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30 Things You Can Add to Your Art Journal

Art journals can be decorated, simple, planned out, spontaneous, and a great outlet for stress. Here are some ideas for you to add to your own art journal.

1. Collage. Using magazines, newspapers, old books, posters, prints off the internet, you can make fabulously artistic pages.  

2. Sew-on Decor. Instead of using glue, Mod Podge, or tape, try using thread to sew pictures onto the pages. It will give it a vintage, textured look.

3. Tea Stain. If you take a tea bag and steep it in hot water for a little, you can stain the pages to make the pages look old. Different teas make different colors, so experiment!

4. Paint. Water-color painting, acrylic painting, finger painting, or whatever the medium of paint is that you choose. Get in there and paint the pages however you want!

5. Sketch. Not all pages have to be pops of colors and textures. You can have pages of beautiful simple sketches.  

6. Stamp. If you don’t have stamps, it’s easy to make your own. Search for some DIY stamps.

7. Nature. Tape or glue pieces of nature into your pages. Flowers, grass, leaves, or twigs. 

8. Masking Tape. Make a pattern on the page with masking tape and color, paint, or doodle over the pattern. Take the tape off when you’re done to see the amazing pattern underneath. 

9. Doodle. Draw anything and everything. Try using pens or markers instead of pencil. Make mistakes and live with them because mistakes are beautiful.

10. Outline Objects. Take a roll of tape, a phone case, pictures, or anything around you and outline them with pens, markers, or Sharpies. Overlap the shapes for an interesting effect. 

11. Washi Tape. Decorate the pages with borders, wrap it around the edges, or create shapes. 

12. Trace. If you have thin enough pages, you can trace shapes, images, and scenes. Just don’t claim that the tracing was your own art because that’s not cool. 

13. Blow Paint. Glob some paint with some water and use a straw to blow the paint around the page. 

14. Pastels. Experiment with pastels. Mix them with water, rubbing alcohol, or just smudge and mix them together. 

15. Stencils. Use stencils to design pages with shapes and images. You can experiment by using paints or by overlapping. 

16. Stickers. Plaster an entire page with stickers if you want or use them sparingly. It’s your call. 

17. Divide the Page. Use a ruler or a flat edge to divide the page into various sizes of shapes. Color each shape in differently. 

18. Etch. Etching is a technique in which you place an object under the page and shade over it. The final outcome is really amazing. 

19. Sharpies. Scribble, sketch, doodle or experiment by mixing the Sharpies with rubbing alcohol. 

20. Glitter. Throw some glitter (make it rain) on some wet paint, glue, or water-brushed pages. 

21. Scribble. Exactly what it says. 

22. Burn the Page. This one you need to be careful with because you could ruin the whole book. Take a lighter or a match and just gently burn the edges of the page to make it look old. 

23. Outline Your Hands. By outlining your hands, you are making a page that no one else can…unless they have the same size hand as you.

24. Sponge. Dip a sponge in paint and press it on the page all over. 

25. Make A Comic. Who says you have to draw out a comic? Collage it or paint it! Or just draw it because that’s pretty too. 

26. Zentangles. If you aren’t sure what these are, just look them up. They are fun and are said to help people calm down. 

27. Your Own Pictures. Add your own personal images of friends, family, yourself into your artwork. 

28. Quotes. You can write them yourself, print them out, cut them from magazines, or cut them from books. 

29. Maps. This might be difficult for those who don’t have maps or atlases. Mod Podge pieces of maps to the pages. 

30. Mixed Media. Combine any of the previous suggestions for a fantastic piece that you’ll be proud of.

How I study in Uni: workspace, note making & what’s in my files.

 Assalamualaikum lovelies! 

Alhamdullilah midterm exams are over and I’m also happy with the results (but not too happy). The foundation year students are having a week break and my mum is coming from Malaysia in 2 days! (: A week of not having to think of what to cook, because mum is here to save me. 

Anyway, inshaAllah today I’ll share to all of you on how I study here. This post has been highly requested! I’ll try my best to not let any of you down!

Before that, I would share my personal thoughts about having an organized workspace.

Here’s mine! I put a lot of effort in it MashaAllah. Most of my things are from K-mart, The Warehouse and Typo because they have the best range of fashioneries (fashion stationeries!). I’m sure most of you know how obsessed I am with owning the best stationaries. Hehe. I purchased the two Anatomy posters from a bookstore just to inspire myself and to because I have to remind myself every day that this is the last term to study maths because next term if God wills, I’ll never see Maths again for the rest of my life lol. Also, another idea is to have a world map poster, especially if you love traveling. I got my fairy lights from Kmart but I also got some from Kaison in Malaysia which is pretty cheap. The light just brightens up the mood.  You don’t need to put unnecessary items on your workspace because you might be overwhelmed by it. Keep your pens and markers in your drawers. Also, a wire memo board or a cork board are the best ones to hang motivational quotes or important notes.

