prints skirt


Wear. That. Crop. Top. Sis. ❤️

That’s all I’m sayin…. in some of these pics I have on a mesh bodysuit underneath (courtesy of #Forever21) because at work, we aren’t allowed to show midriff. BUT if you’re branching out into crop top land then this is a good way to ease in if you’re not comfortable with the occasional exposure of skin. Baby steps and shit. But ain’t no rules for real. Get the crop top you’ve been eye-balling. But do it the way YOU need to.

Wow it got hot here quickly! ☀️I’m glad I went ahead and took out all of my summer clothes so I could put this light airy coordinate together 🌈 Pink cardigan is from axes femme, white tank tunic is Ray Beams, everything else thrifted or no-name.