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Affordable robot drawing arm brings computer sketches to life on paper
Using a pen or paintbrush, this WiFi-connected robot arm is able to recreate on paper, whatever you draw on a touchscreen device

The portable robot arm, called Line-us, is the brainchild of product designer Durrell Bishop and technologist Robert Poll, who have raised funds for the project on Kickstarter.

Controlled by an accompanying app, the robot is programmed to mimic the motion of the hand, drawing each line in exactly the same order and copying precisely the drawing style and character.

The robot is able to hold a pen or paintbrush of the user’s choice, while a metal plate enables it to securely sit on a piece of paper, a sketchbook, diary or notebook. It can also be hung on a wall or mounted on a fridge thanks to its magnetic base.

“Line-us encourages drawing and experimenting,” explained the Line-us founders. “It’s great fun to watch Line-us move, but best of all it makes you want to draw. Line-us has its own drawing style and character, it’s not a plotter or printer – it’s a drawer!”

The Kickstarter campaign, which easily surpassed its £39,000 funding target, allowed backers to get their hands on the first 1000 machines, which are now in production.

While backers were able to purchase the robots for £69 and £49, the eventual retail price is expected to be around £99.

the signs as miscellaneous objects in my bedroom
  • Aries: Chest of drawers
  • Taurus: Printer ink
  • Gemini: Plastic bag
  • Cancer: Laptop
  • Leo: Star Wars poster
  • Virgo: Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
  • Libra: Cup
  • Scorpio: Left shoe
  • Sagittarius: Fairy lights
  • Capricorn: Right shoe
  • Aquarius: Ticket to see Shrek the Musical
  • Pisces: AA Battery