Okay, so let’s start with note making!

I usually have lectures in the mornings from 9 AM. I’m not sure with other foundation year students, but Otago FY students get workbooks for every subject we take. In the workbooks, there are compilations of lecture notes and also tutorial questions. 

I usually read through the lecture notes and highlight the main points of the lecture on the night before. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the lecture notes than showing up to the lecture with 0% idea of what the learning is about. I read a post from a studyblr about surviving university and it said that it is more important to note what the lecturer says than what is written on the slides (if you can view them online). Usually, lecturers will give out details on how to answer exams questions and the main points that you need to know for the lecture.

I use 3 different colours of highlighters. Purple for large topics, blue for small topics and pink for the explanation. For visual learners like me, it’s important to differentiate the notes (:

So, after lectures, we’ll have tutorial classes. If you’re not a University student yet, tutorial classes are small classes where students are able to interact with the lecturer. Usually, we’ll be doing tutorial questions and discuss. 

It’s so important to do exercises, regardless of how well you think you’ve mastered the lecture. I’ll always add extra notes in the lecture book after doing the tutorial questions. 

At home, I’ll make my own lecture notes as a summary of the lecture. I printed these pages online from a studyblog, but I don’t remember from who! :( But if any of you are interested with study templates, you can just google ‘studyblr printables’ and print them off from the internet :) I made lecture notes after doing tutorial questions so that I’m most sure of it. During exam week, I’ll only be reading these notes! But before that, please make sure you don’t miss out writing any important details from the lecture into the page.

Lastly, I’ll make notes that are more visual. I don’t make notes for all the lectures, just for those parts I know I need help to memorize. I’ll flip through this notebook every night to remember (:

Oh! One of the things SESERI has taught me is to have a file for every subject. Apparently, that habit has been stuck with me to University, which is good! 

I have 5 files for the 5 subjects I’m taking this term which are: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Academic English & Mathematics for Science. 

In the files, I’ll keep in the exam questions, exam revision questions, and also the lecture notes I made. I also keep in printables like the grade tracker (this is so important so that you know where you need to work on to achieve the GPA you want!), topic understandings checklist and definition list. I glued on one of my favorite quotes too. I leave these files at home and use them to store my notes. Near exams, I’ll review them (: It’s so important for us to keep the study materials we get from classes because it just might be useful for the future. Organizing your file is so important so that things don’t get all messed up, especially when it’s near exam week. 

Remember that doing extra work for your studies is for your own good sake regardless whether people are doing it too or not. I’m sure everyone wants the best for themselves, therefore there is no harm in trying to work harder. In the end, it’s all about how much you’ve achieved to get closer to your goals. If something inspires you, go for it. If it motivates you to do better, go for it. You also need to learn to say ‘no’ to the negative things in life. If you feel like your circle of friends are bringing you down in your studies, it’s okay to isolate yourself sometimes just to get back on track. It’s better to feel left out that feeling regret the rest of your life for not trying your ultimate best. With determination, discipline, and positivity, inshaAllah we’ll get to the destination we want!

I hope I helped one or two of you with this post! Do share your thoughts about it with me personally or anonymously (through the ask box) because I want to improve myself too! Also, please tell me what you want to read in my next post because I’m kinda out of ideas.

Insha Allah, till next time when I write again. Assalamualaikum. 

“Study. Remind yourself: I’m doing this for me.”

Sigyn’s newest random headcanon:

Edward Nygma says ‘you love me’ more often than he says ‘I love you’.

Doesn’t matter who you ship him with or which universe you’re drawing from, I reckon it’d be the same for most romantic relationships he could be in, and the logic is twofold so bare with me here.

First off, 'you love me’:
- There are a thousand different reasons he says this but most of the time it’s teasing, answering 'because you love me’ when his partner asks why they should bother doing something for him. Or sometimes it’s just a general 'haha you love me’ whenever there’s a little bit of frustration between them (which will either de-escalate the situation perfectly, or make it a LOT worse).
- Sometimes though, it’s insecurity, but of course he’ll never admit that. It’ll be a hidden question, checking for clarification that he is actually loved, just some form of proof that it
is still there and he’s not just imagining it because it’s easy to get paranoid when you’ve known so little love in your life. It won’t be obvious, but his partner will know what he’s searching for and the moment he gets the evidence he needs, he’ll close that vulnerability back up again and probably try and laugh it off like it never happened.

