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The Signs as Art School Stereotypes

Libra: Sweet Art Education student who seem traumatized by the weirdo studio majors, always smiling, super long hair

Pisces: New Age, Eccentric Sculpture student who goes to music festivals every weekend, makes projects about the Illuminati and NWO, more #woke than you will ever be

Aquarius: Reserved Drawing/Illustration Major who draws hella good anime, never opens their mouth in critique until forced, vegan, fandom tees

Leo: Hipster painting student who thinks they’re the absolute shit, brags about smoking hookah and everything they do is meant to be ironic

Scorpio: Irritated Photography student who hates being in class but is always there, favorite color is black, always looks like they need a nap, opinionated

Aries: Yuppie Visual Communications student who brags about their love of craft beer, blood made of coffee, has really strong opinions about fonts, needs to relax

Virgo: Chill Ceramics student who smokes a lot of weed, thinks they suck but they really slay, succulents and cable knit sweaters

Capricorn: Super skilled Furniture Design student who can find a solution to anything, wears flannels and steel toed boots and it actually looks natural, works 109 hours a week

Cancer: Friendly but reserved Art Therapy student who is quietly reading everyone like a book, internal dialogue is constantly sassy, pastel hair, always on the verge of mental breakdown

Taurus: Edgy Printmaking student who shops at stores no one has heard of, small clique, loves to read, super detail oriented, doesn’t accept criticism well, makes everyone uncomfortable by bickering with professor

Gemini: General Fine Arts Student who floats from clique to clique seamlessly, indecisive, friendly but values alone time, inquisitive, listens to Nirvana and also Disney Soundtracks

Sagittarius: Headstrong Double Major who can’t keep their thoughts straight, skips class a lot, obsessed with Tim Burton movies, smokes cigarettes for aesthetic, talks too much during critique

