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Hi, Carol! So i'm starting university this year for the first time and i'm really curious about what essentials I should bring to keep myself organized. Things like what study tools I should use, which kinds of writing utensils you recommend, and what you tend to keep in your book bag? It can definitely be tips from you and/or tips from other posts as well ^^ I need all the info I can get! Thank you so much!

Hello anon!! Sorry it took me about a day to respond, I wanted to compile as much as I could find for you!  Congratulations on another year of school and certainly another year of success, right? ^^ <3 

Keeping a backpack sounds obvious, but trust me. Remember to consider function over style, especially if you need to carry a lot of stuff (try not to weigh yourself down, though.) 


  • A laptop bag/organizer, or just your laptop and charger.
    • I suggest buying a sleek, comfortable bag roomy enough to store your laptop and your chargers.  I would buy the ones that can store notebooks, pens, and calculators like these  
    • The organizers will make rifling easier but are not necessary by any means. A lot of your work will probably be online btw! 
  • Post its and adhesive markers (for textbook or packet studying) 
  • Food
    • Please keep some kind of (healthy) snack with you everyday, it saves money and your sanity!  Buy cereal bars, prepackaged trail mix, prepare some fruit for throughout the week, etc… 
  • Pens/Highlighters just in case. 
  • Personal Table of Contents (travel and home) 
    • I create personal TOC by scanning what important topics comprise one unit/chapter and listing them on paper. This is so useful if you need to study a specific idea. 
  • USB 
    • If it’s not convenient to save on Google Drive, use your USB. This is essential because you just never know when technology will fail you. in any case, use Google Drive always.
  • Refillable Water bottle. It saves the planet, your time, and money, so I suggest keeping one not just in college but in general… DRINK WATER EVERYDAY! 
  • A Planner or Bullet journal
    • Your schedule will obviously be less systematic than high school and you want to keep track of meetings, application deadlines, classes, etc… 

Citation manuals. Especially as a freshman, you will likely have to write essays and cite your sources in MLA or other formats. Make your citation guide easy to comprehend; include examples and stick them onto your wall, then save a copy on your computer.

Make a friend and GET THE NOTES.  If you ever miss class for any reason, have them record a lecture or give you their notes. However, this would constitute finding someone with notes that work for you, so I suggest just recording the lecture.  Ask a stranger if you need to! You might just make a friend that way. Smart pens are useful if you ever happen to doze off.

A WALL CALENDAR  / Google Calendars. Listen to me! Put important events in your panner as well as at home. Store everything in your computer as well; you need your events to be visible. 

Don’t buy every book they tell you to unless it’s absolutely necessary, This is just life advice, quite frankly. You’ll probably be able to find them online for a cheaper price or for free.

Find an ebook version of your textbook, etc… and print your chapter/unit when necessary for traveling. 

INDEX CARDS. If you take courses where rote memorization is abundant but not excessive (Think history class but not pre-med) then index cards may help you, or Quizlet for a computer-alternative. 

Printer, (Scotch) tape, Hole Puncher etc… These are necessary in my opinion! Some courses don’t really have much anything to prepare for, but you don’t want to constantly traverse to the library to print your stuff, academic or personal, especially if it’s late at night.


(the thickness of the point depends on you, but these are all available in thick and thin varieties.)

Pilot Frixion

Muji Pens 

Uniball Signo 

Uniball Jetstream 

Pilot G-2 

Pilot Hi-Tec C Maica


Quizlet has what you need, especially if you’re in high school! 

Study Tips (especially for students with ADHD) part ONE, TWO, by @studiix 

Textbooks are expensive. Screw that. 

Check my “study help” tag here 

Things I wish I had known my first year of college by @succulentstudy

I hope this helps, my love! If I think of anything else, I’ll definitely update this post so check for updates! And if anyone else has tips to add, please feel free to message me <3 

“Litchfield’s Finest”
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