printmaking at michigan


A Day in the Studio with Emily Legleitner - Gone to Look for America.

“Gone to Look for America,” a woodcut on kozo okawara, is a work in progress. These images feature a proof of the three plates, which are laser engraved and hand carved. Here, Emily is practicing selective inking and experimenting with the effect of a split roll. 

Emily says about her work: “The large landscape print was inspired by a road trip I took last summer driving from Michigan to California and back along Historic Route 66, it features the numerous American landscapes I photographed along the road. The photograph of five prints hung on our studio wall is from our final critique for the semester and includes a print created from each project. The black and white image, titled “Suckin’ Blood from the Earth” is of the oil fields at the Arizona-California boarder, a photo-based single plate laser engraved woodcut printed on kozo okawara. It was an image that I took on my Route 66 road trip, a small drawing of which is also in the large landscape print.”


We are looking forward to Katy Collier visiting Stamps School this week as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist 

Lecture and color woodcut demo
Tuesday, September 20 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143

Individual critiques with students
Thursday, September 22 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143



Fang Limin
“Go Home for New Year”
water-based woodblock print hand-printed on artist-own prepared red paper

Another great print by artist friend and fabulous printmaker Fang Limin whose studio I visited when I attended the Impact 2015 Conference in Hangzhou in September 2015.  Fang Limin’s image was printed repeatedly with a set of interchangeable woodblocks on artist-own prepared sheet of Chinese paper. 

Fang Limin was a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist at Stamps School of Art and Design in March 2013.



Fang Limin
“Hangzhou Tourists”
water-based woodblock print hand-printed on Chinese paper

While attending the Impact 2015 Conference in Hangzhou in September, I had a great honor to visit a long-time artist friend and a fabulous printmaker Fang Limin who showed me his studio and this great woodcut called “Hangzhou Tourists”.  The print was made on a large sheet of Chinese paper utilizing a set of blocks which were printed repeatedly allover the sheet. Amazing image, which I have presented here as a full sheet and with several details.  -Endi

Fang Limin visited Stamps School of Art and Design in March 2013 as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist and presented a well-attended workshop on water-based block relief printing. Stamps students also visited Fang Limin’s class at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2014.


A Day in the Studio: Christopher Withers working on Translation Print

The prompt for this piece came from an anonymous classmate and reads as follows:“The eve of a grand event.  Decorated in vibrant apparel.  His only friend, the long-gone jungle animal.  A young king of the village.”  ….in my collage, I have constructed this king-like figure with a stoic, regal gaze, outfitted in elaborate feathered robes.  He extends a claw-like hand, perhaps in longing for his absent animal friend.  The black cloud hanging before him symbolizes his anxiety about the coming event; the fate of his village may hang in the balance…. -Chris

Anatomy of a print with Teresa Cole

Witt Visiting Artist Teresa Cole came to Stamps print studio to produce a fantastic set of screen-created, carborundum-dust intaglio printed collagraphs, three separate plates made and printed in collaborations with my students.  What a fantastic print demo Teresa!  -Endi