Continuing our countdown to The London Illustration Fair 2015, we’ll have artist and illustrator Eleanor Rogers on the stand.

Eleanor Rogers is an Artist and Designer who lives and works in London. She is an active member of the East London Printmakers and exhibits with them locally and internationally. She studied Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art, after which she completed a Scholarship to Florence. It was in Florence she began drawing seriously and has not stopped since. Her style of creating is varied, immediate and often humorous opting to make works that instantly impact upon the viewer with its use of colour, text and varied references to popular culture.

I make work in lino, screen print and etching. When I draw it is fast, simple and cut throat and I strive to hold on to this quality within my prints. I try to be honest in all I capture, and aim to create images that are inviting in their hope and strangeness.

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The London Illustration Fair 2015
10th - 12th July
Hoxton Arches
E2 8HD


Máriás zarándokvonat
10 × 16 cm, akvatinta, 50 nyomat

Olyan szerencsés vagyok, hogy egy rézkarc megrendelésem is volt ezen a nyáron! A Misszió Tours megbízásából készült a munka, akik zarándokutakat szerveznek Csíksomlyóra és a Czestochowai Fekete Madonnához, ezeket az ábrázolásokat kellett megjelenítenem a grafikán. Azok kapták ajándékba a karcot, akik már többször részt vettek az utazáson.

I’m so lucky that I had an etching commission this summer! Misszió Tours ordered this aquatint especially for the occasion of pilgrimage to Csíksomlyó and Czestochowa. I had to involve two Madonna portrayals in the image. The etching prints are gifts to those participants who took the tour multiple times.


Booya! So happy with this newly minted 2′ x 4′ Horned Lark print I completed on Sunday.  Can’t wait until the edition of nine is dry!  It was alot of work for two days of breakneck paced printing at Chases Garage in York, ME.

This project taught me many things.  Most importantly an efficient way to register large scale color prints.  I was impressed with how the thin Mulberry paper held up after many passes through the press.  Photos of the finished piece will be online soon.

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