She deserves to know that you will always put her first. She deserves to know that you will always be faithful, loving and trusting towards her. She deserves to know that you will always be her protector. She deserves to know that she can always count on you for support. She deserves to smile multiple times a day. She deserves to be treated so well, it will make other women jealous of her. She deserves to be loved for who she is, and not for who you want her to be. She deserves to laugh like she doesn’t have a worry in the world. She deserves to have a man she can hold hands and walk together with spiritually. She deserves to be spoken to with respect. She deserves whatever makes her feel like she is truly the only woman in the world.

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2.30.32 for vernon please. Thanks

2. Practice room
30. Cuddles
32. “Just hold me.”

The way he danced fascinated you. The turn of his head, the way he moved across the floor and became one with the rhythm in a way you knew you never could. The look in his eyes was one of pure concentration. You heard the beat before the music changed, before the rhythm became faster and you leaned forward in anticipation.

Step, step, turn and -

“Dammit!” Vernon cursed as he slipped onto the floor for the nth time that day. You sighed as your boyfriend ran hid fingers through his hair frustratedly. Leaning over to the side you turned off the music that was still resonating through the practice room before walking over to your boyfriend.

“You’ll get it babe.” You said, sliding down next to him. He groaned in response, burying his face in his knees. “I’ve been trying all day Y/N. All the other members already know the step, I’m the only one who’s behind.” His voice came out slightly muffled but you could hear the stress in it.

Your heart went out to the boy who you sat next to. You knew how hard he worked, how hard he practiced. Even now, when all the other members had gone home long ago, he was still here practicing. Almost unconsciously your hands went around him, hugging him close to you.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” You asked him softly. He shook his head, leaning back into your embrace. “Just hold me.”

You could hear in his voice the anxiety of preparing for a comeback that was looming closer everyday, the long night’s spent practicing and the worry, the worry that he wouldn’t do as well as the rest of the members.

And as you had done every night that week, as you had done on those nights he had been in tears over lyrics that just wouldn’t come to him or when he voiced out his fear of not being good enough, you held onto him, hugging him close to you. It wasn’t much; you knew that of course. But when you felt his body relax, when you felt all the tension leave him, you realized it was enough.

Hours later when the rest of the boys entered the practice room they found the both of you cuddled up in a corner. Vernon had not looked so at peace that week as he did at that moment.

Two in one day wow is this ever gonna happen again XD - Minnie

it isn’t selfish to focus on yourself. it’s perfectly okay and you deserve it.


OF 2014: Is Stiles making out with Lydia or Malia on his bed?

OF 2016: Is Stiles saying “You’ll forget me” or “Don’t forget me” as he gazes intensely into the eyes of Lydia Martin, his soulmate, who gazes back with tears in her eyes as she declares passionately “I won’t”?

bonus: Is that a lipstick smudge on Stiles’s bottom lip or is the lighting just weird?