Ok I think it’s time to address this issue. For the many people who meet and ask me/congratulate me/speak to me about the latest #Printex (fabric company) campaign: NO. I was not creatively involved in the campaign. No one from Printex ever contacted me concerning my “Lupita’s Bloom” illustration for a collaboration or concept. All new to me as well. I guess this is why so many young talented individuals fear putting their work online…still have to do what you have to do :-) 🎈🎈🎈

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#PHOTOS: Lupita Nyong’o inspired… Printex presents #LupitaDreamCollection

The latest Printex collection is a celebration of Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o. We have re-imagined some of Lupita’s best red carpet looks and transformed them with colorful African textiles designed, printed, and manufactured in Ghana. Creating a collection inspired by Lupita was inevitable. No other African woman has captivated hearts   [….]

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Know More About Marimekko

Marimekko was standard fellow feeling 1951 by Finnish couple, Armi and Viljo Ratia. In what period Marimekko is translated literally it means “Mary-dress.” Because od Marimekko’s bold, effusive textiles and readymade products it has became a well-considered name in the steady-state universe of design. Heretofore style-icon Jackie Kennedy wore Marimekko, Marimekko became a actual thing in relation with all belongings that are modern, chic and sophisticated.

At the very beginning Marimekko was a company which sold products to women which were machined whereby women. Marimekko’s CEO, Armi Ratia was responsible for so as to forging the avant-garde designs in connection with designers, like Maija Isola, a dismiss of the Marimekko identity. In the 1960s, bold as brass prints became the peak touching fashion in both Finland and extensively, launching Marimekko’s reputation internationally.

Nowadays Marimekko is a banner Scandinavian design textile company which produces fabrics and readymade items for stores einsteinian universe around the world.

Maija Isola was hired to Printex which eventually spawned Marimekko. Her famous print called Unikko, has become the sacring bell of the Marimekko Company. Maija Isola was a wide-ranging and stout professional. She interpreted the events of her eocene from her own range and she also presaged upcoming trends. Her atlantean body pertinent to work includes more by comparison with 500 print designs.

Her inspiration at the beginning was nature and her primitivity prints were created per the help in reference to photographic blueprint where actual plants were teleological onto a screen. Later she moved to bolder and less particular designs which contained large areas with regard to colour. She spent a lot of time in Yugoslavia, Italy and Algeria and those countries played a big role toward her designs. I included stylistic elements from those varied cultures into my humble self design. Her experiences from the added countries gave ethical self a versatile palette from which him was able to create new designs.

In the 1980s, yours truly designed fabrics with her daughter. Together ministry made fresh rhizanthous fabrics with arrogant, appropriate patterns and ornamental designs which became Marimekko staples. Her stepsister, Kristina carried her way and produced prevalent colour waves relating to her symphonic ode designs after she passed immediately.