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Rain Magic
BHP in Tokyo, at Geidai aka Tokyo University of the Arts, printing with the one and only @itazulitho - here’s me graining a stone and printing it w some chine-collé on a press that might just be a tad too small.

Writing this while commuting to food, so apologies for brevity and possible typos.

Stay fierce everyone. Also say hello if in Tokyo!



Come say hi to BHP at SGCI, before all this deep fried food kills me. Also, bonus points for donuts, and the free 8am breakfast (free food, that’s where the real artists at).

1. Thomas Lucas doing his rad demo. You weren’t allowed to attend if you didn’t have social media to document it on. So 2017. Bonus points for whoever spots the amazing @anniebissett in the crowd.
2. Meeting @catclawpress Kelly had me at a loss of words momentarily, rare BHP stupefied moment.
3. Sidecar press
4. Oldschool tumblr hangout with @knmacneil Kate and @wnussbaum William, talking 2011 tumblr and how y'all fell off along the way. It’s not like it used to be anymore.
5. Drivebypress
6. Casual printing on a Subaru engine block converted to a press. Longer crank shaft, and the thing is ready to go into mass production. Forgot the guys name, but the motorblock-press is all over insta. Do your social media thing ppl.

Slow head, slow hands, slow heart.
Beijing printing snippet. BHP has used up all social energy, but so many days left.

Surprised by so many things here. If it weren’t for the bad air and terrible terrible internet (apparently the latter can be remedied, with enough $, for the former there’s masks, nothing new for the printmaking population), could totally see a new BHP base somewhere in China.

Aaaaanyway, what’s the point. Here’s 10sec, June Wayne speaks about the sounds of litho, gotta do some filtering and selective hearing, but they’re in this video too.

There’s treasure everywhere.


Dear Litho Lovers

Going through the stones that were moved to storage after we lost our shops to a fire last September. (2016 that is. We = The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden).
The idiot movers that were lucky enough to land the contract for moving our shops packed those stones in actual moving cartons, creating wobbly stacks of overloaded boxes.
On a rainy day some weeks ago I stacked all the stones on palettes, like they should’ve been stacked from the very beginning. Took the opportunity to take some sweet detail shots.

Stay fierce, love dogs.