college jungkook
  • before college, jungkook played around with a lot of design software and photoshop and illustrator became his favorites bc all of the things he could do like making vectors and drawing and etc.
  • at first, he was like yeah i’m gonna major in visual arts bc graphic design but later developed a fear that he may not be able to lead the kind of lifestyle he wanted or get a really good job but like of course you can
  • so to be safe, he decided to major in informatics with a concentration in media technology which kinda combines a lot of the things he enjoys so jungkook decided that was the major for him
  • minors in visual arts bc it was highly recommended for informatics + media technology majors which is like an additional 21 credit hours (7 classes) plus 6 more (2 classes) when his major already requires about 30 credit hours per semester
  • but the good thing is that he was able to pick the 2 classes and he chose intro to printmaking and digital photography and the older boys helped him with scheduling and told him when and where to get textbooks and scantrons
  • yeah so like this bunny was so excited before the 1st week of classes bc his schedule looked great and he had like an hour between each of his classes but the bad thing was that he and the others somehow forgot to check the time for his precalculus algebra & trig class and it’at 8AM on like mwf
  • which sucks bc as soon as this kid was done with his assignments (or about 75% bc he procrastinated) he’d play video games up until like midnight
  • also watching anime with the other members of the anime club
  • okay so you know how taehyung, jimin, and hoseok all work at that restaurant mentioned in tae’s? well not hoseok bc he graduated but yeah jungkook usually passed out there even though it’s farther than the dorms
  • like as soon as he was done with his afternoon classes he’d just show up at the restaurant and jimin would find him at a table near the back, drooling on a menu but good thing they were laminated
  • so they’d have to wake him up and walk him to the dorms he’d be so disoriented like he was going on about his calc class and how much he dislikes his the writing class he has to take and the kid was just really stressed out
  • but it gets better during his 2nd semester bc he didn’t schedule any 8AM classes which meant more sleep and this kid loves sleep like a lot which is important in college and it just seems like can you never get enough
  • he’s definitely the type to have a skateboard or bike and he’d just listen to his music on his way to class. sometimes he’d be seen racing taehyung on their way to the little restaurant bc it’s like their hangout
  • okay so there’s track tryouts during the spring semester and he was kinda shy about trying out but with the right amount of nudging from tae and jimin he eventually tried out and made the team
  • also joins a dance team/club that post dance covers on youtube and create choreo and jungkook was very excited bc he was in his element
  • now even though he’s good at a lot of things, most people had no idea that he could sing but you did
  • one night there was a meeting for the anime club in one of the rooms in the auditorium which was just the members catching up on anime
  • and you were there but not in the same room bc you volunteered to help clean for the guest lecture the next day and you’d occasionally hear shouting which was the anime club and just kinda shrug it off
  • yeah so the club meeting ended and jungkook kinda stayed behind to sing bc he thought no one was on that side of the auditorium but you were and you heard someone singing and it sounded really nice
  • and you just continued to clean but you had to check all of the rooms to make sure they were in good condition and the last room you checked happened to be the one jungkook was in and he was just froze in place when the door opened
  • you apologized and he was like “nah it’s cool” and you explained what you were doing and he;s like ah okay well gotta go and he was so red and scurried out so fast that you weren’t able to compliment him on his singing
  • so a few days went by and jungkook didn’t really think anything of your encounter and that’s probably bc he was so busy with his classes and track meets that jimin and taehyung weren’t surprised to find him passed out at the restaurant almost every day
  • you happened to visit the restaurant every now and then and the one day that you went you find jungkook passed out at like the only available table and you were kinda !! bc you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable
  • and jimin was like “are you sure you wanna see here? i think his drool is gonna reach your end of the table soon” and you were like “it’s okay” but you were kinda screaming on the inside bc what if he wakes up but then jimin assured you that he wouldn’t
  • so you just kinda sat there and ate while jungkook snored and occasionally talked in his sleep and then he jolted up when taehyung placed a burger in front of him and he kinda stared at you for a second
  • he thanked taehyung and the two of you ate in silence before you told him that you liked his voice and he slowly came out of his shell after that and exchanged numbers
  • the two of you started out as best friends bc you were both in the same writing class and bonded over anime and video games and he showed you some of his graphics and he’s really good like they’re very distinguishable from any other graphic designs you had seen
  • some nights the two of you would go bowling and see who could eat the most slices of pizza and jungkook would regret it the next day bc of track practice
  • he shyly invited you to one of his meets and he was so surprised when you said yes but he was happy to have you cheer for him in the stands and then a bunny smile appears and it’s so cute
  • he had an assignment in his digital photography class where he was asked to photograph things that he saw daily that made him feel some sense of happiness and he asked you and the rest of bangtan if he could take the pictures and it was cool
  • and he edited them and they came out really nice even though he almost blurred the boys’ faces and kept yours as the main focus
  • but that’s okay bc he also had an assignment in his graphic design fundamentals class but he had more creative freedom so he drew a silhouette of someone which was actually you and added different geometric shapes in different colors to contrast with this b&w of the silhouette
  • and he added little quotes here and there that were actual things you said and the end product is kinda minimalistic with a lot of negative space but he left room for viewers to interpret the focus as they pleased. like it was almost interactive like is the focus the shapes, quotes, or the silhouette? which kinda added depth to the piece in a way
  • he got a’s on both assignments and a chance for them to be featured in the campus art gallery for a month but he turned it down bc the pieces were kinda personal and he wanted to be the one to show you the graphic he created
  • so he went to your dorm room one afternoon, laptop clasped in his hands and showed you and you thought it was amazing and the quotes kinda made you realize that the silhouette was you
  • and you found yourself pulling him into a hug and before either of you knew it, you kissed and it was short and sweet and left both of you stuttering apologies but then jungkook got this bout of confidence and kissed you again
  • not long after that the two of you were officially a thing and taehyung called you over to the restaurant bc he baked a cake to celebrate and you and jungkook are blushing like crazy bc it’s kinda over the top but you could tell that taehyung and jimin were genuinely happy for you
  • some days you’d see jungkook riding his bike from class and he’d always stop to ask how your day was going and if he couldn’t he’d definitely made sure to text you as he was running up 5 flights of stairs and the text actually said something like dhwoieh kjeod but then he’d text you again with a message you could understand
  • you’d be the first person he showed any of his graphics to and the model in any of the photographs he’d take
  • the two of you still went bowling but it was officially called dates where he’d walk you back to your dorm with your hand in his and maybe kiss you goodnight if his heart could take it
  • also, dates at the restaurant and taehyung and jimin filming your entire date and cooing at the two of you like proud parents and send it to the rest of bangtan
  • college jungkook is just a very sweet, multi-talented kid who likes eating pizza and watching anime with his best friends and of course you

Call for Artists

Open call for visual artists.

The Pharmacy are looking for artists of all mediums to submit work for the upcoming exhibition ‘GLITCH’.


1. a small problem or fault that prevents something from being successful or working as well

2. a minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag: a computer glitch; a navigational glitch; a glitch in the negotiations.

**This does not only apply to glitch art or digital art, any type of glitch within art will be considered e.g art concerning mental health or the uncanny.**

DEADLINE Sunday 29th January 2017  

Submit proposals to

Artists are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital, film etc.

Artists from all countries are welcome to submit although it must travel easily with minimum cost to the artist and gallery.

We have TV’s and projectors for films so a download link should be acceptable.

The proposal should include:

·         a short artist statement (around 200 words)

·         A few sentences describing the work you are proposing to exhibit

·         3 hi-res images (72 – 300 dpi)

·         Any other visuals including website or video links

The Pharmacy is an independent artist run space in Carlisle, England.

‘Glitch’ will be a pop up exhibition which will fully documented for all artists.