone treating you badly simply for your sexual orientation will fry his damn brain.
  • Eventually after pacing the room ranting he will see how hurt you are by what happened, and he’ll calm himself down immediately.
  • He just wants to see you smiling again.
  • Yoosung will definitely tell you that it’s ok, you don’t need to have friends like that when you have him.
  • In fact he would probably love having you all to himself.
  • He’ll wipe away any tears and hold you tight until you feel a teeny bit at ease.
  • And if that doesn’t take your mind off things he’ll find a game that requires maximum concentration so you aren’t even able to think about it.
  • He adores you and will do anything to make you feel better.


  • There are two beasts within Zen.
  • The one we all know and love, and the one that comes out when someone upsets the person he loves.
  • He can probably hide it very well, instead focusing on making you feel better.
  • He accepts you no matter what so the thought of your own friends not accepting you confuses him so much.
  • Like, you’re incredible? Why would they be so weird about this? It doesn’t change who you are as an individual, just who you are likely to fall in love with?
  • He doesn’t understand in the slightest.
  • He adores that you are bi.
  • Not in a weird fetishy way, but in the way in which you are brave for being open about your sexuality in a world that is not always accepting.
  • He admires your courage for telling them, and he will tell you all about it whilst holding you in his arms.
  • He loves you and will stay with you until he sees you smiling again.


  • Jaehee is a logical person. She’s always thinking 20 steps ahead of other people.
  • So when you tell her that your friends didn’t like the fact that you were bi, she was dumbfounded.
  • She ??? didn’t ??? expect ??? this ???
  • She honestly didn’t even think it would be such a big deal, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Being bisexual isn’t weird or different, it’s a normal thing that a lot of people experience???
  • Despite her lack of understanding about why your friends were so shitty, she will push those thoughts aside and do what is best for you.
  • Making you feel better is her priority now.
  • Her phone is off, and so is yours.
  • Tonight she’s focusing all her energy on you and making sure you aren’t feeling so down about what happened.
  • Want to watch a movie that doesn’t star Zen? Done.
  • Want some nice comfort food to fill the empty space within you? Done.
  • Anything you want to do, she will do it.
  • She understands the struggle, she’s bi too, and it took some time for her to realise and come to terms with that.
  • So she will make sure you don’t feel bad about it at all, despite how your friends reacted.
  • You’re the light of her life, you showed her a whole new side of herself and she sure as hell will make sure she helps you in return.


  • Jumin is very similar to Yoosung in the respect he wants to keep you all to himself.
  • He may have stopped joking about putting you in a cage but that doesn’t mean the thought doesn’t occasionally cross his mind.
  • So when you tell him about what happened with your friends, he will feel extremely smug.
  • But when he sees how shit you’re feeling because of it, that’ll change instantly.
  • He isn’t equipped to deal with this kind of situation, but the sight of you being so hurt by what happened will break his heart.
  • He’ll likely try comforting you with praise, but with his monotone voice it doesn’t do much to help.
  • His next method is Elizabeth 3rd. It’s a well known fact that petting cats has mega soothing affects on people, Jumin uses it to calm himself after stressful days at work so he’s aware of how helpful it can be.
  • So he’ll sit you down and put her on your lap, encouraging you to stroke her.
  • He will sit next to you, an arm around your shoulders, watching quietly as his two favourite things in the universe interact with each other.
  • He doesn’t know how to effectively comfort you, but he wants to, and you can see the effort he’s making.
  • He reminds you that you still have the entire RFA who think so highly of you and love you no matter what.
  • Every now and then you’ll see his fist clench as he thinks about what your friends did, but placing your hand on his relaxes him instantly.
  • It’s a quiet and peaceful night, and it surprisingly eases your mind.


  • If anyone is going to understand you, it’s Seven.
  • This boy is bi himself, so he’s probably experienced some struggles in his life, especially with his religion.
  • He will probably feel hurt on your behalf?? Anything that upsets you feels like a personal attack on him.
  • Like his heart will physically ache at the thought of how much this is hurting you.
  • His first reaction is to make jokes.
  • He’ll tell you not to worry, he can destroy their life in an instant if you so wish.
  • You laugh quietly along with his jokes but you both know he genuinely means it.
  • He will pull you in to snuggle on the sofa, rubbing his thumbs over you hands soothingly.
  • His joke level will be at max, and he will try anything to make you crack a smile.
  • But if that doesn’t work then he’ll just hold onto you.
  • He may always be messing around but he knows when it’s time to stop and be serious. 
  • He reminds you that even if your friends don’t accept you for who you are, he does, and he loves for who you are.
  • He wouldn’t change a thing about you.
  • You are everything he ever wanted and needed, and he’ll make damn sure you don’t feel shit because of people who don’t deserve you in their life.


  • He is an angel.
  • Like, a legit angel.
  • The second he sees you are upset he’s by your side trying his damn hardest to fix what is broken.
  • Once he realises that your own friends have shunned you for simply being bi, his heart sinks.
  • He knows there isn’t much he can do to fix that, if anything at all.
  • But he wants to help you feel better, so he’ll try his best.
  • The first thing he thinks of is a hot beverage. He will likely make you some tea, or if you prefer something else he’ll make that.
  • Once you’re settled together drinking something hot, he’ll quietly tell you in his soft voice all the reasons why your friends are ridiculous for treating you so badly.
  • He’ll leave his tea on the table and pull you into his arms, stroking your hair as he talks.
  • The tea, his soft voice, and his kind words all sooth you in a way you didn’t even think was possible. 
  • It doesn’t seem like he’s doing much but his small gestures make such a huge impact.
  • He never thought he would love anyone but Rika, so you are probably the most precious thing in his life.
  • He’ll do all he can to make you feel better about what happened, even if it takes all night.


  • To say he is angry would be an understatement.
  • He is absolutely seething that anyone would treat you this way.
  • There’s almost definitely a small part of him that wants to see them suffer for doing this to you.
  • But he’s grown a lot, thanks to the help of the RFA and especially you he’s gotten a lot better at handling his anger.
  • Just like Jumin, he’s not really sure how to handle this, but he desperately wants to help.
  • After being insanely awkward for what feels like forever, he finally gets an idea.
  • Without saying anything he grabs your hand and leads you to the bedroom.
  • Once there he unbuttons the duvet cover, opening it up and gesturing for you to climb inside.
  • He gets in after you, clearing his throat.
  • He tells you about how when he starts to feel shit he gets inside the duvet and forgets about the world.
  • You sit cross legged, facing each other, and it’s more blissful than you could even imagine.
  • He tells you how it feels like you’re in your own little bubble, and once he says it you start to understand what he means.
  • He doesn’t press on the issue with your friends, instead giving you an escape where you can feel peaceful again.
  • As you sit and chat about meaningless things he holds your hand, something which is a huge step for him.
  • But he just wants to see you smile again, so he’s willing to push himself beyond his comfort zone if it helps.
  • He wouldn’t share his escape with anyone else, only you.