Second part, 'I love you’:
- The main reason he doesn’t say this as often, is because Ed would always far rather SHOW his love than just state it. He will take any opportunity to perform some elaborate act to demonstrate his feelings, because for a performer like Ed, that three word sentence just isn’t enough to get the point across.
- As for the last little sliver of a reason, well, he also might try and claim it doesn’t really fit with his image. He’ll say it’s because The Riddler isn’t the sort of man to go around acting all gooey and sentimental. Truth is he’s just a little bit scared. In so many cases, love is a weakness, and one which can have horrible withdrawal symptoms (and in a lot of his universes he’s already experienced how devastating losing it can be). So denying he’s fallen prey to such a thing or at least not admitting it out loud too often offers him some imaginary protection against that. 
- The only time you’ll hear him say it then, is in a very quiet, very subdued, very private situation, where those words declare strength instead of proclaiming weakness.

All in all, it means he says ‘you love me’ a little more than the average person, and ‘I love you’ a little less. Which is not important information for anyone really, I just like writing about Eddie so je ne regrette rien.

Aphrodite altar ideas

1. Pick a place for the altar. This can be a shelf in a closet if you want it to be discreet, a bathroom counter, or my personal favourite it setting it up on a vanity if you have one. 

 2. Stick to an Aphrodite colour scheme. Think pinks, reds, sea foam blue, and gold. I use a pink scarf from the dollar store as an altar cloth.

3. Have something in the middle to represent Aphrodite. This doesn’t need to be an expensive statue. Some ideas include

- An old barbie 

- a picture of Aphrodite you printed off from the internet

- any photo of a woman you find beautiful

- a figure you made yourself

4. Have an offering bowl or dish of some sort in front of your Aphrodite representation. The thrift store is a perfect place to get this. I found an iridescent seashell dish for $2.

5. Decorate! This part is the most fun. Stick to things that represent Aphrodite. This may include:

- a vase of roses (fake ones are honestly best since they don’t die)

- alternatively you can get some potpourri with dried roses 

- make up and jewelry, especially pearls

- anything with hearts (check out the dollar store around valentines day)

- seashells or anything ocean related

- Doves, swans, rabbits, bees, and dolphins are all favoured my Aphrodite (avoid pigs, she hates them)

- Fairy lights or pink Christmas lights

- Get a few small pieces of rose quartz if you can

- Really anything beautiful (think flowers of any kind, snow globes, antique music or jewelry boxes)

- You can also create a collage of beautiful pictures on the wall behind the altar

6. Maintain your altar. Try not to be disrespectful by letting it get too messy. Keep it looking nice and every once in while take the altar cloth off, wash it, and spray the surface down with some rose water if possible. 

“We gotta print the internet,” she says, staring up into the sky. The light pollution from the city isn’t so bad out here–but it’s not so great either. Half the Big Dipper is missing and the Little Dipper is more imagination than anything. “Before it goes down. Before we go.”

The other woman watches bugs pass in front of the moon. “Should be a few days, I think. People will do their jobs for as long as denial will let them. So a few days before the infrastructure collapses.” She looks at her friend. “It’s going to be hard to be an alcoholic then, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll bury all the alcohol I can find and come back for it. So they don’t drink it all.”

“Shit,” the first woman hisses. She sits up, holding her head in her hands, long, brown hair sliding over her shoulders. “I don’t know anything. Not a goddamn thing about surviving out there.”

“Or here.”

Instead of rolling her eyes, the first woman begins to rock back and forth. “Or here! Shit, I want to know one thing, just one thing.”

The second woman takes her mind away from good cache spots and thinks about walking out into the woods. No cellphone, no food, no Britta filter– “Oh my god, we’re like babies. There’ll be nothing to do but die.” Her lips purse. “Fuck, I gotta get to California. No way I make it, but I gotta try.”

“You family,” the first woman says understandingly. The despair seems to have eased somewhat and she slumps back into her slouch, legs crossed in front of her. “I’d go to the woods in Canada. We could take a survival course. Something. The others would probably be down for it.”

“We gotta print it all out,” the second woman says. She puts the idea of traveling across the country–alone– out of her mind. “Before the internet goes.”

The first woman sighs. “Yeah. Before the internet goes.”

You, too, can have abs like these if you just work hard in the gym, stay dedicated your diet, and blah blah blah – Yeah, whatever. 

