printmaking at michigan


Walls of paintings, drawings and woodcuts by artist Miida Seiichiro who will be coming to the University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist from September 18 through 21. 


We are looking forward to Katy Collier visiting Stamps School this week as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist 

Lecture and color woodcut demo
Tuesday, September 20 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143

Individual critiques with students
Thursday, September 22 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143

Time … thou ceaseless lackey to eternity
Woodcut, Rubbing, Oil sticks on hand made Kozo and Abaca Paper
80″ x 166″ 2017

New work by Orit Hofshi who was a Witt visiting artist at Stamps print studios in October 2016


Goedele Peeters, Living in # 3, #1, #2
multi-plate reduction color woodcuts on Japanese kozo

I recently visited Goedele Peeters at her studio in Antwerp, Belgium and wanted to share her new woodcut prints of icebergs.  Goedele visited Stamps School in Fall 2009 and again Fall 2014 as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist.

Goedele’s works were also included in the Abstraction and Landscape: Contemporary Woodcut exhibition at Detroit Artist Market for the 2014 Mid-America Print Conference in Detroit. -Endi


Fang Limin
“Vase with Flowers”
water-based woodblock print hand-printed
Wonderful woodcut print by artist friend and distinguished printmaker Fang Limin whose studio I visited during the Impact 2015 Conference in Hangzhou in September 2015.  

Fang Limin was a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist at Stamps School of Art and Design in March 2013.



Fang Limin
“Hangzhou Tourists”
water-based woodblock print hand-printed on Chinese paper

While attending the Impact 2015 Conference in Hangzhou in September, I had a great honor to visit a long-time artist friend and a fabulous printmaker Fang Limin who showed me his studio and this great woodcut called “Hangzhou Tourists”.  The print was made on a large sheet of Chinese paper utilizing a set of blocks which were printed repeatedly allover the sheet. Amazing image, which I have presented here as a full sheet and with several details.  -Endi

Fang Limin visited Stamps School of Art and Design in March 2013 as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist and presented a well-attended workshop on water-based block relief printing. Stamps students also visited Fang Limin’s class at China Academy of Art in Hangzhou in 2014.


A Day in the Studio with Riley Hanson: Woodcut Performance (BFA ‘17)

Part 1 Video

Riley says about his work: “a boy is introduced to the art of wood cut printmaking. His natural instincts, a life of rigorous labor, inform his technique. As a young boy he would wander the fields with his father. Watching the swing of the axe, the destruction of nature, and a fall to an incredible demise. They would venture home and the boy would practice on a small stump his father gave him. He would spend hours swinging his hatchet into the grain. These experiences inform his work, inform his way of communicating through the formal elements of woodcut printmaking. His narrative becomes intriguing yet mysterious in how it parallels the historically rich and dynamic narrative that printmaking.”