prints 2013

The manga:

Definitely black.

1997 series:

Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty close to the source material.

Film trilogy (2012-2013):

That’s… not quite right. She’s still a woman of colour, but…
Oh well, they can’t do worse than this.

2016 series:

Wow, they actually made it worse. They took a screw up and they screwed it upper. How could you… Why.

“La Santa Muerte” (The Saint of Death) Woodcut print. 2013.

By Paola de la Calle (instagram: @delacalleprints)

In border towns and cities in Mexico, the frequency of deaths due to border crossings and cartel-related violence has people praying to La Santa Muerte, so that their journey to the afterlife is peaceful and painless. This print is made in solidarity with the people of Mexico, and those who have lost their lives.