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. I totally stole this guy’s body. He was an easy target, coming out of the gym one day… I hopped out of the last body I was in, and right into his… 

And now that I’ve taken over his body, I’ve inherited his cushy life as a personal trainer… I get to spend my entire day giving people bullshit advice about “working hard” and “staying motivated.” I give them diet and exercise plans that I printed straight off of the Internet… And they all totally believe me – And they pay me big bucks for it, too! I mean, why wouldn’t they when I look like this?? 

If it takes a little bit of convincing, usually all I have to do is give them a flash of these abs, a wink, and a big, charming smile…. 

Yeah, you’d totally take my advice, too, wouldn’t you? Admit it.

anonymous asked:

are there any estonian memes?

There are; most popular of them are (translated because they’re in Estonian)

  • “Darling, did you buy Alma milk??”
  • “ All of the road is broken”
  • “Ouch, *Russian swear*, why are you doing skin?”
  • “I was in a explosion when tree walked”
  •  “When you’re out of cash, print more of it”
  • “My internet ran out of room”
  • “Eat seeds”
  • “I think police should intervene here”
  •  and that:

I received this ask and it got me thinking about an aspect of witchcraft that I worry is maybe lacking in the community here.

Please, put down the pitchforks and bear with me. Because it’s 100% not a criticism, only an observation from a witch with a decade and a half of experience under her hat.

I love seeing some of the creativity that goes into spell jars, and the sigil posts, and all sorts of things that are on the outer edge of my personal practice of the craft. However, if you’ve seen my posts or followed me for a while, I’m betting you can guess what it is that I’m going to say.

Most of the recipes are missing the whys.

The witch in the above ask (who gave me permission for this post) needed basil for a spell jar. The problem is, basil has a lot of qualities. (and this is setting aside the entire discussion of personal associations with herbs). Without knowing which particular aspect of the herb was needed, it’s impossible to make a suggestion.

One of basil’s uses can be for money or prosperity. Another is purification. And yet another attracts friends. But, not all herbs that attract friends have the same purification aspect. So there isn’t a one to one swap.

It’s like cooking (I’m a hearth witch, if I can’t think of a cooking/baking example for something assume I died). Sometimes you can substitute honey for sugar and no other adjustments are needed. The sugar’s function in the recipe is for sweetness, and so honey (or any other sweet food like dates or agave) can be used in its place to give the desired taste. But, if I’m baking a cake or cookies, I can’t just replace all the sugar with honey and call it a day. The honey has different properties than the sugar, and so tweaks are needed!

Same goes for spells. Honestly, I’m of the mindset that spell-making and magic is just cooking with energy, but I’m a hearth witch, that is literally what I do.

So, it turns out, azalea-garden was making a spell jar to help attract a familiar. Logic says, that it’s the attracting friends aspect of basil that is needed, so I was able to make a few suggestions for herbs that I find have friendly attractive energies to them. Or would at least function in the spell for the desired result.

All that to say these two things:

First off, personal study. 

It is not enough to just have a list of spells and glamours you print off the internet or got from a book. I’m sorry, but it’s not. Sure, things might work… okay. After all, assuming the person who wrote it had an idea what they were doing then things have at least a chance of coming together the way it says.

Second, share wisely.

When you are posting a spell, or recipe for something. Consider what it is that you are sharing, and give an idea of how and why it works, instead of just throwing ingredients at the screen.

I love when I see guides that will list the ingredient, and then the purpose. 

Should I decide to use the guide this gives me far more confidence in what is going on then doing the magical equivalent of chucking the contents at my pantry at the stove and hoping I wind up with dinner.

Knowing the reasoning behind why the person chose what they did for the spell gives you the chance to check it against your own knowledge. Sometimes it’ll be a new aspect, and you can decide for yourself if you think perhaps they are onto something. After all, we all have our own paths and sometimes people might have an experience that I didn’t have. But on reflection I can see how they arrived to that conclusion. So now I learned something too!

It also, in the example that started this whole long post, gives you the ability to make changes based on your availability of ingredients. So, basil is the attractive portion of the spell, but if you’re out of basil, then something like Citronella, or Lemon Beebrush which have similar friend-attracting aspects can be swapped in.

Stuck In the 101

Really, and please do keep the pitchforks away because I say this with all the love in the world towards baby witches and those learning the craft, until you start doing the above two things… you’re always going to be in witchcraft 101.

It is not enough to have a rote understanding of magic, energy work, herbs, or spells. You have to understand it. And it don’t mean that you need to fully grasp how magic works. No one does (really, we don’t). 

Witchcraft isn’t something you do. It’s not lists of memorized ingredients and correspondences. It’s a practice, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s something you ARE.


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